NSFW: Colonel Sanders' Response To Chick-Fil-A's Homophobia

In this Funny or Die spoof video starring John Goodman, Colonel Sanders addresses Chick-fil-A’s recent homophobia and makes KFC’s stance on the issue clear. At 1:46 does it seem like the colonel is trying too hard?

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Semi Truck Trailer Crashes into Road Sign

The driver of this semi truck did not realize that the trailer attached behind him was raised. A couple of people nearby tried to alert him, but unfortunately, he wasn’t paying attention. In the end, he crashed into a freeway road sign and caused a major accident on a Texas highway.

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Twitter Says Bye Bye to the Terribly Titled Horror Movie The Bye-Bye Man With The Roast of the Season

  • Yes. Let’s talk.

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Mom Sends Hilarious Texts To Daughter After Running Into Football Team On Campus

I went to a tiny liberal arts collegeat the northern tip of New Jersey that was freakin’ small it didn’teven have a football team.

Therefore, I never really had the chance to gawk over handsome football players running around the field throughout my schooling experience. (It’s fine, though I swooned over musicians, instead.)

One freshman student named Avery missed the chance to flirt with football players on her college campus, too but it wasn’t because a football team didn’t exist.

It was because her met the team before she did.

Twitter user @Avery_Leilanitweeted hilarious screenshots of her mom’s text messages the day she was dropped off at her college’s freshman orientation, and apparently, her mom made a few new friends.

By friends, I mean really sexy Texas State University football playersrunning around the grass during a practice.

Based off the photos the football players took of Avery’s adorable mother, they joked around on camera and even showed her a few football moves.

Avery posted the text screenshots in a tweet that says, My mom dropped me off today for college freshman orientation and she sends me this

I’ll admit: I’m really jealous of Avery’s mom and kind of wish I met friends like those on my first day of college.

Here’s a closer look at the hilarious screenshots from Avery’s text strand with her mom.

I made some friends. Don’t wait up!

Hey, can I learn a few of those moves?

Avery responded by jokingly calling her mom a cougar, and then said in another tweet that her mom got more action than me.

After seeing the monumental screenshots, Twitter went wild. Her now-viral tweet has already gotten over 180,000 likes in one day, and people are super jealous of her mom.

Me gusta!

I think it’s safe to say Avery’s mom has more game than most of us do.

Brava, mama. Brava.

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Dirt Bikers Crashing at the Same Spot (Video)

Dirt bike riders keep falling off the track at the 2013 Red Bull Hare Scramble event. It’s amazing how many of them pile up at the same spot.

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Giant Shipping Boat Passing Under Bridge Is Mesmerizing

Giant Shipping Boat Passing Under Bridge Is Mesmerizing

Have you ever wondered where all those semi-trucks on the highway get their load? Odds are more than a couple semis you pass by are hauling freight from a shipping boat.

And there are few shipping boats in the world larger than the Arnold Maersk.

Jeff Bird captured the giant 1155 feet long and 138 feet wide boat passing under a bridge on camera in 2012, but the video is only trending now. 

All the mesmerizing clip needs is the Imperial March music from Star Wars.


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