There Are 2 Things About These Beautiful Images That You’ll Miss. But When You See It… Wow.

The Maldives is a gorgeous island nation in the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea. It’s known for its clear water and natural beauty, so it’s easy to understand why artist Zaria Forman focused on the chain of atolls in one of her most recent projects. She spent September of 2013 in the island paradise, inspiring these sets of images. However, these aren’t just photos of beautiful ocean scenery. She hoped to raise awareness of a very real predicament the Maldivians are facing: the entire nation could be underwater within this century.

The island nation, due to rising sea levels, could soon be underwater.

Zaria hoped that her images could draw some attention to the problem.

And did we mention these images aren’t photos?

They are hyper-realistic drawings, made with pastels.

Zaria has a very special skill.

This is the kind of attention that the nation needs.

Maybe someone can find a way to stop the rising tide.

Source: Zaria Forman via My Modern Met “I hope my drawings will raise awareness and invite viewers to share the urgency of the Maldivians’ predicament in a productive and hopeful way.  I believe art can facilitate a deeper understanding of crises, helping us find meaning and optimism amidst shifting landscapes.” Zaria’s site lists all of her works, and a percentage of each sale will be donated to is a “global climate movement” that wants to keep our world healthy and prevent its downfall. Zaria’s work is beautiful… but it’s also for a good cause and a totally mind-blowing because of it’s photorealism. Please share it.

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A Collection Of GIFs That Shows Us What Time Looks Like. It’s Mesmerizing.

Since the dawn of the internet, the GIF was associated with funny, often childish humor. Now photographer Fong Qi Wei is reclaiming the GIF for art.

Wei is an accomplished urban photographer, but decided to do something different with his latest photo series. In the series Time Is A Dimension, Wei spliced together photos taken at different times but at the same location to create a unique time lapse photograph.

For his new series, Time In Motion, Wei took his photos from Time Is A Dimension and animated the different layers of the picture to create a spectacular representation of the passage of time. Words alone cannot do these creations justice. You have to see these for yourself.

1.) Chinatown Sunset, 2013.

2.) Changi Beach Sunrise, 2013.

3.) Tanah Lot Sunset, 2013.

4.) Flypast Sunset, 2014.

5.) HDB Rainbow Sunset, 2014.

6.) Sunset over Parisian Alley, 2014.

7.) Shanghai Oriental Pearl Sunrise, 2014.

8.) Sunset at Upper Seletar Reservoir, 2014.

9.) Shanghai Freeway Sunrise, 2014.

10.) NDP Rehearsal, 2014.

11.) Sunset at the Bund, 2014.

12.) Glassy Sunset, 2013.

13.) Orange Crossandra Sunset, 2013.

(Via: Wired)

I’m speechless. These are so beautiful. Wei’s interpretation of time passing is jaw dropping. Check out more from Wei by visiting his website here. 

Also the gifs here are the small versions. Wei also has higher 4K resolution versions of them. If anyone is interested in those you can contact him at:

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It Was Once The Scene Of An Unimaginable, Bloody Battle. But Wait Til You See It Now.

June 6 will mark the seventy year anniversary of D-Day, when the Allied soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy. That operation turned the tide against the Axis powers in World War II. Today, those beaches that were ravaged by war and such a crucial point in the battle are being used by tourists as a place to soak up the sun. They are such beautiful places, it’s hard to imagine what they looked liked on D-Day. This gallery by photographer Chris Helgren compares what those beaches looked like on that fateful day in history and what they look like today. The stark difference is shocking.

The 2nd Battalion US Army Rangers marching through Weymouth, who needed to capture Pointe du Hoc.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

Tourists walk along the beach-front at this port that was a departure point for thousands of Allied troops.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

US reinforcements land on Omaha beach, near Vierville sur Mer, France.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

Now, people can often be seen frolicking on this D-Day landing zone.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

A US landing craft was sunk off the coast and other troops are helping them to shore.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

A girl walks along that same stony beach, bucket in hand.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

US Army soldiers of the 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division, move out over the seawall on Utah Beach.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

Now, the remains of that concrete wall is s place where children can play.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

A Cromwell tank leads British soldiers away from their landing point on Golden Beach.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

This historical site is now a place where couples can sunbathe.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

This US fighter jet crashed on Juno Beach, some time after Canadian forces came ashore.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

The shore is a popular hot spot for tourists.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

US troops make plans while hiding out at a farm near Utah Beach, surrounded by slain cattle.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

Farmer Raymond Bertot, who was 19 when allied troops came ashore in 1944, poses on the property.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

Troops gather near a captured German bunker on D-Day.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

Now, that bunker is a historical site that can be visited near Saint Laurent sur Mer, France.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

US Army reinforcements march up a hill after landing.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

You can hike up that same hill to see some beautiful history and views.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

A US flag lies as a marker on a destroyed bunker.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

These bunkers are popular places that tourists visit.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

Canadian troops patrol along the destroyed Rue Saint-Pierre after removing German forces.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

Now, this street is a popular shopping destination.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

A slain German soldier lies in the main square of Place Du Marche in Trevieres.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

This square is now a spot countless tourists walk through, right where many have fallen.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

US Army paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division drive a captured German vehicle.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

Girls cross the street at the junction of Rue Holgate and RN13, where that vehicle was.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

German prisoners-of-war march along Juno Beach.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

This woman is sunbathing where many German troops were captured.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

German prisoners of war captured after the D-Day landings are closely guarded by US soldiers.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

All that remains of that makeshift camp is farmlands.

Chris Helgren / Reuters

(H/T International Business Times) Seeing the difference between then and now is shocking. On this anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, remember this momentous, yet still tragic, day. There were approximately 12,000 casualties; 4,414 confirmed dead. This was the largest seaborne invasion in history. This operation began the invasion of German-occupied western Europe… it’s just incredible what these places look like today.

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Take A Guess What’s Inside This Rock Structure. You’ll Probably Be Wrong… It’s That Awesome.

The architects at Ensamble Studio are the bright minds behind this unique vacation home in Spain. … but not the only minds. They created this tiny home to be rustic, but modern, from the ground up. It was important to choose the right location, building materials and hay for this project. That’s right. Hay. The hay was for Paulina the cow, an incredibly important collaborator for this architectural achievement.

Hay bales were stacked together and then covered in concrete.

The mass was buried in soil and allowed to harden.

Once cured, the shape was exhumed and sliced open.

That’s when Paulina the cow’s natural talents really shone.

Paulina was then allowed to eat away at all of the hay on the inside of the structure.

It took her about a year to clear out the hay.

The resulting space was incredibly unique and cozy.

It was definitely worth the wait.

Who knew that bovines could have such a good eye for architecture?

Source: Ensamble Studio via To learn more about Paulina’s incredible creation (with the help of Ensamble Studio), watch the video below.

Not many people put the idea of “cows” and “architecture” together very often. When those thoughts do come together, though, it can have an amazing result. Share this awesome vacation home, thanks to a creative cow and architectural firm, with others.

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The Camera Of A Soldier That Died In A 1944 Battle Was Just Found. Wait Til You See What Was On It.

Captain Mark D. Anderson of the United States Navy and historian Jean Muller were searching for artifacts from The Battle of the Bulge in the mountainsides of Luxembourg when their metal detector alerted them to something just under their feet. Below Anderson and Muller was a foxhole that was dug during the crucial World War II battle and in it they found the belongings of an American soldier, Technician Fifth Grade Louis J. Archambeau. Among the things that Archambeau, who died in the battle, left behind was a camera with an undeveloped roll of film in it. Anderson and Muller developed the film and, after spending 70 years in a foxhole, a dead soldier’s photographs were finally brought to life. This is T/5 Louis J. Archambeau’s World War II experience, told by his very own photos.

1.) Company C, 1st Battalion, 317th Infantry Regiment

6.) Louis J. Archambeau’s camera

(Sources: The Trouble Shooters, Wikipedia) The Battle of the Bulge resulted in more American casualties than any other battle in World War II. Spanning December 16, 1944 to January 25, 1945, roughly 19,000 American soldiers lost their lives. However, the battle was an even bigger blow to the Germans, who lost much of their war resources. You can share this amazing war photography using the button below.

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You Won’t Be Able To Separate This Art From Reality – Whoa.

Patrick Kramer is an American, hyperrealistic painter from Utah. To put it simply, his work is amazing. Hyperrealistic painting is a style in which the artist attempts to mimic real life as closely as possible. It’s a painstaking process, but the results can be breathtaking. 

Kramer takes hyperrealism to a whole new level in his paintings. He says hyperrealistic painting became an outlet for his slightly obsessive personality. Truthfully, Kramer says he never actually intended to pursue an art career in the style. However he said it was hard for him to paint in any other way.

When he’s painting full-time, Kramer says, a single picture can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks to complete. Put another way that’s 50 – 300 hours. Talk about dedication to your craft. Just take a look at the results.

“Blossom I.”

“Three Glasses.”


“An Existential Confrontation.”

“Measuring Worth.”

“Single Rose.”

“No Diving.”


“Salt Lake Library III.”

“The Optimist and The Pessimist.”





“Still Light.”

“Perseverance / Futility.”


“Digital Enlightenment.”

“Letters II.”

(Patrick Kramer via: Bored Panda)

Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe these aren’t photographs. Patrick is incredibly talented. To view more of his work, please visit his online portfolio or click on his Contact page to send him a message.

Share these amazing hyperrealistic paintings with your friends by clicking below.

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He Went Into a Coma as a Muslim. When He Came Out Of It, Jesus Was There.

Syrian-born Karim Shamsi-Basha was once a Muslim. In 1992, he had sudden brain aneurysm that left him in a month-long coma. He woke up and miraculously recovered. His doctor told Karim he had “seen very few people recover as you did. You have to find out why you survived.”

After realizing what miracle he experienced, Karim began a 20 year, soul searching journey that led him to one thing: Jesus Christ.

After his recovery, he began reading the Bible. He was immediately struck by its focus on God’s love and grace. By 1996, he was baptized.

“In 2008 I completely surrendered to God,” he said. “Now I can’t get enough.”

He knows God was responsible for his miracle survival and recovery. His family are still devout Muslims, but he remains close with his mother and sister. In wake of the civil war in Syria, he is attempting to get his sister out of the country. His mother is already in the United States.


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28 Signs Your In-N-Out Addiction Is Out Of Control

1. You seriously judge anyone who doesn’t order their burger Animal Style.

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2. Same goes for anyone who order their fries plain. THEY HAVE TO BE ANIMAL STYLE TOO.

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3. You have the Not-So-Secret Menu memorized.

4. Also the ACTUAL Secret Menu. That one is committed to your memory too.

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5. You’ve struggled with the decision of what type of milkshake to order…


6. …only to say, “Screw it all,” and then order the Neapolitan shake.

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7. Or you’ve agonized over what to order, only to throw in the towel and order a Double-Double Animal Style, with Animal Style fries, and a Neapolitan shake.


8. You’ve eaten at In-N-Out even when you weren’t really that hungry. At all. But you made room, anyway.

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9. You always know where the nearest In-N-Out is at ALL times. This is otherwise known as “In-N-Outdar.”

10. You also have your local, go-to In-N-Out. It’s basically like a second home to you.

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11. Which means the friendly, happy, AMAZING servers are like your second family. You probably know their names, and they probably know yours.

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12. And you’re just OBSESSED with the In-N-Out hats. There really is no better accessory. True high fashion, amiright?!?!

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13. You LAUGH at people who claim that Five Guys or Shake Shack have better burgers. LOL AS IF.

14. And you would ALWAYS choose In-N-Out over some fancy-schmancy, gourmet “artisanal” burger. Why go snobby if you don’t have to?

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15. The smell of a burger and fries from In-N-Out is more alluring than any fine department store fragrance. Fries before Chanel No. 5.

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16. You would pretty much put the special sauce on EVERYTHING if you could. And you’d have no shame about it. It’s like a condiment for your soul.

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17. Nothing is more agonizing than the wait for your number to be called…

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18. …and you’ve definitely nearly tripped and fallen over from rushing to get your food when your number WAS called.

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19. The idea of moving somewhere where there ISN’T In-N-Out actually sounds appalling to you. Like, you wouldn’t even consider it.

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20. Actually, even traveling somewhere that doesn’t have In-N-Out is a struggle.


21. And In-N-Out has busted more diets than you could ever count. #SorryNotSorry

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22. But if you’re trying to eat “healthy” you’ve convinced yourself that eating a burger Protein Style is an option. WHAT? THERE’S LETTUCE!!!

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23. Your idea of celebrating a special occasion is hitting up In-N-Out for a Double-Double. Animal Style, of course.

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24. Nothing in the world causes you more excitement than seeing a glowing In-N-Out sign, beckoning for your stomach.

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25. And you’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time waiting to place your order, whether it’s in the restaurant or the drive-through line.

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26. Also, you’ve considered knocking someone over to get a table when the restaurant was really crowded. What, you want to eat your burger in peace, right?


27. You’ve taken way too many pictures of your food at In-N-Out, but who cares. It’s true love.

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28. After all, you’ve yet to meet someone you could ever love more than an In-N-Out burger. And it’s MEANT to last.

<div style=" -webkit-animation:dkaXkpbBxI 1s ease-out infinite; an

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This Incredible Body Art Will Blow You Away… And Make You Cringe. The One Girl’s Back = WOW.

Japanese body artist and student Choo-San likes to create slightly unnerving and surreal body art. Using only acrylic paint and copious amounts of imagination, she makes her body art come alive. Choo-San discovered her talent for body art while taking a year off studying. She says she started painting hyper-realistic artworks on bodies because she was sick of all the Photoshopped pictures in the industry, and she wanted to see how far she could go without all the modern technologies. I have to say that her work is very impressive, if somewhat eerie.

She’d make one awesome tattoo artist. Source: reddit / You can find more of Choo-San’s work on her website here. Remember, sharing is caring, so share these pictures with your friends below.

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Here Are 16 Awesome Uses For LEGO You Never Thought Of. #10 Is Straight Up Awesome.

Since 1949, LEGOs have been a part of our lives, making walking barefoot through our children’s toy rooms a dangerous minefield. (Studies will soon show that stepping on a LEGO brick while barefoot is the most painful thing a person can experience, second only to childbirth.) As of 2013, LEGO has produced 560 billion bricks, contributing to all of the amazing kits that have been built over the years, from Star Wars to Simpsons. LEGOs were made so that children could think outside of the box and build whatever their hearts desired. So, it makes sense that some people came up with some pretty cool things you can build with LEGO:

1.) A heart friendship necklace.

2.) Adorable structural repair.

3.) Fun home design for kids (and adults).

4.) An awesome educational tool for kids.

5.) Actual buildings made of LEGOs.

6.) Prosthetic legs for our animal friends.

7.) A custom key holder, so you’ll never lose your keys again.

8.) An awesome cell phone charging station.

9.) A simple cell phone dock.

10.) Custom-made knife block (that you should please, please keep away from children).

11.) A computer case that you can build to your specifications.

12.) Cool cuff links for your wedding day.

13.) Adorable night lights for your child’s room.

14.) Nerdy houses for your pets.

15.) Sort-of comfortable furniture for your home.

16.) An adorable gift box (and an awesome idea for an engagement ring box).

I’ll never look at a box of LEGOs the same way again. I feel a little silly just following the instructions. By now, my entire home could have been built out of LEGO. (H/T Mashable) Have you ever looked at LEGO bricks this way before? Share this article with others by clicking the button below.

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