‘Retire him’: GOP Sen. Hatch’s reaction to Sebelius departure illustrates his own uselessness


Count GOP dinosaur Sen. Orrin Hatch among those sorry to see Kathleen Sebelius go:


Via Fox News:

Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Orrin Hatch said Sebelius “had one of the toughest jobs in Washington” because she had to implement the law, which he said is “flawed” and continues to fall short.

“While we haven’t always agreed, Secretary Sebelius did the best she could during the tumultuous and volatile rollout of the law,” Hatch, R-Utah, said in a statement.

Well, barf.


He’s definitely overstayed his welcome.



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One Of The Biggest Con Jobs In Advertising History

1. Forgetting the obnoxious locks for a second, read that copy: “…instead of blaming him when married love begins to cool, she should question herself.”

“Germs” meant “Sperm”

This branding move by Lysol was one of the most devious marketing ploys in advertising history.
At the time, female contraceptives were mostly illegal and not readily available. So Lysol moved into the very lucrative void and became the #1 selling feminine hygiene product.

On the surface, the ads sold Lysol as a douche. But just below the surface, the ads hinted at another benefit: birth control.

In her book, Devices and Desires: A History of Contraceptives in America, historian Andrea Tone, PhD, notes that in their early ads, Lysol featured testimonials from prominent European “doctors.” Later investigation by the American Medical Association showed that these experts did not exist.

“The fraud of the Lysol douche was a byproduct of illegality,” Tone says. “Because birth control couldn’t be advertised openly, manufacturers would use euphemisms to refer to birth control. They took advantage of consumers’ hopes.”

Two of the code words were, “daintiness” (odor) and “germs” (sperm).

Now read how insidious the copy was on these ads.

2. 1933. DOOMSDAY…CALENDAR FEAR. Note all the cap “FEAR”s.

3. 1930s. Flawed jewel.

4. 1935. Here’s the woman you could be.

5. 1945. Yep, his wandering eye is YOUR fault.

6. 1948. See ya, tuts. Note the fake doctors.

7. 1949. Beware of the one intimate neglect that can engulf you in marital grief

8. 1949. “OK Bob, give me…’indifferent.’”

9. 1951. Don’t risk becoming another you!

11. 1956. “…the one unforgivable fault.”

13. 1959. “…won’t harm your delicate insides.” (almost said “vagina”)

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Aziz Ansari Wants Arnold Schwarzenegger To Do His Voicemail

It all started when Aziz entered the contest looking to have the Govnah do his voicemail

Soon he realized this wasn’t going to be as easy as a tweet and he had to put some effort into it

6. He ignored it

8. He ignored it again (and screamed)

12. Arnold would have gone to his show that night but unfortunately he had to finish writing all these checks to himself

15. Arnold almost fell for this until he decided to check eBay

One last try

18. And then it happened.

Now Schwarz (he lets me call him that) is polling Twitter to see if he should do it, which is where we stand right now

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