If This Video Goes Viral, The Internet Could Be In Huge Trouble

Just a reminder to ocassionally stop and zoom in on the flowers.

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Out On The Streets Every Day, He Quietly Rescues A Community In Trouble, One Kid At A Time

If you only know about the Black Panthers from the mainstream media, you might be surprised to know about their neighborhood food programs, health clinics, and projects for building community pride. Former Black Panther Billy Lamar Brooks Sr. is still working in his troubled North Lawndale community outside Chicago. At 1:13, he jokes about how no one has any idea who he used to be. But life has taught him about choices, and he’s out on the streets every day helping kids understand the importance of theirs.

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The Rich People Getting Richer Are Making A Fatal Mistake. This Doesn’t Bother Me Even A Little.

“Eco” means “home,” it turns out, and “economy” means “home management.” This amazing video breaks down the three pillars of an economy and makes it suddenly obvious why ours is having problems: It’s tearing through human and natural resources with a single, ultimately meaningless goal — moremoneymoremoneymoremoney.

In the video below, a bunch of different people give their perspectives about what to do, and together they make the case for a compassionate, sustainable new system.

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How Does This Retail Giant Sleep At Night? After He Sees This, He Won't.

After hearing Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries express his desire of not wanting larger-sized women or “not so cool” kids wearing his brand, this guy decided to fight back. He helps a group of people who could really use the clothes that Jeffries tries so hard to keep out of the hands of people he doesn’t deem worthy. Check under the video for other ways in which you can help the homeless.

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On November 1, She Chose To Die With Dignity. She Voiced Her Final Wishes Here.

Brittany Maynard was a 29-year-old wife and daughter with a terminal diagnosis. Because she lived in Oregon, a state with death with dignity laws, she was able to make the choice about when it was right for her life to end, which she did Nov. 1, 2014. Here’s how she explains her choice and what she hopes for the world.

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Here's A Kid Who’s Determined To Get His Voice Heard Now. When He’s An Adult, It’ll Be Too Late.

Do you know anyone who thinks that some kids are just “too young” to get involved in important issues like this one? Well, those people should probably meet Alec. ‘Cause he totally proves them wrong.

Stick around to 2:23 to hear about his life-changing trip.

FACT CHECK TIME! Yep, our fact checkers took a look at all the facts in here. No worries — they definitely check out.

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In 60 Seconds, He Can Teach You How To Win Every Argument You're Ever In

This guy is some kind of Jedi. You see, it has more to do with changing your definition of the word “win” than anything else.

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They Denied Her Humanity, So She Got Famous And Spoke Out. Loud.

I’ve always been pretty down with love. It’s a really nice feeling, and it inspired a lot of pretty good Beatles songs. But somehow, it never really occurred to me that love can be a tool for revolutionary social change — change that’s been a long time coming. Turns out, sometimes you need Laverne Cox to really break it down for you.

There are so, so many truly great parts of this. There’s 3:32, when she explains why we all have the capacity to both hurt and love, and 8:17, when she reminds us that our society treats some people like criminals simply for existing. The real highlight, however, is at 5:20, when she tells the story of the brilliant student she met on Spirit Day in Charleston, S.C. Do. Not. Miss. That.

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The Only Really Silly Thing About This Are The People Who Won't Agree With What They're Saying

Grammy-nominated children’s band The Pop Ups have a refreshingly open take on dress-up time.

Note: This is a song for kids! Feel free to pull up a child and have a watch.

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It Seems Like It Can't Work, But Then The Camera Pulls Back, And Damn, There It Is

This is a wonderful and inspiring story of a man who does one simple thing every day to protect a place he loves from environmental disaster. The thing is, he’s been doing this for 35 years, and in the end, he’s achieved something really incredible. What an example.

You’ll first meet him at 3:52 in the video.

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