Donald Trump lets owner of NY Jets know reason his team missed the playoffs

Yesterday, the Buffalo Bills beat the New York Jets, knocking them out of playoff contention in the final game of the regular season.

Donald Trump had a message for the Jets’ owner:

NFL history could have been so very different:

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I Gave Up Alcohol For Lent, And Now I’m Afraid To Drink Again

I gave up alcohol for Lent, and now, Im afraid to drink again.

There: I said it.

I cant wait to drink alcohol again. Like, I can almost smell the lime after the tequila shot.

Butthat scares me. Im like that girl who is now gluten-free, but just wants to eat bread again. I know how hard its been to give it up.

In the past few weeks, Ive had major anxiety, restlessness and low self-esteem. I finally turned away from carbs. Im eating healthier, and Ive started running.

It took so long to see any physical differences in my appearance. Everything is pretty much the same, plus or minus a pound and I mean literally one freakin pound.

Ive been so freaked out during this sober time, I got the Im So Freaking Freaked Out journal on my last official sober weekend in Chicago.

This may sound overdramatic and it is. Because I really did love this journey of sobriety.

I loved learning to eat healthier. I liked finding Brussel sprouts and asparagus at Trader Joes, and then cooking them at night. Sometimes, Ive even been pushed out of my apartment due to the smoke of said vegetables.

I loved that in the beginning, I didnt mind drinking two yes, two liters of water at the bar so I wouldnt cave. I loved having sober nights in, drinking tea and eating strawberries while watching TV with my friends.

Theres a lot I loved about being sober. But, there were major downfalls I had to deal with.

I had to deal with being shy and awkward. I thought alcohol was causing the problems, but it was really just a means of PROLONGING the problems.

I wasnt dealing with them: I was drinking to them.

I have learned as I have given up one vice alcohol there are stillmany more vices I need to come to terms with. Now, I need to make more healthy lifestyle changes.

Giving up alcohol for Lent was like a three-day juice cleanse. I guess its kind of good.

Its challenging, but the real benefit of getting through those three days is so you can jumpstart a holistic change afterward. If youre going to eat an entire pizza on the fourth day, then its not really worth the struggle of the three.

And so, Im afraid to drink again. Ive already started planning out the moment when I can have my first tequila shot, but it scares me because I have come this far. I went from Ash Wednesday to Holy Thursday, and thats 44 days almost a month and a half without libations.

Before I started this journey, my friend asked me if I was mentally prepared to give up alcohol, or if I did anything to prepare to be sober.

I hadnt. I read two articles the night before I gave up alcohol for Lent, and they both made me prepare for the fact that I really wasnt going to notice any dramatic changes, even though it was going to be difficult to give up alcohol.

I didnt mind giving up alcohol in the beginning. But then, I started craving it. I felt like I was missing out.

A guy would tell me on a date that I was tense and needed a drink. I started feeling uncool because I was sober. The first question a guy will ask if he wants to meet you at least in my experience is Would you like to grab a drink?

And I would just explain how I gave up alcohol for Lent. Guys were OK with it. Sometimes, they were even impressed.

And my dating life didnt suffer because I was sober, either: We just did different things, like going for walks.

Overall, everyone has a different experience upon giving up alcohol. I didnt really see increased savings in my checking account because I said no to a lot of free drinks.

I didnt lose weight. My skin still needs a weekly face mask and extra concealer.

But the biggest difference is how I feel. Mentally I feel the same, but physically, I feel different. I no longer have that full feeling, and I havent been bloated once since giving up alcohol.

Change is gradual and infectious. And in the age of instant gratification, the benefits to giving up alcohol may not be as alluring.

Maybe just drinking in moderation might be the best approach. Honestly, I dont want to repeat this whole process again.

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4th bombshell of the night? CNN reports WH now researching impeachment procedures, just in case

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9 Kids In Our Homeroom Who Definitely Get High

These kids are totally always stoned. Everyone knows it.

1. Will Hastings

His hair is a lot longer than last year, and his eyes are always so red.

2. Greg Mokate

He skateboards and plays bass in Trevor’s band. If Greg doesn’t get high, I don’t know who does.

3. Elise Vandernat

She got that tongue ring last year. No way she hasn’t moved on to drugs already.

4. Luke Douglas

Everyone knows this kid is totally hilarious. There’s no way he comes up with that stuff sober.

5. Alison Nguyen

She used to date Brandon, so…

6. Eddy Blass

He may get straight A’s, but Jess Werther says he sold a joint to Kelli Pratt for junior prom, and she’s usually right about this kind of stuff.

7. Rain Jenkins-Gutierrez

Her name’s Rain. Come on.

8. Mr. Epstein

He’s not technically a kid, but there’s no way this guy doesn’t toke up when he’s off the clock.

9. Louis Peters

Haha. There’s no way Louis actually smokes, but can you imagine if he did? We would totally pay money to see that.

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Room for one more scandal? Senators probe EPA’s leak of personal info!/SenatorEnzi/status/343112784113975296

Having so many different Obama administration scandals demanding the public’s attention all at once almost works in the administration’s favor; before the full implications of one scandal sink in, another one erupts. While the NSA has managed to bump the IRS from the headlines this week, it’s worth noting that the Environmental Protection Agency is busy doing its part to erode what’s left of the public’s trust in the government.

The Free Beacon reported this week that 24 senators signed a letter demanding to know why the EPA leaked the personal information of more than 80,000 farms, includes names, phone numbers and personal addresses, to left-wing environmental groups like Earth Justice, the Pew Charitable Trust and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Ten states caught sending the personal data recalled it for redaction and then resent it; Montana and Nebraska, however, ended up mistakenly resending the personal information.!/SenatorEnzi/status/343100219635945472

Over at Ace of Spades HQ, Gabriel Malor notes that the EPA alone is juggling four scandals simultaneously. As Twitchy reported, an inspector general’s report showed that EPA employees had converted the parts of a warehouse that weren’t stuffed with sensitive documents or animal feces into a personal gym. The agency also granted fee waivers to liberal groups and presented an ethics award to Richard Windsor — who doesn’t actually exist.!/CntCnv/status/343485874375380992

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Ask Girls Out Using Their Own Dating Advice

Ask Girls Out Using Their Own Dating Advice

It’s no secret, girls love giving dating advice. Prankster Freddy Fairhair and his friend capitalized on this fact for their latest prank video. The two took turns approaching girls and asking them for dating advice. Then, the other would inconspicuously come by moments later and use the exact advice they just offered seconds ago. Even though most girls pick up that something is afoot, many still can’t help but give their number. 


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