As tornadoes hit South, libs claim payback for Sandy relief vote!/LiberalCaliGal/status/296736938298331136

For a group that seems to think conservatives are the anti-science party for questioning man-made climate change, liberals certainly seem to think karma controls the weather. As a handful of tornadoes touched down in the South today, including one in Adairsville, Ga., that did significant damage, some people’s thoughts turned not to the victims but to recent votes on Capitol Hill.

Another unbelievable photo from Ch. 2 viewer Jerry Holmes from an Adairsville manufacturing facility #StormWatchOn2…

— WSB-TV (@wsbtv) January 30, 2013

Members of the House GOP, and Rep. Paul Ryan in particular, took a public relations beating when they voted against the pork-filled aid package, and on Monday, 36 senators voted no on a $51 billion aid package. Memories of that vote were fresh on quite a few people’s minds.

This #tornado is hitting a state where the Congressman voted against aid to #Sandy victims.… #GuessWhatsComing

— Lloyd Jacobson (@HOUmanReporter) January 30, 2013

A tornado hit Georgia. Sen. Saxby Chambliss voted no for Sandy relief, so no relief for them. F**k them, let then suffer! #tcot

— Chico Delainky (@ChicoDelainky) January 30, 2013

Reckon all those southerners who voted against Sandy aid will be crying for help with tornado damage.

— db (@bittersweetdb) January 30, 2013

tornado in georgia? wow that sucks. hope they don’t ask for federal aid.

— SheriffFruitfly (@sherifffruitfly) January 30, 2013

@linnyitssn No federal aid for Georgia and Tennessee storm damage. Remember Sandy, pay back is a bitch

— Richard Punko (@retiredfirstsgt) January 30, 2013

“Nay Votes For Sandy” from Georgia: Chambliss/Isakson/Broun/Collins/Price/Graves/Gingrey Let’s tell them -NO to Tornado relief!

— Free Bird (@Free2sayit) January 30, 2013

Hey Mullin and Bridenstine! Remember when you f*cked w/the #Sandy Bill?” @news9: Tornado Watch In Effect In Oklahoma

— NYgrooveX (@NYgrooveX) January 30, 2013

Georgia reps and senators voted against Sandy aid.Now a tornado there caused state of emergency.Hmmm…Whatever shall we say?

— Taftone (@Taftone) January 30, 2013

After the tornado GOP politicians started praying again. After #Sandy we know that that actually means that they’re not willing to help you.

— John (@linnyitssn) January 30, 2013

STRONG STORMS/TORNADO moving across the nation.Hope those voting against Sandy relief don’t need funding.

— Richard E. Derr, Jr. (@RichardEDerrJr) January 30, 2013

Not everyone thought of Washington first, though.

With everyone I know up in Adairsville, wondering what they are going through, makes me want to go help them in any way possible. #Praying

— Emily Schubert (@EmSchubert) January 30, 2013

I’ll be collecting items to take to Adairsville next weekend… My Heart goes out to people who lost everything in the storm today

— Jacqueline Twillie (@JVTWILLIE) January 30, 2013

We may be a small community, but Adairsville always finds a way to overcome big tragedies. And this one is not going to change that.

— JoEllen Peoples  (@joellenpeopless) January 30, 2013

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