‘Kanye is gonna rip you to shreds’: Billboard deletes ‘out of line’ Kim Kardashian & daughter tweet [screenshot]

Billboard is taking plenty of heat this morning for a photo that accompanied a link to an article about how the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is “following in her daddy’s footsteps” after the two-year-old told the paparazzi “no pictures” outside her dance studio.

This is the tweet Billboard used to promote the story:


Billboard deleted the tweet, but not before a ton of criticism.

The other Billboard tweet linking the same story is less controversial:

As of the time this post was published there was no acknowledgement of the deleted tweet on Billboard’s Twitter feed.

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Male Jumping Spiders Square Off Against Animated Rivals

Male jumping spiders will literally size each other up before they decide to duke it out. But it’s not just size, it’s the size difference, according to researchers who confronted live spiders using computer-animated, eight-legged opponents. The findings were published in Behavioral Ecology this week.  

Red-headed and with vividly colored forelegs, magnolia green male jumping spiders (Lyssomanes viridis) seem to rely on the giant fangs hanging in front of their colorful mouth parts (or chelicerae) to intimidate rivals and impress females. Back in 2011, Cynthia Tedore and Sönke Johnsen of Duke showed that male jumping spiders with bigger fangs may win more contests. Two dozen males squared off in pairs for 10 minutes, and over the course of 68 cage matches, it appeared that males with the smaller fangs will slink away without a fight. “The males wave their forelegs at each other for a period, and then the smaller male runs off,” Tedore said in a Duke release back then. “That’s why we think they’re using vision to size each other up. Most of the time, the smaller one will run away before it comes to blows.” These spiders make decisions and navigate the world using their tiny brains, and they appear to follow rules of some kind. But is it fang size, chelicerae size, or just size? 

For this study, the duo pit male jumping spiders against computer-animated rivals to better understand the visual signals they use when deciding whether to fight or not. With the animated opponents, the researchers were able to control for all potential factors that correlate with size. The computer-animated spiders come in the three different sizes with weapon- and nonweapon-appendages that were elongated differently. They scored the increasing levels of escalation in the live males’ responses to the animated rivals. From the escalation intensity, the team was able to judge the predictive power of three variables: male size, animated opponent size, and the difference in size between the male and the animated opponent. 

Size difference, they found, was the best prediction of escalation intensity: The effect of opponent size disappeared when size difference was included in the same model. Surprisingly, the males were just as willing to fight animated spiders with long legs and fangs than those with less imposing weaponry, Science explains. The male’s own size, on the other hand, didn’t really predict escalation intensity, suggesting that these guys are using a mutual assessment strategy.

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Bet On Your Baby Is Amazing

The ABC show “Bet On Your Baby” features parents making predictions how their infant will do performing tasks. It’s bananas and worth checking out.

Bet On Your Baby is my favorite television show that I have ever stumbled upon. The show’s set design and modus operandi is similar to many modern American game shows. The host and parent contestant stand on a platform where there is often a button to press (to lock in the answer!) while an audience of other baby betting gambling addicts surrounds them.

Admittedly, I have only watched one segment of this show since discovering it. A parent correctly predicted that their child could score between 5 to 6 goals in 90 seconds in a separate playroom without the presence of their parents. The catch was that the number of goals scored must be within the predicted range or else everyone loses. If the parent made a good prediction, then the child wins money for their college education. I don’t want to consider what bleak future these children face if their parents let them down and make a terrible prediction.

I couldn’t help but to get a weird vibe from this show. There was something about a studio audience watching closely over a parent who is making a harmless bet on their child for a national viewers to consume that felt off-putting. I think that the show’s social media does a great job of capturing snippets that show how bizarre the show actually is.

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Via Twitter: @betonyourbaby

Praying to the Bet On Your Baby gods

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Via Twitter: @betonyourbaby


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Via Twitter: @betonyourbaby

These parents are really getting into it.

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Via betonyourbaby.tumblr.com


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Via betonyourbaby.tumblr.com


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Clutter and Stress Got You Down? Take a Look at This Organizational Bliss.

If you’re like a lot of people, clutter makes you nervous and anxious. If clutter doesn’t make you feel this way, I don’t understand you and you frighten me. For normal many people, though, order brings about a sense of calm. Maybe it’s a futile human fallacy to try and fight entropy, but it really, really makes us feel better. We’re visual creatures, after all, and visual harmony makes us feel nice. It makes us feel like we’re part of that harmony. That’s why a lot of people (like me) find themselves cleaning and straightening when we’re stressed. If we can’t organize the mess of the world, we can at least handle the mess of our desks, right? 

And sometimes, even looking at images of calm, serene organization makes us feel better. The aptly-named Tumblr site Things Organized Neatly has thoughtfully (and neatly) curated collections of things, well, organized neatly. They take submissions, too, so if you find yourself with a truly beautiful example of organization, snap a picture and send it in. 

Now, take a deep breath and check out these beautiful images.  

Everyday items look so much more pleasing like this than in a jumble in your bag.

Organization can help you look at all your options

Perfect for setting up crafting projects! Extra points for color coordination

Even everyday objects can look beautiful when arranged properly.

Sometimes organization makes you appreciate everyday things in a whole new way.

Right angles are not necessary for organization. Curves work beautifully as well.

You can organize anywhere, indoors or out

You know you want to touch them.

“Visual Topography of a Generation Gap”

You can organize nature, but it’s usually not necessary. Still looks nice, though.

A big spread isn’t necessary.

This is from the “Rapid Response Collecting” exhibit in London. Read more here.

There’s something especially delightful about organized candy.

Perfect for knowing what all the ingredients are.

Things don’t have to have a common theme in order to look pleasing.

Okay, if you’re doing this, you might be taking the “organization” thing a bit far…

Now if that doesn’t make you want to arrange your belongings in a careful and delicate manner, I don’t know what will. Now if you’ll pardon me, I have some cleaning to do. 

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Community Post: 15 Dance Numbers From Musicals That The World Had Better Recognize

1. “Light At The End of the Tunnel” – Starlight Express

Depending on who you ask, you might get very varied reviews of Starlight Express overall, but there is no denying that Arlene Phillips’ use of roller skates in her Broadway choreography was completely wacky, in a good way. Fast-forward to 2:53 for the good stuff.

2. “Steam Heat” – The Pajama Game

The Pajama Game was Bob Fosse’s first musical theater production after transitioning from film work and earned him his first of eight Tony Awards in Best Chreography. “Steam Heat” shows his iconic style that makes use of hats, shrugged shoulders and isolations.

3. “Step In Time” – Mary Poppins

An epic display of dynamic moves and IMPECCABLE timing. You may not have realized the perfection as a kid, so watch with fresh eyes as the chimney sweeps are mind-blowingly in-sync for “kick your knees up.”

4. “Moses Supposes” – Singin’ In the Rain

You should be familiar with the iconic choreography for “Singin’ In the Rain” (the song) already, but how about this number from the film? Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor move EFFORTLESSLY around a room with style like you’ve never seen.

5. “Easy Street” – Annie

Another one of those movies you watched a million times as a kid, but maybe didn’t appreciate. So take a moment to observe the perfection that is Bernadette Peters, Carol Burnett and Tim Curry as the skeeviest team in town.

6. “The Time Warp” – The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Not the most complicated choreography, but significant as a party anthem, nonetheless.

7. “Ease On Down the Road” – The Wiz

Michael Jackson’s film debut is as the scarecrow in this re-imagining of THE WIZARD OF OZ is mesmerizing. Plus, the song will make anyone, anywhere want to dance their way through Oz.

8. “One” – A Chorus Line

When any person imagines “Broadway dancing,” gold tuxedos, kick lines, and top hats come to mind, mostly thanks to A CHORUS LINE. Plus, us theater-lovers can’t watch this without getting chills all over. Completely iconic.

9. “Forget About the Boy” – Thoroughly Modern Millie

If there’s one thing a Broadway-lover adores more than a golden kickline, it’s a tap dancing chorus. THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE launched Sutton Foster to fame and this number, complete with tap dancing typists brought traditional “Broadway” choreography back in all its glory in 2002.

10. Dance Sequence – Funny Face

This may not be a traditional musical theater dance number (no singing!), but it is from one of the greatest movie musicals ever, FUNNY FACE. Audrey Hepburn stars alongside Fred Astaire and delivers this adorable, yet fierce dance number which you may recognize from its many re-iterations in pop culture (Beyonce’s “Countdown,” for one).

11. “The Circle of Life” – The Lion King

I’m sorry… if you can’t recognize the amazingness of these dancers channeling Saharan wildlife, then we’re done here.

12. “Seize the Day” – Newsies

When a chorus of young men erupts into some of the most beautiful choreography ever while still managing to communicate a completely raw sense of rebellion, you have this number. It’s incredible. And then they DANCE ON NEWSPAPERS.

13. “Who’s Got the Pain” – Damn Yankees

Someone’s going to school me on this one (please do!), but this song makes no sense both in and out of context. That said, it’s bona fide Broadway god Bob Fosse alongside his real-life wife, Gwen Verdon. The choreography, the orchestrations, the movement just make you wanna go ERP!

14. “All That Jazz” – Chicago

MORE FOSSE, WEEE! But seriously, folks: Bebe Neuwirth is the greatest Velma Kelly this world has ever seen.

15. “Prologue” – West Side Story

The music (Leonard Bernstein… there is no other), the choreography (Jerome Robbins… can we just ugh for a sec?), the dancing… this number is musical theater’s ultimate mic drop. Boom.

Now get out there and get your jazz hands on. (And join us in October for CAMP BROADWAY DANCE!)

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