15 Reasons To Watch “Bob’s Burgers” This Fall

1. Aziz Ansari

FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty Images

The actor’s character, Darryl, will return with a new business venture.

2. Fred Armisen

D Dipasupil / Getty Images

Portlandia and SNL’s funny man will nude beach inspector.

3. Gary Cole

Gary will return “as Sgt. Bosco for the Valentine’s Day special.”

4. Will Forte

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

The ever-handsome SNL alum will get his douche on as Tina’s classmate.

5. Zach Galifianakis

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

The bearded comedian will visit Bob and the family over Christmas.

6. Robert Ben Garant

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Garant also returns but this time as a biker.

7. Jon Hamm

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

The Mad Men star will voice a talking toilet.

8. Tim Heidecker

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Heidecker (pictured left) will also visit the show again but this time as a mother-daughter guru.

9. Kevin Kline


The actor will reprise his role as the eye-patched landlord for a Thanksgiving episode.

10. Linda Lavin

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

The actress will appear as a little old lady with an intense sex drive. (Watch out Bob…)

11. Bob Odenkirk


The Breaking Bad star will appear as ““a crooked insurance adjustor.”

12. Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally


The talented couple plays a pair of business owners who poach Bob’s kids.

13. Jeffrey Tambor

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Hot off his Arrested Development comeback, everyone’s favorite dad will sail the high seas.

14. Paul F. Tompkins

The Best Week Ever host will return to the show but not as Randy the documentarian. duh, Duh, DUHHHH.

15. David Wain

Mike Lawrie / Getty Images

The director of Wet Hot American Summer will play a girl who really likes Gene. (Don’t they all?)

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15 Amazing Vintage Shopping Destinations In Manchester

Happy hunting!

1. Retro Rehab on Oldham Street

With its recognisable mint-green exterior, Retro Rehab remains a firm favourite for vintage shopping in the Northern Quarter. There are racks of items for £5 and even £1, and frequent sales. Who said vintage has to be expensive?

Best for: Bargain men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

2. Cow on Church Street

Cow has branches in Birmingham, Nottingham, and Sheffield and you can buy their stuff online too.

Becky from the Manchester store told BuzzFeed Life that the vintage scene in Manchester is very influenced by the musical history of the city: “People are still passionate about bands like the Stone Roses and the ’90s is a big thing for Manchester, so Cow does really well.”

Best for: Denim, shoes, bags, sportswear, and cosy jumpers.

3. Pop Boutique on Oldham Street

Oldham Street in Manchester is home to the first Pop Boutique store, although there are now branches in London, Leeds, and Liverpool.

They stock reworked vintage pieces – perfect if vintage clothes don’t often come in your size – and there’s even a cafe to quench your thirst after a hard afternoon of shopping!

Best for: Men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, and furniture.

4. Junk Shop on Dale Street

Junk is my personal favourite Manchester vintage shop. Jessie from Junk told BuzzFeed Life that Junk is an ethical retailer that doesn’t follow trends:

“We’ve got a selection of handmade-in-Manchester pieces, using materials from recycling mills,” she said. “We reuse curtains and bedsheets to make some of the dresses in store. There’s also a range of Junk sewing courses – from real beginners to learning upcycling, tailored dressing and prom dressmaking, there’s something for whatever you’re interested in.”

Best for: Reworked classics, jewellery, and sewing classes.

5. The Retro Games Shop in Afflecks Palace

Flickr: angelaypablo / Creative Commons

If you fancy getting nostalgic about your childhood games and handheld consoles, pay this quirky little store a visit.

Best for: Fans of the Nintendo Game & Watch, the Nintendo GameCube, and Sega Dreamcast.

6. Mustard Tree on Oldham Road

If you want to shop for retro goodies while also giving a little something back, Mustard Tree is the place to go.

Soraya from Mustard Tree described the shop as “a charity that’s been helping the homeless and marginalised of Manchester for over 20 years, so rest assured the money from your vintage bargains is benefiting the local community”.

Best for: Furniture, men’s and women’s clothing, books, shoes, and homeware.

7. J’adore Vintage on Bury New Road

Prestwich-based J’adore Vintage started as an online boutique and a pop-up shop in a cafe. It now has its own premises and caters for women of all sizes. Samantha Ludlam, the store’s owner, will even hunt down items if customers are looking for a particular piece. Its Facebook page has handy examples of how to put vintage outfits together in a contemporary way.

Best for: Women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.

8. The RSPCA on Oak Street

Tucked away behind Home Sweet Home is the Northern Quarter branch of Manchester’s RSPCA. It might not look like much from the outside, but it’s a treasure trove of vintage finds and is busy with bargain hunters every weekend.

Best for: Clothes, shoes, accessories, and china.

9. Milner & Son in Afflecks Palace

Harriet Williamson / Buzzfeed

Milner & Son sells everything from Polaroid cameras and vinyl to vintage board games and Mr Potato Head toys.

It has an extensive range of clothes and tons of pre-loved shoes crammed into an impossibly small, TARDIS-like space.

Best for: Vintage toys, Doc Martens, outerwear, lumberjack shirts, sportswear, and electrical items.

10. Blue Rinse Vintage on Oldham Street

It’s a bit pricier than some of the other mentions on this list, but Blue Rinse Vintage is definitely worth a visit. They usually have a good range of sizes and colours, and everything is laid out in a way that makes it super easy to find what you’re looking for.

Best for: Vintage sportswear, oversized jumpers, and denim cut-offs.

11. Wowie Zowie on Manchester Road

If you’re looking for 20th-century homeware and decor pieces, your search is over. Wowie Zowie is packed with retro goodies, including vintage posters, art prints, and shoes for adults and children.

Best for: China, glassware, ornaments, and art.

12. Kuhl Vintage in Afflecks Palace

This little vintage boutique makes up for what it lacks in size with plenty of substance. All the retro items are handpicked, and you can find truly unique gems like brand-new beach and swimwear from the 1920s to the 1980s.

Best for: Blazer jackets, dresses, army surplus, gloves, and handbags.

13. Oxfam Originals on Oldham Street

If you’ve got money to spend, head to Oxfam Originals. It’s not really for vintage shoppers on a budget so don’t expect charity-shop prices, but it’s well-stocked, most items are in good condition, and it’s staffed by helpful volunteers who are clearly passionate about vintage.

Best for: Outerwear, Christmas jumpers, silk ties, and cowboy boots.

14. Hope Direct on Chorlton Road

Buzzfeed / Harriet Williamson

Hope Direct is one of the largest charity shops in the North West and you can spend hours going through the racks, separating the trash from the treasure.

Best for: Furniture, homewares, sports clothing, books, and shoes.

15. Pop-up shops and vintage fairs

Harriet Williamson / Buzzfeed

Just wander round the city centre and the Northern Quarter on a Saturday and you’re bound to stumble across a fair or one-off vintage event such as the kilo sale above where you can buy in bulk. These events are perfect if you’ve not found what you want in your regular retro haunts. Try Ruby Lounge for the Remake/Remodel vintage fair, or check out Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, which travels round the UK, making an appearance in Manchester every couple of months.

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Textbook Rental Company Turns To Late-Night Food Orders To Sell Investors

Chegg is trying to reinvent itself into a full suite of student offerings as skepticism grows over the future of textbook rentals. So far, investors aren’t buying it.

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Chegg CEO Dan Rosensweig on an advertising panel in April 2012. Jason DeCrow/Invision for Advertising Week / AP Images

What started as a print textbook rental business has evolved into a full suite of services for students that includes a platform for late-night food orders.

At least that’s the makeover Chegg CEO Dan Rosensweig is trying to sell to investors. Not unlike many old school media companies that are preaching a gospel of digital first, Rosensweig wants to do the same for Chegg, lately referring to his company as a “student-first connected learning platform.” In addition to rented textbooks, the company is now offering study materials, internships, college match programs, and, yes, even a discount food-ordering service.

Rosensweig admits it’s a “complex story.” And so far, investors aren’t buying into his vision. After a disastrous IPO late last year that sent its shares tumbling 15% in its first day on the market, Chegg’s stock has continued to slide, from an initial $12.50 a share to well below $6.

In its first-quarter earnings report, released Thursday, Chegg emphasized that its digital revenue was up 66% year over year to $17.8 million. But the majority of its revenue is still generated by textbook rentals, which accounted for 76% of its $74.4 million in total revenue. The company had a net loss of $25.8 million in the quarter.

Chegg’s digital growth has been driven by its big-name acquisitions, such as study platform Cramster, food-ordering service Campus Special, and a major college-match program called Zinch.

“Everything we do is designed to solve the pain points students have,” Rosensweig said in an interview with BuzzFeed last week at the annual ASU/GSV Education Summit. He admitted, though, that investors “may not understand our business right now, and it’s my job to change that.”

Chegg went public just as the textbook rental space became increasingly crowded with big names like Barnes and Noble and Amazon, and as print textbooks themselves are increasingly being replaced by digital curriculum.

“I think investors were spooked,” Rosensweig said of the company’s IPO.

On its earnings call Thursday, Rosensweig laid out a goal for the company he is calling “50/50/50:” They hope to have 50% of revenue come from their digital business, and to reach 50% of both high school and college students.

Chegg’s move into the food-ordering business was a focus of the call. One analyst asked about the ordering platform’s revenue model, which he said he did not understand. Chegg bought Campus Special for $17 million in April, and is paying $2 million in expenses without any revenue for the quarter; the platform’s sales cycle does not begin until July.

Another analyst called the purchase of Campus Special “not core to your studying-related business” and asked Rosensweig if similar “non-core” acquisitions were planned.

“We do think it’s at the core of our business,” Rosensweig corrected. In an earlier interview with BuzzFeed, he said he hopes to use the business to disrupt the model of the college meal plan.

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How Much Time Do You Spend At Work Just To Pay Taxes?

I can’t think of many people who sit around and say, “You know, I really love paying taxes.” However, when you break out your day into bite-size pieces like this, paying taxes makes hella sense.

For example, I’ll gladly spend four minutes a day contributing to the men and women who fought for my freedom, but it’s a bitter pill to swallow thinking about the 23 minutes I spend paying for that big ol’ mess of a war we got into in the first place.

FACT CHECK TIME! Our fact checkers want me to point out that this infographic is based on a dual-income family with one child where both parents work 7.5 hours a day to earn a combined $107,225. Of course, not all Americans earn that much money (most don’t), and not all taxpaying Americans are in dual-income households, either. So depending on your family and income situation, these numbers vary.

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The Internet Jubilantly Responds To The Capture Of The Boston Bombing Suspect

7. But Not Before Making A Bunch Of Obvious Lonely Island Jokes

10. Even Mom Got In On The Act

11. People Were Generally Perplexed By The Boat Angle

14. A Lot Of People Were Selling Boats On Craigslist (Slightly Used, Riddled With Bullet Holes)

19. Some Laughs Were Had Over The Fact That “Dzhokhar” Kind Of Sounded Like “Joker”

21. A Few Grand Theft Auto References Were Made

22. A Closed Captioning Service Was Apparently A Fan Of “New Girl”

23. But Folks Mostly Urged Calm

25. And Warned People Not To Mess With Boston

28. …We’d Really Like To Thank All The People Who Helped To Bring An End To All Of This

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Baseball's 'Unbreakable Records' in Graph Form

Baseball's 'Unbreakable Records' in Graph Form

Career complete games probably takes the cake for me as far as records that will clearly never be broken.

Baseball's 'Unbreakable Records' in Graph Form

The use of pitcher has clearly changed over the years. A guy today hits 100 pitches and he is done. That obviously influenced the complete games as it does innings pitched.

Baseball's 'Unbreakable Records' in Graph Form

A reduction in the innings also means a reduction in strikeouts. CC Sabathia has already played for 13 seasons, is 33 years old, and is not even halfway to Nolan Ryan’s strikeout record.

Baseball's 'Unbreakable Records' in Graph Form

With the increasing bullpen emphasis, pitcher wins also matter much less in today’s game. When guys were throwing a complete game in 95% of their starts though, they got a lot more decisions.

Baseball's 'Unbreakable Records' in Graph Form

It also meant that they got many more losses, which is why Cy Young’s loss record will probably never be broken either. Ironically, to lose this many games means not that the pitcher has to be bad, but has to be good enough to hang around so long he can build up the loss tally.

Baseball's 'Unbreakable Records' in Graph Form

Of course if Young’s loss record is broken, he will no doubt hold on to his wins record much longer.

Baseball's 'Unbreakable Records' in Graph Form

Another change in pitchers has been the increase of the number of runs scored. It is unlikely we will ever see another pitcher with a sub-1 ERA over a whole season. Current pitchers are not necessarily less dominant, though, if we look at ERA+, which compares each ERA to the league average of the year many recent pitchers are in line with the historic seasons of Keefe and Leonard.

Baseball's 'Unbreakable Records' in Graph Form

Perhaps it’s not a real record category, but Johnny Vander Meer’s feat of throwing two consecutive no-hitters will be tough to beat. Unlike most of the other records, some which take decades to accomplish, this one only takes 18 innings. So I could potentially see someone tying this at some point, but three in a row? Good luck.

Baseball's 'Unbreakable Records' in Graph Form

On to offense, we find Dimaggio’s famed 56-game hit streak. Unlike the pitchers, there has not been a drastic change in how offensive players are used. So it may take a long time, but this one isn’t insurmountable.

Baseball's 'Unbreakable Records' in Graph Form

Ichiro arrived in the US at age 27 and stole a career-high 56 bags during his rookie year. Had he started in MLB at age 21 and stole 56 every season until he turned 27, that would bring his current total to one more than Tim Raines for fourth all-time.

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