Ben Jealous says ‘infighting among sophisticated Negroes’ will cause a mess

Ben Jealous says ‘infighting among sophisticated Negroes’ will cause a mess!/BenJealous/status/289168460313931776

Oh, come on! NAACP President and CEO Ben Jealous has to be trolling us. The same day that National Journal writer Ron Fournier incurred the wrath of the Twittersphere for daring to call President Obama “aloof,” Jealous informs us of the existence of “sophisticated Negroes”? Well, far from an uproar, Jealous’s tweet inspired widespread agreement. It must be nice to be free to tweet with that implied (D) next to your name.

@benjealous You speak truth; yet it seems that’s the one thing most Negroes are good at–in fighting.

— Jeanette Young (@JaelY007) January 10, 2013

@benjealous You got that right!

— Walter L. Hudson Sr. (@Activist30) January 10, 2013

You said a mouth full right there brother Ben. You ain’t lying either. People need to hear the truth! @benjealous

— Richard M (@richard757528) January 10, 2013

@benjealous Everytime. It has to stop in order for us to progress as a people.

— Zorina E. Bowen (@GreenBiotechie) January 10, 2013

EVERYtime and ALL day! #GotToDoBettet RT @benjealous: In fighting among sophisticated Negroes will cause a mess.

— McCay (@CedricMcCay) January 10, 2013

@benjealous Can you expound on that? Are you speaking about a specific situation or a universal idea?

— Garrett A. Brown (@GarrettABrown) January 10, 2013

We’re not sure, but it seems that Jealous has big plans for the future if the infighting can be set aside.

The only people who can win the Civil War this time is us–we must build a machine to pass state legislation. #NAACP

— Ben Jealous (@BenJealous) January 9, 2013

We’re playing for real in 2013 but we’re getting ready to play for real, for real in 2015. #organizationalReflections

— Ben Jealous (@BenJealous) January 9, 2013

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