‘Terrible argument’: Geraldo says ‘every old man campaigning’ against abortion ‘should be asked’ this

You’ve gotta give Geraldo props for this: Just when you think he can’t top himself, he finds a way:

Really, dude?

Indeed it does:

Aside from its totally boneheaded logic, Geraldo’s argument is just plain bad.

And a parting question, because someone had to ask it:

Well, Geraldo?

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Unhappiness And Stress Are Not Actually Causes Of Death

There is a persistent belief among many that unhappiness and stress can lead to ill health and even increase your risk of death. But a new extensive study of women in the U.K. has found that happiness appears to haveno direct impact on mortality, and that earlier studies suggesting this link had simply confused cause and effect. Despite this reversal of the well-established myth, the researchers think that because the notion is so deep-seated, their results might not actually change much of the publics mentality.

The research was conducted using the UKMillion Women Study, a national study in collaboration with the National Health Service and Cancer Research UKof more than one million women over the age of 50. The new paper, published in The Lancet, looked at how the participants illness related to their happiness over a period of 10years. Illness makes you unhappy, but unhappiness itself doesn’t make you ill, explains Dr. Bette Liu, lead author of the study.

This is in contradiction to what previous studies havefound. The dogged myth that unhappiness causes ill health likelyhas roots in the idea that stress can induceheart problems. To investigate this, the researchers sent questionnaires to women who were part of the UK Million Women Study. Every three to five years, they were asked to self-rate their health, happiness, stress, feeling of control, and if they felt relaxed or not. The vast majority of participants said that they felt happy in general, but around one in six said that they were generally unhappy.

Over the next decade, these women were followed using electronic records of mortality, during which time around 30,000 of them died. Taking into account other health risks, such as smoking and obesity, the researchers found that the death rate of those who recorded themselves as unhappy was no different to those who said they were. Because of the size of the study, it meansthat any observed increase in mortality among those who were unhappy cannot be seen as a direct cause.

Many still believe that stress or unhappiness can directly cause disease, but they are simply confusing cause and effect, says Professor Sir Richard Peto, co-author ofthe paper, in a statement. Of course people who are ill tend to be unhappier than those who are well, but the UK Million Women Study shows that happiness and unhappiness do not themselves have any direct effect on death rates.

The researchers, however, are not confident that their findings will cause a shift in the publics perception of this issue. They think that the myth that unhappiness and stress can lead to bad health is simply far too deeply ingrained, and that once their study is forgotten about, people will simply revert to old notions.

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Miley Smokes a Joint on Stage at the EMAs

Miley Cyrus won Best Video for Wrecking Ball last night at the EMAs (which stands for Europe Music Awards in case you were going to google it.) And during her acceptance speech she lit up a joint. I don't get why everyone is freaking out, it's only weed and they're in Amsterdam. The only thing that's offensive on that stage is ALL THE CAMEL TOE. 


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Paris VS New York City Animation

When one thinks of world-class cities, New York City and Paris are no doubt near the top of the list. So which is better? Well, it’s not really a matter of better, just different. 

 put together this unique, bright and colorful animation to showcase the differences between the two cities that will take you on a short one-minute, mid-week vacation. 


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Thousands Of Dead Lobsters Are Washing Up On Beaches In California

Beaches in California are turninglobster-red, literally,as droves of small crustaceans are washing up along their shores.

For about a week, numerous beaches from Orange County right down to San Diego have been frequented bythousands of red tuna crabs (Pleuroncodes planipes),many of which appear to be dead or on their last legs.

This species, which isactually from the lobster family, grows fromaround 2.5 to7.5 centimeters (1 to3 inches) in length. They can usually be found in waters off the coast of Mexicos Baja California. However, with warmer water temperatures,they tend to drift up the west coast of the U.S.

Scientists are hence pointing their finger towards El Nio as the culprit for this freak event, considering this years was such a strong one. Although it peaked some months ago, its after-effects are still being felt. One of which is the El Nioeffect, which alters ocean temperatures and currents in the eastern Pacific.

Typically such strandings of these species in large numbers are due to warm water intrusions, saidLinsey Sala, collection manager for the Pelagic Invertebrates Collection at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, in a statement.

Reuters reports that there was a similar mass stranding of this species in June 2015, whichalso coincided with an El Nio event.

Just in case youre already thinking about heading down there with some garlic, butter, and a frying pan, scientists have recommended that people dont eat them as there’s a chance they could contain toxins.

Dead and dying #redcrabs at #piratescove in #coronadelmar

A photo posted by Christine Lister (@psychprof) on May 13, 2016 at 9:03am PDT

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That’s The Weed Talking: 10 Signs Your Friend Is Texting You While High

Before texting, you really didn’t hear that much from your stoner friends when they were high.

Their nerves were either too jumpy or too chilled to make a phone call; so they just kept to themselves.

Then came smartphones and the ability for high friends to give us all the misspelled play-by-play of everything they’re doing and thinking.

And when those texts come in, a window opens for us to respond with the detailed play-by-play of every high thing we are doing, from the inane to the profane, in text after text.

The only possible problem here is that your friend is not really high when your friend texts. And your response looks like it came from a spiraling stoner who is not smart enough for a smart phone.

So how can you be sure if your friend is indeed high texting you?Here are some signs to look for the next time your phone starts beeping.

Bizarre reminiscing

It’s not that weird to text your friend about a fond memory, but high friends will do it for no real reason with no real point to their reference.

Lots of pointless videos

If they happen to remember Snapchat while they’re high, you’d better get ready to take full advantage of that unlimited data plan. You’re going to be getting a lot of videos.

Best of all, it’ll usually be them saying two or three words and then laughing at themselves hysterically the rest of the time.

Random pop culture examinations

Not only will they bring up some random bit of pop culture you haven’t thought about in years, they’ll also dissect it in a way that feels like they’re writing a thesis paper on it. These are absolutely the most entertaining ones.

Lots of typos

It’s like their brain and fingers are two completely separate entities that don’t really see eye to eye with each other.

You could try and figure out what they’re trying to say, but odds are it doesn’t make much more sense with spellcheck enabled.

The conspiracy freak comes out

God forbid they start digging into the Internet and uncover a light-hearted conspiracy someone posted on Reddit. Buckle up.

You’re going to be trying to console someone who won’t listen to a single word you say.

Claims of not being high

If someone keeps making a point of trying to convince you that they’re not that high, then you’d better believe they are the highest they’ve ever been.

That means that they suspect you can tell how high you are without even seeing you or communicating with you. That’s next level high.

The celebration of friendship

No one is more excited about friendship than your very high friend via text messages.

Not only is he excited about it; he’s also excited to tell you about it in as many words as humanly possible.

Seriously, there probably won’t be a lot of punctuation in that paragraph of text.

Getting oddly defensive

If you have a friend that gets paranoid when they’re high, you might want to pretend you didn’t get their texts until the next day.

But the only problem with that is they’ll assume you aren’t reading them because you’re mad and oh great now they’re crying again.

Being baffled by technology

Have you ever really thought about how amazing your phone is? Like, you can touch it and talk to anyone in the world, find out literally any piece of information, have someone bring you food, or get a car to come pick you up! We’re like wizards or the Jetsons! Or both!

The VERY kate response

You have to sleep it off at some point, right? Why not use the next 18 hours to do it?

This post was originally written by Rob Fee for The Kind.

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