This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory About The Hound Will Legit Blow Your Mind

With “Game of Thrones” “Battle of the Bastards” just days away, the fan theories are running wild. This latest theory, posted by Reddit user POL1T1CS, is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

This theory, which, like most theories, seems way far out there until you let it sink in for a few minutes, involves a character who just came back into our lives, Sandor “The Hound” Clegane.

Last we saw The Hound, he was chowing down with the Brotherhood without Banners, having just assisted in the hangings of the men who slaughtered the worshippers he had been living and working with.

Now, if you buy the following theory, it appears The Hound is going to play his most important role to date in “Game of Thrones.”

Reddit user POL1T1CS begins his theory by pointing out the three cold openings — when an episode starts with a scene rather than the opening credits — we’ve seen on “Game of Thrones”:

Now, what do all three cold openings have in common? The Hound.

POL1T1CS claims, if you believe the one prophecy, The Hound is actually Azor Ahai. According to POL1T1CS,

It should be noted from the start that I do not believe there will only be one savior, I believe that’s how history seems to be written in a lot of cases, but no one hero ever does anything on his/her own. However; there can only be one Lightbringer, used by only one of the heroes.

Are all three revelations that happen prior to the show starting tied together with regards to the Azor Ahai prophecy? I believe so; the Enemy, the Weapon and the Last Hero.

‘Fancy sword you got there Valyrian steel, I always wanted some Valyrian steel’ – Hound to Brienne, regarding Oathkeeper in Season 4 Episode 10.

In this new perspective on why I believe the Hound (Sandor Clegane) is Azor Ahai (foreshadowed by the three cold openings of the show), I will be quoting from one specific theory posted back in 2013 regarding the importance of the sword Oathkeeper, and merge it with the current standing of the show and my cold openings discovery. There will be a reference to it at the end of the post.

Beric Dondarrion recruited the Hound in Season 6 Episode 8 to join the Brotherhood Without Banners (BoB) in the fight against the great other (Night’s King), is what gave me this lightbulb idea. The man who has been kissed by fire (literally), who killed Beric for the first time in an episode titled Kissed by Fire (Season 3 Episode 5) and has developed and had a fear of fire ever since childhood, will wield Lightbringer.

POL1TICS continues,

When speculating on the nature of the weapon Lightbringer, I think people have fallen into the trap of only considering what the sword is; whether if the flaming sword is in the hands of Stannis, who is merely incompetent, or if it is only a metaphor for the Night’s Watch (Jon), or Dragons (Dany).

While focusing on the is allows for many possibilities, looking at the how allows for only one. The only weapon that has matched the prophecy one to one in ASOIAF so far and has the potential to completely fulfill the prophecy; is the sword Oathkeeper.

This theory holds Beric and The Hound will bump into Brienne and Pod, as all four appear to be heading north via a river. Many previously thought Lady Stoneheart would’ve already emerged at this point in season six, but based on the above theory, her inclusion in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” seems increasingly unlikely now.

If The Hound uses the sword Oathkeeper to kill Beric Dondarrion, then this theory holds he will inherit his powers from the Lord of Light through the transferring of the flame of R’hllor. The Hound has already stated how much he admires Oathkeeper, and this would be an unbelievable bridge from the showrunners.

This is wild, sure, but George RR Martin is a crazy dude, and considering the transformation The Hound has gone through, would you really put this outside the realm of possibility?

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Just Another Reason Why Ellen DeGeneres Is The Very Best

1. I mean, who takes time out of their busy day to supply heavenly beverages to tourists in the heat? This lady. This lady does that.


2. She even goes a step further by offering them hydration and a chance to cool off.


3. You can tell she truly cares about their safety above all other things. Sort of like those moms with the baby harnesses shaped like a monkey.

4. She even introduces her lucky visitors to her very favorite staff members.


5. Then makes sure they feel comfortable and right at home.


6. The best part is when she gives them a window into what work life is like on Ellen.


7. Then shows them what it means to be a respected and loving boss.


8. She really admires their life goals and gives them the finest opportunity to join in.


9. Finally, she calls in Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer to make sure they’ve fully enjoyed their experience on set.


10. Watch the hilarious video here!

View this embed ›

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17 Heavenly Slab Pies That Can Feed The Whole Family

This is a slab pie.

Triple Berry Slab Pie. Get the recipe.

It is made just like a regular pie, except bigger and better.


Slab pies are made in a rimmed baking sheet (also called a jelly roll pan) so they are slightly shallower than standard pies and can feed more people.

The result is a slice with a truly spiritual ratio of crust to filling.

Here are some recipes to get your started down the road to enlightenment:


Get the recipe. Taro root looks like a potato, basically, and cooks the same way but has a more interesting nutty flavor. You can find it at specialty grocery stores and probably also at Asian grocery stores.


Get the recipe. (Same recipe as the first image in this post.)

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Confusion At Obamacare Youth Outreach Partner

A woman poses for photos while holding a placard with her thoughts on healthcare at the White House Youth Summit on the Affordable Care Act in Washington December 4, 2013. Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

WASHINGTON — A top official at PolicyMic — an internet startup tapped by the White House to sell Obamacare to young people — told two BuzzFeed staffers at the company’s New York headquarters Sept. 20 that the organization was considering “free health care” as a prize in a contest aimed at gathering ideas for how to communicate the benefits of Obamacare to young people.

On Wednesday, the day PolicyMic’s role in the effort was announced at the White House, the official, PolicyMic Executive Social Editor Elizabeth Plank, confirmed the plan in a series of text messages with BuzzFeed. She said the plan had been dropped due, in part, to difficulties with that have truncated Obamacare recruitment efforts at all levels.

The co-founder of PolicyMic, Chris Altchek, strenuously denied the idea was ever discussed in the course of crafting the contest, denied Plank ever made the comments in the first place, and said Plank was not in any of the initial discussions about how the contest would come together. Plank appeared on MSNBC Wednesday to explain the contest.

The White House never heard of the free health care idea, and a top official said the notion it was ever under consideration is “dead wrong.” Altchek said “development of the contest was entirely internal to PolicyMic.”

Plank also denies she ever mentioned the free health care idea at the New York meeting, but a text message conversation with a BuzzFeed reporter this week appeared to confirm that the free health care idea had been considered.

On Wednesday, as the final version program was being announced as part of a White House “Youth Summit,” BuzzFeed’s Benny Johnson asked about the free health care plan in a text message to Plank.

“Is the prize for the winner still healthcare [sic]?” Johnson asked.

“It’s different now, because of website problem,” Plank replied. “So now ppl [sic] with the most upvoted proposals get a response from the white house [sic].”

“So the plan was to subsidize the winners [sic] ACA plan but now the winner gets a personalized message from the WH?” Johnson asked.

“Oui!” Plank replied.

“Liz did not play any role in developing the ACA contest,” Altchek said. Her current role is as a face of the contest, through, “working with the team to promote the contest on social media and television.”

The final version of the contest, announced Wednesday, calls on users of the site to “Share an idea, project, or proposal for what our generation and the White House can do to make health care work for young people and get them educated about the ACA.” The top “three most mic’d submissions will receive responses from the White House,” the site reads.

The PolicyMic contest runs from Dec. 3 through Dec. 11. Winners will get some kind of response from the White House, PolicyMic says.

As with many outreach efforts originally designed to help launch the Affordable Care Act, the contest was shortened and revised after the stumbling roll out of Altchek described a grander vision for a contest that would actually fund initiatives to educate young people about the Affordable Care Act and urge them to buy insurance.

“Free health care” was never part of those discussions, Altchek said.

“In September, PolicyMic started brainstorming how we might construct a contest that would engage as many millennials as possible in learning more about health care reform. One of the options we considered was providing a grant to the winning participants to implement their outreach plan that would subsidize their efforts,” he said. “There has never been any discussion at PolicyMic internally or externally about any other option other than that format or the current one.”

Scheduling demands caused by Obamacare website problems led to alterations.

“The contest changed very little from the initial plan. Our initial vision ran into scheduling challenges when the government shutdown occurred and our contest had to be delayed,” Altchek said. “Given the winter holiday, we shortened the timeline and focused on promoting a meaningful dialogue with the opportunity to receive a direct response from the White House.”

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How To Weed Out Potential F*ckboys With One Simple Test

Recently, my friends and I were in the throes of a discussion about men.

(Weird, right? We never talk about men, dating or relationships.)

While we were describing a wonderful man who had major boyfriend potential, we inadvertently stumbled across what could be an easy litmus test to weed out the shady dudes and f*ckboys.

When you’re weighing the pros and cons of a gentleman who could be your next bae, ask yourself the following question: If he were to be MIA for six whole hours (during the day, so him being asleep isnt an option), where would your mind go?

Would you be sitting in a pit of angst, accompanied by some wine?

Would your shaky hands be refreshing all social media apps, second after second, for some sort of clue?

Would you be hoping he was dead or at least severely injured?

Would you suspect youre being ghosted?

Or, would you have zero worries about his whereabouts?

Would you immediately assume he was with his dad, or he lost service on the golf course?

Would you just know he would call as soon as possible, and he was doing nothing shady at all?

That, right there, is how it should be.If you assume he’s not doing anything wrong at all, that means you trust him.

Of course, in all relationships, trust is pretty much key.Correct?

The men who give you high anxiety that can only be cured by alcohol and a mild, over-the-counter sedative are the f*ckboys and the shade balls.

We have all been there, done that and dated them anyway.

Weve dealt with being treated badly, and we’ve continually had to deal with broken trust in relationships.

Itseems to be the status quo of dating nowadays.

We choose these guys.

Yet, we all complain about being single and the lack of actual decent men left in our dwindling singles’ pool.

If we are really over all these idiots, then the six-hour test is a pretty damn great way to judge whether or not a potential bae is a f*ckboy secretly masquerading as a good guy.

Let’s take a closer look at this.

If a f*ckboy goes MIA, your mind starts going over all the possibilities about what the eff he’s doing and why he can’t bring himself to answer his phone.

As you try to talk yourself off a ledge of worry and destruction, panic overcomes you.

After about five unanswered texts and three calls, you think you physically can’t bear this anymore.

You already know you look batsh*t crazy by now, so what’s one more text or call?

These f*ckboys are a dime a dozen. Theyre all alike with their attention-seeking selfies, cocky attitudes, effortless late-night texts to come over and thirsty Snapchats.

The current douchebag who is ignoring you is like all the rest, which brings back some memories youd rather forget.

You take a journey down memory lane and contemplate the f*ckboys youve dated in the past, the insecurities you still have from those not-so-lovely experiences and the bitter memories of being let down and screwed over by them.

How much more of this sh*t can a girl take?

You will now find yourself hoping, praying and even begging God and the universe to throw you a bone and send a good dude your way.

Will you ever be able to find someone you trust that much? God, we hope so.

In a relationship, you should never have to worry the man you gave your heart to is ignoring you for hours on end because he’s doing something that could hurt you.

We all deserve more, and we all deserve to be with a guy who passes this clever little litmus test.

Having trust in a relationship enables you to actually be happy and worry-free.

F*ck the shady dude who surely makes decisions based on whowill entertain him whenever and wherever he so wishes.

Hold out for the one who passes the six-hour test.

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