Ed Schultz, libs unhappy with David Plouffe for suggesting entitlement reform


We’re all familiar with the Obama administration’s “I won” approach to compromise, but White House senior advisor David Plouffe today earned the scorn of liberals when video of him naming Medicare and Medicaid as the chief drivers of the deficit made the rounds. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz was among those trying to reel Plouffe back from the edge of reality.

Those aren’t the talking points the Left wanted to hear. Time for a trip to reeducation camp?

Please @thedemocrats @senatedems GET David Plouffenew TALKING points on #FiscalCliff he’s got ppl worked up abt GRAND BARGAIN Deal #EdShow

— Cyn Hussein Obama (@Wary12) November 27, 2012

#edshow Heh. David Plouffe…snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Hey, David? WE WON – start acting like it. #GroverIsOver

— Kate Yes We Did!!(@LeftsideAnnie) November 27, 2012

David Plouffe needs some testosterone pills. Lousy Negotiator. #FiscalCliff has nothing to do with medicare, Soc. Security or Obamacare.

— Politicolnews (@Politicolnews) November 27, 2012

Testosterone pills? Are those covered?


Plouffe’s comments today are BS and a reason for concern. You don’t start negotiate from the middle, especially with these terrorist.

— BWD (@theonlyadult) November 27, 2012

Tweeps send the @whitehouse a STRONG MESSAGE! You want our support? Support us! DON’T BACK DOWN!! Tell David Plouffe to sit down!

— AlinaJo 47%’er! (@ItsAlinaJo) November 27, 2012

David Plouffe out tonight caving on Social Security?? After all we did? Areyou kidding me? @barackobama @housedemocrats @senatedems

— McBlondeLand (@McBlondeLand) November 27, 2012

Though he’s only now being taken to task, Plouffe made the remarks Nov. 14 at an appearance at the University of Delaware.

For months we’ve been told the debt is due to wars and tax cuts but then out of the blue David Plouffe tells the real, actual truth. Why?

— Kevin Eder (@keder) November 27, 2012

@keder My guess? Plouffe said that because they will argue Obamacare “saves money” for those programs and thus can’t be touched.

— Michael Blum (@MichaelBlum3) November 27, 2012

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What Animated Dog Are You?

Because you know you lay awake at night trying to figure it out. You’re welcome.

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Charles M. Schulz / Via wall.alphacoders.com

  1. secretagentman / Via imgur.com
    1. compfight.com / Via Flickr: 43072490@N07
    2. compfight.com / Via Flickr: 74921684@N00
    3. compfight.com / Via Flickr: 48165069@N00
    1. compfight.com / Via Flickr: 24633783@N00
    2. compfight.com / Via Flickr: 22439010@N04
    3. compfight.com / Via Flickr: 7855946@N08
    1. compfight.com / Via Flickr: 67499195@N00
    2. compfight.com / Via Flickr: 42253831@N06
  2. Sanja Kusturica / Via thepatternlibrary.com
  3. Claudio Guglieri / Via thepatternlibrary.com
  4. Matt Delbridge / Via thepatternlibrary.com

What Animated Dog Are You?

  1. You got: Scooby Doo

    You’re the ultimate fun-seeker, and for you it’s important to not take life too seriously. Though you can become easily spooked by daunting problems (and large men in masks) you have more grit than people give you credit for. You’re a faithful friend and enjoy nothing more than driving across the country with your gang – and eating an enormous sandwich in one bite.

    Warner Bros. / Via youtube.com

  2. You got: Gromit

    You’re an individual with refined tastes, and a soft spot for the domestic comforts in life. You’re much happier settled in for a cozy evening of reading than partying around town. You’re very thoughtful and a wonderful listener, so your friends usually come to you when they want advice. Oh, and you’re like, really into tea.

    Aardman Animations / Via youtube.com

  3. You got: Droopy Dog

    Your biggest strength is not giving a hoot what other people think. You find a way to assert yourself in a situation without seeming loud or pushy, and you are almost deceptively clever when it comes to dealing with your enemies. Perhaps even… devious? No, it couldn’t be. You’re far too cute.

    Warner Bros. / Via popten.net

  4. You got: Odie

    You are a loving, cheerful, generally optimistic person, and have no tolerance for haters. Life is short, and you don’t allow your self to get bogged down by other peoples’ cynicism. Though some may call you naive, that’s only because you choose to look on the bright side of things. Also, you have, like, a really long tongue.

    Jim Davis / Via garfield.wikia.com

  5. You got: Snoopy

    Though you don’t necessarily seek out the spotlight, you usually end up with a fair amount of attention anyway. You find fantasy much more intriguing than reality. You’re a perpetual dreamer, with your head in the clouds, and other people tend to think of you as an enigma. And whenever you put on sunglasses, you insist on being called “Joe Cool”, which is kinda weird.

    Charles M. Schulz / Via youtube.com

  6. You got: Brian

    You’re a wisecracking, cultured individual who appreciates a dry martini and a good one-liner. You have a fairly active social life, and have been known to make some rather reckless decisions. You are interested in the fine arts and you’re usually up-to-date on most trends. Despite all this, you’re still afraid of the vacuum.

    20th Century Fox / Via youtube.com

  7. You got: Mr. Peabody

    Well, you’re the smartest being in existence. So, you’ve got that going for you. You believe that you never stop learning in life, and you’re constantly striving to better yourself intellectually. You have an interest in history and enjoy imparting your knowledge to others. You also may or may not use a time machine on the regular.

    DreamWorks Classics / Via youtube.com

  8. You got: Underdog

    You’re a brave, humble soul in every sense, and you never back down from doing what’s right. While you’re day job may not be super glamorous, you can turn on your superpowers and kick some serious butt when needed. Sometimes you can be a bit clumsy, but you always manage to get the job done!You’re also a pretty good poet since you literally speak in rhyme… all the time. While fighting crime.

    NBC / Via youtube.com

  9. You got: Astro

    You are incredibly loyal and a very faithful friend. Your friends are your family and you would do anything for them. While you may be a bit on the klutzy side, and may get yourself into some wacky shenanigans, you’ve got a strong sense of right and wrong and are way ahead of your time.Like, literally. You live in the future. I don’t even know how you’re taking this quiz.

    Warner Bros. / Via youtube.com


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Time congratulates Romney on Person of the Year nod; Sandra Fluke nominated


So, did you receive your “Congrats” tweet from Time yet? If not, you likely haven’t been nominated for the magazine’s “Person of the Year” award. (At least you can console yourself with that award “You” won back in 2006 along with everyone else.)

Time’s novel way of publicizing its shortlist this year was to spam the honorees with congratulatory tweets, and there were quite a few. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Bill Clinton each got a nod, as well as Olympians Mo Farah, Gabby Douglas and Michael Phelps. Also on the list are “Gangnam Style” rapper Psy, the Mars Curiosity Rover and, in a truly curious development, Sandra Fluke.

In a just society, @sandrafluke would be the subject of universal mockery. In Obama’s America, she’s a nominee for person of the year.

— Kevin Eder (@keder) November 26, 2012

If @sandrafluke is selected as @time‘s Person of the Year, then all women will be encouraged to be composites only concerned about BC pills.

— Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) November 26, 2012

Wow! Standards are low, huh? “@time: @sandrafluke Congrats! You’ve been chosen as a candidate on @time‘s #POY2012 poll.”

— rikki (@RikkiWilliamsXO) November 26, 2012

People like you are the reason I wouldn’t be caught dead calling myself a feminist. Begging for $9 BC is NOT EMPOWERMENT. @sandrafluke

— rikki (@RikkiWilliamsXO) November 26, 2012

What? Sandra Fluke has done a lot more than just beg for free birth control. And if she wins the award, perhaps we’ll break down and buy an issue of Time to find out just what that thing was.

@michellemalkin Someone tell me what Fluke did worthy of @time #POY2012? That’s like POTUS Nobel Peace Prize 4 trashing USA on apology tour

— Mark Abraham (@mbabrahamjddo) November 26, 2012

If@sandrafluke becomes @time‘s #POY2012 then I will no longer peruse it while passing time in waiting rooms #credibility

— kt Edwards (@ktedwrds) November 26, 2012

@time has jumped the shark: Sandra Fluke nominated for Person of the Year. If she wins, then America has nuked the fridge.

— LarryD (@AoftheA) November 26, 2012

Media as prop arm of Planned Parenthood RT @time: @sandrafluke Congrats! You’ve been chosen as a candidate on @time‘s #POY2012 poll.

— Mollie Z. Hemingway (@MZHemingway) November 26, 2012

the Mayans were right! // RT @time: @sandrafluke Congrats! You’ve been chosen as a candidate on @time‘s #POY2012 poll.

— Jon D Wilke (@jon_wilke) November 26, 2012

This is sad. #SignOfTheTimes RT @time @sandrafluke Congrats! You’ve been chosen as a candidate on @time‘s #POY2012 poll.

— Ross Parrish (@Roscoe09) November 26, 2012

If Sandra Fluke is one of Time’s People of the Year, the Obama phone lady deserves a Nobel Prize or something.

— Landon (@OrwellForce) November 26, 2012

Well, Obama did give her a phone, and he does have a Nobel lying around somewhere.

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Community Post: I Did It! I Became An Internet Meme!

This piece is part our new series, “I Did It!”, a collection of first-person essays celebrating outlandish means and wild achievements. Submit your own story to “I Did It!” by emailing The Airship’s editor at Arv@AirshipDaily.com.

Becoming an Internet meme was never so much a goal as something that just happened, simultaneously adding itself to and crossing itself off my bucket list. But hey, at least now I can die knowing that I was on Meme Generator.

Back in 2012, I wrote a blog post for Thought Catalog entitled “The Worst Parts of Being in a Band*.” I intended for it to capture the sentiment that everything about being in a band is both terrible and amazing — that the small challenges of the experience prove to be the biggest rewards. Unfortunately, poor form and a tiny editorial oversight conspired against me. Without the final, disclaimer-style paragraph, the entire post could be read as balls-down, sincere whining — my own mistake considering my tone was apparently too dry to detect irony and I was working under the naive assumption that Internet readers reach final paragraphs. Also, my editor left off the title’s asterisk — the only thing that preemptorily hinted that all is not what it seems. (Honestly though, this was a shitstorm of my own creation.)


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These News Anchors Knew They Made A Mistake When They Tried Their Co-Worker’s Dip

When it comes to food, I’m more than happy to sit back and let someone else do the cooking.

While my culinary skills aren’t all that bad, they’re definitely not the best, either. I’ve always been afraid that any meals I make will be so gross that they’ll cause my loved ones to become physically ill. Fortunately, this hasn’t happened yet. It’s too bad this lady can’t say the same.

During a week when several Global News Calgary anchors were sharing holiday treats with each other, traffic reporter Leslie Horton decided to bring them some of her homemade artichoke dip. They were a little worried that it wouldn’t taste right…and their suspicions were confirmed when they took a bite.

Horton now knows that using pickled artichokes in artichoke dip is a really bad idea.

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(via Today)

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Just a Pod of 2,000 Dolphins Under a Rising Sun

2000 plus Common Dolphin on our way to the island this morning!! @shark_explorers

A post shared by SHARK EXPLORERS/AE FILMS (@mornehardenberg) on May 13, 2017 at 12:07am PDT

Shark Explorers‘ Morne Hardenberg (@mornehardenberg) recently shared this amazing sight of 2,000 dolphins swimming under a rising sun in False Bay, off the southwest coast of South Africa.

Such beautiful creatures.

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Raji’s touchdown for the Packers: 340-lb man intercepts, scores, and shakes it.

Here’s B. J. Raji’s touchdown as it happened, including his dance…

And here’s a replay…


Update: Here’s Raji’s Wikipedia page right after scoring. See the first sentence in the second line…

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40 anillos de boda retro para morirse

1. La forma en que este diamante está tan elegantemente colocado.


Es un anillo art decó de la década de los años 1920. Cómpralo aquí.

2. La forma en que los pequeños diamantes rodean al grande.


Conjunto en plátino sobre oro, alrededor del año 1900.

3. La multitud de formas geométricas puestas de manera conjunta dentro de un anillo precioso.

4. El modo en que este anillo está adornado.

5. La intensidad pura de este conjunto.

Es. Demasiado. Elaborado.

6. La forma en la que los increíbles detalles art decó están ocultos en el perfil lateral del anillo.

7. El elegante estilo romano de este anillo con diamantes de corte rosa.

Del siglo XIX. Puedes comprarlo aquí.

8. La forma en que este anillo es una estrella dentro de una flor.

9. La forma en que estos anillos son como coronas de diamantes incrustadas para tu dedo.

Un diseño verdaderamente magnífico de la década de los años 1940. Disponible en Etsy.

11. Todas las formas majestuosas y ángulos reunidos aquí.

12. Y aquí.

En cierto modo se parece a un anillo que usaría una reina malvada de Disney, pero de la mejor manera posible.

13. La sorprendente forma de este conjunto hexagonal.


Y aquí está con 1.75 grandes y atrevidos quilates.

15. La forma en la que tu piel se asomará a través de esos pequeños espacios calados.


Amo estos cortes.

18. La manera en que el oro está perfectamente lustrado.


Es un anillo de compromiso de diamantes de rosa cortada de la época victoriana alrededor de la década de los años 1900. Está disponible aquí.

19. Simplemente todo acerca de este anillo increíblemente a la vanguardia.

“Este anillo fue en realidad el anillo de su madre que estuvo perdido durante 30 años y lo encontraron la semana antes de que la pareja se comprometiera. Después se enteraron que fue diseñado por un diseñador danés, el cuál tiene un significado especial porque Paul es danés”.

20. Esa hilera de diamantes micropavé corriendo a lo largo del centro del aro.

21. La majestuosidad de estos anillos.


Una joya retro espectacular de Cartier.

23. Este delicado conjunto en doble-vertiente.

24. La forma en la que estos diamantes son tan elegantemente pequeños, pero están colocados en anillos maravillosamente diseñados.


De la década de 1960.

26. La absoluta sencillez de este anillo de la década de los años 1920.

27. La forma en la que este diamante posa en lo alto, es como si estuviera flotando.


Un anillo del estilo de mitad siglo de la década de los años 1960. Cómpralo aquí.

28. La forma en la que estos diamantes están APUNTÁNDOTE como si fueran fuegos artificiales.

Anillo de compromiso en oro blanco con diamante de la década de los años 1960. Disponible en Etsy.

30. El pulcro diseño de este anillo engañosamente moderno.

31. La interacción entre el oro y el platino.

De la década de los años 1910.

32. La inesperada conexión entre el diamante principal y el aro.

Un anillo art decó de la década de los años 1920. Disponible aquí.

33. La forma en la que el diamante parece estar flanqueado por listones de oro blanco.

De la década de los años de 1940.

34. La forma en que las gemas de zafiro rodean al diamante en una forma majestuosa.

De la década de los años 1920. Asombrosamente, este anillo de 2 quilates cuesta $35,000.

35. La forma en la que este curioso anillo asimétrico sostiene 2 diamantes iguales.

36. La forma en la que este diamante está rodeado por corazones.

Alrededor de la década de los años 1930. Puedes comprarlo aquí.

37. La manera en la que estas hojas diminutas envuelven a ese gigantesco diamante.

38. La forma en la que hay diminutas hojas alrededor de la parte trasera de este maravilloso anillo geométrico.

Este es un anillo con un estilo antiguo europeo de 1925.

39. La forma en la que este anillo se abre con un mensaje escondido debajo.

<img src="http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/2014-02/enhanced/webdr05/4/15/enhanced-buzz-26589-1391547229-7.jpg" rel:bf_image_src="http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/2014-02/enhanced/webdr05/4/15/enhanced-buzz-26589-1391547229-7.jpg" class="bf_dom" rel:bf_bucket="progload" width="403" height="403" alt="La forma en la que este anill

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