Joba Chamberlain Got Nailed By A Broken Bat And Had To Leave The Game

In last night’s Yankees-Orioles Game 4, Joba Chamberlain was pitching in the 12th inning when Orioles catcher Matt Wieters came up to bat. The score was tied 1-1, and Wieters, one of the O’s best hitters, had a chance to spark some rare offense.

Wieters hits a nice ball into shallow left. But when he makes contact with the ball, his bat breaks near the handle, and the thick part flies at Chamberlain…

…hitting him in the arm while his back is turned.

His hand goes numb pretty much immediately. As you can imagine, it isn’t easy to throw a baseball when your hand is numb.

To his credit, as soon as Wieters sees the bat break, he yells “Watch out” at Joba.

Wieters feels bad :(

Chamberlain tried to go back to the mound, but after a few trial pitches, the Yankees’ trainers pulled him. Look at his elbow — it looks like there’s an apple underneath his skin.

Although Wieters’ single ended up not mattering — the Yankees closed out the O’s that inning — Baltimore took it in the 13th. Game 5 is tonight in New York.

For his part, Joba made light of his apparently terrible luck — he has a history of weird and unlikely injuries.

“I don’t know if I’d hang out with me very much. I might need a bubble. It happens. Obviously, it’s part of the game, you take care of it and hopefully I can get after it (Friday) … But right now, it’s Bat 1, me nothing.”


Here’s video of what happened:

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David Gregory channels swooning fan, interviews ‘Lincoln channeling’ Obama!/hollyR_J/status/285402059396763649

Yep, grab the drool bucket, David. Yet again!

As Twitchy reported, David Gregory interviewed President Obama for “Meet the Press” this morning. The hilarity started early, as Twitter users wondered how a scofflaw like Gregory could pass security measures for interviewing the President of the United States.

The media can’t have it both ways: either the law is legit and Gregory should be prosecuted, or they admit the law is stupid and defend him.

— Samuel (@SARosado) December 30, 2012

How did NBC’s David Gregory pass Secret Service to interview Obama at White House today while being investigated for two felonies?

— Emily Miller (@EmilyMiller) December 29, 2012

Watch out, Secret Service. He’s got priors!—-> MT @davidgregory Excited to announce Barack Obama will be my exclusive guest this Sunday.

— JP (@RileyRebel129) December 29, 2012

I’m still trying to figure out how a guy under felony investigation makes it past Secret Service to interview POTUS. Cc: @davidgregory

— Free Shit – Stat (D) (@LilMissRightie) December 30, 2012

Hopefully the Secret Service patted @davidgregory down before his interview with Obama #meetthepress

— S.M (@redsteeze) December 30, 2012

Heh. If they patted him down, surely they would have noticed his Chris Matthews-like leg tingle. David Gregory took to Twitter before and during the show’s airing, in a near swoon.

Good morning Preview of my exclusive interview with President Obama on today’s @meetthepress

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) December 30, 2012

POTUS tells me: It’s been very hard for Boehner and McConnell to accept fact that taxes on wealthy have to go up #MTP

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) December 30, 2012

Pres Obama tells me “there is a basic fairness that is at stake” in fiscal cliff fight #MTP

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) December 30, 2012

Pres Obama on negotiating w GOP: “The offers that I’ve made to them have been so fair that a lot of Democrats get mad at me” #MTP

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) December 30, 2012

RT @carrienbcnews: Obama acknowledges that many in his own party aren’t happy abt Chained CPI but says “I’m willing to make those decisions”

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) December 30, 2012

Big, strong, gutsy caller!

POTUS channels Lincoln when talking importance of public opinion in Washington #MTP

— David Gregory (@davidgregory) December 30, 2012

Channels. Lincoln.

Plus, he’s super dreamy! Not only did he tweet that Obama channels Lincoln, but that was one of his oh-so-hard-hitting questions.

Actual question from David Gregory to Obama: “Is this your Lincoln moment?”

— Philip Klein (@philipaklein) December 30, 2012

Thankfully, he did not follow it up with “Is it hard to keep a laser-like focus without being distracted by your own gorgeous eyes?” Twitter users gasp for breath over Gregory’s sycophantic display.

@davidgregory “Lincoln moment”? Hahahahahahahaha you are such a hack

— Joseph Russo III (@JoeRussoIII) December 30, 2012

David Gregory to Pres Obama: “Is this your Lincoln moment?” #thetoughquestions

— Debra J. Saunders (@debrajsaunders) December 30, 2012

Obama: “people have been asking me about the film ‘Lincoln’….” David Gregory: “is this your Lincoln moment?” You guys. I can’t. I can’t.

— Heidi N. Moore (@moorehn) December 30, 2012

Because fiscal negotiations are just like issues such as slavery and a war tearing the country in two. @davidgregory #ObamaIsNotLincoln

— Jay Caruso (@jaycaruso) December 30, 2012

Lincoln moment?Neither Obama nor the “fiscal cliff” merit reference to Lincoln. Is this a joke?…

— Mark R. Levin (@marklevinshow) December 30, 2012

President Obama then doubled-down on Gregory’s idiocy by claiming he never compares himself to Lincoln.

Never before noon on days ending in “e” at least rt @drudge_report OBAMA: ‘I never compare myself to Lincoln’…

— S.M (@redsteeze) December 30, 2012

Oh, really, Mr. President?

Obama just said he’d never compare himself to Lincoln. Wake up fact checkers.

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) December 30, 2012

RT @jeff_jacoby: Obama today on @meetthepress: “I never compare myself to Lincoln.” He must have forgotten about this:

— Glen Asbury (@glenasbury) December 30, 2012

The sane continue to call out Mr. Gregory for his channeling of a teen-age fan; there was some fear there for a while that Mr. Gregory would toss his briefs (or boxers?) on the stage.

@davidgregory i guess @barackobama is giving you a “gift” for all the good press you’ve given him. Kudos #journalismtoday

— MrsStep (@MrsStep) December 30, 2012

BREAKING – Barack Obama just signed off on a pay raise for @davidgregory also #meetthepress

— S.M (@redsteeze) December 30, 2012

I liked it when gun scofflaw Gregory softballed Obama on gun control.

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) December 30, 2012

It was brilliant of the White House to get David Gregory to host this video press release. He hit just the right tone.

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) December 30, 2012

.@davidgregory puts words in Obama’s mouth on #Newtown with “I know you’re thinking about it” when asking about gun control. How’s he know?

— Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) December 30, 2012

Liberal definition of hardball; @davidgregory fawning over @barackobama on @meetthepress. #MTP

— BoldFreshJew © (@BoldFreshJew) December 30, 2012

This #MTP interview feels like a fluff piece. Could David Gregory fawn any more?

— Melissa Braunstein (@slowhoneybee) December 30, 2012

RT @andylancaster: And David Gregory channels Lewinsky MT @davidgregory: POTUS channels Lincoln when talking importance of public… #MTP

— BiasedGirl (@BiasedGirl) December 30, 2012

Ronald McDonald would give a tougher interview to Obama than David Gregory.

— Philip Klein (@philipaklein) December 30, 2012

This week’s #MTP proves just how good @davidgregory is at multitasking – he can speak clearly while puckering and kissing Obama’s ass.

— Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) December 30, 2012

Oh, dear! Never change, Twitter. And try explaining it to the hapless Howard Kurtz, will you? He is confused by media bias yet again.

David Gregory’s Low Key Obama Interview: Where was the firepower he showed last week with the head of the NRA?

— HowardKurtz (@HowardKurtz) December 30, 2012

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