With Just A Few Cut Paper Illustrations, One Artist Created An Incredible World.

Artist and illustrator Morgana Wallace‘s pieces are beautiful and mysterious. These works are even more incredible when you consider the detail in each one. Instead of drawing or painting, Wallace creates images out of layers of cut and folded paper, creating a three-dimensional, textured look. Extra details like faces and hands of figures are added in with watercolor and gouache. 

Wallace’s work has a mythical, dreamy quality to it. Her characters float in cloudy realms and wear fantastical costumes. They have a mysterious, powerful feeling, and are often accompanied by animals.

Mythologies from around the world inspire Wallace’s illustrations. They are at once simple and complex, much like the tales inspiring them. Wallace is less likely to provide the backstories for the images, leaving it to the viewer’s interpretation of what’s going on in each image. Wallace is known to use modern mythologies as well, including her image of Link from the Zelda games. The bright colors and crafty design is folksy and approachable, but the intricate layers and small details speak to a larger context. 

Images via Morgana Wallace

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This Looks Like A Normal House In Nepal. Until You See Who Lives There.

Devi Budhathoki is a real-life werewolf. Or, at least, she has werewolf syndrome, which is a real condition. The 38 year-old woman from Nepal and three of her children (Mandira, Niraj and Manjura) suffer from a rare disease that causes extra hair to grow all over their bodies… making them look like werewolves.

Devi and her children suffer from a condition known as “werewolf syndrome.”

Its technical term is “Congenital Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa.”

Since the Middle Ages, only 50 people have been documented having the disease.

Only 34 cases were adequately documented.

Devi’s family lives in a remote village in Nepal.

But her children faced bullying every day because of their appearance.

She didn’t want them to suffer just because of their genetics.

So, she decided to travel to Kathmandu with them to get treatment.

The doctors could remove the excess hair.

After the treatment, the children would have new faces.

And new lives.

The procedures were non-invasive.

The goal was to remove the extra hair, leaving skin smooth where it should be.

Devi and her children after the procedure: hair-free and happy.

It’s sad that these children had to resort to extreme measures to feel normal, but sometimes, being like everyone else is priceless.


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I Had No Idea What Turf Churches Were, Until I Saw This. They Are Awesome.

Turf roofed buildings were once common sights in Iceland. They were simple to construct and they insulated well against the harsh Icelandic winters. But as tastes changed, turf roofed buildings went out of style.

These stunning pictures are of the Hofskirkja Church, the last turf roofed church in Iceland. This beautiful construction blends seamlessly into the countryside. Check it out below.

The church is located in the village of Öræfi in Southern Iceland, about 18 miles east of Vatnajökull.

Hofskirkja Church was built in 1884 and dedicated to Saint Clement.

The walls of the church are made of rocks and heavily insulated to protect against the weather.

Turf houses were widespread in Iceland until the 20th century.

People at all levels of society, rich and poor, built turf houses.

Sadly, as tastes shifted, the knowledge of how to properly build a turf home was lost for many folks.

Some have kept the tradition alive by passing down their knowledge.

While they’re not the most “stylish” buildings, these turf roofed structures have a certain kind of Old World beauty to them.

Via: Amusing Planet

I wonder if turf roofing could catch on over here in America. It seems like a very green way to keep your home warm. I would love to live in one of these clever little homes.

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These 32 Kids Rooms Are So Epic That Your Inner Child Will Cry From Jealously. Unreal.

Growing up, I dreamed of having my very own bunk bed. I wanted to climb up the ladder, pretend to be a pirate and just let the world melt away around me. What I didn’t realize, is that there are children out there who not only have bunk beds… they have the coolest bedrooms in the world. Some of these custom bedroom designs wouldn’t be costly, it’d just take a lot of time and dedication to make them just right. As for me, I’m going to silently sit here and dream about my perfect pirate bedroom. It doesn’t have to be for my inner child, it could just be for me.

1.) Playing “this little piggie” just suddenly goto authentic.

Dump A Day

2.) Even this kid gets to live in a tropical paradise!

Dump A Day

3.) This may be the world’s most epic bunk bed.

Dump A Day

4.) These parents get extra points for authenticity, wow.

Dump A Day

5.) I think this is a room for a future astronaut.

Dump A Day

6.) They have a fort. In their room.

Dump A Day

7.) Yep, there certainly are rings and a swing in this jungle playroom.

Dump A Day

8.) How could you not be happy in this room?

Dump A Day

9.) I would love to give this little forest to my children.

Dump A Day

10.) PSST: Aladdin is their favorite movie.

Dump A Day

11.) This is nicer than my entire house.

Dump A Day

12.) Sliding out of bed would make mornings SO much better.

Dump A Day

13.) A treehouse bedroom? LOVE.

Dump A Day

14.) Perfect for a little princess.

Dump A Day

15.) This entire room is an adventure.

Dump A Day

16.) Just. Too. Cute.

Dump A Day

17.) Sigh, the pirate bedroom I’ll never have.

Dump A Day

18.) Woah, that’s just impressive.

Dump A Day

19.) The perfect hangout for little boys.

Dump A Day

20.) No worries, that’s just a tree swing inside.

Dump A Day

21.) I’m an adult and I would NEVER leave this room.

Dump A Day

22.) How could any kid want to play outside with a room like this?

Dump A Day

23.) Storage? Stairs? Loft? Awesomeness.

Dump A Day

24.) I need that swinging chair immediately.

Dump A Day

25.) That’s the perfect meeting place for best friends.

Dump A Day

26.) Slightly dangerous? Sure. Incredibly awesome? Yes.

Dump A Day

27.) I have a feeling little girls wouldn’t come to play in this room.

Dump A Day

28.) I hope you love colors!

Dump A Day

29.) Epic and elegant.

Dump A Day

30.) Awesome storage space is a great reason to buy more toys.

Dump A Day

31.) There’s so much room for activities!

Dump A Day

32.) This is a fairy forest wonderland. Wow.

Dump A Day

Being a kid would be so awesome nowadays! Source: Dump A Day Talented interior design isn’t all about modern home interiors. These kids rooms are works of art themselves, share them with others.

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I Never Thought I Would Say This But… I Would LIVE In This Shipping Container. The Inside’s Awesome.

There are more than 300 million empty shipping containers just sitting around at ports all around the world, and with the rise of innovative green architecture they are being used more and more in the construction of affordable homes in poorer areas. Poteet Architects, a Texas based architecture firm had the great idea that they could be used to create the perfect guest house too. Even fitting the container home with a fully functioning bathroom and a shower.

Old shipping container becomes a chic little place for your guests to stay the night.

There’s even a little garden on the roof.

Nature meets a large man made object.

The inside is very comfy, with space for two guests on the sofa bed.

Just look at that wooden floor!

It comes fitted with a complete bathroom (the shower is to the right).

Creative living space at its finest.

Interestingly, shipping containers are so cheap to make that when shipping goods from China to the US, it’s actually cheaper to continuously build new ones in China than ship the empty ones back after a shipment. And who said shipping containers were ugly and boring?

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A Man Takes A Single Rake to The Beach. And When You Zoom Out And See It… Mind BLOWN.

If you live in San Francisco, California, then you may be lucky enough to come across the art of Andres Amador. He doesn’t paint or sculpt. He prefers a medium that is temporary but absolutely beautiful: a sandy beach at low tide. He uses a rake to create works of art that can be bigger than 100,000 sq. ft. He spends hours creating these intricate masterpieces, knowing that the tide will soon come in and wash away his work forever.

For Andres, his art is “more about the process and less about the result.”

He knows that it will all be temporary.

While making his beach mural explorations, he uses a rope as a guide so that he can make the geometric patterns.

When asked WHY he does it, Andre gives the best answer…

“The unanswerable question! Its fun. I get to be at the beach.”

Consider yourself lucky if you happen to stumble across one of his playa paintings, because it won’t be there long.

By raking up the wet sand at low tide, he is able to make contrasting sand colors.

He even offers his services, helping people propose.

Or even teaching others to create these beachscapes as part of a team building exercise.

According to Andres, it only takes a couple of hours once the tide is low enough to create the designs.

Andres’ creations are simply stunning and knowing that these delicate creations are temporary somehow makes them even more beautiful.

You should definitely Like Andres On Facebook and Visit His Web Site where you can buy prints of his designs if you want. Above all, share his work by clicking the button below. It’s truly awesome.

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There Is A Floating Bar Off The Coast Of Fiji. Guess What? It Is Amazing.

Winter is just around the corner, inching its cold fingers into our lives as the days get colder and shorter from here on out. If you’re like us, soon enough you’ll be dreaming of a nice getaway where you can soak up the sun. Snow can so easily do that to a person.

The good news is, we just found the perfect destination for you: a two story floating bar in Fiji.

The stunning oasis is situated of the coast of Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands.

It features an authentic Italian wood-fired pizza oven, several lounging areas and, of course, plenty of drinks.

There’s also swimming, snorkeling and jet ski recreation offered.

It’s a perfect wedding destination if you have enough cash.

Actually, it’s a perfect destination for any reason.

The small barge an accommodate up to 100 people and children are welcome.

(via Lost At E Minor.)

You can find more information on how to dive into your own amazing getaway on their official website.

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Using the Natural Beauty of Feathers, This Artist Creates Stunning Art.

Artist Chris Maynard loves birds, and in the spirit of famed bird artist and ornithologist John James Audubon, he creates art about them. But these aren’t just paintings or traditional studies. Maynard’s art showcases the natural beauty of birds by using bird feathers as the medium. Don’t worry–no birds are ever harmed in the process. Maynard only uses feathers that have been naturally shed by the birds, and many of his “contributors” continue to lead happy and healthy lives to this day.

So many birds have fascinating, vibrant feathers in a variety of patterns, colors and textures. Their feathers didn’t need any embellishment. Maynard’s cut-feather sculptures are striking not only in their tiny, intricate detail, but also in the way that Maynard’s additions highlight their natural beauty.

Peacock Attraction 5. Peacock feathers

This Escher-like piece is created on a demoiselle crane feather, which is about 14 inches long.

In this detail image, you can see the amazing detail that goes into the cutouts.

Jay Sunbather. Macaw wing feather.

Ocellated Turkey Park detail. Ocellated turkey feather

Turaco Dance. Turaco feather

Beauty on the Move. Peacock feathers

Perchers. Turkey feather

. Ocellated turkey feathers

Using eye surgery scissors, forceps and magnifying glasses, Maynard cuts the feathers into intricate designs. The feathers are cut and arranged in shadow boxes. The feathers themselves become the basis for the compositions, with the cut-outs, as well as their negative spaces, forming a tiny scene.

Besides carving the feathers into shapes, Maynard also showcases feathers in their natural, and equally beautiful, state. He arranges his collected feathers into striking compositions all on their own.

Several species of African starling, and a European starling in the center.

From the male Himalayan Monal Pheasant, or Impeyan. These feathers all came from a single bird, raised by Maynard himself, and collected when the bird molted each year. The different shapes and colors come from different parts of the bird’s body.

These downy feathers are from the capercaillie, a type of grouse. They look like little ghosts!

Scarlet macaw feathers

This tiny feather comes from an Anna’s hummingbird, and it’s resting on a penny for scale!

These feathers, measuring 1/8 of an inch, are from the Amethyst Sunbird, native to sub-Saharan Africa.

Though he’s been working with feathers since he was 22, Maynard only started showing his work in 2010. In addition to showing his work, he’s also a supporter of conservation laws for the protection of many species of birds and their habitats. In addition, all the feathers used by Maynard are legal to own and sell. 

“Since feathers can represent flight, transformance, healing, and a bridge between our present lives and our dreams, [I’m] grateful that [my] work with feathers has hit a soft-spot in the hearts of many people and cultures,” he says. 

You can check out more (much more!) of his work on his site

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Think Your Car Is A Work Of Art? Wait Until You See These.

Owning a car is an important part of most people’s lives. You (probably) will pay thousands of dollars for it, it’s incredibly useful and they’re just fun to drive. Some people go above and beyond when it comes to taking care of their car and making it look super slick.

Then, there are those people go a little overboard with the idea of customizing their car. These are the people who go even more overboard than the overboard people. They’ve actually made their cars into works of art and let me tell you, they’re incredible. They’re also a little insane:

1.) Looks like something a villain would drive.


3.) I don’t think it’s friendly.

4.) Just in time for Christmas.

5.) This car is a little fishy.

6.) We’re gonna need a bigger…car.

7.) He’s not going THAT fast.

8.) Mind…blown.

9.) Food on the go.

10.) Served at 100 mph.

11.) This could be Aquaman’s car if he ever left the ocean.

12.) Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, driving down the I-95.

13.) He’s got no tail to chase!

14.) This is just creepy.

15.) Watch out sir! You’re about to get eaten!

16.) This can’t be street legal.

17.) Look at all those ducks!

18.) WILMAAAAAAA!!!!!!

I think I’m going to go to CarMax and see if I can get one of those. Most likely, no one will be able to find one of these awesome cars on a lot. If you want to look awesomely crazy, you’re going to have to work for it. Share this post if you appreciate art and cars and the marriage of the two.

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Here Are 24 Absolutely Genius Product Packages. I’ll Take A Million Of #9!

Presentation isn’t everything, but it sure goes a long way in determining whether or not you’re going to purchase a product. Some of these packaging designs will have you scratching your head, while others will undoubtedly leave you reaching for your wallet. Check them out!

1.) Thelma’s Cookies

2.) Green Berry Tea

3.) Spine Vodka

4.) Pistachios

5.) Nike Air

6.) Turbo Flyer

7.) Impossible Pencils

8.) City Maps

9.) Juice Skins

10.) Handy Nails

11.) Festina Waterproof Watches

12.) Bird Shoelaces

13.) Beard Paintbrushes

14.) Sprout Baby Food

15.) Real Boy Push Pins

16.) Get The Hang Of It Garment Bags

17.) Shoestrings

18.) Note Headphones

19.) NYC Spaghetti

20.) Scanwood Utensils

21.) Flower Garden Box

22.) H&M Dress Shirts

23.) Smirnoff Vodka

24.) Teapee Tea

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