30 Quick And Cozy Projects To Make This Fall

1. Easy Knitted Cowl

You don’t even have to make it in the round if you don’t want.

2. Gilded Pine Cone Garland

Get the insanely simple directions here.

3. Flannel Shirt-Turned-Skirt

Get the instructions here.

4. Yarn-Wrapped Vases

Plants deserve sweaters too.

5. Elbow Patches

Put them on everything you own.

6. Autumn Leaf-Inspired Hat

Get the pattern here.

7. Fox-Stamped Blanket

Directions here.

8. One-Piece Felt Slippers

For cozy toes.

9. Felt Leaf Headband

And/or crown.

10. Scalloped Boot Cuffs

Give your old tried and true boots a fuzzy update.

11. Sunglass Case-Turned-Clutch

Let’s hope that’s not actually Coach.

12. Leaf-Shaped Cork Coasters

Directions here.

13. Leaf Bunting

So simple, so pretty.

14. Old Sweater-Turned-Mittens

Give your moth-eaten garments a second life.

15. Dip-Dyed Baskets

Find out how to make them here.

16. Dog Hat

No words needed.

17. Knitted Pencil Grips

The coziest school supplies.

18. Pencil-ified Fence

Because why not?

19. Crocheted Mug Cozy

Get the pattern here.

20. Gilded Leaf Art

Make it yourself here.

21. Dotted Throw

Directions here.

22. Mounted Leaves

Do just a couple or decorate an entire wall.

23. Knitted Armwarmers

For when you can’t quiet give up short sleeves, even though you probably should.

24. Geometric Felt Art

Directions here.

25. Woolen Bead Necklace

Who says jewelry can’t be snuggly?

26. Felt Phone Case

There’s room for credit cards too.

28. Leaf Tea Light Jar

Find out how here.

29. Felt Sleeping Mask

For sleeping in on chilly mornings.

30. Pumpkin Hat

Perfect for a newborn (who can’t argue with you either way).

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The 20 Most Annoying Things About Being A Park Slope Parent

1. Constantly Hearing About How Great PS 107 Is

Class of 1984 / Guerilla High Productions

2. Getting Rezoned Out Of PS 107

You spent an entire year searching for that elusive one-bedroom just so you could be in District 15, and now your kids will be attending PS 10.

3. The “Un-schooling” Movement

We all know how those kids are going to turn out.

4. Germs, Germs, Everywhere

When was the last time they washed those toys at the YMCA child-watch? And how many times can a child contract Coxsackie, anyway?

5. The Lines at the Food Coop

Hopefully you’ll get to bring those apples home by 2 A.M.

6. Your Shift at the Food Coop

You wanted to do food processing, but you got childcare instead. At least you can hang out with your own little one while you work your shift!

Time elapsed: one month, and you are feverishly praying for a food processing shift down in the merciful quiet of the basement.

7. Your Suspension From the Food Coop

Excuse you for going on vacation, having a baby, or getting divorced!

8. The End of Grown-Up Things…Like Coffee

The whole “babyccino” thing has single-handedly ruined coffee.

And Bars.

Nothing kills a good beer buzz like tripping over a Bugaboo on your way back from the restroom.

9. The Sandbox At Harmony Playground

“We’re not going to play in the sandbox today, honey” is code for “We’re not going to play in the sandbox ever.” Seriously, WTF is in there?

10. Parents Who Sleep-Train

It’s unnatural, it’s cruel, it’s damn near barbaric… the way they brag about how well their children sleep after they’ve been sleep-trained.

Universal Pictures

Meanwhile, your child still sleeps in your bed, seriously impeding your efforts to conceive child #2.

11. The Cost of Those Must-Have Art and Music Classes

But Music Together is well worth it if you can get into a class with a hot teacher who seems to sing the “Hello” song directly into your eyes.

12. Moms Who Say Their Kids Don’t Watch TV

So they make dinner, straighten up, catch up on emails… all without Super Why? Uh-huh. Sure. Let’s just say someone’s got an iPad stashed somewhere.

13. Moms Who Teach Their Baby To Sign

Do they really need their infant to sign when she’s hungry?

14. The PSP Yahoo! Groups

When you first joined, it was just a bunch of moms ratting on evil nannies or complaining about the service at Applewood.

Now there’s a website, the Main List, a Classifieds group, a Career Networking group, it’s “gently moderated”… And if one more of your posts gets rejected, you’re going to bludgeon yourself to death with your (barely used) breast pump, $25 OBO, pickup North Slope.

And what are you supposed to do now when you see one of those nannies at the playground?

15. “Natural Exploration Areas”

You don’t care if the equipment is made out if the wood Jesus Christ was nailed to. It’s still a playground.

16. Other Park Slope Parents’ Apartments

Why, oh why, do they feel compelled to apologize for how “messy” their place is whenever you go over for a playdate?

Meanwhile, Hoarders has reached out to you to see if you’d be interested in welcoming a camera crew to the next playdate at your place.

17. Political Correctness on a Previously Unforeseen Level

Do you think this is a boys’ hat? Are you sure? Why, because it’s blue?

It must be sad for you and your family, living a life based on labels and stereotypes.

Park Slope scoffs at you.

18. Pretentiousness On a Previously Unforeseen Level

Transitional object? It’s a freakin’ blankie for the love of all that is merciful and holy!

19. A Tendency To Buzzkill Everything…Like Ice Cream.

Park Slope is anti-ice cream. Anti-ice cream. What’s next, anti-sunshine? Anti-goodness?

And superheroes.

Parents have been advised that superhero costumes are out; real heroes like firefighters are in. So the baby in the Spiderman costume? So not welcome at the Halloween Parade this year.

20. Your Inability To Leave

Leafy green streets… other peoples’ brownstones… those great schools… In spite of everything, this is your neighborhood, and you’re staying! (Until you get priced out.)

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46 Awesome String-Light DIYs For Any Occasion

1. Wrap them around an interestingly shaped mirror.

2. Wrap a strand of paper lantern string lights around a twig and hang above the bed.

3. Drape bigger bulbs casually to create an effortless lamp.

4. Drape lights over a bookshelf.

Use 3M clear plastic adhesive tabs to help guide the lights where you want them to go.

Incorporate the lights into a twig Christmas tree.

6. Use them with clothespins to hang photographs.

7. Create a lit-up display by poking holes in a canvas.

More directions here.

8. String lights around baskets, or fill baskets with lights.

9. Fill wine bottles with lights to make a spectacular centerpiece.

10. Create an angelic paper doily wreath.

Get the instructions here.

11. Or use the doilies to make a wedding garland.

Just cut small holes in the center of the doilies and poke the lights through.

12. Cover Dixie cups with fancy paper to make small shades for string lights.

13. Create a string of paper cube lights.

Get the full directions here.

Instead of putting lights in the boxes, you could just intertwine them with an origami box garland.

14. Crochet around a rope light to create a light-up rug.

15. Tie squares of tulle fabric along a string of Christmas lights.

16. For the holidays, mix lights with old ornaments.

17. Cover bulbs with dyed cheesecloth.

Get the full directions here.

18. Create colorful twine balls to encase the lights.

Get the full tutorial here.

19. Make snowflake lights with store-bought bouquet holders.

20. Mix with rope for a nautical-themed room.

21. Create a net effect in a bedroom.

22. Hang icicle lights from fluffy cloud sculptures.

There’s no tutorial for this, but you might be able to figure it out if you’re especially crafty.

Here’s a 2-dimensional version.

23. Use cupcake wrappers to make flower lights.

See the full tutorial here.

24. You can also use egg cartons for a similar effect.

Get the instructions here.

25. Spell out a message with these pendant lights.

Make the letters by poking holes in the paper.

26. Make a flashing cardboard Christmas tree.

Poke holes in the cardboard and stick the lights through.

27. Create a romantic headboard piece.

“Build a simple wood frame from 2×4s, and add crossbeams. Drill small holes to put cords through in the bottom of each opening. Paint your frame and screw to the wall. Fill each space with lights and connect all cords. Cut translucent panels from polycarbonate sheet and fix to the frame with screws.”

28. Use shiny wrapping paper to create giant candy lights.

Get the directions here.

29. Cover lights with tiny mason jars.

You can buy them here.

30. Electrify an old stuffed animal with LED lights.

Get the instructions here.

32. String lights in a scalloped pattern.

33. Cut out black cat shapes to make these cute string lights.

15 Things You Can Make With Your College Rejection Letters

1. Princeton doesn’t want you? That’s cool, now you have a top hat.

Since it’s the “twenty-first century” and most colleges send “emails” instead of letters, just print them out and use them for these projects. Catharsis at its finest. Directions here.

2. You don’t need Michigan’s love when you can make your own.


Directions here.

3. Dream bigger than Cornell with these delightful paper clouds.

Directions here.

4. Who cares that you didn’t get into Stanford with a new friend like this elephant?

FInd out how to make it here.

5. Come on, is UCLA REALLY better than this chicken?

Directions here.

6. This dog will be your loyal buddy even though you got turned down by both your parents’ alma maters.

Directions here.

7. This seagull went to his fifth-choice school and he turned out just fine.

He runs a successful startup and owns a Yorkshire terrier. Directions here.

8. Let your MIT troubles fly away.

The simple paper airplane is an engineering marvel all on its own.

9. While you’re at it, send Wesleyan, NYU, and Pomona off into the great blue yonder too.


Here are 10 ways to make them.

10. It’s okay that you and your friends got turned down by Yale; without all those letters, you’d never have enough paper to make this friendship hat.

Take these instructions and up your paper size by a bajillion.

11. Make a basket (to hold all your acceptance letters!) out of the scraps of Deep Springs’ callousness.

Here is how.

12. Duke would have been okay, but having an entire paper village is the best.

Directions here.

13. Brown < boats.

Directions here.

14. Bye UPenn! Hello, tiny little shirt and tie!

See, even JT approves. Directions here.

15. And if all else fails:


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How To DIY The Ultimate Holiday Cocktail Party

1. Invite Some Folks

Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Step up your invite game with some beautiful sewn fabric invitations like these by Erin from Sewbon.

2. Set Up Your Bar

Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Any old table will do, just throw a table runner on top with some custom oversized monogramming.

3. Set the Mood

Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Nix harsh overhead lighting with dim lamps and candles. Mix your own scents and pour wax into mason jars to get the mood right!

4. Just Say No to Basic Barware

Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Make yourself some custom glassware. Because those plain tumblers from Ikea are just SO cute… said no one ever.

5. Sip in Style

Hank & Hunt / Via hankandhunt.com

You know how people get nervous at parties and suck down their drinks way too quickly? At least make sure your guests look cute while they’re doing it! A DIY straw decoration should do the trick.

6. Protect Your Space

Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Drunk friends + condensation = murder for your table tops. Whip up some fun coasters that your guests can’t ignore.

7. Get to Mixing

Marilee Grace / Via marileegrace.com

It ain’t a cocktail party without the perfect cocktails! Add a holiday spin to your boozing with these three drink recipes.

8. Tag It

Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Nothing is worse than setting down your drink and forgetting which glass you sipped from. Circumvent your guests grabbing the wrong cocktail with some fringed name tags.

9. Don’t Forget the Snacks!

One Bit More / Via onebitemore.com

People need to balance all that alcohol with something savory. Try your hand at some unique flavored popcorn (it’s easier than you think!).

10. Get Some Zzzzz’s

Curious and Cat / Via curiousandcatcat.blogspot.com

All that prepping, all that partying – now it’s time to catch up on some serious zzzzz’s. Slap on a custom sleep mask and snooze off that impending hangover.

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20 Unbelievable Gingerbread Houses You’ll Want To Live In

1. This stately home.

Wendall Graber / Via goodhousekeeping.com

The shingles are made of grape bubble tape.

2. This architectural marvel.

Nick Milkovich Architects / Via creativeroom.ca

3. This edible White House.

Jason Reed / Reuters

4. This magical Burrow.

Mezcraft / Via craftster.org

Complete with decorated Weasley sweaters.

5. And this slightly-less-hospitable environment.

One does not simply nom into Mordor.

6. This popcorn-studded tree house.

Bobbi Shirey / Via goodhousekeeping.com

7. This cookie-encrusted domicile.

8. This ark that is too adorable to even consider eating.

Belinda Myers / Via goodhousekeeping.com

How could you bear to separate those lion cookies??

9. This heartbreakingly cute “Up” house.

10. This charming town house.

Molli Dowd / Via goodhousekeeping.com

11. This illuminated masterpiece.

12. This cozy abode.

13. This yummy grump.

Can u not.

14. This insanely teeny lil guy.

15. And this ridiculously large one.

It’s located in College Station, Texas and is comprised of 35.8 million calories.

17. This luscious model of London.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

18. This house for which “edible” has more than one meaning.

20. This exact replica.

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20 Simple Tricks To Make Spring Cleaning So Much Easier

1. Use a dustpan to fill up a tub of water for mopping.

2. Clean your toilet with Coke.

Don’t worry, it won’t look that horrifying for long. Directions here.

3. Use a lemon to get rid of water stains.

Directions here.

4. Dryer sheets will remove buildup from glass.

From Real Simple.

5. Keep your cleaning supplies neat with a tension rod.

Directions here.

6. Meet your new BFF, the Magic Eraser.

There are basically infinite uses for these things, from getting rid of scuff marks to removing nail polish stains to cleaning grout.

7. Get pet fur off a carpet or furniture with a window squeegee.

What animal is that even from.

8. Use coarse salt to clean cast iron.

From Martha Stewart.

9. Towel + broom = a way to reach high, hard-to-clean spaces.

From Real Simple.

10. Clean screens with coffee filters.

From Real Simple.

11. Get all the grossness out of your keyboard with a toothbrush and cotton swabs.

Full directions here. (These pictures will probably make you cringe/not go on the internet for the rest of the day.)

12. Don’t miss the tiny spots, like the tracks on sliding doors or window panes.

Vinegar can help you get these areas spotless.

13. Make everything in your fridge organized and easily accessible.

14. Store condiments in an egg carton to prevent spills.

Tx, Alton.

15. Fold your shirts vertically to save space and maximize visibility.

16. Properly fold a fitted sheet.

Swap out flannel for cotton now that it’s actually warm enough.

17. De-pill your clothes with a razor and some tape.

You can de-pill your winter clothes before putting them away and your spring clothes after taking them out of storage. Directions here.

18. Vacuum-seal bulky winter clothes and blankets for easy storage.

They’ll be as good as the day you put them away come next winter (not that you want to think about next winter).

19. Use the hanger trick to get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore.

Hang all your clothes so your hangers face backward. When you wear something, turn the hanger around. After a year, if something is still on a backward hanger, give it away.

20. And the best possible advice: Drink while you clean.


You know how sometimes you come home after a few drinks and have a strange, overwhelming urge to clean everything? Channel that feeling. The best part is when you wake up the next day and are genuinely surprised and delighted at how clean everything is.

Many of these useful tricks, plus a ton more, come from r/lifehacks and Real Simple.

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19 Reasons To Never Mess With A Parent

1. They’re constantly sleep deprived.

So they’re basically zombies.

2. If you cross their kids they will make you pay.

Seriously. Try it and see what happens.

3. They can take a beating.

4. They’re impossible to lie to.

5. They have a tool for everything.

6. No one can make you feel as guilty.

And they don’t even need to say a word.

7. They somehow always know when you’re up to no good in your room.

8. They’re not afraid to catch vomit with their bare hands.

9. They can shame you with just their eyes.

10. They literally suck the snot out of their babies’ noses.

She’s using a NoseFrida. It’s a real thing. No, really. It is.

11. They don’t care how embarrassing they are.

12. They won’t take your crap.

13. They exact punishment Guantanamo Bay style.

14. They have more patience than you.

They’ve sat through hundreds of hours of this drivel.

15. They’re surprisingly agile.

You try catching a cake while wearing a mesh cap and holding a fishing pole.

16. They’ve endured way more pain than you have.

This is one doodle that can’t be undid, homeskillet.

17. They will go to disturbing lengths to be near their children.

18. They have an unsettling sense of humor.

Not all dad jokes are bad puns. Some involve chainsaws.

19. Did I mention what they’ll do if you cross their kid?

Because I really can’t emphasize that point enough.

So if you encounter parents out in the wild be careful not to antagonize them.

Instead, try to win them over.

Parents can actually be pretty cool once you get to know them.

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22 Ways To Keep Your Kids Happy When It’s Cold And Icky Outside

1. Use Halloween costumes to keep the baby warm.

Those bunny and bear suits are frequently toastier than sweaters and jackets… and cute as the dickens, too.

2. Whip up perfectly smooth hot cocoa — there’s a trick to it!

Using powered hot cocoa mix? Dump it in the cup, then add just a little hot water. Stir, stir, stir. Then add a little more hot water. Repeat until full and smooth and creamy and clump-free. Mmmmmm.

3. Paint those rain boots.

Now you can dazzle on the next rainy day!

4. …And line them, too.

Fleecy DIY liners will keep their little feet warm and avoid that dreaded winter conundrum: cold-yet-dry in rain boots, or warm-yet-wet (and therefore cold) in Uggs?

5. Prevent Norovirus with grape juice.

Rumor has it that drinking grape juice keeps the dreaded stomach bug at bay!

But if that doesn’t work, keep a potty by the bed.

It works really well as a vomit receptacle. :-(

6. Acknowledge that getting ready to go outside is enough of an ordeal to count as its own activity.

Nothing to do? No activities or playdates planned? Suggest a simple walk around the block. By the time you get your kids’ snowsuit on…

And his scarf…

…you’ll have spent an hour right there. Your stroll will take another hour as the child inspects every heap of ice or puddle of slush…

Back at home, de-bundling him will take yet another hour. Then presto-chango, it’s time for dinner! Your “walk around the block” just consumed an entire afternoon!

7. It’s a good time to educate your kids about cute, cuddly Arctic animals.

Even if you don’t normally believe in screen time, it’ll help trick your kids into thinking that winter is fun. Try downloading the Winter Animals app in iTunes.

8. Make every night a slumber party.

A cute sleeping bag is fun, cozy, and will insure your child doesn’t kick off the covers.

9. Layer up, and avoid using cotton as the bottom layer.

It really works to keep kiddies warm!

Just avoid using 100% cotton as the bottom layer… it gets wet with perspiration, then makes your kid cold.

10. Use kid-safe chapstick.

All the best moms carry baby-safe moisturizer for those wintry chafed faces…

But in case you forgot, try some silicone-based diaper cream on those poor little red, roughened nostrils instead.

11. Cure a croupy cough with some steam.

If you hear the tell-tale seal-barking sounds of croup, bring your child into the bathroom, close the door, and turn on the hot shower. Sit beside the shower (not in it) and breathe in the steamy air. Then…

Making sure your little one is dry and well-bundled, stand in front of the fridge and open the freezer door, this time breathing in the cold air. (Other options include stepping outside if it’s chilly out, or turning on the AC and standing in front of it.)

12. Always carry a spare set of clothes.

When kids get wet, they can lose their body heat even more rapidly, so keep an outfit on hand so that you can change them into dry clothes at the drop of a (woolen) hat.

… Including extra mittens.

They’re the first things to get wet after a snowball fight!

13. … And buy extra hats, too.

Kids need hats. Kids lose hats.

14. Do cute things with lone gloves.

Kids lose gloves, too. But if you turn the remaining glove into a chipmunk, everyone wins!

15. Make friends with the family next door.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had a playdate with your neighbors before — you automatically have something in common: it’s yucky outside, and you all need something to do. Invite them over, or knock on their door bearing cookies. They’ll be thrilled to see you!

16. Keep your child’s bike wheels from getting muddy.

… By making mud guards: one for the front (using an old detergent container)…

17. Give your child’s snowball a fighting chance.

Arm your children with ice cream scoopers for making perfectly shaped snowballs. All’s fair in snowball fights, right?

18. Make an indoor slide.

Another rainy day, another fort made out of sheets? Yawn. Try a slide made out of cardboard boxes, instead!

19. Keep everyone’s wrists warm with socks.

Protect that cold area between your kid’s mitten and his sleeve by cutting the toes out of a pair of socks and using them as wrist-warmers.

20. Keep everyone’s butts warm with socks.

Sitting on a cold toilet seat in winter is one of the worst things, ever.

21. Subject socks to a final indignity.

Degrade a pair of socks even further by slipping them over your kids wrists for another purpose: snot receptacle.

22. Read “The Snowy Day”… again

The book by Ezra Jack Keats will help you remember that a snowy day, seen through the eyes of a little boy named Peter, can be pure magic.

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