3 thoughts on “A history of western music illustrated on a whiteboard while example clips play”

  1. I think the title of that work would’ve been better titled “The History of Western Music.” It’s pretty ethnocentric to just say that was the history of music and completely ignore Africa and Asia, which are the two most populous continents on Earth (about 75% of the world’s total population). Also, just accounting for Western music, still no marches, no country, no folk? But I don’t want to totally hate. If however not concise, that was a pretty cool video and was an incredible display of talent.

  2. I think this is really excellent, although I missed Rachmaninoff (dark and expressive romantic style), Stravinsky and Shostakovich (modern/dramatic chord structures), Glass (repetitive structures), AC/DC (heavy metal in its simplest form), and Nirvana (emo/grunge/emotionally-soaked metal).

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