You Would Think This Is Just Random Computer Parts At First. But What This Guy Built Is AWESOME.

If you were alive during the 1980s, then you’ll know how awesome arcade games used to be. Classic games like Pac-Man, Missile Command, Berzerk and Defender were all epic. Not only that, but countless other arcade games were developed in time. They were simpler than modern games like Guitar Hero or Dance, Dance, Revolution, but they were still highly addictive. The sheer nostalgia of hearing the sound effects may be enough to sweep you off your feet. That’s why one brilliant Reddit user decided to build his very own, hand-held arcade game. It’s adorable, it’s functional, and I need one. Right now.

He started with a screen and some hardware.

At this point, it’s kind of hard to tell where he is going with this…

But once he started constructing the frame, it all came together.

It was a mini arcade game.

Adding a fresh coat of paint…

Then, carefully putting the boards, wires and screen inside of the grame.

Carefully measuring out the placement for the buttons.

A bottle for scale. This thing was going to be tiny (and awesome).

Now WITH the buttons (so cute).

Adding a bit more detailing and paint.

Connecting the hardware…

Lots o’ decals!

Looking pretty legit.

The result? A thing of beauty.

His tech notes for wiring. A lot more went into this creation than you can know.

Watch the video below to see his creation in action:

The “mame4all” software he currently has running on this tiny machine supports about 2,100 games in the current build. That means there are literally thousands of classic arcade games to be played on that tiny standup machine. I’m drooling. Source: Reddit What he created was just plain awesome. Share it!

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Photographer Documents Stark Reality Of People Living In The Woods.

We all feel lonely sometimes, but no matter how bleak things in our lives might seem, we usually aren’t as bad off as we think. Most of us have a foundation of friends or family to help us in times of need, but that’s not the case for the subjects of these photographs.

Russian photographer Daninla Tkachenko sheds light on an isolated population who decided to shed civilization and society completely by living in the woods. With makeshift houses and tattered clothing, the vivid portraits paint a totally different perspective on life. Take a look.

(H/T: My Modern Met.)
You can find more of the Tkachenko’s powerful photography on her website and even purchase them in her book, Escape.

Be sure to share the stirring photos with your friends using the buttons below.

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I Thought This Guy’s Idea Was Completely Ridiculous. Then I Saw The Result And… WOW.

Using the Internet should teach you at least one thing: almost anything can be turned into a cool piece of furniture. For example, this talented craftsman recently began transforming old car engines into coffee tables. Having a hunk of engine in the middle of the living room floor may not sound like a good idea at first, but when you see the clean finished product, you’ll understand why this guy does it.

The engine looks like this when he begins to work with it.

And this.

It’s dirty, oily and messy…

But he is able to transform it into an epic table.

This wine-coffee table was created from a EJ20 engine.

We hope whoever buys it doesn’t have children or pets.

Source: Reddit It would be tempting to buy an item like this if you ran across it in a store. It’s the kind of conversation piece that no one else you know will have… and no one will ever forget. The man behind the engine tables currently resides in Tasmania, but hopefully he will branch out and begin selling pieces online. They’re truly wonderful. Click on the button below to share them.

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Looking For Some Fresh New Art? This Guy’s Work Will Make a Mint.

Since he started making art at the age of five, Mexican artist Cristiam Ramos has been fascinated by using non-traditional materials to create his portraits and landscapes, including candy and old cans. Today, the 34-year-old artist now lives in Orlando, Florida, and is best known for his celebrity portraits, and has created strikingly detailed images of pop icons using candy. Perhaps as atonement for the sugary binge, he’s lately turned to a different material to create his work: toothpaste. 

The paintings are large and consist of many layers; the layering helps Ramos create the color tones he needs, as toothpaste just doesn’t come in some shades. He uses his fingers to apply it, but for very small details, he will use a (paint)brush. And the work is not without difficulty. For one thing, toothpaste is very sticky and dries quickly, making it necessary to work fast. The smell is also something Ramos has to content with. He spends about 200 hours and uses about 30 tubes of toothpaste for one painting, which is a lot of menthol. We just hope he has a savings card at CVS!

In the video, Ramos is working on his most recent creation, a portrait of the late Robin Williams. He plans to sell theis piece at auction and donate the proceeds to organizations supporting those with depression. You can also see some of his technique, such as how he applies the toothpaste and mixes them to create new colors. 

Ramos’ latest portrait of Robin Williams. Note the frame.

Because it’s so thick, toothpaste also allows Ramos to build up textures for a 3D effect.

There’s an extra joke in here about Miley’s superwhite teeth.

Ramos’ technique only requires a brush for details. Otherwise he uses his fingers.

(Photos via Cristiam Ramos)

I suppose the paintings could also double as air-fresheners, but the range of color he’s able to create is pretty incredible. However, I’m still wondering: who makes yellow toothpaste?


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Each Of These Paintings Have A Brilliant Message. #2 Is Clever… But Unfortunately Reality.

This series of paintings by Poland based artist Pawel Kuczynski helps to remind us that there is more than one way to view the world. Working since 2004 to show us the world behind the world, his ideas make us reconsider what we take for granted. Check them out, and maybe you’ll see things in a new light too.

When I look at these paintings, I feel the range of potential emotions. Whether the fear of time slipping away, or the tragedy of loss, or even the cynicism of war. It’s truly amazing. Most importantly though, they change my perspective and give me a wake up call. I don’t know about you, but I plan on buying one ASAP. Share this with others and let them know how they’ve affected you. I bet they’ll feel the same. Source: Pawel Kuczynski Via Imgur

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13 Amazing Ice Cream Creations You Should Try Before It’s Too Cold.

Well, Summer is officially over and even though it might still feel a little stuffy outside, winter will be here in no time to get its cold clutches on all of us. 

So, before that happens, we recommend embracing the sweet side of this lingering warm weather with some of these impressive confectionery concoctions.

1.) “Baked Potato” Ice Cream

Found at Cowgirl in New York City, they use vanilla ice cream dusted with chocolate for the potato then top it with whipped cream, cookie crumbles and frosting “butter.”

2.) Ice Cream Ramen

This is actually exactly what it sounds like: Kikuya, a restaurant in Tokyo, offers classic ramen soup topped with a soft serve ice cream cone split in half. Flavors include vanilla, chocolate, and coffee.

3.) Ice Cream “Bagel”

WD~50 in New York City is known for whimsical chef Wylie Dufresne’s one of a kind creations. This bagel flavored ice cream is shaped into a mini-version of the NYC deli favorite and served as an amuse-bouche.

4.) The Fish ‘n’ Chips Ice Cream Sundae

Londoners apparently love their fish and chips so much they’ve created an ice cream version of it over at George’s Portobello Fish Bar. The odd dessert consists of creamed cod ice cream coated with vanilla-pepper batter, then fried and served over a bed of potato ice cream fries.

5.) The Vermonster

Arguably the most famous ice cream makers, Ben & Jerry’s offers this massive mound consisting of 20 scoops of ice cream (your choice!) topped with hot fudge, sliced bananas, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and any other topping your sweet tooth requires.

6.) The Great Pyramid

This Massachusetts establishment scoops 60 pints of you choice of ice cream over their pyramid foundation and pile on 12 quarts of whipped cream, nuts, cherries and other toppings on top. Perfect for you and 174 of your best friends!

7.) The Federal Deficit

This ginormo creation at Governer’s Restaurant in Old Town, Maine combines their specialty ice cream flavors, brownie delight, strawberry shortcake, and banana split, along with six additional normal sundaes. All of that is then topped with topped with hot fudge, caramel, peanut butter, blueberries, cherries, pineapple, marshmallow, jimmies, nuts, and whipped cream. Wow.

8.) Hot Fudge Volcano

According to the menu at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour in Santa Clarita, California, this dessert is meant to feed 1 to 10 people, but it’s difficult to imagine someone taking this all on their own. They start with 30 scoops of vanilla ice cream, then topped with hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts, and cherries and served with its own firework display.

9.) Famous Original Donut Ice Cream Sandwich

Holey Cream in New York City combines two tasty treats by stuffing one of their freshly baked donuts with your choice of ice cream flavor for a truly delicious dessert.

10.) Ice Cream Pizza

Emack & Bolio’s creates this twist on a traditional pizza by using a brownie crust, vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, marshmallow topping, stars and moons sprinkles, raspberry-filled chocolate hearts, and a groovy chocolate peace sign righ the middle.

11.) The World’s Most Expensive Ice Cream Sundae

Three Twins Ice Cream in California is a small shop with a big reputation for the most expensive sundae ever created. The owners ask that you call a day in advance so they can arrange a cellist to play at your table while you enjoy the luxury dessert.

12.) World’s Most Expensive Popsicle

It may look like something your kids made in the freezer, but it’ll cost you a whopping $1,000 for a taste of this popsicle. Found in Mexico at Marquis Los Cabos Luxury Resort, the frozen treat is made of Tequilas Premium Clase Azul Ultra (which costs $1,500 a bottle), edible gold flakes and a dash of sugar to sweeten it up.

13.) The Golden Opulence Sundae

Serendipity 3 in New York City is most known for their Frozen Hot Chocolate, but this option will set your wallet back a bit more. For $1,000, diners can partake in the Tahitian vanilla ice cream made from Madagascar vanilla beans mixed with chunks of Chuao chocolate from Venezuela and topped with Amedei chocolate sauce, gold-covered almonds, 23-carat gold leaf, and sweet caviar.

(H/T: Huffington Post.)

Now all you need is a very big spoon.

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You’ll Never See Stereotypes The Same Way Again After You Read This.

Artist Joel Parés sees the world the way we do, but with a better sense of the underlying subtleties that run our lives. That’s why he recently created the inspiring “Judging America” visual series to highlight the huge problem of stereotypes in America.

When you see these 10 extremely powerful men and women, you’ll understand exactly why Parés chose to focus on this problem. They showcase how even hearing the stories of another person leads you to think certain things that have no basis in reality. These images are incredibly powerful reminders of how we act and think.

1.) Widowed Mother of 3 Kids

2.) Stanford Graduate School Student

3.) Iraqi Combat Veteran

4.) iPhone App Investor Worth Millions

5.) Founder of Family Outreach Program

6.) Harvard Graduate

7.) CEO of a Fortune 500 Company

8.) New York City Nurse

9.) World Famous Painter

10.) Full-Time Pastor/Missionary

(via Elite Daily)

The truth can be powerful, and these images prove that stereotypes are inaccurate and hurtful. It’s awful to assume someone is a certain way because of how society may view their background. Remember these images and help dissolve unfair stereotypes in the world so that they no longer exist.

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These Are the 8 Most Shockingly Disgusting Things That People Actually Eat. Especially #4… Just NO.

One of the great joys of life has to be exploring other cultures and getting to know their culinary treats. But sometimes, you come across things so gross you just want to crawl up in a ball and weep. Around the world, people drink lizard wine, eat duck embryos, and tons of other weird items. Here are 8 of the strangest and most revolting food items around:

1) Balut – This is a developed duck embryo boiled alive and eaten in its egg. Really common in Southeast Asia and often served with beer.

2) Live Cobra – In the Vietnamese village of Le Mat near Hanoi, they will rip out a snake’s still-beating heart and serve it to you in a bowl. (Pictured here is cobra wine)

3) Cockroach Soup – I’ve had the terrible experience of getting a dead cockroach in my dish at a Chinese restaurant, but never did I imagine people actually ordered the nasty lil’ guys, floating around in a soup.

4) Rooster Testicles – Somewhere out there is a rooster feeling very emasculated right now.

5) Haggis – This traditional Scottish dish is made from a sheep’s stomach stuffed with diced sheep’s liver, lungs and heart, oatmeal, onion, suet and seasoning. You know, all that tasty stuff.

6) Deep Fried and Battered Rat – Was probably about the only thing left for people to try to deep fry.

7) Three Lizard Liquor – This fancy wine is predominantly found in Asia and is typically produced by infusing lizards (three to be precise) into rice wine. The traditional eastern medicine theory states that this allows the lizard’s energy to be absorbed by the alcohol and thus transferred to whoever drinks it.

8) Fried Chicken Feet – Not so bad, these are probably already in your nuggets.

I’m a pretty adventurous eater but the only ones I would try here are the haggis and chicken feet. I’d run away shrieking and failing my arms around if I ever saw that roach soup. Yuck! Share these disgusting foods with your friends below and ruin their appetites.

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12 Amazing Examples Of Famous Literature Recreated Using Legos. #4 Is Seriously Impressive.

So what’s the only thing better than a good book? How about experiencing that good book in Lego form? That’s right, some people love their favorite books so much that they’ve recreated scenes from them in amazing Lego form. Just check them out below.

Spoiler alert for #4 if you’re not caught up yet on Game Of Thrones.

1.) Lord Of The Rings. This amazing scale model of the Elven city of Rivendell from Lord Of The Rings was created by veritable Lego Master Builder, Alice Finch.

Just look at the amazing detail on Elrond’s Library.

2.) Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. Another group of Lego Master Builders created a seven foot tall Tower of Orthanc and recreated the iconic scene of the Last March of the Ents.

Here’s the scene in a little more detail.


3.) 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

Very nice detail on the ship.

4.) Game Of Thrones. Here is the infamous ‘Red Wedding’ scene from the book series. The British bookstore Waterstones created it to the celebrate the release of the Lego Movie earlier this year.

5.) Infinite Jest. These scenes were created by English professor Kevin Griffith and his 11-year-old son, Sebastian. Sebastian has never read the book, so Kevin describes the scene to him and he builds a Lego scene about it. The quote that created the scene blow is: “P. 12 ’I am not just a creatus, manufactured, conditioned, bred for a function.’ ‘Sweet mother of Christ,’ the Director says.”

“P. 88. The operative sat at Marathe’s feet…”

6.) Romeo and Juliet.

7.) Moby Dick. This entire scene, including the backdrop mural, is made entirely from Lego bricks.

8.) Dracula, featuring Batman.

9.) The Hound Of The Baskervilles. This scene was the winner of the Waterstones bookstore’s Lego Lit competition.

10.) The Battle Room from Ender’s Game.

11.) The Iliad.

12.) Harry Potter. This scale model of Hogwarts was also constructed by Alice Finch back in 2012.

Inside the dining hall at Lego Hogwarts.

Via: Mental Floss

Ahh this makes we want to play again with Legos so much. Maybe I’ll just take a trip down to the Lego store on the way home…you know…for research purposes. 

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