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Dear future millionaire,

Welcome to Life Coach for Profit where we help ordinary people unleash their inner millionaire. 

Your Search is over For Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur earning 25k, 50k, 100k, or even a million dollars a year. 

Get the mental edge that will separate you from the competition. Get a life coach that will help propel you to new levels of personal and financial success. Join a winning team that has your best interests in mind. Get the confidence and know how to build your new life from the ground up.

 The money game has found a new player and that's you!! Become Part of the financial revolution and kiss your dead end job goodbye. Every champion has a coach and now you do too. 

Are you ready to take the world by storm, build your brand, develop a business, promote your product or even learn how to earn money online.  If that's the case then you need someone to mentor you to the top, help you go all the way and achieve the success you've been dreaming of. 

Get the insider secrets and join My Elite mastermind.

 The money game has found a new player and that's you!!

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Become Part of the financial revolution and kiss your dead end job goodbye.

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Every champion has a coach and now you do too.

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Are you ready to take the world by storm, build your brand, develop a business, promote your product or even learn how to earn money online.

If that's the case then you need someone to mentor you to the top, help you go all the way and achieve the success you've been dreaming of.

Get the insider secrets and join My Elite mastermind

Join the life coach for profit mastermind and become an elite level thinker and action taker.

Learn success principles from me and my team learning the latest systems to take your income to the next level.

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My name is Romeo Sykes and I am a foreclosure real estate investor and entrepreneur. My niche is pre-foreclosure properties that create enormous profits that can be used to transform anyone's lifestyle. Becoming a real estate investor I learned that I loved being an entrepreneur and I want to share my success and life with others that have the same passion for loved ones, friends, personal success, health and well being.

I want to show you how you can earn money by yourself or with me and my team using the latest, cutting edge systems and programs to buy and sell real estate, earn money as a local business consultant or start an ecommerce store online. 

Whichever you choose we have revolutionary programs that will get you thinking like an entrepreneur and looking over my shoulder as I find new deals to profit from and make big checks.

Would you like to learn how to dramatically increase your net worth this year?

What would it be worth to you to be coached by a millionaire?

What would a million dollar mindset achieve for you?


  • The goal of our mastermind is to create profitable case studies as a group.

  • I have 3 levels to help everyone access our network.

  • I want to take the guess work out of making money and do it together as a group. 

  • You will be able to take these lessons and put them to use for profit in your own life or you will be able to jump in on some partnership and joint venture opportunities.

But ...first you must have the right mindset to succeed.  You must have the principles to achieve success and it starts right here.  Instead of wondering and guessing, we will cover the most important topics of the millionaire mindset to achieve success.

Do you want to keep struggling and trying to figure it out yourself or would you like to not only learn success principles but see them applied and creating profits that you can participate in also.  We have many ways for you to start making money in as little as 72 hours.

If you are tired of being alone and frustrated because no one understands your ambition and drive to succeed.... You need to be a part of something that needs you to be successful. Your input, your ideas, your sweat equity which will allow you to reach new heights personally and financially.

If you want me as your partner to help you achieve maximum success in your life then be a part of it and join our elite mastermind.  You won't be alone anymore, I'm here to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Our mastermind will have one unified goal:

We will achieve a focused, committed vision to understand the power  of marketing, advertising, buying and selling our way to Entrepreneurial Success.

At the end of 2016, I will be hosting a Lifestyle Evolution Event in Miami that will be the definitive game changer.

There will be people from all over the world at this event and you shouldn't miss it for the world.

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These are the over achievers who you'll be joining me in Miami at The Entrepreneur 1st Annual Event in December 2016

Life is amazing and you'll never know what could happen, there's a great chance that Romeo may coach, train and mentor you personally. Perhaps you'll meet other entrepreneurs who may want to partner or invest in one of your projects or businesses you are working on. You will be introduced to his personal network of highly successful CEO's, business leaders, real estate investors, millionaires or high profile personalities.

It's time to find out how you can start earning money in today's economy.

Learn how you can start earning money in as soon as 7 days or less.

If you are looking for the big money real estate deals then you may have to wait 90 to180 days to buy, fix and flip a property that puts big checks in your account.

Discover the missing element to your success by working with me, your Life Coach, Romeo Sykes and all the ideas that my team and I are involved in to help you achieve financial freedom finally.

After the 2016 Entrepreneur 1st Annual Event in December,

we will be boarding a cruise ship to celebrate and recognize the partners and joint ventures that made us large profits.

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One lucky winner from each level of the mastermind will get a chance to win the Entrepreneur Cruise valued at $5,000. 

Will it be you?

Be a part of the Entrepreneur Cruise Trip in December and uncover more powerful partnership and create relationships that can profit you for a lifetime. Imagine a lifetime of success, health, happiness and wealth. 

Most new entrepreneurs and investors fail because of trying to do everything by themselves. With me as your guide and possible your partner on a deal or two means that you can be apart of a a real viable business.

Let's set up a partnership that can possibly take care of you and your family for a lifetime and more.

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You will separate yourself from those sleep  walking sheep who enjoy struggling and aren't looking for any options out.

They work a 9 to 5, get a paycheck and watch others become successful while the live paycheck to paycheck

The first thing you must have is the correct mindset or you will continue to struggle and without the right business opportunity you will never end up going anywhere.

So let's take the 1st step to success....

The Entrepreneurs who become part of our group will range from the inexperienced newbie to successful business owner that want to diversify and looking for the right partner to achieve their goals.

There will be real estate investors, business owners, business leaders, private money partners, ecommerce...the list will go on and on...


Featuring Over 52 Business Building Systems and Ideas To Increase Your Net Worth!

Plus the opportunity to Partner with a Experienced Entrepreneur to Take Your Income To New Heights.

OVER 100


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Throughout the year Romeo Sykes will be focused on delivering to you over 52 business building systems, at least 1 new business idea a week at the minimum. 

 These ideas  you can implement immediately to increase your net worth by $25k, $50k, $100k or even $1,000,000 in the next year ahead as well as starting new business relationships. But you must take action.

In our mastermind you will find ideas and opportunities to get you moving today. Opportunities that would be denied to your average person. But we all know that you are above average which is why you are here. To reach that next plateau with a team that understands you.

Stop Trying to Do Everything By Yourself

Join Our Elite Group and Let's Partner Our Way To Millions

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This will always be the focus of Life Coach for Profit. To Creat A Profitable life that you can enjoy and share with others you love and care for.  Romeo is bringing people together for a common cause...to help everyone achieve success and grow together. From Romeo's Non Profit organization to His Life Coaching Masterminds his goal is to get you where you want to be in life. In control and on top of the world.


We'll even have a pre-event training on how to make the most of the event by doing certain key actions before you arrive and how to target and attract the best prospects for what even it is you are looking for at the event.

You will be able to use the techniques you learn on these pre-event conference calls and communications for ANY event you go to. The techniques are priceless and you will have this knowledge for the rest of your business life.

In your most productive real estate ventures and businesses you will probably have partners. You will create multi-million dollar paydays from the resources of others. Some of partners will have very deep pockets, other partners will come to the table with exceptional ideas and some will present great opportunities and together you will profit handsomely.

 Romeo has been mentored by many gurus ranging from real estate to internet marketing. His knowledge of building businesses in on par with many gurus out there. Romeo is a guru.


There is 25 Trillion Dollars Sitting In US Retirement Accounts
That Are Earning Less Than 1%. 

This has created motivated investors looking to receive higher yields to keep their lifestyle maintained.  They are looking for qualified operators to invest with safely with. Learn how to tap into that pool of wealth in your local area as we market, locate, buy and sell property creating big checks. 

The easiest ways to fund your deals is to find investors interested in what you have located. Imagine a way that we can find buyers and investors then find real estate deals to partner or flip to them.

I've spent the last year going to private lending events and working with high net individuals.

I've learned that they are everywhere and truthfully there are probably tens to hundreds of investors in your area.  We can uncover them and find out what they want and how we can benefit them by showing them a 8-15% return based on the investment.

I'm going to share with you everything I learned about how to present yourself to private lenders that will interest them. If you have have an interest we can work together and get them on board while I teach you the insider secrets to contacting them.

Looking for money first is the one thing 99 percent of investors don't do. You must interview them and understand their goals and concerns. You must align your goals with theirs and you must answer their concerns in your presentation. Failure to do so will hurt your chances at being successful with little to no money of your own in the deal.


What I Learned At 53 Seminars, Boot Camps and Live Workshops

I'm invited to attend bootcamps and workshops throughout the year to evolve with the current economic conditions.

What I do is summarize the best information I learned during the past 15 years and distribute new business models I learned and systems I've been able to successfully implement to grow my business.

Once you adapt a new entrepreneurial attitude to everything and see how teamwork can advance any idea or dream you have.

Some of the things I learned and will share:

  • How to build successful teams
  • How to make our 1st 100 Million
  • How to start a home based business
  • How to become a leader
  • Successful Tips to implement winning mindset
  • Huge mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Case study of Romeo's failures and how to avoid them

I really enjoy sharing this information because I know how valuable it has been to my business and how valuable it will be for yours!


How To Find Your Profit Centers

Most entrepreneurs struggle because they are stuck in a 9 to 5 rut.  You need the mindset, the skills the knowledge of profitable ventures but if your heart is not into what you are doing then you are doomed.

I have partners that are doing big business and if you want to profit greatly then you need to know the techniques and tactics to get you becoming the entrepreneur you know you are. Ready to build a business but you are not sure what you want. How about where to start, what to do, and plain old just getting involved and not having the support or business ideas to really get you going. We have ideas and opportunites for the the new to advanced entrepreneur.

You will leave this year with an exact idea of what to do and how to do it based on your mindset, passion and ability to act.  This could be worth over a million dollars to you...just this ability to think like a millionaire and have the ability to act on it.



Just like you see on TV, I'll have a live Shark Tank where a handpicked team of the top mastermind students will critique what you have, whether it be a business idea or a real estate deal.

We'll ask you questions and either tell you your idea needs to go back to the drawing board or we can combine our group to fund your idea or deal. The PLUS is about teaming up to help fund your idea and become profitable together as a group.


Earn 6 Figures as a Local Business Consultant Using Our Networking Strategy: F.A.C.E.

FACE is a  concept I created to teach you how to tap into your network and find the gold that is discovered by knowing your dentist, lawyer or local restaurant that knows you. Between your friends, acquaintances, the companies you frequent and everyone you come into contact with about your ability to help them double or triple their online income using social media, seo and video marketing to explode their business.  You can use it to create exponential results in a short periods of time.

Taking action today and using your network to succeed is how you will grow bigger and create faster results.

If you want to achieve massive results this year and next, you must do things differently and the 1st thing you should do is join the mastermind and begin exploring ways for you to succeed. This can be the stepping stone to living your dreams and creating your ultimate project. 

Don't let excuses and time wasting activities get in the way, because life gets in the way, you get busy... and two, because you're an Entrepreneur, you come up with great ideas on a regular basis...problem is, you don't execute and then live a life of quiet frustration. You will discover the key secrets to timeless execution and you will be amazed at how simple yet profound it will be.

We Are Giving Away A $12,000 Mastermind Membership!!! And You Could Be The One Walking Away With It and Becoming That VIP Member!

You know learning from a dynamic mentor is what you have always Needed to succeed.

Someone that believes in you and wants the the very best life has to offer you if only you could find something you can believe in.

Something real. Someone Real.

Well For Those of you who you deserve it, you know you want it, you know you need that push to get you to the next level. Not just a coach...

But a life coach to get you from A to Z in life while teaming up with other like minded entrepreneurs to create the world we all know is out there waiting for us. Why wait, Join today!

Yes! I Want to Register NOW!

I believe so passionately that these next 365 days... yes 1 year will absolutely transform your life.

Why am I making this incredible guarantee? Simply put, if you get involved and apply the techniques to your mindset, life and business you will gain an immense amount of knowledge, courage, personal pride and financial wealth.

So, reserve your place now because you have absolutely nothing to lose and a huge amount to gain!

You are strongly encouraged to bring your key family members to the event as well. It's so important to get the support from your family that we allow you to bring one family member as our guest for free! 

There is no better feeling when you are succeeding together with your family members. The reason you want to be a business success is so you can better take care of your family, let them be part of your growth! You'll be an unstoppable team!!

Yes! I Want to Register NOW!

Top Ten Advantages Why You Must Absolutely Become A Mastermind Member

Developing Millionaire Mentality

The mindset needed to achieve all your goals in life. No excuses, no whining, no problems...just solutions to increase you net worth by 25k, 50k, 100k or even 1 Million!


Proven Financial Wealth Strategies That work in the real world. From Getting Paid to Travel all the way To buying and selling real estate. The Life Coach For Profit Elite Mastermind Is Where You Need To Be



Get online and see up close our ability to look at opportunites and ideas that will get you on the financial road to wealth, health and happiness. During these webinars you will experience over 52 different business building strategies all focused on enabling you to cash more checks in 2016 and set you up for 2017.


If you're brand new, your beginning mindset and subsequent education will extremely important to  launching yourself as an entrepreneur. Learning how to create multiple streams of income is the goal of the mastermind.


Meet one of the Top Entrepreneurs of Today whose vision also includes giving back. Learn how to become successful, wealthy and have true happiness participating on a team on entrepreneurs whose mission is to help everyone in our Mastermind Succeed. There should be no entrepreneur left behind.


Finally find great deals in your area as your mentor Romeo hands you leads to find deals we can profit from immediately doing wholesaling to investors or end buyers of the home that want to live there.


99% Of Investors Spend Their Time Looking For Sellers and Ignore Buyers. However When They Finally Have A Deal They Can't Close Due To Lack Of Cash Buyers They Lose All Their Time And Hard Work Not To Mention They Don't Get Paid. By Joining The LCFP Mastermind and Partnering With Romeo, he can help you uncover all the cash buyers in your area to contact directly and find what they are interested in buying.


Discover all the hidden gold in your backyard with Romeo as your coach. He will show you how to uncover tens of millions of dollars of private investors looking for great deals to invest in and make a great return on their investments.  Learning From The LCFP Mastermind and partnering with Romeo will give you the distinct advantage of experience, knowledge and profitability.


Your next level breakthrough happens when you grasp a concept and want to get involved without doing all the hard work. We have a done for you system that allows you invest passively or actively depending on your time and commitment level needed to achieve millionaire status.


Your Life Will Be Changed and Will BE Introduced To Powerful Ideas and Concepts to Transform Your Life Into What You've Always Dreamed About. Time, Cash or Credit is what is required by any entrepreneur. Those with time will invest with sweat equity, those with cash can invest for a high return and credit investors can leverage their credit and use the borrowed money to achieve success. No matter what slot you find yourself in, there is a place for you.

What Does It Cost

How much would you be willing to invest for a chance to become wildly successful and achieve your dreams. Every champion in life has had a coach and now you have found yours. Romeo Sykes is you Life Coach to help bring abundance and wealth to your life. Ask Yourself, How much will you be willing to invest in yourself to find someone that can help you reach the heights of financial freedom you've always wanted. What would it be worth to know who your next business partner can be? This mastermind will give you mindset, skills, ideas, techniques and the correct partnership to propel you to your next evolution which will allow you to create the lifestyle you deserve in 2016 and beyond.

TIME Is Money

Are You Tired Of Watching Everyone Else Make Money Or Become Successful?

What about your dreams?

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What about Your Passions?

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What about Your Happiness?

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LCFP Elite Mastermind could finally give you the foundation needed to become a successful entrepreneur. This life changing information and you taking ACTION can create a lifestyle for you and your family that you desire

Aren't you worth it?

Would you pay $100,000 to be financially free?

Romeo has had coaching students who have paid him $100,000 for mentoring.

Yes! I Want to Register NOW!

What would you Pay To Have Him Personally Mentor You?

But You Don't Have The 100k.....

If we do 1 deal and you netted $1000 to $5000 dollars you could pay for the 5 Figure Mastermind Membership in full for the year.

If we did 5 real estate deals where you earned $5,000 to $25,000 it would easily pay for the 6 Figure Mastermind Membership.

For those heavy hitters we have 7 Figure Mastermind Membership that must be applied to as it is the highest level we offer and only a select few can qualify to work intimately with Romeo.

Would You Invest 100k to Make 200k or More A Year?

You have a choice to Join In At The Level That Fits Your Lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Some Gurus Charge 25k to 250k for coaching and mentoring.   The Elite Mastermind has 3 levels starting at $99 A Month Complete justifiable amount compared with the amount of systems and education you will get plus the opportunity to network and partner with one of the best and brightest entrepreneurs in America!

A true American whose passion also has started the Non-Profit Organization, Graduate With No Debt.

You can find more about it at

Picture what you will lose if you do not take the chance on yourself and become a mastermind member

Truthfully you don't have to picture it, look around you...

Are You Living that wonderful life now?

If you are happy with where you are in life right now, this Mastermind is not for you


If you are a veteran CEO or  a business start up looking to expand into entrepreneurship and see what this world has to offer you, then take that leap and make that move to becoming a mastermind member.


Don't live a lie. Be honest and truthful with yourself. It's now or never, because you've been at this crossroads but were unsure where to turn. Now you know!

This mastermind is for those striving to become great and do it as a team. Working alone is hard enough but to truly be successful you need a team behind you, a partner that understands you and a mentor that can guide you.  Get the breakthrough you deserve. Reach the heights of your potential that will substantially increase the quality of your life and those you love.


You Have Everything In Life To Gain, You Just Need To Take The 1st Step Towards Success.


Committed To You Living A Rewarding Life,


Romeo Sykes

LCFP Founder/CEO



PS Buy the year upfront and Save Big. Get 25% Off Any Yearly Memberships. For those not sitting on t-he fence you save big. Take a chance and win a 1-on-1 Mentoring Concierge Coaching Sessions with Romeo Valued at $100,000. You could win today contact our team now at (Google Number) or push the Yearly Membership button To Join Today. Yes you'll save more and get tremendous value out of your membership. Start today on your way to the life you always wanted.


PPS this is the only Mastermind where you can actually meet your Mentor weekly. Instead of learning from books and tapes, you can interact with Romeo 52 times a year. That is Priceless compared to what you would pay so much for in other places and get so much less. Spend time on creating your wealthy financial future and create lasting business relationships that will profit you for a lifetime.  Only during the mastermind will Romeo unveil million dollar ideas to get you ignited. No matter where you are in life....you need a coach...not just any coach.... But a Life Coach For Profit. 


$ 99


  • 2 Mastermind Webinars
  • Member Facebook Group
  • 50% Product Discount
  • 100 Seats Available


$ 997


  • 4 Mastermind Webinars
  • VIP Facebook Group
  • 2 LIVE Q & A Sessions
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  • 8 Mastermind Webinars
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