When This Rapper Realized Why He Was So Distracted, The Song Just Kinda Wrote Itself

When Talib Kweli (one of my favorite emcees!) got this beat from a producer, a lot of huge events were taking place in the world. Those events were breaking through the noise, pushing the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, and other who-gives-a-f*ck topics onto the back burner and forcing important issues into the forefront of people’s thinking.

Eventually, the very same things that were distracting Kweli became the inspiration for this song. And it does not disappoint.

Follow the lyrics in the transcript below.

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Share This With Your Friends To Find Out What Kind Of Leaders You All Are

Are you a “thought leader” or a “do leader”? What about your co-workers and friends? The folks at Mindjet and Jess3 made this awesome image so you can find out how you see yourself and how others think of you.

Use these instructions from Mindjet and Jess3:

Tag yourself and your friends with this graphic & share the challenges you face managing these personality types. You can also see how industry leaders deal with similar traits.

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They Found The 1 Straight Couple Who Were Negatively Affected By Gay Marriage. Bless Their Hearts.

When gay people won the right to get married in 2015, everyone thought life would go on as usual. They weren’t anticipating the end of the world. But then everyone voted, and it was too late. At 1:54, my drink shot out my straight nose.

If you feel the need to warn people about their impending lack of danger and totally normal lives continuing, feel free to share this. And maybe Like LGBT Noise on Facebook?

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When A Thief Doesn't Look Like A 'Thief,' A Funny Thing Happens — She Gets Away Smiling

Here’s an interesting social experiment that reveals an interesting quirk in how we view and confront supposed thieves.

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An Ape Bites His Handler's Fingers Off, Waits 8 Months, And Then Literally Apologizes

What follows is the amazing story of Kanzi the bonobo. He can recognize 600 words, he can order dinner, and he might even be able to physically speak in English. When Kanzi and his handler get into a disagreement, some pretty crazy things go down.

If you’re curious about the story of Lucy referenced at the beginning of the recording, follow the link below.

Check out the section about Lucy right here.

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Why You’re Being Smart For Not Liking This Little Girl

Dear compassionate users of the Internets,

There’s a big fat Facebook fib flying around online that you should really know about.  If you ever see a post featuring a little girl with Down syndrome appealing to be Liked, ignore it!  The photograph was stolen from her family’s website by a cyber impersonator and is being posted all over the Internet to entice you to leave your Facebook address. 

What’s inspiring about this story, though, is that millions of people Liked the little girl and wrote some wonderful comments about her, not realizing that they were being duped. Check out one of the many versions of the fake posting below. It’s the Facebook scam that backfired in a great way.

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This Lovely Norwegian Town Exposes The Public To Murderers, Rapists, And Child Molesters

Here’s how one Norwegian prison creates a community of respect instead of one of degradation and fear. Watch the effect it has on the prisoners.

FACT CHECK TIME: The video claims that Norway’s murder rate is the lowest in the world. While murder rates fluctuate, Norway’s is usually just slightly higher than a small handful of other countries.

By the way, its slightly-higher-than-the-lowest-murder-rate rate is about a fifth of the U.S.’s.

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The Scariest Horror Film Of The Year Is Actually A Documentary

A nation of children worrying about how they’re going to help support their families has got to be a red flag. The American middle class is on the precipice of a pretty brutal reality.

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This Addiction Has Only Been Around For A Little While, But It's Hurting Our Generation

A good reminder about how everything’s better in moderation. Even sex.

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