19 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know

1. On the iPad: Make typing more comfortable by switching your keyboard to thumb mode.

Simply swipe two fingers across the keyboard. This displays a different keyboard, which allows you to type with your thumbs the same way you type on your iPhone.

***Alternatively, you can press the “dock and merge” button in the bottom righthand corner of the keyboard and drag up. The keyboard will turn into thumb mode, and you can also drag it wherever you want.

2. If you put your phone on airplane mode, it will charge twice as fast.

3. Make use of offline Google Maps when traveling abroad.

Peggy Wang

While you’ve still got internet access, go to the area you want to save. In the search bar, type “ok maps” and the map will be cached for offline use.

This is also super useful for iPads that are only Wi-Fi enabled.

4. In the Calculator app, remove an accidental extra zero by swiping left to right.

If you’re, say, calculating a bunch of expenses for your taxes, you don’t have to start over if you accidentally type in extra numbers.

5. Turn on Guided Access while a child is playing with your phone or iPad.

Guided Access, once turned on, keeps users from errantly clicking or tapping within an app and ending up someplace they’re not supposed to be, or deleting something accidentally.

First, you need to go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access and turn it on. You’ll also want to turn on the Accessibility Shortcut.

Triple-click the home button in whichever app you want to turn it on for. From here, you can select any buttons that you don’t want clicked. Or you can also disable the home button while keeping the touchscreen on.

6. Take selfies using the remote on your earbuds.

Just click the volume + button on the remote on your Apple or Apple-compatible earbuds while in camera mode to click and shoot, or the middle button (play/pause) while in video mode.

No more selfie arm!

7. Quickly get to the Camera app without having to unlock your phone.

Swipe up on the little camera icon in the bottom right corner of your home screen. The Camera app will open, bypassing the unlock screen.

This is especially handy when something incredibly photo-worthy is happening and you need to access your camera ASAP. It’s also great when handing your phone to others for taking photos — they won’t need to enter in your password.

8. You can use ANY bluetooth keyboard with your iPhone or iPad.

It turns basically any iPhone or iPad into a portable laptop.

9. There’s a built-in level gauge in the Compass app.

Peggy Wang

Open up the Compass app and swipe to the left and you’ll be at the level screen. If you need to hang a picture in a pinch, this little hack could come in real handy.

10. Tap the top bar of any app to scroll back up to the top.

No more tedious thumb scrolling when you’re way down on the page.

11. Invert your colors for better nighttime browsing.

Inverting your colors will turn the screen black and the text white for less eye strain. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Turn on “Invert Colors.”

12. On the iPad: Did you know that a) you can add more apps to the home row and b) you can add folders to it?

A lot of people don’t even know how malleable that bottom dock is. You can fit a couple extra apps in there (the default is four, but it fits six) or swap apps in and out. Just click any app and hold until you get the jiggly icons.

And you can move folders into the dock as well. Your most important apps are always just two clicks or fewer away.

13. When ending a sentence, instead of typing a period and then a space, just tap the space bar twice.

Tapping the space bar twice adds a full stop, a space, and capitalizes the next letter. It may not seem like much, but when you’re composing a lengthy message, this little hack will really improve the speed of your typing once it becomes second nature.

14. With the remote of your earbuds, you can go to the next track or the previous track while listening to music or podcasts.

This should work with any Apple-compatible earbuds with a remote.

15. Use this little trick when you want to go back and forth between the alpha and numeric keyboard.

Like, maybe you want to type a password that is a mix of letters and numbers. Click the “123” button and slide up to the character you want to input. When you let go, the screen will jump back to the alphabet keyboard.

16. Swipe right to left to banish a banner notification.

Very important to know this when that embarrassing sext shows up suddenly on your screen.

17. In Safari, hold down the period key to quickly add a domain in the search bar.

Peggy Wang

18. Use this simple Siri command for taking naps.

19. Outsmart your autocorrect by typing an extra letter when trying to spell a contraction.

Now don’t you feel like you know your portable device so much better now?

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25 Awesome DIY Ideas For Bookshelves

1. Floating Bracket Bookshelves

2. Box Shelves from Ikea, Connected with Ordinary Office Binder Clips

Click here for further instructions.

3. The Wall Bookmark Shelf

You could use a bracket, or buy the one pictured here for $32.

4. Ladder + Wood Bookshelves

Made with 2 ladders and planks of wood.

Or just one ladder will do for a smaller bookshelf.

5. Wallpapered Bookshelves

Click here for more details on how to make this yourself.

6. Leather Harness Hanging Bookshelf

Available for £89.00 from Rockett St. George. But you could probably also make this with some leather belts.

7. Hollowed-Out TV Bookcase

8. Another Ladder Bookshelf

Take a ladder apart and hang one side of it on the wall.

9. The Bookend Bookshelf

You can also buy this one in particular here from Umbra.com for $15.

10. Wooden Pallet Bookshelves

11. Another Example of a Wooden Pallet Bookshelf

12. Bookshelf Made from an Old Drawer

Click here for the full tutorial.

13. Industrial Pipe Shelving

This one’s available for $349 from Etsy, and the seller, Stella Blue Designs, has many variations available.

Pipe shelving can also be easily DIYed.

14. Pipe + Wood Bookshelf

Click here for the instructions.

15. Storage Bench

Made from pine wood, metal crates, and casters. Click here for instructions.

16. Rope Bookshelf

For more detailed instructions, click here.

This one uses drawer pulls. Click here for more instructions.

17. Larger, More Industrial Hanging Rope Bookshelves

View the full tutorial here.

18. Bookshelf from Wooden Cable Spool and Ikea Casters

Click here for more instructions.

19. Wine Crate Wall Shelves

Click here for more elaborate instructions.

20. Magazine Holder Bookshelf

You can get one of these from Ikea, $9.99 for a set of 2. Get the incredibly simple instructions here.

21. Pegboard Using Colored Pencils and String

Not exactly a bookshelf, but books can certainly be incorporated. Full tutorial here.

22. Hanging Fabric Shelves

You’ll need 2 curtain rods, 2 double curtain rod brackets, and some fabric. See the full tutorial here.


Ikea spice racks nailed to the sides of a dresser makes instant display bookshelves. Click here for more details.

24. Stacked Antique Benches

25. Stained Plywood Book Display Case

Just glue some birch plywood together and stain. Click here for the tutorial.

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31 Daintiest Dainty Things That Ever Happened

1. A teeny tiny skull on a teeny tiny golden band.

Find it here.

2. To match a teeny tiny skull hanging on the teeniest, tiniest golden chain.

Find it here.

3. A little heart tattoo preciously resting under your shoulder.

4. These subtle geeky finger tattoos you wish you had.

5. Gauzy lace nail decals that will make you pretty-squeal.

6. The daintiest of daisies on perfect acrylic nails.

7. A minimalistic gold ring almost invisible to the naked eye.

Find something similar here.

8. A necklace with delicate folds of a paper crane.

Find it here.

9. Small state necklaces to show pride in the prettiest way.


Find all kinds here.

10. A single thunderbolt for the understated Harry Potter fan.

Find it here.

11. A fragile triangle bracelet that became a precious photo op.

12. A pint-sized bow cutely cuffing your ear.

Find it here.

13. And this darling small dipper constellation for your lobes.

14. A fragile “&” necklace that makes a subdued statement.

Find something similar here.

15. A baby moon kissing a baby star on a necklace.

Find it here.

16. The most petite box on the most minimalistic of necklaces.

Find it here.

17. A brown bracelet gently holding a single snowflake.

18. This fragile garland of fresh flowers for your hair.

19. These extremely ethereal lace garments that should be handled with the utmost care.

20. This impossibly small bracelet with very fine details.

21. This petite bunny ring with a single Swarovski crystal.

Find it here.

22. Razor fine heart cutouts strung over Christmas lights.

23. A single frail chain left on a tiny ornate dish.

24. The smallest white polar bear against a tiny golden glacier ring.

25. A single tiny rose elegantly positioned on a pastel macaroon.

26. An itsy bitsy anchor kept in an itsy bitsy cork bottle.

27. A precious little black bow perched on your index finger.

Find it here.

28. Gentle wisps of a dandelion kept in a mini cork bottle (hung on a frail chain).

29. These frail flowers resting softly on her elegant collarbone.

30. This wee bitty cup of coffee you can wear.

Find it here.

31. And a pair of teensy-weensy itty-bitty puny-wuny pizza stud earrings.

Find them here.

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You Can Make Amazing Accessories Out Of Twine

1. 1. Twine Clutch

This tutorial by Michele Ng takes the DIY twine lantern a step further by transforming it into a chic twine clutch. Repurpose your old twine lanterns or create your clutch from scratch. (You can use jute twine for a raw natural look, and cotton twine for a sleeker finish. For this tutorial, jute twine is used.)

2. Gather your materials.

Thick twine, thin twine, white glue, a balloon, scissors, multi-surface paint, a foam brush, and a regular paintbrush.

3. Blow up the balloon.

The widest part of the balloon will be approximately the width of your clutch.

4. Wrap the balloon with twine.

Tie a knot at the end to secure. Leave some additional twine to hang the balloon for drying later.

5. Cover the twine with white glue.

You can use a foam roller or a brush to apply the glue. A faster way would be to dip the twine in a mixture of glue, cornstarch, and water (if you don’t mind the mess!)

6. Dry the balloon overnight.

The glue should dry clear and the twine should become very stiff. Then burst the balloon. You can use anything sharp, like the edge of a scissors or a pin. It’ll be downright thrilling.

7. Extract the pieces of popped balloon.

If you have some excess glue bits on your twine, don’t worry, as most of them will fall out as you work on your clutch.

8. At this point, you’ve made a twine lantern, so feel free to stop and enjoy your creation as is.

And if you happen to have a surplus of twine lanterns already (because who doesn’t, really?) you can take it from this step onward to make a clutch.

9. Carefully press into the center to flatten the twine ball.

You can press it as far as you’d like your clutch to be flat.

10. Cut a semi-circle out in the front of the twine ball.

This will form a closing flap for your clutch from the remaining portion at the back of the ball.

11. Press the flap and sides down to form the shape of your clutch.

If you want it simple and natural, you’re pretty much good to go with this as a clutch. To add a little sturdiness and color, continue on by tying dead knots around the joints at the base. This allows your clutch to support heavier items. You can do this using thinner twine or string.

12. Tie a dead knot in the upper corner of your clutch pocket.

Continue looping knots to hem the edge.

13. Loop knots around the entire edge of the clutch pocket.

This makes the clutch neater and provides more stability.

14. If you dig the way it looks, you’re pretty much done!

Or continue on to add a dash of color.

15. Paint the base.

Two or three coats will give it a more opaque color.

16. Let it dry, and you’re done.

A unique and edgy accessory that would look great with a simple summer dress.

17. 2. Twine-Wrapped Bangles

Dom from Get Crafted used colored twine to make this super easy bracelet.

18. Collect your materials.

You’ll need an assortment of colored twine, a wooden bangle, scissors, and strong fast-drying glue.

19. Apply some glue to the inside of the bangle and attach the end of your first piece of twine.

Be sure to apply enough glue to hold a few wraps.

20. Wrap the twine around the bangle five times.

Then cut and stick the end of the twine to the inside of the bangle.

21. To keep the inside nice and neat, glue the start of the next piece of twine alongside the end of the one before.

Continue this process, alternating colors, until the whole bangle is fully covered.

22. All done!

These make quick and easy gifts, and you could make a whole collection alternating the thickness of the twine and bangles you use.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/pippa/twine-accessories

24 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

1. Store scarves in a clear plastic shoe bag.

You’ll be able to see them all and keep them neat, rather than in a hopeless tangle.

2. Use a curtain rod to organize winter clothes and accessories.

Bonus: They’ll dry out much more easily than if you threw them all into a messy pile.

3. Stay warm even without a heater (or with one that works erratically).

4. Keep an empty tissue box on hand to bind with a full one for when you get a cold.

It makes an effortless trash can.

5. Freeze herbs when they’re at their summer best to preserve them for the winter.

And the cubes are perfect for dropping in recipes like sauces.

6. If you’ve considered switching to a Wee-Wee Pad before, this is the time to do it.

Imagine, no more shivering in the snow while you wait for Chrysanthemum to do her business.

7. Make a cheap and easy pebble boot tray.

Rain and snow will drain well.

8. Or buy one of these amazing shoe/boot warmers.


9. Fold your sweaters instead of hanging them to avoid stretching.

10. Keep a car mat nearby in case your tires can’t get traction.

Get this dual purpose one here.

11. A CD case can work as an ice scraper in a pinch.

12. Use a lighter and your key to thaw a frozen lock.

13. Use zip ties to DIY snow tires for your bike.

So you can have the option of leaving your house/apartment.

14. Or hang your bike if you’re not going to use it and it’ll function as extra storage.

15. If you’re blessed with a patio and a garage, hang outdoor furniture from the ceiling to maximize space.

16. Consider this alternative to sidewalk salt.

17. Bubble wrap can insulate windows in a pinch.

And it still lets light in.

18. Sow winter plantings in milk jugs.

It’ll make them hardy and ready for spring.

19. PVC pipes are an easy way to keep gardening tools out of the way.

Although you might need the shovel for some emergency car bailing-out. Directions here.

20. Use dried orange or lemon peels as firestarters.

No need to ever go outside again when you have a fire crackling pleasantly in your hearth.

21. Use wine bottles to store your boots so they stay upright.

22. Or pool noodles.

23. Or magazines.

They’ll keep their shape and the leather won’t crack as quickly. And your shoes will be so much more literary.

24. Vacuum seal summer clothes for next year.

It’s a life-saving way to conserve space.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/alannaokun/ways-to-get-your-home-ready-for-winter

3 More DIYs With The Best Thing Ever

Mason jars are are like the It Bag of DIY right now. And just when you think you’ve seen every mason jar DIY anyone could possibly come up with ever, three craft bloggers share NEW mason jar DIY ideas with us.

First up, Jeran from Oleander and Palm creates a monogramed light.

It’s not as hard as it looks! Here’s how she did it.

Gather your supplies. You’ll need a 2’ x 2’ piece of 1/2” plywoo, 11 quilted canning jars and rims (you may need more or less depending on your letter), 1/2” wood screws, white paint, blue painters tape, a power drill with a 3/4” bit, a string of outdoor lights, a hammer and nail, and measuring tape.

Tape the outline of your monogram. Paint white inside the tape line, allow the paint to dry, then remove the tape.

Lay out the jar rims on your monogram where you would like the lights to be, then trace the center of each. Using a nail and hammer, punch two holes in the center of each jar rim. This will make it much easier for you to put in the screws. Using a 3/4” bit, drill out the center of each marked circle on your board. Secure the rims to the board using the 1/2” wood screws.

Insert the light sockets into the holes and then screw in the light bulbs. Screw down a jar over each light bulb. Plug it in and you are done!

How’s that for unique living room decal?

Next up, Chelsea from Lovely Indeed jazzes up jars to make glittery ombre flower vases.

You can do it too!

First, gather your supplies. You’ll need mason jars in various sizes, glitter in various shades (three per color family), Mod Podge, painters tape, and a paintbrush.

Tape off your mason jar where you’d like the glitter to start.

Cover the lower portion of the mason jar with Mod Podge and quickly begin sprinkling your glitter. Start with a band of the darkest color at the top, then a lighter color around the middle, and the lightest color on the bottom.

Let the glitter dry for a few minutes and then gently cover it with another coat of Mod Podge to seal in the glitter. Do any touching up as necessary.

Peel off the tape and admire your handiwork. Then do it again! Try making a collection in different shades.

Way more glamorous than your average vase.

Last but not least, Margot Potter turns jars into practical and pretty organizing containers.

Need to get organized? You can do the same.

Start by getting together your supplies (you’ll probably need a trip to the craft supplies tore). These containers require a vintage atlas page or coordinating decorative paper, 3 smooth-surfaced mason jars, burlap ribbon, burlap fabric trading cards, mini gift cards, printable labels, paper flowers, hemp cord, tacky glue, tacky transparent tape, scissors, pen or pencil, and a hot glue gun.

Decide on the contents of your jars and print out your labels using any decorating software and font that you like. Cut the gift cards in half, and trim the label to fit on top of the gift card. Trim the burlap trading cards to fit beneath the gift cards. Each layer should form a thin border around the last.

Stack the three layers: label, gift card, and burlap trading card. Use tape to adhere the label to the gift card, and the gift card to the burlap. Use hot glue to secure the burlap to the jar and add the paper flowers, altering the flower placement on each jar.

Fill up your jars with their assigned content.

Cut ribbon to fit around the jar lid and use tacky glue to adhere the ribbon to the lid edge. Allow to dry.

Make three loop bows with hemp twine. Adhere the bows to right side of each jar lid with hot glue. (Screw the lids on the jars to find proper placement of the bows before gluing.)

Trace the jar lids onto your vintage or decorative paper. Cut out the paper and adhere it to the lid tops with tacky tape.

And you’re done! A nifty way to store craft or kitchen supplies.

Pippa Armbrester is a quilt maker and designer. Follow her adventures in quilting and life on her website.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/pippa/3-more-diys-with-the-best-thing-ever

50 Insanely Gorgeous Nature Tattoos

Finch Linden / Flickr
workmana10 / Flickr
Emily Boyer Photography / Flickr
Shelby Herzfeld / Flickr

Tattoo by Princesstattoo Silvia in Forlì, Italy.

Amanda Wachob

Tattoo by Den Yakovlev.

Charles Hildreth / 500px
Jenna Bumgardner / Flickr

Tattoo by Brandon Holt of Uptown Tattoo.


Tattoo by Amanda Wachob, of watercolor tattoo fame.


Tattoo by Terence at No Regrets in Tallahassee, FL.

Oh_Danny_Boy / Flickr

(These are temporary tattoos that you can purchase here.)

Char-la-la / Flickr

Tattoo by Ellen Westholm.

24 Stingy Hacks For The Cheapskates In All Of Us

1. If you don’t throw away your Starbucks cup, refills are only 50 cents.

It’s true!

2. In fact, reloading and reusing your Starbucks gift card can qualify you for free refills.

You have to register and use the card a few times beforehand, but you will unlock special instructions for free coffee and tea!

3. If you have cool neighbors, share Wi-Fi and split one bill.

4. Reasonably threatening to leave your cable company can compel them to give you an “exclusive” discounted rate.


5. If your original discounted cable/internet rates will expire, cancel your account and have your roommate re-sign up.


6. You can buy retailer gift cards online for cheaper than their loaded value.

Either at the company website, or specialty gift card outlets, like this one.

7. Use Google Voice to call people on your computer.

It’s free!

8. Be a “hair model” for stylists-in-training at trendy salons. Your cheap cut will look über-expensive.

9. Consult YouTube before you call a handyman.

10. YouTube is also a DIY hub to recycle pretty much anything in your house. Some ideas are more practical than others.

11. Join “For Sale” Facebook groups to nab freebies or steals. It has better stuff than Craigslist and it’s less creepy.

Find completely random *AND FREE* things here.

12. A tip from this awesome penny-pinching Pinterest user:

13. Heading home for an extended holiday? Sublet your apartment when you’re gone.

14. Unwrap all the soap bars you’ve been gifted and leave them in your dresser for fresh scent, 24/7.

15. Leave Tupperware at work so you can take those free company meals home.

Everyone might judge you a little bit, though.

16. Get free week gym passes. At different facilities. Every week. Until you can’t.

Again, people might judge you.

17. Repeat after me: Price-matching is your friend.


18. Coffee shops and bakeries might give out their baked goodies at the end of the day.

19. As do pizza places and movie popcorn stations.

20. Local gallery openings usually serve free wine and a classy environment to get tipsy.

Also, free food (sometimes)!

21. Arrange clothing swaps with your most fashionable friends.

22. Dare to buy produce in Chinatown.

So much cheaper and so many more interesting varieties.

23. There are a thousand ways to effectively clean household things with vinegar.

Here are 36 ways you never thought of.

24. Remember: Saving on everyday things leaves you money to splurge on frivolous stuff.

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23 Highly Specific Types Of Porn You Can Find On Pinterest

1. Spam Porn

Better than porn-spam.

2. Mineralogy Porn


4. Light Switch Porn

Such a turn-on.


5. Uplifting Soap Porn

8. Eames Chair Porn

9. Salad Porn

Oh look, I found the saddest word combo in the English language.

10. Calculator Porn

13. Basket Porn

You mean there’s MORE?!?

14. Vintage Radio Porn

15. Cactus Porn


16. Game of Thrones Hair Porn

Pro-tip: get this sassy look by spending all your time DEFENDING THE REALM.

17. Swiss Font Porn

Oh, those Swiss.

18. Inspirational Pencil Porn

19. Yarn Porn

My kinda pr0n.

21. Negroni Porn

‘Tis the season.

22. Outdoor Bathtub Porn

23. Porn


Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/alannaokun/porn-you-can-find-on-pinterest

47 Unexpected Things To Do With Cookie Cutters

1. Use them with bake-able clay to make gift tags.

Be sure to poke a hole in the top for the string, and use stamps to display any message you wish.

2. You can carve pumpkins with them.

Tap into the pumpkin with a mallet.

3. Make the most adorable ornaments ever.

Get the full directions here.

4. Make cracker crumb stars for a Fourth of July party dip.

You could also do hearts for Valentine’s day, or green and red for the holidays. Get the directions here.

5. Make these adorable s’mores.

Kids will love ‘em. Get the directions here.

6. Reshape popsicles into fun shapes.

Get the directions here.

7. Press the blunt side into bread, then toast.

It’ll make an adorable imprint on any sandwich.

8. Make heart-shaped pepperoni for a pizza.

9. Use ‘em for your fruit salads.

They especially work great with melons.

Or stick them on a kabob for a party or a portable snack.

10. Use them to shape cucumber slices.

Not only are they cute, but you can skip the step of peeling them.

11. Make homemade holiday candles with honeycomb wax sheets.

Get the directions here.

Use them as cake toppers.

12. Cut shapes out of cake.

Learn how to make the felt arrow cake-topper here.

13. Use them as photo frames for ornaments.

Get the directions here.

14. Make an egg-shaped heart for breakfast.

Get the directions here.

15. Fill with bird seeds to make an outdoor bird feeder.

Get the directions here.

16. Make pincushions.

Get the tutorial here.

17. String them together to make a wreath.

18. Use them as napkin rings.

19. Make brûléed mini cheesecakes.

Get the recipe here.

20. Entertain the kids with a cookie cutter sorting game.

Get the directions here.

21. Use them to organize candy in a gift tin.

22. Use them to make cut-outs for Christmas cards.

23. Make these cool floating star candles.

Get the directions here.

24. Use them to make cute felt ornaments.

Get the directions here.

25. Make a cinnamon dough garland that doubles as an air freshener.

Get the directions here.

26. Make crown fondant cupcake toppers.

Get the instructions here.

27. Replace the croutons in your salads with heart-shaped cheese crisps.

Get the directions here.

28. Make crayons in fun shapes for the kids.

Get the tutorial here.

29. Make these buttermilk cloud beignets.

Get the recipe here.

30. Cut out heart-shaped potatoes for roasting.

31. Cut out shamrock chips for St. Patrick’s Day.

Use a spinach tortilla.

32. Freeze whipped cream on a cookie sheet and use cookie cutter to cut out hearts.

Serve with hot cocoa!

33. Use cookie cutters for marshmallows.

You can make these cute fairy wands to stir hot chocolate with using star-shaped marshmallows.

34. Make Rice Krispie treat pops.

Get the instructions here.

35. Give them as a gift with a bag of sugar cookie mix.

36. Cut the cheese with them.

37. Put felted elbow pads on a sweater.

Get the full tutorial here.

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