20 thoughts on “My favorite life hacks…”

  1. The Locket one doesn’t work anymore. And I’m so angry about it. They changed the way it worked as I was trying to get to the payout minimum

  2. That’s actually the best thing to do now. The whole “rock is the most common” thing became so well known, most people now throw paper.

  3. No. You would run out of vitamins and minerals long before. The fat has enough calories to sustain your calorie intake, but not your diet.

  4. Real question: On the NASA one are you allowed to get up at all? How do you get food? Can you use a computer?

  5. I’ve done the craigslist thing once when someone was being really stubborn. I forwarded them porn as well because they were horrible.

  6. I negotiated the price on furniture $75, then I got to their house and told me it was $125 that we agreed to.

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