‘Seinfeld’ star Wayne Knight killed off by Twitter death hoax


Wayne Knight, best known for his role as Newman on “Seinfeld,” is not dead. But you wouldn’t know that from reading tweets Sunday morning.




No he’s not.


Knight confirmed that he is still among the living.



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After Losing A Tooth, Norman The Hedgehog Became An Internet Celebrity

Cats are the overlords of the internet, but their reign does not go unchallenged – Norman the hedgehog is the latest in a line of adorable internet celebrity hedgehog celebrities (like Darcy and Marutaro) that are wooing the world with their irresistible cuteness.

Norman and his owner, Instagram user Brett Jessie, can’t help but pose for cute photos with each other. The hedgehog is a goofball – as Jessie like to remind his fans, “doesn’t understand the concept of personal space” and often likes to nestle in Jessie’s beard. His owner was worried when Norman recently lost a tooth, but he says that Norman has gotten used to it and is doing fine.  Although the pair has only 675 followers on Instagram, their photos have become wildly popular on Reddit. [Read more…]

There are quite a few different species of hedgehog out there, but the African pygmy hedgehog is the one most commonly available as a pet. They are known for being fairly quite pets, unlike guinea pigs and other rodents, which can often squeak or grunt through the night. Although they are quiet, they are also active, and love to move around in their cage, especially at night. They tend not to seek out human company or respond to calls, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of exceptions like Norman.

Source: Instagram (via: reddit)


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What’s up with Joe Biden’s ‘Cheeto dusted hair’? [photos]


Did Joe Biden spend some time getting his head worked on after a short wait in the “20 of your own hairs or less” line at the salon this weekend?

There’s definitely been some sort of “primping,” and the transformation is nearing completion:

Maybe having his hair blocked and going lighter is Biden’s way of gearing up for 2016. Your move, Hillary.

Alternate headline:

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‘Irrational focus’: Sen. Blumenthal speaks against ‘gun violence’


Connecticut Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal attended an event to “end gun violence” today:


Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) was also in attendance:


The ridiulousness of guns being blamed for violence as if they are living, breathing entities making their own decisions wasn’t lost on some:


If a homicidal driver were to commit a hit-and-run in his or her vehicle, would Blumenthal call for an end to “car violence”?

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BREAKING: White people think it’s okay to dress in blackface. Black people disagree!

BREAKING: White people think it’s okay to dress in blackface. Black people disagree!

Let’s get this out of the way: you should never, ever, ever dress in blackface. However, the New Republic‘s Nate Cohn reports that a plurality of all Americans don’t seem to agree with that really basic advice. To be sure, black Americans know that it’s messed up, but by a truly shocking margin, whites do not.

Click “Know More” to realize what’s most messed up about all of this.

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William Shatner has not-so-friendly gesture for WBC lunatics [pic]


William Shatner was tweeted the above message from the Westboro Baptist Church, and he responded in a way that makes his position quite clear:



Shatner continued undeterred:


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