Community Post: 14 Scientifically Proven Ways To Be A Happier Person

1. Write out a quick list of what you are grateful for at the end of every day.


Journaling has been linked to a better sense of self, and an abundance of positive emotions. Focusing your writing on what you are grateful for after each day amplifies this benefit, and contributes to an overall sense of joy.

2. Try to share what made you happy on a given day with close friends and family.


The process of sharing what you were grateful for each day has been proven to significantly increase your potential for happiness, as well as increasing social bonds. Sharing is a two-way street, however, so encourage your friends to also share with you.

3. Surround yourself with the color blue.

One of the best ways to stop feeling blue is to embrace the color with all your might. Blue has been proven to increase reaction times and awareness, all while promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. Guess Eiffel 65 was on to something.

4. Fit meditation into your schedule.

Meditation requires some investment, but the gains are potentially unrivaled. Studies show that meditation can actually rewire practitioners’ brains to permanently reduce stress levels while increasing feelings of contentment. Here’s a handy meditation guide.

5. Spend your money on others.


Simply accumulating money for the sake of having it does very little to improve your mood. Spending it on others, though – whether in the form of gifts, food, or simply treating someone to a movie – has been shown to increase positivity and promote happiness.

6. Devise a workout schedule, even if it is only something quick.

Fox / Via

Exercise has been linked to significant gains in happiness while reducing overall stress levels; even quick exercise carries this benefit. It has also been proven to improve one’s own body image, even if no visible change was observed.

7. Make sure you’re living in the moment.

Comedy Central

Living in the moment has been counted as one of the most important traits required for living a happy life. Too much dwelling on the future or the past can trigger anxiety, while focusing on the present helps to promote overall positivity.

8. Make sure to stay plenty hydrated.

Studies show that even mild dehydration can lead to increased irritability and decreased happiness. Luckily, just drinking the recommended amount of water – around eight glasses a day – can provide a solid happiness baseline.

9. Get a good night’s rest.

Universal Uclick

Enough sleep has been shown to increase natural resilience against negative emotions, as well as enabling the body to release anti-stress neurotransmitters. Just don’t go overboard, oversleeping has been linked to depression.

10. Treat yourself to time outside.

Limited time outside, as little as a thirty minute walk, increases your overall happiness and sense of well being. It also increases your bodies production of Vitamin D, which helps prevent health problems ranging from osteoporosis to cancer.

11. Set yourself achievable goals.


Setting and achieving goals is one of the most basic ways to improve your overall mood every day. The goals don’t have to, and shouldn’t be, overly ambitious or grandiose to work. The simple act of planning and making small goals will lead to a feeling of accomplishment and happiness. You could even set double-whammy goals like ‘meditate for ten minutes daily.’

12. Try your best to smile.


Smiling won’t lift you out of a depression; however, if you’re having a neutral day the simple act of smiling can tilt your emotions towards being happy. A smile at others will also likely prompt a smile in return, leading to a happiness loop.

13. Listen to your favorite upbeat songs.


Listening to upbeat music when upset can help blow away the blues. The trick is, you have to be actively listening to the music with the intention of having it make you feel better; music that is on in the background does nothing to help contribute to a positive mood.

14. And finally, spend less time on Facebook.

Cartoon Network

Studies show that higher rates of Facebook lead to an overall decline in happiness amongst young adults. Now you finally have an excuse to get off the computer! Not a moment too soon, either, with all these other positive changes you’re going to start putting into practice. Right?

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This Tumblr Identifies The Ikea Furniture In Amateur Porn

1. The blog consists of porn GIFs, with the model and price of each background Ikea item helpfully identified.

“The idea just came to my mind in the middle of the night,” wrote the site’s creator. “Well, actually after my relationship ended I’ve had a lot of time to waste and my porn consumption went through the roof.” Fair.

2. Links to both the item and the porn video are included.

Because humans are complicated creatures and sometimes we’re interested in both touching each other’s bodies AND finding competitively priced end tables.

4. …nor too obscure…

6. Apparently, the blog’s faced threats of legal action from Ikea, but so far, so good.

I have this sofa except that mine is gray and not covered in porn stars.

For much, much more, check out Just Another Ikea Catalog. You can also submit your own findings or, if you dare, your own creations.

h/t: Dangerous Minds.

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38 Anthropologie Hacks

Home Decor

1. Build this bookcase.

Filled with vintage 1st edition books, the Anthro versions costs $1400. With a few simple supplies from the hardware store, you can easily make a case to house your own books, for waaay less.

Instructions here.

2. Make some rope coil planters.

They could also double as pen or utensil storage containers.
Directions here.

3. Build a sculptural paper orb chandelier.

You can make your own chandelier that’s almost as beautiful as the original, using a plain paper lantern and some cupcake liners.

Instructions here.

4. Craft some floral vases.

To make the first copycat you’ll need a cheap vase, paint, and some self-drying modeling clay.

The flowers for the other version are made from polymer clay and spray glaze.

5. Transform old glasses into confetti patterned tumblers.

All you need is glass-safe acrylic paint and some dedication. Instructions here.

The second version uses paint pens, which make for tinier dots and easier cleanup.

6. Sew some ruffled curtains.

For under $20, you can make your own using basic cotton sheets.

Directions here.

7. Paint your own monagram mugs.

Admittedly, this tutorial requires lots of supplies, but would work great if you want to transform a bunch of old, plain mugs into gifts.

8. Sew a duvet cover.

The “Cirrus” duvet makes it seem like you’re sleeping on a cloud, but it certainly doesn’t come with a heavenly price tag.

This tutorial shows you how to transform a few basic flat sheets into a similar looking cover.

9. Sew a quilted bedspread.

The original Rosette quilt is made of comfy cotton jersey. Make a similar blanket from some basic jersey sheets. Sewing instructions here.

You can even add pillows to match. Directions here.

10. Turn old jars into chalkboard spice jars.

Instructions here.

11. Create a pendant light fixture.

This version, made from a metal storage bin, will cost you way less.

12. Sew a ruffled shower curtain.

Make an equally delightful shower curtain for much less, following these directions.

The same technique could be applied to create regular window curtains.

13. Build a tea cup lamp.

You can make your own for under $50, using secondhand dishes and some supplies from the hardware store.

Instructions here.

14. Create a collaged fabric throw pillow.

You can make a similar pillow using scrap fabric.

Directions here.

15. Make candlesticks out of a variety of trinkets.

The original candlesticks are made from pre-existing antique knick knacks. Go straight to the source and make your own candlesticks out of thrifted items. This whole set cost about $15 to create.

Tutorial here.

16. Create a lace embossed dish.

Perfect for displaying jewelry on a dresser.
Instructions here.

17. Transform an old dresser.

With about $30 and some tools, you can make an authentically rustic dresser.

Instructions here.

Clothing & Shoes

18. Make a half-lace, half-shirt top.

Make this version by easily sewing together an old striped shirt with a lace top.

19. Embellish a dress with lace trim.

Add lace to a simple dress to achieve a similar look.

Directions here.

20. Add ruffles to a top.

This tutorial shows you how to make a similar shirt for no more than $5.

21. Paint polka dots onto a pair of jeans.

Use fabric paint to add polka dots to an old pair of jeans. To get as close to the Anthro look as possible, paint a pair with a super dark wash.

Instructions here.

22. Add lace to a striped tee.

Simply sew some lace to the shoulders of a striped shirt.
Instructions here.

23. Glitter a pair of flats.

Following this tutorial you can transform a pair of loafers, or really any kind of shoe, into glitter loafers.


24. Craft your own hair ties.

For $12, you can buy what is basically 5 pieces of elastic. That’s $2.40 per hair tie. You might as well TIE YOU HAIR WITH DOLLAR BILLS.

You can make your own, by following the easiest instructions ever. For $12 worth of elastic, you can make over 80 hair ties.

25. Knit a braided head wrap.

Instructions and pattern here.

26. Knit a fox stole.

Use this pattern.

27. Craft some woven rope bracelets.

With a few cheap supplies from a craft store, you can whip up a set of your own. Instructions here.

28. Embellish bobbipins with cloth flowers

You can easily make the rosettes for these hairpins out of scrap fabric and buttons.

Instructions here.

29. Sew a ruffled apron.

Instructions here.

30. Make a tassel and rope necklace.

Directions here.

31. Craft a thread-wrapped word necklace.

Instructions here.

32. Create a hybrid scarf-necklace.

The original necklace is made from a variety of silk scarves, so you can easily make a similar version using thrifted ones.

Directions here.

33. Make a woven ribbon statement necklace.

If you don’t have $278 to drop on a statement necklace, you can make your own by weaving some grosgrain ribbon. It’s like the adult version of an old-school plastic gimp keychain.

Directions here.

34. Craft a pair of beaded chandelier earrings.

You can make a nearly identically pair with just a few cheap supplies from the jewelry making section of a craft store.

Stationary & Gifts

35. Make you own tagged journal.

Directions here.

36. Craft a set of pom-pom thumbtacks.

This is a great way to use up small remnants of yarn. Bonus: you can make matching pom-pom magnets.

Directions here.

37. Wrap a gift in pom-pom covered gift wrap.

How To Stud Anything

2. Lesson One: Types of Studs

This ever so informative graphic is courtesy of our good friend Martha. Who knew she’d be a rebel? Originally here. There are more types than this, of course — these will just get you started on your studding adventures. For a thorough selection, you gotta check out Studs and Spikes, or your local craft store.

3. Lesson Two: Studding in Three Steps

1. Mark a pattern with a pencil, using a ruler to make sure they’re evenly spaced. If you don’t suffer from perfectionism, you could just eyeball it. Lucky you.

2. Push a stud through the fabric, making sure it’s straight. If you’re studding leather, pleather or another material that’s troublesome, you might want to get yourself a dart awl (this one’s only $3.28) or a seam ripper to help poke holes in your fabric. Try sticking your stud partially through first, so you have guides to help you poke in the right place (…haha). Another helpful tip: buy studs with 2 prongs instead of four, and you’ll cut your work in half.

3. Use a thimble, pliers, a blunt knife, or a flat-head screwdriver to bend the prongs on the back of the studs down, so they’re secure.

4. Lesson Two, Part B: Studding With Glue

Instead of spending your precious time poking things through fabric — which admittedly would be problematic in the case of shoes, considering how thick they can be — use some E-6000 to glue on your studs. You’ll want to find ones without prongs. See this tutorial for the least messy technique. Oh, and no hot glue. They’ll fall right off.

5. Lesson Three: Things You Should Stud

Jeans, shorts, blouses, sweaters, buttons (check out this pretty tutorial), cheap clutches, hats, Keds, tote bags, jackets, bracelets, bras, your cat’s collar.

6. Lesson Four: Things You Should Not Stud

Anything too thick to poke through (plastic? wood?). Your cat. Grumpy cat.

7. Congratulations! Now here are some pretty things you might make.

You know the basics of studding the crap out of everything that could benefit from a bit of shine. Here are a few projects to get you started:

8. A turban that doesn’t cost $500

Gotta love DIY designer knock offs. Directions here. This one uses bigger cone spikes, which have screws instead of prongs.

9. Lady Gaga’s bra

A la Telephone. Just promise you’ll wear it under a sheer shirt, or something. Directions here.

10. A minimalist clutch

Maybe not for your period days (unless you like displaying your tampons — your choice), but great for when you need to show off your new phone cover and MAC lipstick. The tutorial is all visual, but relatively explanatory.

11. Hipstery Keds

Give your ’90s Keds an ’80s update for the ultimate hipster sneaker. These use the first technique, as you’ll see in the directions.

12. A pink ombre “sweater”

We have a suspicion that this is technically a sweatshirt. But it’s badass nonetheless, and you even get to dip-dye it yourself. Learn how to here.

13. Bondage jewelry

Yeah, this one’s a statement piece. Try making just one little bracelet if you’re not quite willing to go this extreme. Directions here.

14. A geometric phone case

Just make sure you draw that guiding line at the beginning, because otherwise those crooked studs will bug you so much you won’t want to use your new case. You’ll also want to find studs without prongs, so you can glue them easily. Full directions here.

15. A rockstar shirt

This one just uses super glue, but if you got studs with prongs it would be less messy. Original directions here.

16. Leather accessories for your hair

She uses an exacto knife to poke holes, but just be careful you don’t make the slits too big. Originally here.

17. On the leathery note…

Refinery29 does a nice “Valentino-Inspired” clutch (translation: knockoff). Directions here.

18. Quick and easy earrings

Find some rose gold studs for something extra trendy. Wouldn’t these make cute gifts? Directions here.

19. This Riveting Tee

You’ll definitely want to measure and mark with this one, unless you’re going for a sporadic pattern — learn how to here.

20. Custom moccasins

You could make any shape you wanted here — hearts! Triangles! (or be a square). Directions here.

21. A leather wrap bracelet

This tutorial uses a leather punch, but the awl would work well, too. Or an exacto knife, if you’re careful. Directions here.

22. And finally: a collar for this adorable doggie

This one doesn’t even use leather, and it would work just fine in cat sizes, too. Directions here.

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24 Money-Saving Hacks For The Holidays

1. Repurpose used potato chip bags as gift wrap.

It sounds weird, but they make attractive wrap once turned inside out, washed, and dried.

They make great gift bags as well, if you want to put even less effort into wrapping.

2. Get to know your Christmas trees.

Balsam and Douglas firs are the most affordable, while Nordman and Turkish firs break the bank. Pro tip: Get the Douglas. It smells like Christmas.

3. Put off buying a tree as long as possible.

Prices tumble the closer it gets to Christmas, especially if you’re willing to haggle.

4. Book your flight either before the first week in November or Dec. 4–10.

Robert Pearce / Flickr: 45535660@N00

According to Travelocity, these are when prices are lowest. Of course, waiting until December is risky because most flights will be full.

5. Download the ShopSavvy app.

Simply scan a potential gift’s barcode with your phone and the app will tell you if you can find the gift for less elsewhere. Get it here.

6. If you find an item for less, show the store manager.

Bata Films / Shady Milkman Productions

Even if it’s a price you found on your smartphone, they might be willing to price match.

7. Get reduced-price gift cards.

Visit Gift Card Granny to find gift cards at up to 35% less than their value.

8. Send holiday postcards instead of cards.

Postage on a postcard is 33 cents versus 46 cents for a card, and you’ll also save money by not buying envelopes.

9. Or better yet send holiday eCards.

It’s almost 2014! ECards are OK! Find The Office eCards here.

10. When signing up for things, put down your birthday as being in December so you get free stuff around that time.


Places like Sephora give you free things on your birthday, and they make great stocking stuffers. Other companies might give you a special discount.

[source: Reddit]

11. Shop for off-season items.

Outdoor grills and air conditioning units, for example, are often heavily discounted during the holidays.

12. Take advantage of groceries sales right after Thanksgiving.

Kevork Djansezian / Reuters

You’ll be making a lot of similar dishes like turkey and pumpkin-based desserts, so may as well get that stuff on sale if you’ve got room in the freezer.

13. Buy your Christmas decorations and wrapping paper the week AFTER Christmas, when they’re on sale.

Christmas decorations don’t really go out of style. Just buy them after Christmas and save them for the next year.

Pro tip: Get solar-powered Christmas lights if you’re decorating outdoors. You’ll save on electricity bills.

14. Seek out free entertainment.

OK, so you won’t be able to see The Beatles, but there’s tons of free entertainment to be found around the holidays.

15. Give the gift of service.

Are you an awesome photographer? If so, gift your weird uncle a free photo session with his doll collection. And one gift any parent could use is an overnight babysitter. Basically, if you have a skill, it can be a gift.

16. Get the Honey browser plugin.

Honey makes sure you get the best possible deal when shopping online by adding coupon codes from around the Internet at the time of checkout. Sweet!

17. Ship gifts using flat-rate boxes.

“If it fits, it ships for one low price” is the slogan for the Postal Service’s flat-rate boxes, which allow you to ship up to 70 pounds anywhere in the United States.

18. Snag-free shipping.

Check out, which has the lowdown on free shipping deals, or wait until Free Shipping Day on Dec. 18 to shop.

19. Call long-distance relatives using Google Voice.

Make a yearly long-distance call to Aunt Ethel to discuss her medical ailments? Try Google Voice — it’s free even to Ethel’s landline. Get started here.

20. Make your Christmas party a potluck.

People always offer to bring something, so let them.

21. Buy some presents after the holidays.

If you’re not going to see a family member or friend until after the big day, take advantage of post-holiday sales.

22. Sublet your home or apartment.

If you’re going away for the holidays you may be able to sublet your place. Check out Airbnb, a worldwide network that makes hosting your home safe and easy.

23. Arrange with your family not to exchange gifts, especially if everyone has kids.


Limit the gift giving for just the kids since they’re the ones who get really excited about presents. You could also do a Secret Santa for the adults, so each person only has to buy one present.

24. Join Amazon Prime for a free 30-day trial in December.

This will give you free two-day shipping for any of Amazon’s “Prime eligible” bounty, and if you cancel before the 30 days are up it’s totally free. Of course, if you keep Prime it’s an awesome service that only costs $79 per year. Sign up here.

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Gray Is The Best Color For Any Manicure

BuzzFeed / Justine Zwiebel

2. The multifaceted color looks good in a glossy…

3. …and matte finish.

7. It’s also the key to nail art’s heart. Especially in regard to the gradient…


10. Flocking…


20. Most importantly, you can wear this great winter color on ANY occasion.

21. Including mommy-daughter dates…

22. Weddings…

Aimee Blaut /

Especially with a gold touch.

23. and when you’re just out and about.

24. Gray is an awesome neutral, and yet has SO MANY SHADES.

25. And it can be hard to choose which hue you want to rock — so let me give you some suggestions.

29. Greige

Gray + Beige = Greige

Essie’s Miss Fancy Pants

30. Purple/Blue Gray


Zoya’s Kelly

31. Metallic

Butter London’s Posh Bird

32. So choose wisely, or not, and fall in love with your gray nails.

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42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

1. The sun shining through a heart.

2. An aerial view of the wedding dress in all its glory.

The most romantic picnic blanket ever.

3. Incorporating three generations of women.

4. A perfectly symmetric family photo.

5. Something a little silly, if you don’t mind the groom having his head up your skirt.

6. A shot where you’re surrounded by the people you love.

Inspire Photography

Draw the heart on the ground with chalk so your guests know where to stand.

7. The bridesmaids before they get ready.

Photograph by Ashley Shutter / Via

11. A shot of the couple before the wedding, reading each other’s letters.

You won’t NOT be able to look back on this without crying.

12. A “from below” shot of the bridesmaids’ toast.

13. The “tiny bride” perspective pic.

14. Another requisite perspective pic.

15. An adorable shot of the bride with the flower girl.

16. Or flower girls.

Because they’re small and they pretty much fit anywhere.

17. A “first look” not just with the groom, but with dad.

18. A “first look” with the bridesmaids.

19. A photo of your guests giving you ~a little privacy~ for your hot makeout sesh.

21. Some very goofy photos of the groomsmen.

Otto Schulze Photographers

Boys will be boys.

25. The first dance…in aerial view.

26. A photo with photos of your parents’ wedding days.

Amanda Marean /

27. A cute photo op with your bridesmaids that lets you reminisce how far in your friendship you’ve come.

28. A shot with them at the bar…literally.

29. And because you know they’ll be Instagramming the shit out of your dress…

30. Silly poses with each of your bridesmaids.

So you can send each girl a thank-you note with your picture together.

31. A romantic photo of the wedding party with the sweet ride you rented for the day.

32. A photo with everyone giving their best bouquet-face.

33. A photo you can include in your thank-you notes.

You can buy the prop signs here.

34. A candid laughing photo.

35. One that incorporates your HUGE ROCK as well as your best furry friend.

Gambol Photography

36. A GIF.

Can you believe we’ve come this far in the modern age?? See a bunch more wedding photography GIFs here.

37. A pinky promise photo showing off your rings.

Jordan Jankun Photography / Via

38. A jumping photo that is adorable, not corny.

39. A photo with the kids that is perfectly worthy of framing.

40. A creative double-exposure.

You can ask your photographer to do this for you in Photoshop.

41. An artful reflection.

Want more incredibly fun ideas? Sign up for the BuzzFeed DIY newsletter!

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36 DIYs That Will Get The Whole Family Psyched For A Disney Vacation

1. Make an official Disney autograph book from scrapbooking supplies.


For the lucky child who’s Disney World-bound. Get the DIY here.

4. Use this cupcake hack to get Mickey Mouse cupcakes.

Add three marbles to the muffin tin to create cupcakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

5. Painted clothespins that are so easy to make, even a toddler could do it.

6. Make a countdown chalkboard.

Get the instructions here.

7. Another variation on the countdown: a frame and tiny clothespins.

Each scrap of paper has an activity or a trivia question listed. Get the DIY here.

8. Here’s a festive wreath version.

Get the directions here.

9. Make travel mugs and coasters out of Disney World maps.


Everyone can get familiar with the Magic Kingdom grounds ahead of time. They also make great souvenirs. Get the directions here.

10. These Mickey Mouse cupcakes only require some mini Oreos and red cupcake wrappers.

11. Cut Disney shapes out of glitter iron-on transfer paper for your official Disney vacation outfits.

Cut the shapes out of Tulip glitter transfer paper.

12. Or if you’d prefer more color, go for the Sharpie method.

Get the directions here.

13. Surprise an unsuspecting child with a mad lib that hints at an upcoming Disney excursion.

Get the printable here.

14. Announce the trip with a surprise visitor in their bed.

The three stages of finding Mickey Mouse in your bed: fear, wonderment, and sheer excitement. Get the pattern for this Mickey Mouse pillow here.

15. Make your own ear clips out of stiff felt.

For the child who hates hathead. Get the DIY here.

16. Create a color matching game with paint chips.


These also make great activity cards for playing Go Fish on the plane or in the car. Get the instructions here.

17. Channel a Disney princess with nail art.

18. Or use a Mickey-shaped hole punch to create Mickey toes.

19. Dress up the bathroom accessories with Mickey pants.

20. Exchange chores for Disney bucks with this popsicle stick system.


21. Or if you think chore exchange isn’t your mode of parenting, just hand out Disney Dollars when they’re being good.

22. Turn your garden into a magical kingdom with these painted flower pots.

23. Tie polka-dot ribbons on a little one’s summer flip flops.


24. Or into the laces of their sneakers.

25. Make your own Mickey Mouse luggage tags.

Get the directions here.

26. Craft up this magical Disney princess necklace.


Each painted bead represents a specific Disney Princess.

27. Make special activity clipboards for the car ride.

28. Wrap a fun surprise for every hour on the drive to pass time in the car.


29. Make special water bottles for the whole fam.

Get the directions here.

30. Turn a regular old pizza into a MICKEY PIZZA with pepperoni and olives.

31. Download and print out these Disney Bingo cards.

Get the printables here.

32. Turn old coffee canisters into change banks for your Disney funds.

33. Print out these bookmarks that stay on the page with magnets.

Get the printable here.

34. Make these special Mickey Mouse parade wavers.


Get the directions here.

35. Upcycle a thrift store Mickey Mouse tee into a tote bag.

Get the tutorial here.

36. As a tiny reminder everyday, paint your keys with nail polish.

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23 Ways To Up Your Makeup Game For New Year’s Eve

Justine Zweibel / BuzzFeed

1. Layer a thin line of glitter over your eyeliner.

Use a mixing liquid, like this one, to make the glitter stick.

2. Line your inner rim with gold for subtle sparkle.

3. Or if subtle isn’t your thing, add a swipe of bright colored liner.

4. Make sure your bright lipstick lasts all night by dabbing powder over a tissue to set it.

5. For really bright neon nails, paint a white base coat first.

6. The same is true of bright shadow.

7. Gild the bejeezus out of your whole eye.

Find the products used here.

8. If ever you’ve wanted to try a Nicki Minaj-inspired neon look, now’s the time.

The full tutorial (lips included) can be found here.

9. Decorate your lids with large chunks of glitter.

Just don’t get in any in your eye, for the love of god.

10. Glitter tips are insanely easy to pull off when you use tape as a guide.

Find out more here.

11. Give contouring a whirl so your face glows.

Find the full instructions here.

12. Try false eyelashes.

They’re def not as terrifying as they might seem.

13. Add some sparkle to your lips.

Get the full directions here.

14. Go full-on smokey eye.

15. If you’re bored of black, try your smokey eye in an unexpected color.

Like purple!

16. Use eyeshadow to create a new nail look.

Get the full instructions here.

17. Frame shimmery liner with black.

18. If you’d prefer your makeup not be running down your face by the end of the night, don’t skip primer.

Buy this one here.

19. Setting spray is a godsend as well.

This one is available here.

20. Temporary tattoo eyeliner is wicked easy to apply.

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

Read alllllll about it (and its less-wieldy lipstick counterpart) here.

21. A well-placed rhinestone (or seven) can do magic*.

*sort of.

22. Paint your nails with glow-in-the-dark polish.

Get it here (it’d also make a rad last-minute Christmas gift).

23. Go for two-toned lipstick.

It’s just barely noticeable but makes a big impact.

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22 Perfect DIY Gifts For Stressed-Out Moms

2. 1. Lemon Body Scrub

All-natural body scrub containing Meyer Lemon zest, sugar, organic virgin coconut oil, and organic extra virgin olive oil. Yes, it’s technically edible too. Get the recipe here.

3. 2. Eye Pillow

An eye pillow filled with flaxseeds and lavender is easy to make and perfect for nap time. Find the full tutorial here.

4. 3. Lip Balm

Just three ingredients – herbs, beeswax, and essential oil – make this au natural lip balm. Learn how to make it here.

5. 4. Body Lotion

Whip up a moisturizing body lotion with oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, and warm water. Check out this blog post.

6. 5. Bath Tea

Use salt, essential oils, and herbs such as lavender and chamomile for a soothing soak in the tub. Follow this helpful recipe.

7. 6. Wheatgrass Soap

Fancify regular old soap bars with wheatgrass- by Martha, of course.

8. 7. Brunch Basket

Make mom a brunch basket she can enjoy at her leisure- fill it with honey butter and banana bread like this blogger.

9. 8. Tea Bags

Fill lightweight cotton or cheesecloth with Mom’s favorite loose leaf tea. Find the sew and no-sew versions here.

10. 9. Lotion Bars

For something a little different- and super moisturizing- cook up a bar of lotion from cocoa butter, beeswax, and coconut oil, like this blogger did.

11. 10. Citrus Facial Refresher

Just water, vitamin C, and lemon peel are used to make this super simple refreshing face spray. Get the full recipe here.

12. 11. Potpourri

Just combine dried flowers, essential oil, herbs and spices of your choice, and any other goodies (like pretty stones) in a jar. Check out this blog post for more details.

13. 12. Bubble Bath

You’ll need clear unscented dish soap, liquid glycerin, water, and essential oil to make an indulgent gift any mom will enjoy. Get the details here.

14. 14. Herbal Foot Soak

Even if your mom isn’t a gardener, any lady will appreciate a luxurious combination of Epsom salts, oils (lavender, mint, eucalyptus, rosemary), and herbs (lavender, mint leaves, bergamot petals) for soaking her weary toes. Check out this full recipe.

15. 15. Jam

Use plums, peaches, nectarines, or whatever fruit you like, using this post as a guide. Bonus if you…

16. 16. Decorate That Jam Jar

Wrap the jam jar in fabric, a pretty tie, and labels, as done by this blogger.

17. 17. Teacup Candle

Poor melted wax into pretty vintage teacups for chic and mom-friendly decor. Find the full tutorial here.

18. 18. Cookie Mix In a Jar

So mom can make herself cookies for once. Pat down the ingredients in each layer- colorful M&Ms are a pretty topper. You can also adhere the recipe to the top or side of the jar- follow this super helpful tutorial.

19. 19. Natural Log Vase

Inspired by Mother Earth, turn a small log into a vase of reed diffuser by drilling an opening down the center and inserting a thin vase/candle holder. Get full instructions here.

20. 20. Moth Balls

Make pretty little pillows that will keep her clothing smelling nice and the moths at a distance. Just place dried lavender and a few drops of essential oil in the center of fabric squares and secure with a piece of ribbon, as shown here.

21. 21. Incense

Just stir together makko powder, incense resin, and a little warm water, then shape the ‘dough’ into incense cones. Find the details here.

22. 22. Reed Diffuser

Mix mineral oil with vodka and essential oil, place in a vase or other pretty container, and insert reeds. Find the recipe here.

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