Why You're Lucky That You're White

The job you have, the home loan you got, and how your waiter treats you — ever wonder if that has anything to do with the way you look?  I love that this group of college students decided that they wanted to find out, so they started a campaign to help people learn how to see past common assumptions about race and privilege.

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Out On The Streets Every Day, He Quietly Rescues A Community In Trouble, One Kid At A Time

If you only know about the Black Panthers from the mainstream media, you might be surprised to know about their neighborhood food programs, health clinics, and projects for building community pride. Former Black Panther Billy Lamar Brooks Sr. is still working in his troubled North Lawndale community outside Chicago. At 1:13, he jokes about how no one has any idea who he used to be. But life has taught him about choices, and he’s out on the streets every day helping kids understand the importance of theirs.

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A Ridiculous Creationist Attacks Bill Nye The Science Guy For Teaching Kids About Science

I’m pretty frustrated with this guy’s video attacking Bill Nye. I think you can probably imagine which position Ken Ham, president and CEO of Creation Museum, takes on evolution (indeed his livelihood depends on trying desperately to disprove it), but to attack Bill Nye for not understanding science? You’re going down, amigo. This is a real gem. Please don’t miss it, and if you feel so inclined, share this on your Facebook page.

A few highlights include insulting Bill Nye for “not understanding science” [0:56], Ken Ham himself misunderstanding how engineering works [1:17], misunderstanding what it means to be a scientist [1:23], Ham’s subtle attack on gay marriage [2:18], and what could genuinely pass as a spoof on creationism at [3:04].

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People Keep Repeating This Bogus Crime Myth. Well, Now You Have A Killer Comeback.

Whenever I talk about racism, be it online or in real life, someone always brings up “black-on-black crime.” Every. Single. Time. As if talking about racially motivated crimes means you can’t be upset about anything else. That’d be a big nope. Crime is bad, no matter who the criminal is, but this video clip explains precisely why I’m sick of hearing about this issue.

And just in case you’re not convinced that “black-on-black crime” is an imaginary issue … here’s a handy PDF from the FBI on murder by race of victim and race of offender for 2011.

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3 Reasons Why These Country-Lovin' Pastors Are Pro-Gay Activists

The North Carolina association of the United Church of Christ is aggressively fighting against the state constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage on May 8, 2012. The mainstream media doesn’t pick up this kind of story because cooperation is not the angle it wants to highlight between Christians and gays. So I’m asking everyone who sees this to please share it on your Facebook wall today. We have to spread the message that being faithful does NOT have to mean being hateful.

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This Guy And His Paintbrush Are Afraid Of Nothing

Steven is an energetic, even fearless artist. He throws himself into his work with passion, and that movement comes through on the canvas. If he had been born a generation earlier, you would never see his art (and not just because we didn’t have YouTube).

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The Brilliant Dramatization Of The Trayvon Martin Killing That Every American Should Watch

“Stand your ground” laws don’t work. There has to be a better way.

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An Incredibly Disturbing Look At How Missionaries Are Spreading Homophobia In Uganda

Homophobia is rife in Uganda, and the reason is troubling. Evangelical missionaries are preaching hate, and it comes at the cost of LGBT lives.

It’s clear that this American evangelical movement in Uganda is incredibly screwed up and dangerous. This documentary takes a deep dive into the issue, so make sure to catch a screening near you.

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Don't Think American Cinema Revolves Around Men? Take A Look Here.

Apparently, Hollywood thinks we want to see the same stories over and over. This montage of movie trailers may seem like just another funny supercut, but to me it plays like a highlight reel for what’s wrong with American cinema. Note as you watch: If the lead isn’t a man, what kind of movie is it? And if the lead isn’t white, what kind of character is he or she playing in that story?

The “ONE MAN saves the world and gets the girl” fantasy is strong in the above video, but did you notice how the only time “ONE WOMAN” is used it’s for a romantic comedy?

Also, anytime there’s an Asian “ONE MAN,” he’s starring in a martial arts movie — and the two times the announcer says “ONE WARRIOR,” the actor is also Asian, even though both Beastmaster and Rambo are included in the montage (but they get to remain men, not just kicking killing machines). And don’t get me started on the one clip where a black guy is “ONE MAN” — but only to assist a little white child in his journey of discovery.

I am so bored with Hollywood these days. I urge you to share this clip if you are too.

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