How Carl Sagan Used His NASA Connections To Get A Picture Of The Earth From 3.7 Billion Miles Away

Hey, NASA? Yeah, it’s Carl. Hey, can you do me a quick favor?

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Do Our Schools Pick On Children Of Color? Here's What One Very Creative Person Has To Say.

Actor Anna Deavere Smith is fearless. She’s created one-woman performances around our toughest social issues, from health care to racial unrest, and here she talks about her work on how the educational system is failing children of color. Black students are three times as likely to be suspended as white ones, starting as early as preschool. And when you get suspended, your likelihood of graduating plummets. Her work reveals deep roots to the problem.

At 4:50, she talks about love and what people said to her when she asked them, “What would Jesus do?” She talks about the education system at 6:14 and how it’s changed in negative ways even for privileged people.

best part is at 10:36, when she shares a performance of Maxine Greene, who was a writer, teacher, and activist about the power of the arts in education. Deavere Smith quotes Greene as saying that schools “don’t know about darkness, ambiguity, they don’t know what children suffer.” That seems like a really important place to start.

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A Simple Joke About A Super Obvious Problem In Hollywood Said In A Refreshingly Sly Way

Things certainly can mean different things to different people, and when you first hear this joke in the sixth episode of Mindy Kaling’s funnilicious show, you don’t think twice about a deeper meaning. But… if there are billions of brown girls all over the world (including America), why is it so rare for one to be the lead in a TV show?

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A White Man Gives A Speech About Affirmative Action At A Black University. The Results Are Emotions.

I know many people want to believe that we’re post-racial and that we’ve “progressed beyond that.” But I think it’s more like we tried and then stopped trying. If folks in the mid-’60s had this much compassion, where is it now?

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See How The World Responded When These Young Iranians Were Arrested For Dancing To 'Happy' On Video

It’s such a shame when the law of the land epically fails to keep pace with culture. Case in point below. This certainly isn’t the most egregious example, but it is an interesting situation where archaic rules and pop culture collide, sparking an international commotion. Suffice it to say, the outpouring of support for these young people has been overwhelming.

Here’s the full (and utterly delightful) fan video that’s causing such a stir:

The song creator himself expressed his disappointment over the situation:

And contrary to the actions of Tehran police, Iran’s president later tweeted words of support, presumably, for the young people who were arrested:

Update: Since this story broke, several of the people involved in the video have been released, but the video director remains in custody. We’ve yet to know what legal repercussions they’ll face.

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A Creative New Way To Help People Understand How Racism Works. Don't Panic, White Folks. It's Funny.

OK, don’t panic. Hari Kondabolu is going to talk about race. He’s going to be funny about it. But the key is to listen to his video all the way through. At 1:47, he has a really reasonable and logical solution to one of our current problems that most people think isn’t that big of a deal but is. If you disagree with him, let us know why on Facebook. Because I think he has some pretty good points. And I’m white and everything. It’s going to be OK.

You can tweet your fancy logo ideas to Hari or email him at with your most least offensive ideas. You can see the latest suggestions here. And you can see more from Hari if you Like him on Facebook. Also, I bet the Redskins would really appreciate the encouragement to make a change, so feel free to share and tweet this.

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Ever Read A Text Message That Changed Your Life? These Women Get Those Every Day.

Every mom’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to help her family. These ladies, who happen to be from one of the oldest tribes in the world, are no different. Just like us, they rely on the latest tech stuff to get it done. But they’ve flipped it in a super-cool way so they’re not only raking in cash for their little ones but can also enjoy tea time with the girls while doing so. Now that’s what I call a group of snazzy multitasking, millennial mamas.

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How To Take Down A Little Word With A Lot Of Power

Some very nice, patient American
Muslims got tired of hearing how poorly people used the word “jihad” and set up a
campaign to fix that. It started
on buses, and now the true meaning of the word is spreading faster than a rumor
on Twitter! 

“Jihad” in
Arabic means simply to put up a good fight against whatever odds or barriers
you might face in your life.  There
are some haters who don’t like this message, but what’s not to like about being
smart and informed?

One of the original MyJihad ads on a Chicago bus.

The public has now started posting MyJihad messages, like this one, on the campaign website.

When Homer Simpson makes an appearance in a campaign, you know it’s gone mainstream.

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Lapsed Catholics Everywhere Are Totally Confused By This Crazy New Nonjudgmental Pope

Things are still early with this new Pope Francis character in charge of the Vatican. But I’m mighty eager to see where this all leads. Inclusiveness? Healing? The Jesuit tradition of social justice? Amen.

(Full disclosure: Not a Catholic myself. But I think we all have a dog in the fight when it comes to the Church.)

Check out the whole interview with Pope Francis here. This post does not constitute an endorsement of Pope Francis or anything else he says. Now comment away, with kind hearts.

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