24 Beautiful And Stylish Ways To Decorate For Halloween

1. White Star Spiderweb Paper Lanterns

$3.95 each from Etsy.

2. Pumpkins Painted with Flat Black Paint

Chalkboard paint might work, too. Maybe throw in a silver one for effect.

3. Mirror Turned Menu Board


This mirror was painted with flat grey paint and chalkboard paint.

4. Black on Black Playing Cards

Available here for $14.85.

5. Black Cocktail Rimming Sugar

$3.99 from Etsy.

6. Simple Pom Garland

This one is just white string threaded through small black pom poms.

Here’s a simple one using black string and handmade yarn pom poms.

7. Spraypainted Twig Wreath

Just take a twig wreath and spraypaint it black.

8. Cross-Stitched Starry Night Table Runner

Get the tutorial here.

9. Black Skull Candles

These are $32 each from Olive and Cocoa. For a cheaper option, Pottery Barn has mini black skull candles for only $6 apiece.

10. Candy-Filled Place Cards

Get the instructions for this DIY here.

11. Candles in Glass Bottles

Photography by Rebecca Hansen Weddings.

12. Black Framed Embroidery

Get the tutorial here. Originally seen in Sweet Paul.

13. Simple Black Triangle Bunting

Get the instructions here.

14. Painted Letters on White Pumpkins

15. Bat-Stenciled Doormat

Get the DIY here.

16. Free Jar Printables

Get ‘em here.

17. Lace-Wrapped Votives

All you need is some black lace trim from any craft store.

18. White Painted Bat Napkin Setting

Take some plastic bats from any Halloween supply store and give them a light coat of white paint.

19. Black Painted Frames with Creepy Photos Inside

These were for sale at Horchow, but you could easily DIY some for a creepy Victorian vibe.

20. Apothecary-Style Candy Jars

Get the free printables here.

21. Screenprinted Napkins

These were made using iron-on transfers.

22. Creepy Hand Wall Hooks

Get them here for $35.

23. A Garland of Spikes

Get it from Etsy for $15.

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The 14 Most Important Teen “Promposals” Of All Time

1. The public twerking promposal.

2. The CSI promposal.

3. The “fake game of Draw Something” promposal.

4. The “using your after-school job creatively” promposal.

5. The “ply her first with a One Direction flash mob” promposal.

6. The “dancing sexily to a Backstreet Boys song” promposal.

7. The tons of balloons/locker-writing promposal.

8. The shirtless in front of the whole school promposal.

9. The “give some bros some pom-poms” promposal.

10. The “ask her out over the loudspeaker during practice” promposal.

11. The “fill her locker with a zillion Ping-Pong balls” promposal.

12. The “Harlem Shake” promposal.

13. The “she won’t say no to bare-chested dudes” promposal.

14. The Photo Booth promposal.

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24 Surprisingly Easy Halloween Party DIYs

1. Make eyeball cakepops.

Draw on white cakepops with edible ink pens to make them look like creepy eyeballs.

2. Or make eyeballs out of the bottom of an egg carton.

3. Turn your refrigerator into a ghost.

Glue magnets to the back of cutout black paper or foam.

4. Or your garage into a jack-o’-lantern.

Using orange holiday lights.

5. Freeze water in a latex glove to make an ice hand.

Put it in a red punch.

6. Make scary ribs.

Put a red pepper with a knife in it in between a rack of ribs.

7. Attach pipe cleaners to mini pumpkins to make Halloween spiders.

8. Carve a jack-o’-lantern…into a cheese quesadilla.

9. Put socks and witch shoes on the legs of a table.

10. Or under your doormat.

Use cotton batting, pool noodles, or cardboard tubes from a paper towel for the legs here.

11. Hollow out mini pumpkins and fill them with wax to make pumpkin candles.

Directions, right this way.

12. Drip red wax over long white candles to make bleeding candles.

13. Make a jack-o’-lantern out of a pineapple.

14. Or an orange.

15. Or a bottle of orange soda.

16. Serve drinks out of a pumpkin.

Hollow out half a pumpkin and place a bowl filled with ice inside and you’ve got an ice bucket.

17. Use ducting hose to make a fake pumpkin.

Pick up the ducting and some orange spray paint at a hardware store. Then throw some twigs on top.

18. Make ghost strawberries.

Dip in white chocolate, decorate with dark chocolate.

19. Color a mason jar to make a ghost, zombie, or jack-o’-lantern.

Use tissue paper and mod podge. Instructions here.

20. Or turn a mason jar into a glowing lantern.

Drop in a broken glowstick and shake.

21. Or wrap a mason jar in gauze to make a mummy jar.

Paint the jar with mod podge or glue to make it stick. Attach googly eyes and drop a candle in.

22. Use radishes and olives to make eyeballs for a martini.

Slice most of the red off the radish, just leaving a bit so the eyes look slightly bloodshot. Complete instructions here.

23. Use cheesecloth to make a floating ghost.

Build a ghost shape out of a soda bottle, wire, and a ball. Spray with starch and let dry. Here’s how you do it exactly.

24. Or rip cheesecloth and hang it from the ceilings.

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The “Game Of Thrones” Death Generator Leads The Daily Links

Westeros, land of mystery and enchantment and violent death. Watch your neck.


Compared to the ocean, massive blue whales are teensy-tiny. So how do you track them? Some Australian scientists have a VERY cool idea.

Photo by Flip Nicklin courtesy of National Geographic

Rapper Riff Raff was one of the inspirations for James Franco’s character in Spring Breakers. He was asked to review the movie, but instead he just kind of challenged Franco to a fight.

So you’re an incurable Instagram addict. Why not make all them photos into cheap, awesome DIY canvas prints?

Photo by Sarah Lipoff for POPSUGAR Smart Living

Sure, big, crazy weddings are great. But sometimes, little City Hall ceremonies are the most romantic of all.

Photo by Winnie Au courtesy of Refinery29

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Tough out there for gingers. People come up with all kinds of insane ideas about you.

Somewhere out there in the Phillipines is the most NSFW rock in the world. And a group of intrepid cave-divers will stop at nothing to find it.

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How Much Would Ron Swanson Hate You?

NBC / Alanna Okun / BuzzFeed

How Much Would Ron Swanson Hate You?

  1. You got:

    Ron Swanson would have a healthy, grudging respect for you.

    If Ron were to run into you on the streets of Pawnee, his mustache might quiver slightly at the recognition of a kindred spirit. He might remember most of the letters of your name. He might — if you were really lucky, don’t get your hopes up — even shake your hand.

    NBC / Parks and Recreation

  2. You got:

    Ron Swanson would tolerate you.

    You’re not going to be invited to fish, or camp, or even interrupt Ron’s peaceful reverie. Your mind and your stomach are soft and you’ve probably never whittled so much as a toothpick. But you can stay, as long as you keep quiet.

    NBC / Parks and Recreation

  3. You got:

    Ron Swanson would loathe you.

    Get back to the fiery pit of hell where you belong, conniving government-funded demon — or should I say TAMMY 3??? Besides, what self-respecting adult would ever take quizzes on the internet? Show some backbone.

    NBC / Parks and Recreation


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29 Awesome Ways To Tell Everyone You’re Preggers

2. With a barfing pic:

4. With tiny shoes and a Facebook cover photo:

5. With an infographic:

You can buy these customized infographics on Etsy.

6. With a gender announcement:

7. With this t-shirt:

8. With a pun:

You can buy and personalize these cards via Etsy.

9. With pasta sauce:

12. With some pregnancy mags:

14. By alluding to birth control pills:

15. With an egg:

You can buy these on Etsy here.

18. With a Someecard:

19. With a library due date card:

20. With an Us Weekly cover:

21. With a tiny bird:

Buy this announcement on Etsy.

22. With a road sign:

24. With a fake movie poster:

26. With a chalkboard:

27. With a place setting:

Get the directions here.

28. With a fortune cookie:

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8 Amazing Necklaces Made From Bangles

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

All jewelry by Dinosaur Designs.

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images
Neilson Barnard / Getty Images
Neilson Barnard / Getty Images
Neilson Barnard / Getty Images
Neilson Barnard / Getty Images
Neilson Barnard / Getty Images
Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Dries Van Noten showed a similar concept for Winter 2008, and this blogger came up with an easy DIY version. Use monochromatic enamel bangles instead of thin jangly ones to make this look yourself.

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The 25 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow When Planning Your Wedding

Chris Ritter/BuzzFeed

1. Vane Broussard / Brooklyn Bride

Libby Cole

Brooklyn Bride


Brooklyn Bride is perfect for you if your wedding style is far removed from the typical princess bride look. Their Pinterest page is full of amazing inspiration so you can DIY your way to the modern wedding of your dreams.

2. Bridal Musings

idoityourself tutorial via Martha Stewart Weddings

Closer To Love Photography via bridalmusings.com


Bridal Musings is the Pinterest to follow when you’re still in the “musing” stage of wedding planning aka the “I have no idea what I like” stage. It has boards dedicated to vintage weddings, boho weddings, and even destination weddings. This is where you will find out your “wedding personality,” if you will.

3. Wedding Chicks

Sami Jo Photography via weddingchicks.com

Erich McVey via weddingchicks.com

Aimee McAuley Photography via weddingchicks.com


It’s no wonder that Wedding Chicks has about 4 million followers on Pinterest — it has a board for all your wedding needs. This Pinterest is a great resource to get inspired and plan every step of your wedding — and even has a board dedicated to rehearsal dinners!

4. Colin Cowie Weddings

Mila by St. Pucchi, 2014

Cakebox Special Occasion Cakes

Colin Miller via colincowieweddings.com


If you have a taste for the extravagant, Colin Cowie Wedding’s Pinterest is for you. As a party planning authority, Colin Cowie’s inspirational pins will guide you through planning your romantic wedding. It has boards for almost every color scheme possible and lots of decor inspiration so you can have a wedding that is sure to be talked about.

5. Stone Fox Bride


Are you the anti-bride kind of bride? Then you are most likely a Stone Fox Bride. All of its boards are filled with alternative and relaxed style choices for your wedding. It even has a “Stone Fox Couples” board with inspirational pictures of John and Yoko. You’ll definitely be excited about your wedding after exploring Stone Fox Bride.

6. Disney Weddings


Who doesn’t dream of having a fairytale ending? With boards filled with real Disney weddings, Cinderella won’t have anything on your wedding. Did I mention it has a board called “Glass Slippers”? You’re welcome.

7. BHLDN Weddings


BHLDN Weddings is a love story in Pinterest form. Not only is this Pinterest filled with romantic ideas for your walk down the aisle, but it also has products that you can purchase for your big day. Done and done.

8. MODwedding


MODwedding is a hidden Pinterest find that will practically plan your wedding for you. It has really specific boards like “Wedding Guest Book Ideas,” “Wedding Cake Alternatives,” and, wait for it…even a “Wedding Website Theme” board.

9. The Broke-Ass Bride

Random House Books / Clarkson Potter


In the event you don’t have Prince Charming’s wedding budget, Broke-Ass Bride’s Pinterest is there to rescue you! Their Pinterest page is proof that you don’t need dolla dolla bills to have a wedding that you will remember forever. With helpful wedding hacks and thousands of creative pins you’ll be done planning your wedding in no time! And on a budget to boot!

10. The Bridal Detective

Enchanted Events & Design via etsy.com

La Vie Photography via stylemepretty.com

Ryan Ray Photography via stylemepretty.com


The Bridal Detective has cracked the code on finding the most unique pins for every detail of all of your wedding events including bridal shower ideas, aisle decor, floral arrangements, and bridesmaids outfits.

11. Offbeat Bride


“Altar your thinking” perfectly sums up the kind of wedding inspiration you will find on Offbeat Bride’s Pinterest. Offbeat Bride is for the geeky, alternative, punk-rock, and all-around awesome couple who wants their wedding to reflect their unique style. X-Men save-the-date announcements? Heck yeah!

12. One Fab Day


If you ever feel like the weddings on Pinterest are way too out of reach for you, One Fab Day’s Pinterest has real wedding inspiration and tons of step-by-step DIY guides for weddings favors, garlands, and centerpieces. This Pinterest is the practical bride’s dream come true.

13. Junebug Weddings


Junebug Weddings is a Pinterest wedding gem, especially when it comes to the fine details of putting together your special day. They have boards upon boards dedicated to creative wedding photography so you can plan on how to capture every moment of your wedding day. They even have a board called “Finishing Touches” so your wedding can be extra special.

14. 100 Layer Cake

19 Pregnancy Lifesavers That Will Help You Survive Your First Trimester

1. Coconut, coconut, coconut.

Coconuts have a zillion beneficial properties, and some of those are really handy when you’re pregnant. Coconut water has tons of potassium, prevents dehydration, and is loaded with electrolytes. All things you’ll need while pregnant. And coconut oil can help with stretch marks and boost your baby’s immune system.

2. Invest in lots of ginger Altoids.

Ginger anything will help with morning sickness, which wins the award for Most Misleading Name since it can come on whenever it damn well feels like it. Buying ginger-flavored Altoids was the best advice I was given. They are insanely strong, and sometimes even just the smell when I opened the tin was enough to curb the nausea. Buy a case and keep them in your car, your purse, your nightstand, your work desk, on the coffee table… You get the idea.

3. Learn how to dress.

Pregnancy dressing is a whole other art form, especially in the first trimester. Your body will start changing, but you’ll be too small for “bump” clothes. You might not want the pressure of tight clothes against your body, though, and you may just not be ready for the world to know what’s up.

You’ll want to fill your wardrobe with slouchy tops, sweaters, and empire-waist dresses. And DON’T waste your money on maternity jeans. Ain’t No Mom Jeans has great tips for how to style this first phase.

4. Get a Bellaband.

You may not grow a belly until the second trimester. But at some point you are going to want to unbutton those pants. Bellaband lets you keep your current jeans while also keeping you comfortable.

5. Find creative ways to stay hydrated.

You will get sick and tired of hearing people tell you to drink plenty of water while pregnant. Dehydration is no joke, especially during the first trimester. But it can also be really hard to get excited about H2O for nine months straight, especially when morning sickness can leave your mouth tasting gross.

What To Expect recommends drinking more milk to up your calcium intake, as well as cutting down on sugar by mixing fruit juice concentrate with sparkling water. Get more tips here.

6. Check your skin care.

Most doctors will tell you to avoid putting salicylic acid and retinoids on your skin while pregnant: It can be absorbed right into the bloodstream, which is so annoying because one of the first visible signs of all those hormonal changes will be breaking out like a 15-year-old. Ask what ingredients are safe, and start reading labels.

7. Buy this pillow.

It’s not cheap, but the Comfort-U Maternity Pillow will help save your sanity during those inevitable sleepless nights. It takes up more than half the bed, though, so be warned that your spouse/significant other will not be happy about its arrival. But you are two people now, and the majority wins. Sleep tight!

8. Keep a dream journal.

Fact: You will have the weirdest dreams of your life while pregnant. There’s definitely some science behind it. Curb your nighttime anxiety and vivid subconscious by writing it all down. You might just make yourself a hilarious memento of these nine months to enjoy for years to come.

9. Get prenatal massages — as many as you can afford.

Prenatal massage was a lifesaver for me. I went once a month to a local spa, and once in the third trimester I just asked her to work on my feet the entire time. Check with your doctor about your individual risks, and if she gives you the all-clear, go as frequently as you can handle/afford.

10. Always be prepared to barf.

If you’re going to be queasy for 12 weeks, you might as well be cute about it. The Barf Boutique makes these sealable, waterproof bags in five colors. Keep them everywhere.

11. Try Tai Chi.

It’s important to exercise during pregnancy, but even more important to do it safely. Lots of expectant moms talk about walking for exercise, but Tai Chi has a surprising number of pregnancy benefits.

12. Get the Baby Bargains book.

There will be a lot racing through your mind during these early stages, and it can be overwhelming. So many decisions, so many options for baby gear you didn’t even know existed. Baby Bargains will help you identify all the gear and track it down without bankrupting you.

13. Take a hard look at your shoes.

Your feet will get bigger while pregnant, there is no point in denial. And it might be permanent. While the need for comfy flats might not be urgent for a few more months, you may feel your feet changing already. Be prepared to invest in some flats that will support your new body and give you some flex room while your feet expand.

Cole Haan makes tons of styles with Nike AIR technology, and they were lifesavers for me.

14. Consider Acupuncture

If your morning sickness symptoms are especially devastating, you might want to try acupuncture. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that acupuncture can really help with first trimester symptoms.

15. Think about your bras.

Your boobs could definitely start to feel sore and achy in the first trimester. You might even need something comfortable to sleep in. Whip out that coconut oil for sore nipples, but also think about shopping for some comfy maternity bras. Many nursing styles are also great for pregnancy.

16. Look into grocery delivery.

Parenting.com shared the genius tip of getting your groceries delivered while pregnant through a service like yourgrocer.com. You might also have delivery options through local stores or other companies. Grocery shopping is the last thing you’ll feel like doing in those early months, but a girl’s gotta eat (and so does that baby!). And later on in your pregnancy, you really shouldn’t be carrying all that stuff.

17. Rent a fetal doppler.

No matter how many times your doctor or significant other reassures you that everything is fine, until that baby starts kicking, you might just be really nervous. If you need that extra peace of mind, consider renting a fetal doppler to use at home. A lot expectant moms swear by them.

18. Don’t give up those manicures.

When you’re pregnant, suddenly your medicine cabinet, nail salon, spa, and refrigerator can feel like death traps. Don’t panic! Zoya makes pregnancy-safe nail polishes so your fingers can still look good. And if you take them to your local salon, think about wearing a mask (my manicurist always insisted).

19. Watch out for pregnancy books and websites.

Abbey over at Design Scouting points out how many pregnancy books and websites push a specific agenda, and she is so right on (she also suggests a few that worked for her). The temptation to buy and read every book out there is huge, but pregnancy is stressful enough without bombarding yourself with conflicting (and often pretty judgmental) information. Obviously you’ll want to learn, but don’t overdo it.

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