Bill O’Reilly Thinks You’re A Stupid Dummy

Based on a 2011 survey of 1,000 people, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly declared, “The internet has created a generation of self-absorbed, addicted, distracted, and ignorant people.”

The 64-year-old cable news ratings giant wants you and your smartphone to get the hell off his lawn, adding, “The powerful machines, handheld many of them, are diverting a lot of Americans away from real life. You can now create your own world on the net devoid of reality, and millions of Americans are doing that. The result is that a very few shrewd people are now wielding enormous power.”

Later on Twitter, NBC’s Chuck Todd — probably on his darned smartphone — summed up what we’re all thinking:

Here’s the GIF O’Reilly would have posted in reply to Todd’s tweet if he posted reaction GIFs to Twitter.

Watch the entire O’Reilly Factor segment about how ignorant you are below:

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