I Can’t Decide If This Hobbit Home Is Crazy Or Brilliant… But One Look Inside And I Want To Stay There.

This incredible little home is the ‘Hobbit House’, a hobbit themed cottage designed by architect Peter Archer for a lifelong J.R.R. Tolkien fan. It’s located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, a place dotted with picturesque barns and rolling fields, yet is surprisingly close to Philadelphia.

The Hobbit House was built for the sole reason of being a personal museum, a private place where one fan of the famous author could store all his Tolkien-inspired memorabilia. A 30 year collection of books, figurines and other collectables.

Exterior views of the Hobbit inspired house in Chester County, near Philadelphia:

Wouldn’t be a hobbit home without a small round wooden door.

The inside is just as cosy as you’d imagine.

It even has a Tolkien inspired chess board.

Archer, who had little knowledge of Tolkien’s work before designing the Hobbit House, explains:

Upon starting the project I read the book The Hobbit and watched the Lord of the Rings movies, but more importantly, looked at the range of writings by Tolkien, including amazing sketches he had done to illustrate his work. I remember at the start saying that we would be happy to design the structure but we were not going to do a Hollywood interpretation. We wanted it to be timeless. It was built in 2004 but looking at it, you could think it was from 1904 or 1604.

Now all I want to do is get comfy in that little hobbit home and smoke a pipe by the fire…that is until some pesky dwarves come knocking on my door wanting an adventure.
Source: nydailynews.com

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I Can’t Decide Whether This Makes Me Hungry Or Sick. Probably Both, But I Don’t Plan On Trying.

In Aarhus, Denmark, possibly the greatest thing ever happened. Someone had the brilliant idea of cooking the world’s biggest burger and letting the public join in all of the beefy goodness. Luckily, Reddit user Abeneezer was there to witness the glorious event. It’s completely normal if you feel insanely jealous.

A special oven had to be used in order to cook the meat through for the world’s biggest burger.

Once on the table, a LOT of cheese had to be added…

A cardiac arrest level of cheese.

And what upstanding burger wouldn’t have a bit of bacon on it?


Next, a whole farm’s worth of tomatoes.

It began to rain when they were adding the onions and dressing, so they brought out a giant umbrella.

Got to protect that precious burger!

Once the rain stopped. they moved onto adding a giant layer of lettuce.

Of course, they also needed ketchup.

Literal buckets of ketchup.

And only one thing was missing…

A giant burger bun!

The crowd went nuts as this was brought out.

Ta-da! It’s burger time.

A knife just wouldn’t cut it.

So they brought out a sword instead.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Dinner is served.

Now THAT is a real burger king. Source

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What Happens To This Art Gallery When They Turn Out The Lights Is Magical.

You may not often think about how light affects pictures when you’re viewing them. It’s either bright, or it’s not, right? Well, Brooklyn/Barcelona based artist Alex Trochut’s latest installation is here to blow your mind. 

His new photo series features art that completely changes when the lights go out using glow in the dark ink. With the lights on, the pictures are tame and unassuming portraits of people and things. When the lights go out though, they become gruff, edgy, and wild.  

Trochut says his inspiration for the series came from spending a year living in New York City.

Each image is produced using a combination of glow in the dark and regular ink.

“I tried to find a visual connection between opposites,” said Trochut about the project.

So trippy.

An animated example.

Apparently there’s a remote in the gallery that you can access to create your own light show.

(H/T: Gizmodo)

That is some amazingly creative art. If you’re in New York City, you can go check out the show in person at Kinfolk 94 in Brooklyn. Don’t forget to share this story on Facebook by clicking below. 

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Check Out The Coolest Office Designs From Around the World.

If you have an office job, odds are you work in a boring and dull cubicle. Sure, you try to spice it up by having pictures of your family, maybe a few action figures, who knows? One thing is for sure, none of our offices look quite like these ridiculously innovative spaces from across the globe.

If you had the chance to work here, it couldn’t possibly be boring. Worst case scenario, if you’re having a bad day, you could just take a nap or play with some toys.

Pallotta Teamworks


Inventionland Design Factory

Mind Candy

Selgas Cano Architecture

Wonder Factory


Square Inc




I’m going to be updating my resume and submitting them to all of these places. Hopefully I get hired and can hang out at those amazing offices. If you’d love to work in any of these offices, share this post and hopefully one of those companies will see it and head hunt you.


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Have You Ever Wanted To Go Back And Time And Meet Your Parents? This Artist Did.

Digital artist and graphic designer Danielle Delph creates surreal new worlds by blending images together. Sometimes, she uses other pieces of artwork melded together in a new way to create startling new images, such as in her “Organic” series, which uses illustrations from medical and botanical textbooks. For another project, she converted her medicine cabinet into a tiny apartment–and put it up for rent on Craigslist. 

An ongoing project of Delph’s is splicing photos of herself as a kid with photos of her mom as a kid of the same age. The series, called “If I Had Known My Mother Back Then,” explores the similarities and differences that Delph and her mother may have had if they were peers instead of growing up a generation apart. “After seeing myself in her childhood photos,” she concludes, “I’m pretty sure we would have been great friends.”

Have you ever wondered about meeting your parents back in time?

Would you be friends, or even like each other?

These photos make me wish it was possible…

The photos range from when Delph and her mother are toddlers through their teen years, and show them laughing with friends, strolling outside, dressed for Halloween and prom. The more modern photos have been edited to match the vintage tones of the older ones. In this part of the series, Delph has inserted herself into her mom’s world, and while some anachronisms can be spotted on close inspection (we see you, Starbucks cup!), they each appear to be genuine photographs from the mid 20th century. Looking closer, it’s fun to see what a difference a few decades can make in fashion!

A bonus picture of Danielle Delph and her mom actually together!

The photos are more than simply an interesting art project. They’re a testament to Delph’s admiration of her mother, and her appreciation of her mother’s character through the ages. 

You can keep up with her work on her site, as well as on Twitter and Facebook

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This Couple’s Wedding Day Got Way More Memorable Thanks To Unexpected Guests.

Brides usually spend months (and sometimes years) planning every detail of their big day. The dress, the cake, the vows…everything needs to be just right. You only (ideally) do this once in your life, so it’s important nothing goes wrong. There’s always one thing you don’t expect at your wedding, so it’s important to have a good sense of humor about it.

This beautiful couple from Newcastle, Australia wanted a picture perfect wedding. To achieve this, they traveled all the way to Greece to say their vows on the scenic island of Santorini. 

The happy couple, Matt and Kerry Glen, were surprised to see some unexpected guests during the ceremony.

Contestants in Red Bull’s parkour competition leaped over their heads while they captured their wedded bliss.

Here with her dad, Kelly is in good spirits about the whole thing. Now their photos are even more memorable!

(via BuzzFeed.)

It still looks like it was a gorgeous day for everyone! The newlyweds posted photos of the hilarious coincidence on Reddit, and are currently enjoying travels around Europe as a married couple. Congratulations!

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These Lighthouses Aren’t Just Beautiful, They’re Strong, Too.

A lighthouse may look out of place when the sky is blue and the only thing crashing down on the shore are the sun’s rays. But when there’s a storm coming in, a lighthouse seems right at home, battling it out against the wind, water, and gray. Without their beams of light, many would be lost forever. Without their strong bases, lighthouses would get swept into oblivion.

From bottom to the top, a lighthouse is an incredible tower that amazed more than lost sailors for years. Take a look at what these beacons of light are often up against.

St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse, Michigan, U.S.

San Esteban De Pravia, Spain

Porto, Portugal

Andros Island, Greece

Bretagne, France

Ostend, Belgium


Klein, Curacao


Cantabria, Spain

East Sussex, England

Victoria Beach Lighthouse, Laguna Beach, California, U.S.

Lysekil, Sweden

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Brest, France

(H/T EarthPorm)

What impressive structures these are! You don’t have to be a mariner to be thankful that these beautiful lighthouses are around. Now I want to brave this storm we’re having and see how my local lighthouse is holding up.

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A Bunch Of Chefs In China Made A Huge Pumpkin Pie For…No Real Reason.

If you thought the pumpkin spice craze would die down any time soon, think again. First, there were pumpkin spice lattes, cupcakes, pancakes, candles, and cookies. Now, a new (and even more absurd) tribute to the autumnal flavor has appeared.

In China, a group of cooks recently decided to create a massive version of the American Thanksgiving staple, pumpkin pie.

There were around 40 cooks working on the batter.

Along with pumpkin, ingredients also included raisins, dates, and lots of sugar.

The pan had a circumference over 130 feet.

The cooks formed an assembly line to add the ingredients.

Extra large utensils were required.

Altogether, the pie weighed in at an impressive 1,893 pounds.

As gargantuan as it is, there has been an even bigger pumpkin pie.

World Record holders in Ohio baked up a 3,699 pound pie back in 2010.

But I wonder who would win in a taste test?

(via Elite Daily.)

I’m sure if we took the amount of pumpkin spice lattes consumed over the past month, there would be a sizable cup ready to help wash this big boy down. Someone should get Starbucks on the phone!

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What Happens When Street Art Meets Abandoned Buildings? Magic.

Abandoned buildings are typically synonymous with urban blight and decay. That said, they can also be fertile ground for inventive, enterprising street artists seeking to make their mark.

Here are 11 amazing examples of art filling the vacuum of an abandoned building.

1.) Hanksy in NYC.

Earlier this year renowned street artist Hanksy (not Banksy) and his New York City artist friends did something amazing. They took it upon themselves to create an underground gallery show in an abandoned brownstone in Manhattan’s East Village that was slated to be demolished.

The crew covered the inside of the building in art from head to toe. The event was cryptically published on social media telling art lovers how to locate the building by a mural painted out front.

2.) Parisian nightclub becomes a gallery.

When it was time for the former Parisian night club Les Baines Douches to be transformed into a luxury hotel, the building’s owner invited in 50 artists to turn the space club into a popup street gallery.

Many of the artists (both fine artists and street artists) took it upon themselves to incorporate parts of the building’s demolition into their pieces. An example is the piece above from Sambre that uses the building’s ripped up wooden floor boards.

3.) Buildings can be people too.

Russian artist Nikita Nomerz doesn’t deface buildings, he re-faces them. Literally. Nomerz (not his real name) adds human faces to the abandoned structures he works on. The results are refreshing and add an inspirational element to the areas he works in. They’re also just a little bit creepy.

Nomerz is from the western Russian city of Nizhniy Novgorod. Originally his goal was to bring some life to the unused buildings in his city. He has since brought his unique art to other cities across the country. “I position myself as a creator,” he said. “With my street art work, I fill the urban emptiness.”

4,) The Paris 13 Tower

When a nine floor apartment building in Paris is abandoned and destined for destruction, would you just let it sit there peacefully? Some people might, but not gallery owner Mehdi Ben Cheikh.

Cheikh secured permission and then invited a crew of 100 international artists to cover every square inch of the inside of the building’s 36 apartments in art. The temporary tower of street art was dubbed the Paris 13 Tower.

5.) Parking garage art.

Detroit has become synonymous with American urban decay. For many artists that means it’s an area just begging for an artsy revitalization. Which is where the Z Project comes in.

The Z Project is an underground movement whose aim is to breath new life into Detroit though art. Their biggest project at the moment is renovating a 10 story parking garage with art. The organization has managed to fill the entire space with amazing murals created by artists from all over the world. As the space is filled, the murals are painted over and new ones are put up so that there is a constant stream of new art.

6.) Shaming Baltimore slumlords with art.

The Slumlord project in Baltimore, Maryland is the perfect intersection of activism and art. Artists have put up murals on some of the city’s many abandoned buildings as a way to draw attention to what has become known as Baltimore’s “vacancy problem.”

It’s estimated there are between 16,000 and 40,000 abandoned buildings in Baltimore. Residents say the city government will not acknowledge the problem and landlords are just letting the buildings decay. The murals all contain inspiration messages for residents reminding them not to give up the fight for their neighborhoods.

7.) Creepy ghosts in Italy

These creepy ghosts are the work of Brazilian artist Herbert Baglione. Creating shadows is one of Baglione’s specialities. While on vacation in Italy Baglione took it upon himself to add shadows to the walls of this abandoned psychiatric facility.

They also serve a solemn reminder of the tortured souls who spent their lives within the walls of the facility.

8.) Underground art in the nation’s capital

In December 2013 street artists in Washington D.C. were given free reign over an abandoned building in the city’s south side. The building formerly housed the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, AKA the government branch the builds spy satellites.

After their headquarters moved the building was slated to be razed. The developer decided that before the demolition in, they would give local street artists the chance to practice their craft in, on, and around the building.

9.) Batman in Belgium

Belgian artist PETE ONE loves Batman.  This hidden urban gallery of Batman and Joker love was found by a Redditer doing some urban exploring.

10.) Optical illusions make great art.

Artists Ella and Pitr  in the French city of Saint-Etienne took a unique approach to draw attention to their run down neighborhood. The duo created some truly original mind bending optical illusion art.

They worked with local volunteers for a photo series showcasing their work. “Trippy” is probably the best way to describe it.

When you bring in the artist collective known as Sofles you get magic. The crew was recently let loose in an abandoned warehouse with an unlimited supply of paint and time. Over the course of the next several hours the fading brick walls came to life with amazing murals of fantastical scenes and exaggerated portraits.

(H/T: Oddee)

Just amazing. I can think of a few buildings in my neighborhood that could use this treatment. Don’t forget to share these photos by clicking below.

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Burger Art Is The Most Awesome Kind Of Art. Have A Cow, Man.

Other countries may look down on Americans for our fondness of processed fast food, but they may soon change their tune. A couple of French artists have finally come around to our way of thinking. They have made some incredible food art by using hamburgers as their subject.

The Fat & Furious Burger project was started by designers Quentin and Thomas and features burgers being exalted to a status of awesome even us Americans should be in awe of. (And may make us a little hungry.)

Trojan Burger

Thanksgiving Burger

Happy Birthger

Crabzilla Burger

The Beergur

Go Green Burger

Chicken Burger

Ocean Burger

Ovni Burger

Vampire Burger

The Reconciliation Burger

Spicy Burger

James Bond Burger

Crab Burger

The Apocalypse Burger

Ice Cream Burger

Boom Burger

Lord of The Ring s Burger. The one burger to rule them all!

(H/T: psfk)

More people will learn to love the all-American burger if they see it like this. What these guys did for the burger is both genius and delicious. Share it with others by clicking on the button below!

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