Reminder: Super Bowl being played in New Jersey, not New York!/AliABCNews/status/429394899192905728

ABC News’ Ali Weinberg would like to remind everyone on Twitter that the Super Bowl is being played in New Jersey this Sunday, not New York.!/AliABCNews/status/429395279461101568

Can New Jersey please get a little respect?!/realjetsfans/status/426873192548818944!/KC3____/status/427627400143593473!/katiezez/status/427575181746249728!/CoryBooker/status/427104567797358592

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9/11 truther crashes Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith’s press conference [pic, Vine]!/GreggDoyelCBS/status/430181022467366913

Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith’s post-game press conference suddenly turned into an “open mic night” featuring a 9/11 truther:!/michaelhayes/status/430191590964219904

He’ll be here all week. Try the veal and don’t forget to tip your wait staff.!/maiello22/status/430193737126653952

Security doesn’t appear to have been nearly tight enough in the Seahawks locker room.!/DeSimone80/status/430195563616043008


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Tears of laughter TD! Was this the best Broncos-blasting Super Bowl tweet?!/TravDav_/status/430152552219291650

Ask and ye shall receive!!/RobinMcCauley/status/430134383958183936

Giggling madly. With snorts! Was that early entry the best Broncos-blasting Super Bowl tweet of the night? You decide! The tweet was retweeted over 400 times and counting.

Some other contenders: Gov. Jindal scored big with an excellent Super Bowl zinger and Albert Brooks piled on with some Broncos snark. But, wait! There was more:!/MattMcCoyWTVN/status/430326976411234305

Some of them really are hilarious.

Any other favorites, Twitchy readers?


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