32 Things That Belong In Your Child’s Dream Room

3. One of these hanging cocoon chairs.

8. Giant pillows that are also puzzle pieces.

10. A tiny crawl space.

11. An entire jungle gym.

13. An tree that’s a house.

14. An actual tree.

15. Whatever this insane space age pod is.

16. A rock-climbing wall.

18. A rock-climbing wall AND a slide.

19. A secret room.

20. A rock climbing wall that leads to a secret room.

22. A performance stage for the talented singing and dancing toddler in your life.

23. A castle fort.

25. A full-on KITCHEN.

26. A giant Playmobil display.

28. An actual pirate ship.

29. Life-sized stuffed animals (and a teepee).

30. A climbable beanstalk.

32. A mini soccer field.

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12 Space-Saving Bike Rack Solutions

1. Bike Rack/Book Shelf

Comes in hickory and walnut. $299 from Knife and Saw.

2. Or You Can Get a Copy Cat One for A Little Cheaper…

This one’s $149 from Etsy.

3. Wall-Mounted Bike Rack

Made from reclaimed wood. $95 from Etsy.

4. Oblong Bike Shelf Equipped with U-Lock

$290 from Etsy.

5. Tamasine Osher Pedal Pod

You gotta pay for the design-y stuff. This one’s $887 from Tamasine Osher.

6. Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand

$75 from Public.


Here’s a DIY bike rack made from: wood plaques, hooks, spray paint, book tags, wood stain, a drill, a stud finder, hammer and nails, level, measuring tape, and countersink. Full tutorial here.

8. DIY Bike Rack Fashioned From Old Handle Bars

Click here for the full tutorial.


Here’s a double bike rack made from a Stolmen post ($30), 2 brackets, and 4 hooks, all from IKEA. Click here for the full tutorial.

10. Suspended Cable Bike Rack

Apartment Therapy does their best to figure out what exactly is going on here.

11. Easiest, Cheapest Bike Rack Ever

This is just 2 IKEA Kvartal wall brackets ($5 apiece) nailed into the wall. From IKEAhackers.

12. DIY Hanging Bike Rack for Multiple Bikes

There’s not much info on the blog that posted this, but you might be able to figure something like this out judging from the photos. Not a very pretty solution, but still practical for a garage.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/peggy/12-space-saving-bike-rack-solutions

19 Absolutely Necessary Products For Lazy People

1. This hair dryer stand:

Your arms are fragile and do not need to lift this heavy hot wind blowing machine.

2. This toilet paper extender:

Nothing worse than the ol’ lean-and-drip.

3. Remote-slash-bottle-opener:

Because who even knows what important TV moments you could miss on your journey to find a bottle opener.

4. A self-turning ice cream cone:

This ice cream spins by itself so your tongue doesn’t have to do all the heavy licking.

5. These prism glasses:

No one should have to be forced to sit upright while reading or watching TV.

6. A snowball maker:

Is it too much to ask that we form our OWN snowballs? Yes. It is.

7. Canned sandwiches:

It’s a sandwich, but without any of the physical sandwich making labor!

8. This dog poop contraption:

Saves you all the energy you were about to exert bending over to pick up the poop!

9. This toilet lid pedal:

Take THAT, every man ever!! Hahahahha.


No one should be expected to actually move their wrist in a circular motion while holding a spoon.

11. Pillow ties:

Any time you’re wearing a tie is the perfect time to take a nap.

12. This popcorn-maker that shoots it straight into your mouth:

As God and nature intended.

13. This toilet paper holder:

All you do is put the roll on the thingy and pull. None of those extra steps to remove the tubey thing and the springy thing and the other things.

14. This laser cat toy:

How do animals have so much energy? Harness it for your own enjoyment.

15. This extendable fork:

The only thing better than eating food is eating other peoples’ food.

16. These electric shoes:


17. These sauce-dispensing chopsticks:


What kind of snobby overachiever wastes time ~pouring~ soy sauce.

18. This stand for your tablet/e-reader:

To make pre-bedtime Candy Crush a snap.

19. A baby mop outfit:

Put your baby to good use, AT LAST.

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25 DIY Ways To Update Your Stairs

1. Wallpaper

Paste wallpaper to the riser of each stair— switching up patterns makes it extra eye-catching, as in this pic.

2. Painted Stripes

Wonky painted stripes add color and character. Found on this post.

3. Chevron

Use stencils to paint a chevron pattern. Read about it and find a tutorial here.

4. Books

If you’re a seriously skilled painter, depict your favorite books on each step. As seen here.

5. Washi Taped

Decorate a staircase with patterned adhesive tape. Find a link to the video tutorial here.

6. Nautical Rope Banister

Use door knockers to secure the rope. Via Jonathan Adler (left) and Bockman + Forbes Design (right).

7. Staircase Decals

These are available to buy here. $34.95 for a set.

8. LED Lit

Lighting along the base creates a floating effect. Read more about it here.

9. Bike Rack

Secure a bike wrack, like this one under the stairs for an aesthetically pleasing way to store your cycles.

10. Piano Keys

If you’re a true musical fiend, you could easily DIY these in your own home with black and white paint. Found here.

11. Wooden Palletts

A great makeshift staircase for a loft. Get more information here.

12. Lego Railing

20,000 legos were used to create the rail int his chelsea apartment- surprisingly chic and modern! Get the details here.

13. Rainbow

Painting each step riser a different color is an easy way to brighten up your home. Picture found here.

14. Ombre Bannister

Or, keep the stairs white and paint each bannister railing a different hue to create an ombre effect. Image from here.

15. Carpet Collage

These stairs were decorated with 6 rugs sewn together. Read about it here.

16. Numbered

Perfect for kiddos. Read about the farmhouse containing this numbered staircase here.

17. Chalkboard

Paint each step riser with chalkboard paint, then write whatever messages or doodles you like. Found on this blog.

18. Mirrored

DIY these by adhering mirror tiles on each stair riser. Sort of creates a disco ball vibe.

19. Balloons

A cluster of balloons on the staircase are a quick and temporary way to create a party vibe, as done by this blogger.

20. 18. Knitting

These knit stairs could be replicated with a whole lot of patience by knitting scarf-like strips and adhering them to step risers.

21. Rainbow Lighting

Light outdoor steps in rainbow shades, found here.

22. Vintage

Use paint to create a vintage vibe on wooden stairs, like this blogger did.

23. Mini Carpets

Layering small, colorful rugs creates a magic carpet-like vibe. From this blog.

24. Stamped

Add some romance to the home with stamped X and Os. Get a detailed tutorial here.

25. Pet Stairs

Get directions here.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/pippa/diy-ways-to-update-your-stairs

28 Clever Products You Need To Get In Shape For 2014

1. Cloudrunner trainers are the shoes you’ll want to go running in just as an excuse to put them on.

According to makeup artist to the stars Lisa Eldridge, “It’s like running on bouncy clouds.”

2. The next best thing: Thorlo Padded Running Socks

They give that extra layer of comfort and cushion. From Nordstrom.

3. The HapiFork tracks how you eat.

It vibrates if you’re eating too fast. It’s real, and it’s $99.

4. For mid-winter runs: Athleta Polartec Leggings.

Get them here for $79.

5. A roll-up water bottle that takes up virtually no space in your bag.

It’s $9 here.

6. For swimmers: the waterproofed iPod Shuffle swim kit.

Get it for $154.95 from Waterfi.

7. The Slide Effect lets you do pilates in a small apartment or hotel room.

You only have to do it for 15 minutes a day, you can try it out for $14.95, and I officially sound like an infomercial. Get it here.

8. A fruit-infusable water bottle will make hydration more enjoyable.

Get it here for $20.

9. A motivational tank top for stressed out mornings.

$34.99 from Skreened.

10. Stella McCartney’s yoga bag is a versatile way to carry your mat.

And when you’re not going to yoga, it still serves as a nice, stylish everyday bag. Get it here for $70.

11. The Luana Pocket Sports Bra lets you run hands-free.

Get it here for $35.

12. Under Armour’s moisture-wicking underwear will keep you super comfortable during workouts.

Get them here for $12 apiece.

13. This convenient citrus juicer fits over standard water bottles.

$5 from Umbra.

14. The Stunt Dog leash lets you go running with your dog more easily.

Get it here for $44.

15. The Trailheads Ponytail Headband keeps your hair perfectly out of your face.

Get it here for $25.

Also comes in beanie version for colder climates.

Buy it here for $28.

16. Yoga Tune-Up Therapy Balls will help you further de-stress during your yoga sessions.

Get them here for $29.99.

17. The Fitbit Flex has been updated with a sleek new bracelet look.

During the day, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality and wakes you silently in the morning. Get it here for $99.95.

18. And if you already have a FitBit…

FitBit’s wifi scale will upload your stats automatically. Get it for $129.95 from Amazon.

19. The inMotion Elliptical Trainer is awesome for small spaces.

Get it here for $99.

20. This totally masochistic alarm clock forces you to do 30 reps before it shuts off.

Give this to someone you LOATHE. Get it for $35.

21. The Contigo Water Bottle has a compartment that holds your necessities.

So put that fanny pack away. Get it here for $21.

22. Get the HVLO headphone + headband set for your morning runs.

They keep your earphones in place and the sweat out of your face. Buy them here for $54.

23. The Activyst gym bag has a compartment for EVERYTHING.

You can also use the shoe compartment to keep your damp swimsuit away from everything else. Buy it here for $138.

24. Gaiam’s Toeless Yoga Socks let you do yoga anywhere.

Buy them here.

25. This adorable exercise book will make you want to keep your goals.

Available here for $8.

26. Every climber should be using a Gripmaster to strengthen hands.

$9 from Amazon.

27. Hickies elastic lacing system ensures that your shoelaces will never come untied on a long run.

They come in crazy colors, too. Get them from Brookstone for $19.99.

28. The Black + Plum Bento Box is perfect for bringing homemade salads to work.

It has separate compartments for dressing and croutons. Buy it here for $19.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/peggy/28-clever-products-you-need-to-get-in-shape-for-2014

29 Awesome New Ways To Style Your Natural Hair

1. The Post-Twist Out Scarf Updo

Get the directions for this hairstyle here and get the twist out tutorial here.

Here’s a blog post on how to make your twist out last as long as possible.

3. The Double Braid Bun

Get the directions here.

4. Crochet Braids

This style really allows your hair to breathe. Watch a YouTube tutorial here. And here’s a great FAQ about crochet braids.

5. Two-Strand Flat Twist

Get the instructions here.

6. 1940s-Inspired Style

8. The Rope Pompadour

Get the instructions here.

9. Nicole Marie Melton’s Top Knot

Get the Essence beauty editor’s hairstyle with this super easy tutorial.

10. The Braided Updo

Watch the tutorial here.

11. The “Frohawk”

See the instructions here.

12. Grecian Crown Braids

Watch the tutorial here.

13. The Bantu Knot Updo

Watch the tutorial here.

14. Heatless Curls Using Bubble Wrap

This protective styling technique gets you big, bold curls.

15. The Five-Minute Twist

This style works great on thicker 4B/4C hair. Watch the video here.

16. The Chunky Crown Twist

17. Pin-Up Hairstyle


Watch the tutorial here.

18. The Twisted Goddess

Watch the video here.

19. Cascading French Roll

Get the tutorial here.

20. The Pompadour

Get more info here.

21. The Simple Tuck and Pin

More details here.

22. Set of Flat Twists

See how she got this look here.

23. The Cinnamon Roll Updo

Get the directions here.

24. The Pin-Up for Short Hair

Watch the video here.

25. The Halo Bun

Get more info here.

26. The Hair Bow

Get this tutorial here.

27. The Snail Bun

For girls with locs. Get the hairstyle by watching the video here.

28. Updo for Short Hair

She calls it the “Sloppy Date Night Updo.”

29. And for less-than-ideal hair days…

Watch this video to get 21 ways to tie a turban/scarf.

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13 Awesome Subscription Boxes For Everyone You Know

1. Skoshbox: Japanese Snacks

Skoshbox / Via subscriptionboxtalk.com

Monthly price: $12
This month’s haul: Eleven snack assortments, including Yuki No Yado Custard, Mini Senbei Mix, Haihain Cracker, and assorted juice candies.
Is it worth it? Yes! Twelve bucks is very reasonable for getting fun snacks delivered every month.
More expensive alternative: CandyJapan — $25 for candy, delivered twice a month.

2. Sock Panda: Fun Socks for Humans (Not Pandas)

Monthly price: $11 for one pair, $22 for two pairs.
This month’s haul: ???????? (Everyone gets different socks!)
Is it worth it? Why not? Everyone loves socks, you can get two pairs each month, and they come in men’s and women’s sizes.

3. Lullubee: Crafting Kits


Price: $125/4 months, $244/8 months, or $346/year. Kits can also be purchased individually without a subscription, but the monthly surprise is half the fun.
This month’s haul: a needle-felted mitten kit.
Is it worth it? OMG YES. The price might seem high, but crafting is serious bizniz, yo.

4. Taste Guru: Gluten-Free Snacks and Food


Monthly price: $25–34 depending on plan.
This month’s haul: cranberry flax, pizza dough, herbal tea, GetChia fruit chia bar, lentil chips, sweet potato chips, a fruit bar, and organic pancake mix.
Is it worth it? Sure! Shopping for a gluten-free diet can be difficult and expensive, but Taste Guru makes it a little more convenient.

5. Project DIY: Homemade Jewelry Kits


Monthly Price: $27.50–30
This month’s haul: The Joan of Arc collection (a wrist cuff and a necklace).
Is it worth it? Maaaaybe. The jewelry kits might not be your style, and after a few months of jewelry making, you might feel confident enough to start buying your own materials and designing your own bling.

6. Barkbox: Toys and Treats for Pups




Monthly price: $19–29 depending on plan.
This month’s haul: Boxes vary depending on the size of your dog, but typical boxes include chewtoys, bones, treats, and hygiene products.
Is it worth it? Yes yes yes forever. $19 is a small price to pay for monthly dog bliss, and 10% of your subscription goes toward supporting a rescue group.

If you’re a cat owner, BestFriendBox has an option for cats.

7. Birchbox: Sample-Size Beauty Products

Monthly price: $10
This month’s haul: Boxes are tailored to your online profile, but here’s a sampling: Folle de Joie perfume sampler, Chella eyeliner/highlighter, nail polish, Tiossan Body Cream, and Sapar Equalizing Foam Peel.
Is it worth it? Maybe. You only get samplers and sometimes you won’t love what you get, but $10 is a small price to pay to discover new beauty products.
More expensive alternative: Wantable — $36 for high-end, full-size products. Another alternative is Ipsy, which is the same price as Birchbox.

8. Birchbox Man: Beauty Products For Men

Birchbox Man / Via mysubscriptionaddiction.com

Monthly price: $20
This month’s haul: Boxes vary depending on your profile, but here’s a sampling: English Laundry Arrogant Shower Gel, shoe shine wipes, Dr. Brandt Microdemabrasion exfoliant, Vitamin C Moisturizing Balm, lip balm, a Wool Flannel Bow Tie, and an iPhone sticker.
Is it worth it? Probably, if you’re a man who’s into skincare and smelling nice (or if you’re dating a man who could use some sprucing up).

9. Bike Loot: Goodies for Bikers


Monthly price: $9–11 depending on plan.
This month’s haul: Mazama bar, Grabber Warmers, Paper Shower towelettes, Vi endurance fuel, Bee’s Knees peanut butter and honey spread, and Sqwincher tea concentrate.
Is it worth it? Ehh. Maybe. Your serious biker friends are probably picky about their supplements and snacks, but this could be a fun way to help them discover alternatives.

10. Homegrown Collective: Sustainable Seasonal Project Kits


Monthly price: $39
This month’s haul: DIY Cacao & Coconut Almond Milk and an “Evergreen Oil Lamp” kit.
Is it worth it? Maybe. The sustainable, put-it-together-yourself projects are quaint, but $39 is fairly steep.

11. Try The World: Curated Products From a New Global City Each Month

Taste The World / Via infrenchstyle.com

Monthly price: $45
This month’s haul: The service just launched and the first Paris-themed box includes tea, hot cocoa powder, chestnut cream, and artisanal salt. Following cities will be Tokyo, then Rio de Janeiro.
Is it worth it? At $45, maybe not. But if you’ve got the cash, it seems like a fun box to get every month, especially for travelers.

12. HammockPack: Products to Make You Feel Like You’re On Vacation

HammockPack / Via mysubscriptionaddiction.com

Monthly price: $25
This month’s haul: winter birch soap, cinnamon spice tea, cinnamon maple almonds, gluten-free chocolate chip brownie, and hand-printed coasters.
Is it worth it? Meh. The concept is cute but the products are sort of all over the place.

13. Citrus Lane: Fun Stuff for Little Kids and Their Parents

Monthly price: $25
This month’s haul: an adorable nightlight, wooden rhythm stick, sea salt potato snacks, and a three-month digital subscription to Ladybug Magazine.
Is it worth it? You betcha. The products are cute and useful and the service is a great deal.

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17 Totally Rad Manicures From London Fashion Week

1. Egdy Black Accents at Sister by Sibling

2. Rainbow Leopard at Sophia Webster

3. Straight-Up Butterfly at Sophia Webster

Just what your manicure’s been missing.

4. Swirly Black at Michael van der Ham

Getty/Ben A. Pruchnie/Stringer

5. Impressionistic Pastels at Michael van der Ham

Getty/Ben A. Pruchnie/Stringer

6. Psychedelic Flowers at PPQ

7. Ladybugs at Topshop

Again with the plastic bugs.

8. Religious Iconography at House of Holland

9. Metallic Geometry at Teatum Jones

10. Webbed at Sophia Webster

Think it’s a visual pun? The world may never know.

11. Lattice at Teatum Jones

12. Orange Half-Moons at Eugene Lin

13. Transparent Foil at Palmer Harding

14. Shaded Manicure at Jean-Pierre Braganza

15. Red Talons at Vivienne Westwood

If you can even see the nails past the makeup.

16. Matte Blue at David Koma

17. Chipped Sequins at Ashish

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/alannaokun/rad-manicures-from-london-fashion-week

30 Quick And Cozy Projects To Make This Fall

1. Easy Knitted Cowl

You don’t even have to make it in the round if you don’t want.

2. Gilded Pine Cone Garland

Get the insanely simple directions here.

3. Flannel Shirt-Turned-Skirt

Get the instructions here.

4. Yarn-Wrapped Vases

Plants deserve sweaters too.

5. Elbow Patches

Put them on everything you own.

6. Autumn Leaf-Inspired Hat

Get the pattern here.

7. Fox-Stamped Blanket

Directions here.

8. One-Piece Felt Slippers

For cozy toes.

9. Felt Leaf Headband

And/or crown.

10. Scalloped Boot Cuffs

Give your old tried and true boots a fuzzy update.

11. Sunglass Case-Turned-Clutch

Let’s hope that’s not actually Coach.

12. Leaf-Shaped Cork Coasters

Directions here.

13. Leaf Bunting

So simple, so pretty.

14. Old Sweater-Turned-Mittens

Give your moth-eaten garments a second life.

15. Dip-Dyed Baskets

Find out how to make them here.

16. Dog Hat

No words needed.

17. Knitted Pencil Grips

The coziest school supplies.

18. Pencil-ified Fence

Because why not?

19. Crocheted Mug Cozy

Get the pattern here.

20. Gilded Leaf Art

Make it yourself here.

21. Dotted Throw

Directions here.

22. Mounted Leaves

Do just a couple or decorate an entire wall.

23. Knitted Armwarmers

For when you can’t quiet give up short sleeves, even though you probably should.

24. Geometric Felt Art

Directions here.

25. Woolen Bead Necklace

Who says jewelry can’t be snuggly?

26. Felt Phone Case

There’s room for credit cards too.

28. Leaf Tea Light Jar

Find out how here.

29. Felt Sleeping Mask

For sleeping in on chilly mornings.

30. Pumpkin Hat

Perfect for a newborn (who can’t argue with you either way).

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/alannaokun/quick-and-cozy-projects-to-make-this-fall