3 thoughts on “Bill Watterson’s thoughts on finding fulfillment in life illustrated in the style of Bill Watterson”

  1. Gavin,And you base this (“won’t lead to fulfillment anymore than following the crowd”) on what? Sounds like a jaded and quite possibly non-generalizable opinion presented as a fact.You’re entitled to post an opinion, of course; but not to state your opinion as a fact without any backing of why we should consider it such.I for one greatly enjoyed the comic. But if the shoe doesn’t fit you, don’t wear it.

  2. I enjoyed this comic, as the shoe did fit. I wore it, and I love my life (thanks for that John Jacob). I think Gavin, you are wrong to believe that one cannot create a fulfilling life or that an individual cannot create meaning for their life. I believe the opposite to be true, if we can create a way to live and enjoy our lives, why follow mundane and out of date expectations? The way I see it, we spend 40+ hours a week at a job, a significant chunk of our lives. In order to have a truely happy life those 40+ hours a week should be spent doing something that makes you happy.There are many examples in the world where walking away from societal expectations has in fact created a happier, more fulfilling life. I am certain their are people who are happy follwing the crowd and climbing the corporate ladder, supporting their family with a nine digit income, but it isn’t for everyone. I think your opinion falls short by making a sweeping generalization.

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