Fire, ice and snow on NC road leads to surreal scene [pics]!/robynesha/status/433756547555282944

Another intense snow and ice storm is hitting parts of the U.S.

In Raleigh, N.C., the storm caused a traffic nightmare, and a car catching on fire led to this surreal scene:!/EricHolthaus/status/433753520760561664

Wow. It looks like a movie scene.!/jlocke613/status/433761528081580032

Other tweeters spotted the same thing:!/SUPERNOVAcane/status/433766955418681344!/WillBrinson/status/433729363763539968

Yikes. Stay safe out there everybody!

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Yes, the photo is real:!/WRAL/status/434010479476744192


“This morning, I turn on the news, and I’m watching CNN, and my photo came up, and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh!’” said Lindsay Webb, who shot the picture with her iPhone and says the photo is 100 percent authentic.


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Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs receives honorary doctorate from Howard University!/BostonDotCom/status/465251847767597056

Rap and fashion mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs was presented with his honorary doctorate degree Saturday morning, before delivering the commencement speech at Howard University.

Combs attended Howard for two years as a business major before dropping out and founding Bad Boy Records. “Ain’t no homecoming like a Howard homecoming,” he told the graduating class.!/wolfblitzer/status/465112919655874560!/maryjblige/status/465168709464502272!/ErinHinesLive/status/465148744090923009!/UsherLooking/status/465156572172521472!/Gabbieee_xoxo/status/465184596666355712

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World’s Cutest Dwarf Kitten Becomes Internet Sensation, Hangs Out With Grumpy Cat

Meet Lil Bub, a truly magical space cat. Found in a tool shed in rural Indiana and born with lots of genetic anomalies, this kitten is healthy nonetheless, managing to garner attention as possibly the cutest kitty on the internet. Her owner, Mike Bridavsky, even says that she might be from outer space! [Read more…]

“Originally it was just because she looks like an alien <…> her personality, her demeanor, the way she travels – she’s not a cat. She’s this complete one-of-a-kind creature, like Gizmo”,- says Bridavsky. So what started as a few photos on the internet of an adorable new pet has now turned into quite a serious deal – Lil Bub has over 200,000 Instagram and Facebook followers, millions of Youtube viewers, her own web TV show with guest celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, a book, and an award-winning documentary. And if that’s not enough, she also advocates for homeless and special needs pets all over the universe.

Even more importantly, Bub has been sending positive vibes through the internet, spreading the message that being different is beautiful. Some of her fans have even said that Bub’s message has helped them get through hard times. So check this list of facts about the loveable Lil Bub below.

Source: | Facebook | Instagram

Lil Bub was found in a tool shed in rural Indiana with a number of genetic difficulties

She is a “perma-kitten,” meaning she’ll stay kitten-sized her entire life

She has a case of dwarfism – her limbs are smaller than the rest of the body so she can’t jump or leap like other cats

Lil Bub’s toothless – that’s why her tongue is always hanging around, and she can’t really meow

She is a polydactyl cat, which means she has extra toes on all of her four paws (for a total of 22 toes, while most cats have 18)

Lil Bub has many celebrity friends, including the world’s hairiest cat Colonel Meow, Grumpy Cat, and even Robert De Niro

She has published a book – “Lil Bub’s Lil Book” – all about her intergalactic travels and daily adventures

And honestly, isn’t she one of the cutest creatures in the world?

She has also made an award-winning movie – “Lil Bub & Friendz”!


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Rihanna’s ‘Full House’ photobombs are outdone only by John Stamos’ undies [pics]!/wwld_/status/428525401988956161

Worlds collided this morning on the set of “Good Morning America”:!/GMA/status/428526281672896512

Nicely done, RiRi. Viewers thought Stamos rather enjoyed it, too:!/HCO_JONTONIO/status/428524718811918336!/youngangel46/status/428616297744564224!/JGL_Love_You/status/428631372580679680

But really, who cares about Rihanna? We want to be the objects of his affection. Especially after this:!/ijustdontClAiRE/status/428519119487778816

For the record, he was rocking Dannon Oikos underwear.!/Ebedell20/status/428631624968728576


Call us, John.



Everywhere you look! Tasty John Stamos takes his Oikos striptease to ‘The View’ [pics]



Twitchy coverage of Rihanna

Twitchy coverage of John Stamos

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Ex-porn star who dated Charlie Sheen says big game hunter lacks morals!/beckkevray/status/484150359737511936

Hunting big game in Africa is bad because Bree Olson, one of Charlie Sheen’s former live-in enablers, says so. She knows a bad decision when she sees one, OK?!/BreeOlson/status/484147950386307073

“Cold blooded killer” Kendall Jones says she’s devoted to wildlife conservation and has donated meat from her hunts to villagers.

“Best Anal” award winner Bree Olson made national headlines for shacking up with Sheen and another “goddess” during his “tiger blood” phase.


Hey, haters, most women named Kendall Jones aren’t the Texas cheerleader who hunts big game [pics]

Chart-topping songwriter Diane Warren: Hope someone kills that ‘cheerleader b*tch animal murderer’; Update: Tweet deleted

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‘Another shooting?’ Report of possible shots fired at Purdue University; Update: False alarm!/WTHRcom/status/426162331114958848

Yesterday, one person was killed in a shooting at Purdue University. Tonight there are reports of possible shots fired on campus again.!/Lady_Dawes/status/426161998330478592!/purdue_tailgate/status/426161087394758656!/LKeeeeeeebs/status/426161043866271744

Twitchy will publish updates as this story develops.


Thankfully it appears to be a false alarm:!/LifeAtPurdue/status/426168450218983424

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