Scientists Have Unveiled A Revolutionary New Treatment For Cancer

Scientists Have Unveiled A Revolutionary New Treatment For Cancer

Scientists have revealed that a revolutionary drug – capable of not only destroying cancer cells, but making sure that they don’tcome back – is on the brink of becoming widely available.

As The Daily Mail reported, two studies on the new treatment – T-cell immunotherapy – have delivered incredible “unprecedented” results. While onesuggested that the drug could stop cancer from returning for at least 14 years, the other saw 94% of patients (all diagnosed as terminally ill) completely free of cancer after receiving the treatment.

ResearcherDr Stanley Riddell said:

“These are patients that have failed [every other treatment].Most patients in our trial would be projected to have two to five months to live.

This is extraordinary… unprecedented in medicine to get response rates in this range in these very advanced patients.”

The treatment uses a patient’s own T-cells (the white blood cells designed to fight disease within the body) to combat their cancer. While T-cells aren’t usuallyvery good at fighting cancer, with this new treatment, doctors remove them from a patient’s body and genetically modify them, in effect training them to kill cancer once they’re re-injected.

They work in a similar way to vaccines, so remember how to kill cancer. That way, if it comes back, they’ll hunt and then quickly destroy it.

While so far, this type of treatment has only been used on “liquid cancers” – so cancers of the blood such as leukaemia – given it’s incredible success rate, doctors are now looking to develop it to be used on “solid” tumours.

It’s early days and more studies need to be done – so we’re still cautious – but this type of immunotherapy has given scientists hope that a cure for cancer might be within reach.

They believe it has huge potential, and hopefully treatments will be rolled out soon.

Image Credits: The Daily Mail, New Scientist, Lab Talk

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