Mischo Erban Breaks Skateboard Speed Record (Video)

Mischo Erban Breaks Skateboard Speed Record (Video)Mischo Erban Breaks Skateboard Speed Record (Video)
Mischo Erban in action. Photo: mischo.com

Canadian longboarder Mischo Erban broke the Guinness World Record for fastest skateboard speed from a standing position with a 129.94 km/h (80.74 mph) downhill run on a road in Les Eboulements, Quebec. Erban caught the feat on his helmet cam:

Mischo Erban Breaks Skateboard Speed RecordMischo Erban Breaks Skateboard Speed Record
Mischo Erban posing with a Guinness World Records Official. Photo via @MischoErban

via Vancouver Sun

Royce White Deals With Anxiety On Draft Day Short Documentary

Iowa State forward Royce White has everything a person would need to be a desirable draft pick in the NBA. The problem is, he has something extra. Anxiety. 

Panic, fear, and angst are constantly hiding in the shadows no matter what Royce does. It’s a daily battle that he wins everyday, but there is always another war tomorrow.

And for that reason alone, there was a question if he would make the 2012 draft. 

In June,  spent a whole day with the college star while he waited to be drafted, and now the touching short film featuring the star is trending.  


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This Hilarious Running-Away-From-Home Note Is Completely Legit

1. Hey, mom — you’re cool and all, but…

2. Clearly, this child knows the Spice Girls’ song, “Mama,” which is all about how you do stupid stuff to your mom but you love her.

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B-b-but ‘it’s the law’! Obama blames Citizens United for government’s problems


That’s “real journalism” for you.

As Twitchy reported, the White House press corps (save for Mark Knoller) dutifully refrained from asking President Obama difficult questions during this afternoon’s presser. Instead, they gave POUTUS the opportunity to whine about Citizens United. And whine he did:


In other words:


Just the sort of demented logic we’ve come to expect from the blame-gamer in chief.


Indeed. Particularly when you consider the White House’s childish “It’s. The. Law.” tweet about Obamacare. Last time we checked, the Citizens United ruling was also the law of the land.


Good Law of the Land… ObamaCare

Baaaaaaaad Law of the Land… Citizens United

“Let me be clear.”— PocketFullOfLiberty (@pocketliberty) October 08, 2013


Why? Because slavish devotion to The One means not having to acknowledge his raging hypocrisy.

Fortunately, unlike the lapdog media, Citizens United doesn’t roll over and play dead just because the president stomps his feet:


Try as he may, the president will never succeed in robbing us of that right.

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Amanda Marcotte does’t care about women and here’s why by-the-numbers


Exactly. As Twitchy reported, Marcotte recently jumped the cuckoo pants shark for good when she “wrote” about the horrifying tyranny of … the family dinner. Yes, really.

Sexist much, Amanda?


Sexist and, as the sane already know, she does not actually care about women. Yet another case in point, this time by-the-numbers:

Tweets by @AmandaMarcotte

#ISIS raping & selling women: 0
1400 girls raped in #Rotherham: 0
Tyranny of cooking at home: 1

#Feminism— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) September 03, 2014

Enough said.


Here is perpetual victim ‘feminist’ Amanda Marcotte jumping the insane shark for good

Twitchy coverage of Rotherham

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So WOKE she fell asleep! Maxine Waters tweets about a ‘weak, impotent leader,’ trips over Obama

Oh look, Maxine Waters is complaining about Trump again.

What did this woman do before he was elected? Anyone?

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