Guy Maps Out His Running Routes In The Shapes Of ‘Star Wars’ Characters

When it comes to being the most dedicated “Star Wars” fans around, some people are really willing to go the extra mile.


I recently stumbled across one awesome runner, Gene Lu, who seems to loves “Star Wars” just as much as he loves staying in shape.

Yep, Lu often runs about 10 to 15 miles around the city of Portland, Oregon.

But, that’s not all.

If logging an insane amount of miles isn’t enough to impress you (and make you feel seriously lazy about your own workout routine), you’ll be glad to know pounding pavement isn’t the only thing Lu does during his runs.

This dude also uses the Force of his fit physique to run strategic routes that result in all sorts of badass “Star Wars” characters on his Nike+ map.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of Lu’s amazing running routes.

Meet Gene Lu.

This fit dude from Portland, Oregon loves “Star Wars” just as much as he loves running.

So, it only makes sense he would combine the two and use his running routes to create all sorts of “Star Wars” characters on his Nike+ maps.

So far, Lu managed to create everything from a 12.9-mile AT-AT…

…to a 10-mile stormtrooper.

Lu ran on the dark side with this 15.5-mile Darth Vader route…

And used the Force to crush this epic 19.5-mile Yoda run…

…as well as a spectacular 17.3-mile C-3PO run.

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Putin’s Aid Convoy Raises Fears of A Russian Invasion Of Eastern Ukraine

Prospect of a prolonged standoff on the border tailor-made for Russian TV looms large. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (BF_STATIC.bf_test_mode) localStorage.setItem(‘posted_date’, 1407849890); }); BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_posted_time_3415547”).innerHTML = “posted on ” + UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(1407849890); });

View this image ›

A Russian convoy of trucks sets off from near Moscow. Reuters Tv / Reuters

KIEV, Ukraine — What’s in the 280 trucks that set out from a depot near Moscow for eastern Ukraine on Tuesday morning, freshly painted white and blessed by an Orthodox priest? Are they, as Russia says, carrying vital aid for civilians in the conflict-stricken Luhansk region? Or a pretext for an invasion to prevent the tide turning against the Kremlin-backed rebel groups? Or, in a way, are they both?

Vladimir Putin caught the world by surprise on Monday evening when he announced a Russian “humanitarian convoy” for civilians in eastern Ukraine. Moscow claims the trucks —which appear to be hastily repainted military trucks and have no license plates — are carrying much-needed supplies like food, sleeping bags, and generators for the city of Luhansk, which has been without water and electricity for ten days as Ukrainian forces encircle it.

But neither the Red Cross, the organization in charge of an aid initiative proposed by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, nor the government in Kiev know what’s really in the trucks. Ukraine fears that Russia would use the aid as cover for military action, pointing to a video showing similar trucks stationed near the border. A radar system for a highly sophisticated S-300 anti-aircraft missile system appears to be alongside the trucks.

Video available at:

Youtube / Via

“They are trying to use the pretext of humanitarian aid and assistance, and it seems that they are just running out of excuses for their policy,” Ukrainian deputy foreign minister Danylo Lubkivskiy told reporters in Kiev. “You don’t need tanks and artillery to bring food and medicine to civilians.”

Ukraine vows that it will stop the trucks when they reach the border and only let their cargo through if the Red Cross transfers them under a plan the organization is not expected to finish devising for another week. With the trucks expected to arrive as early as Wednesday morning, the prospect of a prolonged standoff tailor-made for Russian TV now looms large.

It remains unclear exactly where the aid will be transferred into eastern Ukraine, be it in territory held by Russian-backed militia, or the Ukrainian government.

Kiev is damned if it lets the aid in, and damned if it doesn’t. Allowing Russia to seize the initiative would create the impression that Ukraine cannot protect its own citizens in the east — or, worse, has little intention to do so given its single-minded focus on wrapping up operations against Russian-backed rebel groups there in a matter of weeks.

Blocking the aid, on the other hand, could make matters even worse. Holding the trucks up at the border could confront Kiev with its own version of the ill-fated “Gaza flotilla,” reinforcing Moscow’s narrative that it is the protector of the Russian-speakers predominant in the region while Ukrainian forces continue their often indiscriminate shelling of major populated areas.

Putin’s move has aroused major skepticism in Western capitals, where officials have long accused him of funneling weapons and reinforcements to the rebels and say they will only approve humanitarian missions led by the Red Cross. NATO’s secretary general says there is now a “high probability” the 45,000 Russian troops stationed on the border will invade.

Carl Bildt @carlbildt

So far Russia has sent weapons, tanks and fighters across border into Eastern Ukraine. And produced death, destruction and despair.

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But though the trucks are stoking fears Putin is intent on war, they may also make him better placed to sue for peace. The controversy may force a halt to Kiev’s offensive in the east, which Poroshenko ordered on the evident belief that Russia would not intervene openly to stop the rebels from being routed. The sheer size of the convoy — the trucks are carrying 2,000 tons of goods, according to Russian state media — and the grandiose nature of the gesture makes it clear that, even as government forces surround militia positions and rebel appeals to Moscow for help become ever more desperate, Russia will not let the crisis end if it is not party to a solution.

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"Ripper Street" Is Coming Back For A Third Series, But Not Where You Expect

The third series will debut on Amazon Instant Video before being repeated later on BBC One.

1. Rejoice, fans of Ripper Street. The show isn’t dead!

Amanda Searle/BBC/Tiger Aspect


The second series of Ripper Street is currently being shown on BBC America, but the show was cancelled after just two series on BBC One in UK, citing low ratings. 3.2 million people watched the final episode of the second series.

2. A backlash developed. More than 40,000 people signed a petition to save the show.

A backlash developed. More than 40,000 people signed a petition to save the show.

View this image ›

3. Why? Well many fans thought the cancellation was a mistake.

Why? Well many fans thought the cancellation was a mistake.

View this image ›

The show was also voted the best TV show of 2013 by readers of Radio Times Magazine, beating notable shows such as Doctor Who and Breaking Bad.

However, the show isn’t coming back on the BBC purely down to public protest…

4. Nope.

BBC Ents News Team @BBCNewsEnts

Just in: Cancelled drama @RipperStreet is to return for a 3rd series on VOD service @AmazonPrime. It'll be shown at a later date on the BBC.

5. Amazon Prime? The delivery service on Amazon? Nope. It’s Lovefilm, which is being renamed Amazon Instant Video.


6. It’s a significant moment in British television. It’s the first time a cancelled British show has been resurrected by a video-on-demand company.



Of course, America has already done this. Netflix brought back Arrested Development for a fourth series last year after the show was cancelled by Fox in 2006. Amazon Prime has also been committed to developing original programming, releasing a string of original pilots on their video-on-demand service in the States just last month.

7. Although there is no date set for the third season in the UK and the US, many people seem to be thrilled at the news.

Gareth McLean @thegarethmclean

Pleasing that Ripper Street is to return, as a BBC co-pro with Amazon Prime Instant Video. (Less sure about the catchy renaming of LoveFilm)

itty bitty mickey @fuckinmilkovich


Lautaro @LautaroCapristo

#RipperStreet is coming back! This Instantly make my day a lot better

Jonathan Weinberg @JW_Ten14

#RipperStreet definitely coming to Amazon Prime. Just had press release. One in the eye for the BBC and a clear sign of changing TV patterns

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The Moment On “House Of Cards” When We Paid Very Close Attention To Edward Meechum

“Good. You needed that.” And we need more Nathan Darrow. [SPOILERS AHEAD!!!]

1. The following story discusses at length MAJOR SPOILERS from Season 2 of House of Cards. Read at your own risk.

View this image ›

Nathaniel Bell for Netflix

3. Kevin Spacey’s Vice President Frank Underwood is very stressed in Season 2 of House of Cards. So is Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood, but mainly because Frank can’t keep things together.



View this image ›

Nathaniel Bell for Netflix

5. And then, one night, Claire and trusty Secret Service Agent Edward Meechum — played by Nathan Darrow — relaxed over some drinks.

And then, one night, Claire and trusty Secret Service Agent Edward Meechum — played by Nathan Darrow — relaxed over some drinks.

View this image ›

Nathaniel Bell for Netflix

6. But, Meechum cut his hand on a wineglass that Claire dropped and broke, so Frank had to help clean him up.

The Moment On "House Of Cards" When We Paid Very Close Attention To Edward Meechum

View this image ›

Netflix/Chris Geidner for BuzzFeed

7. And then.

The Moment On "House Of Cards" When We Paid Very Close Attention To Edward Meechum

View this image ›

Netflix/Chris Geidner for BuzzFeed


The Moment On "House Of Cards" When We Paid Very Close Attention To Edward Meechum

View this image ›

Netflix/Chris Geidner for BuzzFeed


The Moment On "House Of Cards" When We Paid Very Close Attention To Edward Meechum

View this image ›

Netflix/Chris Geidner for BuzzFeed

10. Then, the VP — whose past with a guy in college, and continued feelings for him, were touched on in the first season — and Meechum kiss.

The Moment On "House Of Cards" When We Paid Very Close Attention To Edward Meechum

View this image ›

Netflix/Chris Geidner for BuzzFeed

The end. We see no more.

Incidentally, in the next scene, we see far more of another same-sex encounter — this one between two younger women, Rachel Posner (Rachel Brosnahan) and Lisa Williams (Kate Lyn Sheil). The voyeuristic nature of that encounter — and distinction between the two — makes sense in a way, as the second scene features Underwood’s chief of staff, Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), voyeuristically looking in on the two women. The questions about those decisions, though, are sure to be discussed elsewhere.

For now, back to the episode, which takes us back to Frank and Claire after the sun rises.

12. When Claire asks him how he’s feeling, Frank responds: “I slept like a baby.”

The Moment On "House Of Cards" When We Paid Very Close Attention To Edward Meechum

View this image ›

Netflix/Chris Geidner for BuzzFeed

13. Claire, as only Claire could do, replies: “Good. You needed that.”

The Moment On "House Of Cards" When We Paid Very Close Attention To Edward Meechum

View this image ›

Netflix/Chris Geidner for BuzzFeed

14. So: WHO IS NATHAN DARROW? Totally coincidentally, Meechum’s story tracks Darrow’s in some pretty interesting ways.

So: WHO IS NATHAN DARROW? Totally coincidentally, Meechum's story tracks Darrow's in some pretty interesting ways.

View this image ›

Darrow, who went to New York University, met Spacey when they were in Richard III together.

Back in October, Darrow told KCUR:

“And he (Spacey) was already about to do House of Cards and they were casting it around the time we were touring Richard III. And he kind of put me up for it. So I went in for (director) David Fincher and the folks, and that’s how I got on the show.”

View this image ›

17. Darrow almost didn’t play Meechum, the driver turned Secret Service agent because Underwood put him up for it.

Darrow almost didn't play Meechum, the driver turned Secret Service agent because Underwood put him up for it.

View this image ›

Patrick Harbron for Netflix

“I was originally up for a different role, but then this one became the one that was right,” he said. “His mystery appeals to me, possibly, his loneliness.”

18. Of Spacey, Darrow said:

“He takes his position as kind of a mentor really seriously. And also, he understands that this is all a very long tradition. And he was kind of given opportunity and given attention as a young actor, and that’s very important for him… He kind of sees that as part of his job, really, to continue it, to pass it along.”

View this image ›

Patrick Harbron for Netflix

20. Before Richard III, Darrow was in Kansas City in ‘08, starring in The Little Dog Laughed:

Before Richard III , Darrow was in Kansas City in '08, starring in The Little Dog Laughed :

View this image ›

Darrow played a young actor who “agonizes over his need to keep his sexual orientation secret (particularly during negotiations to play a gay man in a new movie).”

In a review of the show in Camp, Darrow (on the left in the photo above) was called a “great casting choice,” while the shirtless actor, Michelangelo Milano, was called “hot. Ummm, really hot.”

22. By the end of 2009, though, Darrow was in New York City, where he was an understudy in In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play).

View this image ›

Patrick Harbron for Netflix

Less than two years later, he was in London for the opening of Richard III at the Old Vic in London. The rest is history.

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Safe for Work: 20 Gift Ideas for Colleagues


As 28 coisas mais gratificantes que já aconteceram

1. O exato momento quando isso se despedaça:

2. Quando esse garçom recebeu o que ele (provavelmente) merecia:

3. Todos os celulares mais lindos numa fileira só:

4. O perfeito, inesperado casamento de um espanador de pó e uma cadeira:

5. O momento surpreendente em que todos nós percebemos simultaneamente que sempre quisemos ver alguém pegar uma melancia com um desentupidor de pia:

6. O dia em que gatos e pessoas finalmente conseguiram fazer um high-five entre espécies:

7. Quando todos os conectores estavam conectados:

8. Tudo que já aconteceu dentro dessa fábrica de macarrão:

9. E essa fábrica de apontar lápis:

10. Quando alguém teve a ideia de queimar todas as velas de uma vez só:

11. E o palito de fósforo que começou tudo isso:

12. Cada ondulação desse triângulo:

13. E essa máquina perfeita e inspiradora:

14. Quando dois corgis correram num círculo perfeito:

15. O momento em que isso se completa e nós podemos continuar com nossas vidas:

16. Aquele momento em que alguém decidiu fazer a ressonância magnética de uma banana:

17. O chocante e gratificante fim de vida desse barril:

18. O dia em que o níquel fundido conheceu o gelo pela primeira vez:

19. E qualquer momento que alguém ativa essa sublime bugiganga:

20. Aquele momento em que todos nós aprendemos como as chaves funcionam:

21. Qualquer momento em que alguém monta uma dessas mesas mágicas:

22. Ou rebate uma bola de tênis flamejante:

23. O dia em que alguém melhorou drasticamente o jogo de boliche:

24. E o momento em que esse cara reinventou como descer as escadas:

25. Cada respingado ao longo dessa sequência:

26. O trabalho maravilhoso que esse caminhão tem feito:

27. O dia em que a humanidade deu esse poderoso sopro contra as velas:

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Is Smoking Cigarettes Betchy? We The Betches

Is it betchy to smoke cigarettes? It's a question we've been asked dozens of times and we've never addressed because much like our attitude about most things, we don't really care what you do. Because that would mean taking a break from thinking about ourselves.

But to bring back our We The Betches column we decided to examine this question posed by a fan as well as some of the key responses from the Betch community.

Cigarettes are definitely bad for you. We're slowly learning that from Mad Men and the giant SMOKING KILLS wrapping paper they now use for cigarettes.

Other things that are bad for you include blacking out every day, doing drugs, taking your friends' prescriptions in random combinations, eating, not eating, eating high fructose corn syrup, and so on. According to billionaire bro Mike Bloomberg even drinking over 36 ounces of soda will kill you. Maybe he has a point, because our smart friend who's going to be a doctor told us that obesity illnesses kill more people than cigarettes do. She also reminded us that the obese people are in middle America therefore we've never seen them except maybe on TLC but the lesson is clear: being alive will kill you so if you want to be buried with a tube in your throat like the people in the commercials, you have every right to do so, while looking down on fat people.

Besides dying, the particular downside to cigarettes is that they make you smell like shit and are generally considered the devil. But since betches don't care what people think, she will do what she wants. The main thing is not to judge people who are smokers, as gross as it may be. Even betches who will dabble in a drunk cig know that cigarette smoke is the most disgusting smell in the world, unless she of course is smoking too. But our main point is that smoking can't be considered betchy or unbetchy – as usual it's all about how you do it.

This commenter named 'quit' is clearly acknowledging that smoking is bad but says social smoking is okay. We're not doctors but we're pretty sure insane binge drinking, or worse, excessive stress from going to work and being sedentary all day will more likely kill you than social smoking in college and your twenties. She gets it. 'Quit' is so a girl we would meet outside a bar and try to bum cigarettes off bros with. But only in NYC.

This commenter also gets the point about smoking when you're fucking hammered, but her thing about menthol and hookah is pointless. Yes menthols are ghetto, but when do you even get close enough to see someone smoking one? Who cares. On the other hand hookah is eccentric and gives you a chance to talk about the chic hookahs you smoked while #3 abroad in Tel Aviv or at a seven star hotel in Dubai.

Then you have these people whose opinion of smoking hinges on your brand of cigarette.

LOL. Not only does this define TTH for anyone who's confused on the precise definition, but these rants about cigarette brands kill us. Moral of the story: if you judge people on what brand they smoke, you are not elite, you are too knowledgeable about cigarettes and we have a feeling a million showers couldn't wash away the ashtray stench. And please never ever call them bogies, that just screams to the world you're Canadian or your dad is in construction.

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This Kitten’s Epic Journey To Recovery Will Melt Your Heart.

It was midnight when a Reddit user got a call from her manager. Usually, something like that would send a person into a rage, but this time was different. Her manager had discovered a small, very young kitten in need of help and thought she’d be interested in taking him in. 

She was eager to help the little fuzzball, but she had no idea just how much help he needed… until she saw him.

He wouldn’t drink any of the milk formula and could barely breathe.

She cleaned him up as best she could while she stayed up with him all night waiting to be able to take him to the vet.

He snuggled up in her lap as they waited to see the vet.

He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and feline immunodeficiency virus, the latter making it impossible for the shelter to take him in. However, they offered to wave the medical expenses for his treatment if she would be willing to take him in, which she gladly did.

The tiny guy was only three weeks old. She named him Omar.

She made him this bed with a heating pad, but he preferred sleeping on her chest.

She used a unity scarf to carry him around with her. He would cry and become anxious when she was too far away.

After four weeks, his eyes were finally healed enough to open.

He became much more playful with his newfound vision.

But still preferred to be near his rescuer.

Getting bigger!

Exploring his space more.

Eight weeks in, on a throne of bubble wrap.

After three months, causing trouble by killing plants, but he’s too cute to care.

The plant’s pot was donated to him after he crushed it!

Fully recovered after five months, his proud owner says “he thinks he’s people” as he sits up at the kitchen counter.

(via Reddit.)

It was a long recovery, but now she can’t imagine her life without the handsome little guy. When people go out of their way to rescue a helpless animal, it truly touches my heart…

(I may have used one or two tissues during this.)

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