Earthquake hits Italy: Fatalities and many injured, photos from scene

Earthquake hits Italy: Fatalities and many injured, photos from scene!/AHMalcolm/status/204093278755368960

An earthquake hit Northern Italy early this morning. Fatalities are reported, with many injured.

Rescue crews are searching for survivors in Northern Italy — a 5.9 magnitude quake rocked the area early this morning.

— Emily Riemer (@EmilyWCVB) May 20, 2012

An earthquake hit N.Italy in the early hours of this morning. Horrifying photo via

— Il Palazzone (@ilpalazzone) May 20, 2012

More pictures from the scene.

Con un'altra scossa del genere, questa torre probabilmente non reggerebbe. #Rocca #FinaleE

— Giacomo Monari (@Arsenico13) May 20, 2012

(Translation: With another shock like this, this tower probably would not hold.)

Altre foto… #terremoto #Ferrara #rovigo

— Robyberta Smilemaker (@Robyberta) May 20, 2012

@ObsessionSweet sono dei cretini, 6 morti e 50 feriti, + di 200 gli sfollati e stanno evacuando ospedali e centri urbani!

— Robyberta Smilemaker (@Robyberta) May 20, 2012

(Translation: are cretins, 6 dead and 50 wounded, 200 + evacuees and are evacuating hospitals and urban centers!)

Twitchy will monitor the tragic situation and will update as more news comes in.

Update: Reports from the scene; our thoughts and prayers are with Italy.

Non dormivo ,dal primo piano sono sceso volando sulle scale che tremavano , Scalzo e al buio , la paura di morire è devastante . #terremoto

— Daniele Cosenza (@DnlCsn) May 20, 2012

(Translation: I was not sleeping, the first floor are flying down the stairs trembling, Barefoot in the dark, fear of dying is devastating.)

#Terremoto Una parte del capannone 'Sant'Agostino Ceramiche'

— Pietro Ferro (@pietro_ferro) May 20, 2012

(Translation: A portion of the shed ‘Ceramics St. Augustine’)

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