The 21 Most Triumphant Moments Of Facebook's 10 Years

The 21 Most Triumphant Moments Of Facebook’s 10 Years

1. The moment when Facebook’s ad targeting was explained

2. The time someone remembered an old school photo of someone who disapproved of Miley Cyrus

3. When this brave mother gave the finger to the Big Car Seat Lobby

4. The time this person’s friend explained to him exactly what a taxi is

5. The tense moments that transpired between when a guy’s girlfriend’s dad saw his status and the guy changed his status to “single”

6. The time this guy forgot his mother could read his Facebook posts and she announced she was shutting off the Wifi in the house

7. This calendar reminder

8. The breakthrough moment when everyone failed math

9. The moment Facebook broke through in Australia

10. The crucial moment when someone forgot to clear their search bar before posting a screenshot bragging about their notifications

11. The peak of Dad internet

12. The important discovery of how phones work

13. This stunning revelation about Google maps

14. The time someone explained to this guy how parking works

15. The sweet moment this ex got payback

16. This perfectly executed “Nope.”

17. When the Facebook mission statement was finally summed up

18. This time when a dad accidentally wrote this on Panera Bread’s wall

“Hey honey its dad, what are your tonight”

19. This sweet moment of exchange between an old person and the Texas Roadhouse restaurant page


20. The blissful moment a mom thought the Burger King page was her child

“I hope u are well. i love u and i wish a very happy birthday Love,Mom”

21. And the moment someone thought Facebook was Google

“tasty seafood recipes” on the Red Lobster official Facebook page.

Here’s to another ten wonderful years, Facebook!

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