Dem senator tries to get out the woman vote; Apparently, he didn’t see THIS!/Ricercatore323/status/525015732489584642

Yes. What sparked that reply? This attempt at pandering by Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.)

Nice pander attempt. But, OK … if you insist! You see, sir, women are leaning GOP.

Thanks for the help, Booker! And this help too:

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The victim brigade ‘should be thrilled’ Michael Sam was cut and here’s why!/toddvs35/status/506080903513522176

Hmm. Funny that. As Twitchy reported, openly gay player Michael Sam was released by the St. Louis Rams. A frenzy and dumbassery ensued, natch.

Equality? Not so much.!/CoachGee_/status/505945943074951168!/CHoltgrewe26/status/505960951670398976

Ding, ding, ding!

Self-proclaimed proponents of equality should actually be thrilled.!/ThomasHCrown/status/505875737186795520


Amen. But, hey, it’s easier to screech and falsely claim victim status than to be honest. Actual equality isn’t good for the grievance mongering trade.


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