CNN Anchor Brilliantly Tricks Her Sexist Guest Into Accidentally Endorsing Racism On Live TV

This is a perfect example of why you should always ask where a quote comes from before you agree with it. This guy only intended to be sexist (and boy is he ever, especially at 1:34) but by underestimating Soledad O’Brien’s brilliant ability to make ignorant folks eat their words, he walks straight into her trap and accidentally endorses racism, too. 

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Watch A Drag Queen Teach Religious Protesters What The Bible Actually Says About A Cotton-Poly Blend

If I learned anything from my time in gay bars, it’s that criticizing a quick-witted drag queen is a bad idea. Here, one of Seattle’s most famous drag queens educates some ill-informed protesters at a gay pride parade. I appreciate the way she handled herself, but I have to say that the 50-second mark is the best.

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A Dangerous Disease Is On The Rise, And These Wildly Intelligent Teens Are Here To Explain Why

Did you know that Type 2 diabetes (Wait! Don’t click away yet!) is on the rise in young people? It’s an issue that’s ridiculously important but also incredibly complicated. What’s causing it? How much blame can we place on the youth themselves? What do race and class issues have to do with it? Well, let me tell you: This performance nails every part of it. Every. Part.

Well I think that about covers it. Don’t you? If you think some folks could learn a lot from this, consider sharing it using the buttons below.

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4 Things About Race That You Will Find Funny Instead Of Overwhelmingly Depressing

All aboard the Race in America Express! Next stop, New Perspective Town, USA (population: I hope everyone)! You’ll mostly laugh; you’ll occasionally go, “hmm”; and you’ll become a better earthling after each viewing. Because this is a full-on vacation package, you get four new perspectives for the price of one click (of the “Play” button).

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This Actress Doesn't Believe In 'Post-Racial,' And Here's Why She's Spot-On

When actress Kerry Washington heard people were calling her hit TV show “Scandal” post-racial, her response flawlessly explained why that’s not something she’s interested in.

Here’s the thing: Seeing things as “post-racial” or attempting to be “colorblind” isn’t the way to solve the world’s very real problems when it comes to how people of color are treated. If you’re interested in continuing this conversation, Mellody Hobson’s TED talk “Colorblind or Color Brave?” does a great job of explaining why there’s nothing wrong with diversity and is a perfect compliment to Kerry’s quote.

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A 15-Year-Old Ad About Racism Is A Great Reminder Of The Power We All Have To Promote Justice

This gem of an ad was made 15 years ago to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations. I think the message is timeless.

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Here's Something You Could Say That Defends Our LGBT Friends — And Might Quiet Someone Else's B.S.

If you’re different in any way from the silly preconceived “normal” that some people have in their heads, you may have been spoken to in a terrible way. I wish I were as quick-witted as J Mase III in those situations.

You could share this and Like him on Facebook if you think what he’s saying is fantastic … like I do. :)

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If You Laugh, You Get It. If You're Offended, You're Part Of The Problem.

Well-meaning people sometimes make off-handed remarks to each other and to people of color that are hurtful and offensive. Calling out friends and acquaintances on remarks like those in this clip is beyond frustrating because no one ever wants to admit that racism is nuanced. Thank the heavens for comedians.

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