Missing Soldier Turns Up After 10 Years Of Being Presumed Dead

Missing Soldier Turns Up After 10 Years Of Being Presumed Dead

You know when you join the army and then one year later you realise it isn’t really for you so you go on a 10-year-long exile under the pretence that you’re dead?

This guy does.

As reports have it,the nameless30-year-old Russian man (presumably he does have a name, we just don’t know it) joinedthe military in 2003 and was stationed in the remote Kamchatka Peninsula.

But then a year later he wandered off…

“He lived in Kamchatka all this time, mainly hiding in the forest.He got by with odd jobs and did not attempt to get in touch with his family.”

Regional branch of the interior ministry statement

Back when it initially happened, the search for the deserter was called off when his family falsely identified a dead body as his. They then even buried the mystery man.

The soldier is said to have built himself a house out of waste building material on thePetropavlovsk-Kamchatsky outskirts. He made his money working on a private pig farm and collecting scrap.

Although Russian deserters can face seven years behind bars,the head of Russias Committee of Soldiers Mothers, Valentina Melnikova, doubtshe will receive prison time for his offence, saying:

“There were lots of deserters in those days in the far east. Weve had cases when some would hide in a basement for years, but they would go through a psychiatric examination and would be set free.”

It’s not really sure why he came back but police have since apprehended him.


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