15 Terrible Blackface Fashion Moments

Vogue Netherlands featured blackface in an editorial from their May 2013 issue.

That’s May 2013, not, say May 1913 — and even then, it would have likely been viewed as inappropriate. (The magazine’s stylists also left the model with wild, unkempt black hair.)

The debacle marks the latest in an unfortunately long line of fashion folks appropriating blackface for “edgy” shoots, flagrant publicity stunts and, perhaps worst of all, simply because actual black models remain scarce enough that finding one is a hassle. Here, a roundup including many of the worst recent (and some repeat) offenders.

1. May 2013, Vogue Netherlands

Model Querelle Jansen (here without blackface, for reference) wearing Louis Vuitton — and styled to represent Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs’ inspiration for each outfit, Josephine Baker and Grace Jones respectively.

2. February 2013, Numéro

American model Ondria Hardin for a Numéro editorial titled, yes, “African Queen.” (Again, here’s Ondria without the blackface.) After an understandable backlash, the French magazine offered a fauxpology to the Huffington Post: “Numéro has always supported the artistic freedom of the talented photographers who work with the magazine to illustrate its pages, and has not took part in the creation process of this editorial. For its part, Numéro magazine, which has the utmost respect for this photographer’s creative work, firmly excludes that the latest may have had, at any moment, the intention to hurt readers’ sensitivity, whatever their origin.”

(The photographer in question, Sebastian Kim, later offered an apology of his own, blaming the editorial’s “unfortunate” title for “people’s [sic] misconceptions.”)

3. November 2012, Illamasqua Australia

This bizarre Christmas promotion from the ad team at Illamasqua Australia features not only just blackface but, as Jezebel notes sharp suiting and accessories very similar to those of minstrel show performers. (Related/unrelated — take your pick — this spring’s Australian Fashion Week runways featured only one model of color.)

4. September 2012, Vivienne Westwood at Paris Fashion Week

Westwood’s recent runway — usually some of the most diverse, in terms of their casting — shows have frequently featured models with faces painted in a wide range of colors. This “hearty” shade only showed up twice, though.

5. April 2012, Lie Sang Bong at Seoul Fashion Week

Korean designer Lie Sang Bong also presented his fall 2012 collection in Paris last February — there, the blobby blackface appeared a little less harsh. But, you know, still blackface.

6. February 2011, L’Officiel Paris

Beyoncé posed with her face “voluntarily darkened” for an editorial celebrating Nigerian human rights activist Fela Kuti, explained L’Officiel Paris. Their statement also described the photos as “a return to her African roots.”

7. October 2010, Numéro

Constance Jablonski (here in her natural skintone) donned borderline blackface and an afro for this Numéro editorial. “Her” baby co-star is modeling without racially-insensitive bodypaint.

The shoot’s stylist, Patti Wilson, told Vogue Italia that she “wanted to kind of comment on what is going on now with [white celebrities] getting all of these black children.” The afros came about, she explained, because rain on the day of shooting ruined Constance’s hair, and disco wigs were the only things available. Really.

8. June 2010, Stern Fotografie

One of six covers shot by Karl Lagerfeld for the sixtieth anniversary issue of German style magazine Stern Fotografie. Claudia Schiffer’s representative later explained that, “the images were designed to reflect different men’s fantasies. They were done very creatively and they are some of Karl Lagerfeld’s favourite images of Claudia. People should not jump to conclusions.” So that’s that, then…

9. February 2010, L’Officiel Hommes

Brazilian model Arthur Sales (who normally looks like this) donned blackface for this menswear editorial shot by Milan Vukmirovic. To make the “white-guy-painted-black” thing very clear to readers, one photo from the spread shows his hard, lily-white abs.

10. November 2009, V

V magazine offered no explanation for this photo of top Russian model Sasha Pivovarova (again, here sans the race-changing paint job) fighting with fellow model Heidi Mount.

11. October 2009, America’s Next Top Model

The thirteenth cycle of America’s Next Top Model (the one for short girls) saw contestants styled to look “biracial.” Tyra Banks later apologized about the controversy that ensued on her talk show: “It’s my number one passion in my life to stretch the definition of beauty. I listen to many heartbreaking stories of women who thought they would be happier if they looked different. I want every girl to appreciate the skin she’s in.”

12. October 2009, Vogue Paris

Carine Roitfeld, French Vogue’s editor at the time, applauded model Lara Stone for representing “a radical break [from] the wave of anorexic models.” Of course, in the editorial she also represents a break from the wave of Caucasian models — but only because she’s been painted so.

13. July 2008, Vogue Italia

Vogue Italia’s “Black Issue” made fashion history by featuring only models of color. (It became the magazine’s highest selling issue.) Still though, the beauty editorial, featuring model Chanel Iman, looked like the images above.

14. August 2007, i-D

i-D magazine painted Jamaican model Sasha Gaye-Hunt in blackface (with bright red lips to boot) for a short feature on American Apparel in 2007. Just the sort of controversy-causing imagery the clothing brand trades on, then.

15. February 2006, Vogue Italia

Photographer Steven Klein — who also shot Lara Stone in the Vogue Paris photos above — lensed the following editorial for an issue of Italian Vogue that didn’t include any actual models of color.

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20 Things No One Ever Tells You About Buying A Home

1. You don’t pay your real estate agent.

The seller pays them. This explains why some agents might try and make you spend more than you can afford on a house, because that means a bigger commission for them. But the good ones won’t push you, so get one of those.

2. Even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t, you will look at homes out of your price range.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via wifflegif.com

And be severely heartbroken that you can’t afford them.

3. Zillow/Redfin/All other real estate apps will dominate your phone/computer/life.

“I Zillow-ed it” should be the new term for when someone asks why you look so bummed out.

4. Short sales are not short.

The “short” means short of the home’s value, not time. A short sale can actually take months to process, and even then the deal can fall through. Nothing like six months of anxiety!

5. You will most likely be beat out on several offers.

Warner Bros. / Via wifflegif.com

Cash buyers are the bane of your existence and probably act just like this. Who are these people anyway? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

6. When your offer is finally accepted, you will have a moment of doubt.


7. Choosing a mortgage lender is like choosing a college.

Should you go with a big company or a small company? Ah, who cares? Like college, this will only put you farther in debt and will force you to eat ramen noodles and Tang, since that will be all you can afford now.

8. You will come to despise your signature.

There is so much paperwork it is insane, and you either have to sign or initial almost every page. Hello, carpal tunnel!

9. You will answer the same questions from the bank/realtor/lenders over and over again.

Miramax / Via cardfight.wikia.com

You’ve answered why you deposited $233.17 in July of 2011 a million times, and if you have to answer it again somebody is getting hurt.

10. The closing costs will take you by surprise.

NBC / Via neogaf.com

“I owe how much? FML.”

11. Remember that mortgage you stressed about choosing? It is almost immediately sold to another company.

Disney / Via wifflegif.com

What happened to the super nice guy who convinced you to go with his company? Oh, yeah, he’s laughing all the way to the bank. But who cares, because now you’re in your new place and here is where the real fun begins.

12. You will receive a plethora of “important” mail.

None of it is important, and sometimes not even real. However, you are now somehow on some sort of new-homeowners mailing list. And your mailbox will be packed to the brim with life insurance offers reminding you that someday your new home might just kill you.

13. You will want to max out every bank account and credit card to furnish your new place.

Just take a chill pill and relax for a bit. I know you have another bedroom and an empty den just sitting there, but rushing to fill will not do you any favors.

14. Choosing paint colors will make your head explode.

I know it seems permanent, but trust me, it’s not.

15. Hanging pictures will test your every nerve.

You are putting HOLES in the WALLS of the home you just BOUGHT. Better make sure you have a steady hand.

16. You are your own landlord.

Universal Pictures / Via youtube.com

That means you are responsible to fix stuff by doing it yourself or hiring someone. Either way, apartment living is looking good right about now.

17. You will become super conscious of protecting your investment.

Not only from the outside world, but from the inside as well. That’s why you’ll have coasters EVERYWHERE and shoes off please, OK?

18. Everything costs sooo much money.

That is why you are now captain of the Lights Patrol and it is your duty to make sure only the necessary ones are on.

19. Every creak and bump and drip will freak you out.

FOX / Via celebquote.com

Look, stuff is going to break and repairs will be needed. That’s home ownership.

20. And lastly, the feeling of pride you get when you actually own a home.

Congratulations. You did it. Now sit back and enjoy the — OHMYGODTHERESALEAKINTHETOILET! Well, at least it’s your toilet.

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The Best NBA Doppelgängers


Delonte West | Bubbles (The Wire)


Ben Gordon | Wee-Bey Brice (The Wire)


Mike Woodson | Mr. Potato Head


Keith Van Horn | Matthew Lillard


Dirk Nowitzki | Barry Pepper


Stan Van Gundy | Ron Jeremy


Scott Brooks | Liam Neeson


Jeff Van Gundy | David Paymer


Bill Russell | Morgan Freeman


Vince Carter | Chiwetel Ejiofor


Shannon Brown | Chris Brown


Wally Szczerbiak | Derek Zoolander


Kyle Korver | Hilary Swank

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Rajnath heads to J&K for more talks, reluctance to involve Hurriyat slammed – Times of India

Home minister Rajnath Singh will begin a two-day visit to Srinagar on Wednesday that will see him hold a fresh review of the situation in Jammu & Kashmir, and hold a second round of meetings with the state’s various stakeholders to hear their grievances and suggestions.

Read more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Rajnath-heads-to-JK-for-more-talks-reluctance-to-involve-Hurriyat-slammed/articleshow/53835096.cms

What One Woman Did For A Girl With Cancer Turned Into A Force For Good

When Holly Christensen heard that her friend’s young daughter had cancer, she felt helpless. Beyond offering comfort and support, what else could she do? But when she sat down and thought about everything that little girls lose while undergoing chemotherapy, she had an idea.

While remedying the symptom of hair loss might seem superficial, it can do wonders for a little girl’s spirit. That’s why she started The Magic Yarn Project.

This is two-year-old Lily, who was diagnosed with lymphoma. She completed this adorable princess look with a gorgeous Rapunzel wig.

While she’s beautiful and strong regardless of what her hair looks like…

…the smile that lights up her face when she wears this yarn wig is priceless.

It’s amazing what a little boost of confidence can do for morale!

Soon, mothers from around the nation with daughters who were diagnosed with cancer started asking if Christensen would make wigs for their little ones.

How could she say no? Making these fighters look like Disney princesses makes them feel special.

She started making as many wigs as she possibly could.

Eventually, she needed more help. That’s when these volunteers stepped in. They donate time and resources to this noble cause.

var OX_ads = OX_ads || []; OX_ads.push({ slot_id: “537251604_564d66d8c86eb”, auid: “537251604” });

You can contribute by making some beanies! They serve as bases for the wigs.

You can also donate a bit of money to help cover costs.

(via Bored Panda)

For updates on how this wonderful organization is doing, follow them on Facebook, and remember to donate! Even the smallest contribution can help these little girls smile. The strength to keep fighting is just as important as receiving the right medical care.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/magic-yarn-project/

Februarys Global Temperature Spike Is A Wake-Up Call

Global temperatures for February showed a disturbing and unprecedented upward spike. It was 1.35 warmer than the average February during the usual baseline period of 1951-1980, according to NASA data.

This is the largest warm anomaly of any month since records began in 1880. It far exceeds the records set in 2014 and again in 2015 (the first year when the 1 mark was breached).

In the same month, Arctic sea ice cover reached its lowest February value ever recorded. And last year carbon dioxide concentration in our atmosphere increased by more than 3 parts per million, another record.

What is going on? Are we facing a climate emergency?

February temperatures from 1880 to 2016 from NASA GISS data. Values are deviations from the base period of 1951-1980. Stefan Rahmstorf

El Nio Plus Climate Change

Two things are combining to produce the record warmth: the well-known global warming trend caused by our greenhouse gas emissions, and an El Nio in the tropical Pacific.

The record shows that global surface warming has always been overlaid by natural climate variability. The biggest single cause of this variability is the natural cycle between El Nio and La Nia conditions. The El Nio in 1998 was a record-breaker, but now we have one that looks even bigger by some measures.

The pattern of warmth in February shows typical signatures of both long-term global warming and El Nio. The latter is very evident in the tropics.

Further north, the pattern looks similar to other Februaries since the year 2000: particularly strong warming in the Arctic, Alaska, Canada and the northern Eurasian continent. Another notable feature is a cold blob in the northern Atlantic, which has been attributed to a slowdown in the Gulf Stream.

The February warming spike brought us at least 1.6 above pre-industrial global average temperatures. This means that, for the first time, we have passed the 1.5 international aspirational goal agreed in December in Paris. We are coming uncomfortably close to 2.

Fortunately, this is temporary: the El Nio is beginning to subside.

Emissions Still Increasing

Unfortunately, we have done little about the underlying warming. If unchecked, this will cause these breaches to happen more and more often, with a greater than 2 breach perhaps only a couple of decades away.

The greenhouse gases slowly heating the Earth are still increasing in concentration. The 12-month average surpassed 400 parts per million roughly a year ago the highest level for at least a million years. The average rose even faster in 2015 than previous years (probably also due to the El Nio, as this tends to bring drought to many parts of the globe, meaning less carbon is stored in plant growth).

A glimmer of hope is that our carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels have, for the first time in decades, stopped increasing. This trend has been evident over the past couple of years, mainly due to a decline of coal use in China, which recently announced the closure of around 1,000 coal mines.

Have We Underestimated Global Warming?

Does the spike change our understanding of global warming? In thinking about climate change, it is important to take the long view. A predominant La Nia-like situation over recent years did not mean global warming had stopped as a few public figures were (and probably still are) claiming.

Likewise, a hot spike due to a major El Nio event even though it is surprisingly hot doesnt mean global warming was underestimated. In the longer run the global warming trend agrees very well with longstanding predictions. But these predictions nevertheless paint a picture of a very warm future if emissions are not brought down soon.

The situation is similar to that of a serious illness like cancer: the patient usually does not get slightly worse each day, but has weeks when the family thinks he may be recovering, followed by terrible days of relapse. The doctors do not change their diagnosis each time this happens, because they know this is all a part of the disease.

Although the current El-Nio-driven spike is temporary, it will last long enough to have some severe consequences. For example, a massive coral bleaching event now appears likely on the Great Barrier Reef.

Here in Australia we have been breaking heat records in the past few months, including 39 straight days in Sydney above 26 (double the previous record). News reports seem to be focusing on the role of El Nio, but El Nio does not explain why oceans to the south of Australia, and in the Arctic, are at record high temperatures.

The other half of the story is global warming. This is boosting each successive El Nio, along with all its other effects on ice sheets and sea level, the global ecosystem and extreme weather events.

This is the true climate emergency: it is getting more difficult with each passing year for humanity to prevent temperatures from rising above 2. February should remind us how pressing the situation is.

Steve Sherwood, Director and ARC Laureate Fellow, Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW Australia and Stefan Rahmstorf, Professor of Physics of the Oceans, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Read more: http://www.iflscience.com/environment/february-s-global-temperature-spike-wake-call

“Posterizing Your Friends” Is Officially Over With The Dunk To End All Dunks

Back in May, we introduced you to a new fad called “Posterizing Your Friends,” where you dunk on an unsuspecting person with someone holding up a “basket” behind them.

It became the fad of the summer with guys like Victor Oladipo and DeAndre Jordan joining in on the fun.

But now that summer is over, it’s time to move on, and we have the perfect posterization to end on…

Via vine.co


Now THAT is how you go out on top.

6. Watch the vine here (you know, for the sound):

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Has The Mystery Of The Northampton Clown Been Solved?

1. So a mysterious, sinister clown has been photographed lurking on the streets of Northampton.

2. The clown has a Facebook page, where he’s posting pictures of his nocturnal prowling.

4. This is, obviously, the worst thing imaginable, especially if you live in Northampton and have a fear of clowns.

5. Here is a map of clown sightings for which there is a confirmed location.

6. But now a reporter at the Northampton Herald & Post thinks he might have solved the mystery. He’s found a YouTube video of a short film — shot in Northampton — featuring an identically dressed clown…

The video was directed by Alex Powell, and the clown was played by “William Johnston”. The costume’s the same — it just lacks the evil head.

7. Obviously, this could just mean that the supply of clown costumes in the Northampton area is limited.

8. But near the end of the video, the clown is shown running past the exact same location as the very first pictures of the Northampton Clown…

10. The director of the video has denied that he’s connected to the recent clown outbreak.

11. And the clown himself seems to be distancing himself from the whimsical mockumentary.

12. But Mr. Powell also posted this picture to his Facebook page last October, featuring an apparently identical evil clown head, with the caption “My new mate”.

And, contrary to what he says on YouTube, he also still has Northampton listed as where he lives on Facebook.

13. The clown costume also turned up in an old Google profile picture for Mr. Powell’s production company, being worn by someone else.

14. Until any compelling new evidence emerges, we’re tentatively calling this clown-based mystery “solved”.

Unless he sold his clown costume a few weeks ago or something.

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The Amount Of Condoms Sent To The Rio Olympics Is Insane

This is the first time I can ever say, hand on heart, that the Rio Olympics condom order is starting to resemble my weekly shopping list.

If you can find a better way for transporting large amounts of water, I’d like to hear it.

Around 450,000 condoms are being sent for the athletes in the Rio Games with 100,000 of them being female condoms which are available for the first time.

This number is three times the amount of condoms supplied at the London games which means one thing – athletes have grown far superior libidos in the past four years. That’s science – you can’t argue with it.

There will also be 175,000 packets of lube supplied with the Olympic commitee believing that the frankly outrageous amount of contraception at hand will encourage10,500 athletes and staff to practise safe sex.

They will be available free in the Olympic village’s clinics and vending machines because, as you may know, Olympic athletes go properly wild on the sex front post-games.

It’s not clear whether the increase in the amount of Johnnies is relative to the recent outbreak of theZika virus in Brazil which can be transmitted sexually but, you know… better safe than sorry.

Maybe there was an admin mistake and the Olympic committee actually ordered 450,000 condors more some elaborate opening ceremony..?

Although probably not.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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