Smilin’ Joe Biden amuses some, creeps out others during SOTU!/ethanklapper/status/428354749428035586

Vice President Joe Biden seemed to be enjoying himself at the State of the Union address. At least, we think that’s what that grin means. Whatever that face was, it certainly got the attention of the viewing audience.!/kasie/status/428357153079189505!/MBeero23/status/428366976134565888!/TheMacList/status/428367284688945152!/chocolatejunkie/status/428366689080573952!/princesswendel/status/428366526345801728!/WillParchman/status/428354834878582784

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Ana Gasteyer’s cable guy got an eyeful; Plight of cable guys everywhere?!/ScalzoMe/status/441241204697493504

Or bow chicka oh noes! You see, this happened to “Mean Girls” actress and “Saturday Night Live” alum Ana Gasteyer:!/SkippyPylon/status/441229245080035328


Ha! Or should Time Warner Cable guys be compensated? Evidently, this is a plight that many of them suffer!!/Tiffanny_lynn/status/353172966697222144!/jennabetancourt/status/340607418251763712!/karleemason/status/214422577991532545!/LeCandyGaga/status/164440531965972481

It isn’t limited to Time Warner either, it seems.!/rosaleeuh/status/383276389308186624!/linnnnnyy/status/363303695598886913!/JoannaLamphear/status/439838914409267200!/perihagafen/status/439438678151004160!/nick_lennon/status/345274043718586368


Well, better that than this, right guys?!/cnquick/status/406926283461779456!/meggyismyname/status/331396006962946052

Or this?!/krmmxo/status/423610911442866176

Oh the humanity.

Who will think of the cable guys? Who?

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Actor James Morrison perpetuates health insurance rescission myth!/JamesPMorrison/status/418522732699983872

The big, scary health insurance rescission boogeyman. It’s the myth that won’t die!


OFA perpetuates myth that Obamacare prohibits rescission of health insurance

Even on Thanksgiving Day, OFA peddles Obamacare spin

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‘Awesome!’ Sarah Palin pays a visit to the Duck Commander crew [pics]!/SarahPalinUSA/status/409756295739478016

As part of the tour for her new book, Sarah Palin stopped in Louisiana to visit the Robertsons and the rest of Duck Commander crew.

She wrote this on her Facebook page:

Thank you, Monroe, Louisiana! Had a blast meeting the Duck Commander gang as well as the great folks who came to the book signing yesterday evening. A happy happy happy Christmas to all of you and a big shout out to the staff at Books-A-Million!!/lisaasbell/status/409756964105641984

To see more photos from the visit, click here.!/exodus_2011/status/409762382022324225!/BeardlessBro/status/409478535401586688

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

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Jerkwad Ronan Farrow piles on apologetic DiGiorno with his own tasteless joke!/Willowy04/status/509425906713374720

As Twitchy reported, DiGiorno Pizza caused a social media uproar last night after sending this inappropriate tweet in response to a domestic violence awareness hashtag:!/Posietron/status/509177819801587712

It took him a while, but MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow finally caught up on the story:!/Foxxi_Love/status/509427625950183426

And promptly made himself look like a colossal jackass:!/RonanFarrow/status/509425280176648194

So, basically, Farrow turned DiGiorno’s honest mistake into an opportunity to crack a tasteless joke. Har-dee-har-har.!/meadowgirl/status/509426923723038720

See, unlike Farrow, who enjoys using his platform to spew out callous garbage with impunity, DiGiorno has spent the last 18 hours apologizing profusely for its mistake.!/qwertybird/status/509432201880956928!/BVGamble/status/509426480930381824!/riffraaf/status/509425498641170432!/twostep83/status/509429377256652800

Bingo. But you know what? DiGiorno apologized to Farrow, too:!/SAHartwell/status/509427672498573312

Maybe not, but DiGiorno took the classy route anyway:!/DiGiornoPizza/status/509429219366293504

And that is how you take the high road.!/donnatalarico/status/509439495490768896

Learn from this, Ronan.



DiGiorno Pizza enrages with outrageous hashtag tweet; Politicians can learn from its apology

‘WTF is wrong with you?’ Ronan Farrow goes full ‘douche’ with Cory Remsburg joke

‘BENGHAZI BE KIDDING ME’: ‘Ronan Farrow Daily’ boards Benghazi ‘humor’ train [pic]

‘Schindler’s List’? Yes, Ronan Farrow is doing something wrong in his dating life

Full Twitchy coverage of Ronan Farrow

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New tone alert: Forbes magazine staff writer calls Liam Payne a ‘scumbag’!/Clare_OC/status/424995971983212544

Forbes staff writer Clare O’Connor called One Direction’s Liam Payne a “scumbag” after he tweeted a fan message to Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty.”

We know the tolerance level of those on the Left has always been low. Instances like this remind us just how low. Yet they’ll preach to us about being more tolerant in a heartbeat when it fits their narrative.


O’Connor deleted her tweet, but we didn’t delete our screenshot:




Agenda-free Forbes writer warns Publix that pro-lifers find its Mother’s Day ad touching

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Barbara Bush puts on pads for event with Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt [pic]!/riamode/status/459773523343314944

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt teamed up for an event with Barbara Bush, and the 88-year-old former first lady geared up for the photo shoot:!/JJWatt/status/459773149207228416


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Oh no: Haiyan, the super typhoon about to hit the Philippines, is even bigger than Katrina.

Oh no: Haiyan, the super typhoon about to hit the Philippines, is even bigger than Katrina.

A super typhoon called “Haiyan” is about to make landfall in the Philippines. It’s hard to overstate how intense this thing is. “Haiyan makes Katrina look like a run-of-the-mill storm,” Nate Cohn at The New Republic writes. “It may be the most intense tropical storm in recorded history.”

Click “Know More” to read Cohn’s explanation. See more photos like these here.

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