Community Post: 21 Types Of Fries To Make This Summer

Community Post: 21 Types Of Fries To Make This Summer

1. Classic Potato Fries

Learn how to make them here.

2. Banana Fries

Delicious with a little pico de gallo. Get the recipe.

3. …Not to be Confused with Plantain Fries

Get the recipe here.

4. Sweet Potato Fries

Delicious with ketchup or sprinkled in brown sugar. Get the recipe.

5. Onion Fries

Nope, not onion rings, and also known as a bloomin’ onion. Get the recipe.

6. Zucchini Fries

Get the recipe.

7. Polenta Fries

How do you make polenta even more glorious than it already is? Make it a finger food. Recipe here.

8. Asparagus Fries

Yikes! These look scary but amazingly crispy. Recipe here.

9. Eggplant Fries

Skip the ketchup and the marinara sauce and go Mediterranean with some tzatziki or tahini sauce. Recipe here.

10. Apple Fries

Enjoy with cinnamon and sugar and dip in whipped cream or caramel sauce. Recipe here.

11. Avocado Fries

It’s like crispy, green nature butter that melts in your mouth. Get the recipe.

12. Carrot Fries

It just feels healthier. Learn how to make these little gems.

13. Green Bean Fries

Make ‘em extra spicy with red pepper flakes and crushed black pepper. Recipe here.

15. Jicama Fries

Enjoy these sticks of heaven with sriracha sauce. Learn how to make them!

16. Chickpea Fries

These are much more finger-friendly than falafel. Learn how to create them yourself.

17. Pickle Fries

The most superior of fries. Learn how.

19. Taro Fries

These purple specked beauties are great with ketchup, Asian flavors like ginger and soy sauce, or brown sugar. Recipe here.

21. Tofu Fries

A nice fluffy way to get your protein. Check out the recipe.

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