The 25 Most Beautifully Illustrated Wedding Invites

Justine Zwiebel

1. This charming invite is made up of handwritten font and a personalized portrait.

2. This floral design is so simple and dainty.

Jolly Edition /

The hierarchy of text in this picture is outstanding.

3. These flowers are subtle enough that they don’t distract from the couple’s names, but just add to the overall design.

ReadyMakerDesign /

4. The bright colors on this invite complement the glitter accents perfectly.

The Stationery Bakery / / Via Katch Studios Photography /

5. This cat will make every single recipient smile.

6. There’s nothing like a bold color to grab people’s attention.

ShannonKirstenIllustration /

7. In this case, more is more. The vines + the drawing + the font = a memorable invitation.

Printerette Press /

8. This unconventional map invite is so clever for a nature or camping-themed wedding.

KatieHoffmanInk /

9. This charming illustration was made using only one ink and a linoleum block.

Elena Bulay / / Via

The hang tag and twine add a nice organic touch.

10. If your dogs are like family, don’t let traditional invites stop you!

Alisa Bobzien /

Incorporate them.

11. If you’ve got a lot of information about your wedding, don’t feel pressure to put it all on the front.

Belinda Love Lee /

It’s so nice having space to focus on the couple.

12. Dark backgrounds make every color pop.

Melissa Kelman /

13. Sometimes it’s best to emphasize the artwork.

Rifle Paper Co. / / Via

After all, your designer probably spent a good amount of time on it.

14. Not every illustrated invite must contain flowers!

LuckyPennyPaperie /

This is a great example of another way to incorporate artistry into your stationery.

15. Great calligraphy is the key to a simple yet elegant invitation.

Meagan Tidwell /

The thick, watercolored vine really balances perfectly with the thin weight of the font.

16. Sometimes using less color can be just as striking.

Liam Stevens / / Via

All of these illustrative fonts work so well together. Try experimenting!

17. Here’s an invite that breaks all the rules.

Kris Chau /

You don’t always need aligned text or perfect spacing.

18. Don’t be afraid to try crazy colors or unique sizes.

Ladyfingers Letterpress /

That neon ink is pretty unforgettable.

19. An easy way to keep your aesthetic consistent is by keeping one element the same within all the pieces.

Like here, this adorable font is used on everything.

20. Since the back of this invite* is so colorful and complex, it’s nice to keep it more simple on the front.

Feast Calligraphy / Aimee Mazzenga Photography / Via

*It’s actually a Save-the-Date but it’s too cute not to include.

21. This invite utilizes space brilliantly.

JenSimpsonDesign /

It looks intricate and well thought-out.

22. The detail put into this vine illustration makes it look like an actual piece of art.

Kat Catmur /

23. The handwritten font below the individualized portraits makes this stationery feel even more personal.

Color Me Carla /

24. This invite shows us how to correctly combine handwritten and digital fonts.

All Things Happy / Patricia Lyons / Via

25. Both the color scheme and watercolor elements on this invite are spectacular.

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9 Things To Do With That Ancient Monitor In Your Attic

Chris Ritter

Old CRT monitors are simple to disassemble, but can be dangerous if done improperly. Before embarking on any of these DIY projects, please follow these step-by-step instructions on how to gut your old monitor without seriously injuring yourself or causing it to implode.

1. Breathe green life into your old monitor.

Once safely disassembled, let your monitor enjoy a life in the great outdoors. Or at least help bring the outdoors in. You can get detailed instructions over here.

2. Create a soothing water feature.

According to the step-by-step guide, the end result is a functional fish tank. But please remember to thoroughly research what types of sea life will thrive in this pretty microtank!

3. Put on a family night show with a puppet theater.

Win troll parent of the year by using this this guide to transform a dead monitor into the kids’ new computer. While not part of the instructions, an old CRT could also make the perfect backdrop for their next diorama project!

4. Your cat sits on your computer anyway, so just give it to them.

Feel free to get creative with this project. Decorate with paint or feathers, glue wooden knobs to the bottom for height, or enhance the illusion for your cat by creating heat with a pet bed warmer.

5. Even farm animals love a cozy monitor bed.

Swap out pillows for straw and you’ve got the start of an urban chicken farm.

6. Make a magazine rack. Then remember to buy magazines.

Created by Low Yi Siu as part of a design contest, converting an old monitor into a storage unit is as simple as picking out your furniture legs and drilling them in to the base of the CRT. Siu’s model even has a secret compartment.

7. Or just transform it into an ironic conversation piece.

One of users at Makezine had a sense of humor when it came to trashing their old monitor. Once converted, it will fit a standard 13 gallon trash bag.

8. Pop off the front of the monitor to make a cork board.

Once again, wooden knobs can be glued to the bottom for stability. Of course, this also works with flat screen monitors.

9. Frame your art with an analog digital frame.

Sure it doesn’t cycle through images, though with some technical prowess that can be done with a flat screen monitor. But it is a unique way to show off anything from photos to handmade art.

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10 Common Decorating Dilemmas Solved (Not Really)

1. Distracting from an ugly couch

You’ve got a couch that’s super ugly but super comfortable and you can’t bear to part with it, or simply can’t afford a new couch. There are simple things you can do to distract from a couch that’s the color of saag paneer, or puked-up saag paneer. Each time a guest comes over, if he or she starts to look at your couch, just yell “Hey! Look over here!” to divert attention away from the couch. Drop a glass or bang on some pots and pans. Just create any kind of distraction so that no one notices your hideous couch.

2. Combining masculine and feminine styles in one room

If you want to create a balanced look so a room isn’t overpowered by floral patterns or wooden carvings of mallards, a few touches here and there can make your decorating gender neutral. Go online and buy educational, plastic models of both the male and female reproduction system to display on a shelf, in a china hutch, or wherever they look best. Once you have a 3D model of a uterus, you can add as many wooden mallards as your heart desires.

3. Getting creative with storage

It can be hard to find a place to store all your extra crap, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, or worse, in a plastic bin. Mason jars are a great place to store off-season clothing. Buy them in bulk. One mason jar can hold approximately one wadded-up t-shirt or about half of one bunched up sweater. (Sweaters will need to be stuffed into two to three jars.) Once you’ve smooshed all your clothes into the jars, they make an adorable centerpiece for your dining table or floor.

4. Livening up a dull room

Sometimes a neutral-toned room just needs a little extra something to give it character. That’s why color is your friend. And adding small amounts of color into your decorating is called a “pop of color” for some reason, which is really stupid, but we all have to deal with it. Fortunately, adding a pop of color is really easy. A standard bag of M&Ms has six different colors, so pick up a bag at your local food store and spill it somewhere in the room to add that extra “pop.”

5. Deciding on a furniture layout

Figuring out exactly how to arrange all your furniture can be very tricky. Once you’ve moved all the pieces around, it can look different from what you envisioned, or worse, not fit the way you want it to. But there’s a simple method for finding that perfect furniture arrangement. First, move all of your furniture out of your home and down to the curb. Next, go on Craigslist and post what’s called a “curb alert” so that people know there’s free furniture outside. Finally, go inside, roll around on the floor, and enjoy all your extra space.

6. Decorating on a budget

If you can’t afford to drop a load of money at Restoration Hardware, it can be daunting to try to decorate your space. The internet is filled with fun, cheap and creative “DIY” decorating projects if you like that homemade junk look. But no one does. So you’re out of luck. Looks like you’ll have to spend your money on food and leave decorating to the people with disposable income.

7. Selecting the right paint color

Deciding what color to paint your interior walls might seem difficult because there are so many options, but it’s actually the easiest decision you’ll ever have to make. Finding your paint shade is really simple. Just go with the first shade that matches up with the first three letters of your first name. So, a William would choose Wild Stallion Brown or a Melissa would choose Melted Butter Yellow. Kelly would go with Kelp, etc.

8. Managing clutter

Clutter can creep into all of our lives but there are some interior design “hacks” to help prevent clutter from starting in the first place. Whenever you see clutter starting to pile up on a surface in your home, light a small, controlled fire (always with a fire extinguisher on hand) until the clutter is burnt away. This should keep things looking nice and streamlined.

9. Attaining a “shabby chic” look

I’ll be honest. I don’t know what shabby chic means. Does anyone? My best guess is to get the mangiest feral cat you can find, wrap it up in a clean, white linen sheet and hang it from a chandelier.

10. Mixing antiques with modern pieces

How do you display that family heirloom without making your whole aesthetic look dated? You can’t. The world no longer has a need for antiques. In the near future all antiques will be replaced with robots or holograms so best to hide all antique items underground where the government can’t get to them.

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30 Itty-Bitty Foods That Look Good Enough To Eat

1. Petite Pommes Frites

2. Diminutive Crudité

3. Wee Everything Bagel with Lox and Avocado

4. Fried Egg Earrings

5. S’more Studs

6. Baby Breakfast-in-Bed

7. Miniature Crab Platter

9. Pizza Earrings

10. Small Stir-Fry

11. Pint-Sized PB&J

12. Peewee Pancakes

13. Little Bread

14. Runty Romanian Cheesecake

15. Grilled Cheese Necklace

16. Chips and Dip Cufflinks

18. The Smallest Picnic

19. The Most Lilliputian Pigs-in-Blankets

20. Pain au Chocolat That are Actually Too Cute to Be Real


21. Baked Potato Cufflinks

22. Bantam Falafel

24. Microscopic Banana Slices

25. Absolutely Enormous Lollipops

Hahahhahahahah just kidding, no they’re not.

26. Small-Scale Spring Rolls

27. Pork Buns That Are So Endearing Your Heart Might Explode

28. Taco and Beer Ring

If I am proposed to with anything less than this, I am so unbelievably out of there.

29. Bagel and Cheese and a Beer Ring

Unless it’s with this little number. How have none of us thought of this combination before, is my question.

30. Nutella Ring

Let’s be honest: This is the one.

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25 Adorable Gifts For Your Valentine For Under $25

1. Buy Me Brunch “Snuggle Monster” Tee, $24

Buy it here.

2. Hey Girl Ryan Gosling Flexi Journal, $11.11

Buy it here.

3. “Lovesong” by The Cure in a Bottle necklace, $23.50

Buy it here.

4. Arrested Development Fun and Sexy Times Pillow, $20

Buy it here.

5. Ms. Betty’s “I F’N Love You — Especially Naked” Candle

Buy it here.

6. Anchorman I Love Lamp Tee, $19.99

Buy it here.

7. Okay? Okay The Fault in Our Stars Case for iPhone 5c, $9.99

Buy it here.

8. Tabasco Spicy Chocolate, $8.19

Buy it here.

9. DrinkMan Mixtape Flask, $14

Buy it here.

10. Forever 21 Pizza Lover Sleep Shirt, $10.80

Buy it here.

11. French Je T’aime Necklace, $16

Buy it here.

12. Cook Your Date Into Bed, $18.50

Buy it here.

13. Philosophy “My Heart to Yours” Set, $24

Buy it here.

14. Grumpy Cat Stuffed Animal, $22

Buy it here.

15. Personalized Guitar Pick, $12

Buy it here.

16. Star Wars Valentine Poem Coffee Mug, $11.99

Buy it here.

17. Bacon Candy Sampler Pack, $24.99

Buy it here.

19. Bacon Heart Tote Bag, $16.99

Buy it here.

20. Mr. Rogers Valentine Tee, $22.99

Buy it here.

21. Heart Print Hand Warmer, $8.33

Buy it here.

22. A Pug’s Guide To Dating by Gemma Correll, $14.95

Buy it here.

23. Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate, $7.99

Buy it here.

24. UO Heartbreaker Sunglasses, $16

Buy it here.

25. I <3 The Shit Outta You Banner, $14

Buy it here.

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28 Helpful Cleaning Tips For Incredibly Lazy People

1. Spray a no-wipe cleaner on your shower walls every time you bathe.

You don’t even have to touch those grimy tiles!!! This blogger swears by this stuff.

2. Or, keep a handled sponge filled with half Dawn dishwashing liquid and half white vinegar and do a little scrubbing while you’re waiting for the conditioner to set in your hair.

3. Use body wash or liquid shower gel, not soap. You’ll get much less soap scum buildup in your tub.

4. Pee sitting down.

While you may consider this emasculating, your toilet will be MUCH cleaner.

5. Make a conscious effort to put something away every time you get up to go to a different part of your home.

On your way to the kitchen to reheat some leftover pizza? Grab that pair of scissors that actually belongs in the junk drawer that you never bothered to put back.

6. Buy anti-microbial doormats.

Or better yet, enforce a no-shoes policy. Tell your guests you have an Asian grandmother.

7. If you have carpet, keep Stomp ‘N Go pads for emergency stain removal.

They supposedly get out wine spills, coffee, pet messes, food, blood, and more. No scrubbing required.

8. Multitask during idle time.

While you’re cooking, do some dishes. Wipe down the sink every time you wash your hands. While you’re waiting for the hot water before a shower, tidy up the bathroom.

9. Avoid dusting by walking around your house in “Swiffer Socks.”

AKA those weird chenille socks that you always seem to get like three pairs of every Christmas. You just dusted a narrow pathway in your apartment just by schlepping to the kitchen to make nachos.

10. Use Press ‘N Seal wrap to line the surfaces in your fridge.

Cleaning the fridge is one of those things you just never get around to doing. Just replace the liners and your fridge will feel good as new again.

11. Cleaning your microwave is (almost) as simple as turning it on.

Pour 2 cups of water and 1/2 a cup of white vinegar into a microwave-safe bowl. Pop it in for about 3 minutes on full power. Let it sit for a few minutes. Remove the bowl carefully and wipe clean.

12. While you’re cooking, keep a plastic grocery bag on the counter.

You can quickly throw away any peels or packaging, saving you a few trips to the trash can.

13. Line your George Foreman grill with foil before cooking anything in it.

Those things are the hugest pains to clean.

14. Eat food out of a tortilla to avoid having to wash your bowls.

Works fairly well as long as you’re not an aggressive fork-stabber.

15. Eat Chinese take-out without dirtying up a dish.

Remove the metal handle and unfold the box into a plate you can eat out of.

16. Use foil and cupcake liners to keep a muffin pan clean.

17. Keep coal in your fridge.

Did something die in there? Knowing you, yes. Keep it smelling fresh with charcoal, which absorbs odors.

18. Invest in a colander pot.

Who doesn’t hate cleaning those little bits out of the mesh strainer?? This is available for $39.95 from Bialetti.

19. Use a removable oven liner.

Are you at that point where the smoke alarm goes off anytime you cook anything? It’s probably because you have a bunch of nasty burnt gunk in your oven. An oven liner will make your oven much easier to clean.

20. Clean a blender the easy way.

Just fill it up halfway with lukewarm soapy water, put the cap on, let the blender rip for a few seconds.

21. Cook the syrup INTO your pancakes.

No more washing sticky syrup mess from your plates.

Make pancake batter as usual. Pour onto pan. Before flipping, add a small spiral of syrup. Flip, let finish cooking, and serve!

22. Put your dishwasher to good use.

You can wash and sanitize things like toys, baseball caps, galoshes, knee pads, potatoes, etc. But there are also things you can’t put in there, so read this handy guide to find out more.

23. You can even put your disgusting, Cheeto-dust-crusted keyboard in the dishwasher.

24. Use dryer sheets to clean your blinds.

Blinds are such a pain to clean. Thankfully, the chemicals in dryer sheets help to repel dust.

25. Get a self-cleaning litter box.

26. Vow to put away five things or do one task during each commercial break while watching TV.

Clear the dishes, or straighten up the magazines.

27. Divide your home into zones and each night, clean a zone for 5 minutes.

Set a timer — it’ll be over before you know it.

28. Before you know you need to clean the house, watch an episode of Hoarders.


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Two Washi Tape Projects Anyone Can Do

1. 1. Ice Cream Necklace

This adorable pendant was created by Alexandra at Into the Woods.

Materials: Washi tape, a laser cut wood pendant (or you can draw a template and cut one out from cardboard as pictured), a chain with a fastener already attached, a jump ring, one sheet of cardstock, one sheet of decorative paper (keep in mind that this will be used for the cone portion of your pendant), a hot glue gun, scissors, and a pen.

Trace the ice cream portion of your pendant onto the cardstock. Cut out the shape. Cut it in a wave-like pattern for the bottom of the scoop.

Layer the washi tape across the cut-out. The pendant shown used four pieces for optimum color.

Trim away the excess tape.

Cut out the cone shape of the pendant. Use the pendant as a guide on your decorative paper.

Cover the cone in glue. If you are using sheer paper, be sure to use full coverage for the best result.

Evenly press the paper onto the cone. Trim away the excess.

Glue on the washi tape scoop. Line it up evenly with the top portion of the pendant.

Attach the jump ring. If you’re using a wooden pendant, pull the jump ring through the drilled hole. If your pendant is cardboard, use something sharp to poke a hole through the top of the pendant, such as a metal skewer. Thread your chain through the jump ring.

That’s it! A cute summer necklace for summer. You could use a similar method with a leaf or pumpkin for fall.

11. 2. Decorative Closet Doors

Molly at Almost Makes Perfect came up with this unique way to spruce up your bedroom.

Supplies: two rolls of washi tape, an xacto knife with a new sharp blade, measuring tape (or a yardstick), and scissors.

Measure the first door you’ll be taping. If you have three doors like shown, do the middle first so that you can base the other doors’ designs off of it. Using painters tape or a pencil, figure out where you want the design on the door. The doors shown are decorated about 3.5” from the edge.

Just start taping! You can use exact measurements, or just eyeball it. Do your long lines first, step back and see if they look straight, then tape the corners off and step back. The washi tape is perfect for this because you can un-tape the lines multiple times and restick them. Just make sure not to press down your tape hard onto the door until you’re happy with each line.

Overlap your corner pieces. If you like the look of the corners overlapping, you can leave them that way; gently trace around the edges using the xacto blade and carefully peel off the remaining tape. If you don’t want to overlap the edges, just cut the edge above the other side.

Triple check that the lines look straight enough. Then rub all the tape down with your hand to get it really stuck to the door.

Repeat with the other two doors. Match the tape layout to the first door.

Finished! Your bedroom has a whole new vibe.

Check out a whopping 56 more washi tape projects.

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26 Clever And Inexpensive Crafting Hacks

1. Turn wine corks into point protectors for knitting needles.

A) Your knitting won’t slide off. B) You have to drink two entire bottles of wine first. C) Cool.

2. Knit in a dimly-lit room or in a car at night with light-up needles.

Also you’ll feel like a Jedi, which is always a plus. Clover sells them for around $15-$16 per pair.

3. Don’t get jellz, crocheters.

You can buy light-up hooks too!

4. Yarn bowls are lovely and keep your yarn from getting tangled/roaming across the land, but they can be wicked expensive.

Make your own using a binder clip.

6. Or the net bag from produce.

8. Prevent tangled ribbon or twine (and make it look pretty) with a paper towel dispenser.

I found mine for like $2.50 at a dollar store (although it was not, clearly, just a dollar).

9. Want to try printing but don’t have stamps or linoleum? Check your lunch.


The tried-and-true potato method.

11. Use a fork to make a perfect little bow.

12. Forks are also great for making tiny pom-poms.

Who needs a pom-pom maker when you have UTENSILS? It’s unbelievably addicting and a great way to use up the last bits of yarn from a project.

13. Make larger pom-poms with your fingers.

Tutorial here.

14. Make the biggest pom-pom you’ve ever imagined with an entire skein of yarn.

This might not count as “inexpensive” since it’s very easy to spend your entire life savings on yarn, but sometimes you just need a monstrously large pom-pom.

Why would you *need* a giant pom-pom, you ask?

Just look how pumped she is.

15. Get creases out of ribbon with a lightbulb.

16. Clean up beads and glitter with a lint roller.

17. Use a dollar store pool noodle instead of buying a wreath form.

Here’s how.

18. Relax curled circular knitting needle cords with warm water.

Webs’ blog is full of useful tips. (Webs, an enormous yarn store in Northampton, MA, complete with a warehouse stocked with sale items, is quite possibly my favorite place on the planet/a black hole for all of my money).

19. Make crochet hooks more comfortable to use with pencil grips.

20. Bend the bottom of a crochet hook so you can keep it on your keychain.

For emergency on-the-go crafting. Directions here.

21. Keep bobbins from unthreading with foam pedicure pads.

22. Store sequins, beads and other small things in an ice tray.

23. Sharpen dull scissors by cutting tin foil or sandpaper.

No need to replace them or buy a bulky, expensive whetstone.

24. Use sponges to easily move fabric when machine-quilting.

25. Learn to wind a center-pull ball by hand.

26. Or with a toilet paper roll.

It would be SO AWESOME if everyone in the world were given a swift and ball-winder at birth, but until that time, we’ll have to make do. Find out how here.

Do you have a secret-weapon tip or a trick that you love to use when making stuff? Tell the world in the comments!

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Community Post: The Year 2013 Captured In 13 Crafts

1. Miley Cyrus Amigurumi

UnicornReality / Via

This Miley Cyrus amigurumi is so adorable that it’s wrecking the cuteness meter.

2. Grumpy Cat Mask

Grumpy Cat isn’t even two years old yet but has already achieved world domination, from the New York Times bestseller list to the Cat Video Film Festival. With the grumpy cat mask you can put on a sourpuss face any time you want (and hide those feelings of unbridled joy underneath).

3. Beyoncé ‘Miss Third Ward’ Paper Doll / Via RabiscoPop

Beyoncé’s album may have been a secret, but once it dropped crafters were out in full force, creating an homage you can put on your desk so she’ll always be near.

4. Minecraft Cross Stitch

CraftFoxes / Via

Although Minecraft has been around for a few years, this world-building video game really hit pay dirt in 2013. When you need to take a break from making weapons and fighting monsters, you can always make a Minecraft cross-stitch.

5. Crocheted Royal Prince George Bib and Nursery Decor

Red Heart Yarns / Via

The most anticipated baby of the year, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, inspired a flurry of bootie and bib making activities across England and beyond. Even if your wee one is a mere commoner, give him or her the royal treatment with one of these knitting and crochet projects.

6. ‘Breaking Bad’ Party Favors / Via BakinBit

The epic TV series “Breaking Bad” came to an end this year with a (spoiler alert!) bang. Even if you’re just catching it now on DVD, there’s no reason you can’t throw a “Breaking Bad” party complete with blue crystal candy and Jesse Pinkman’s favorite snacks.

7. Red Sox Paper Beard / Via SouthShoreMamas

When the Red Sox won the World Series in October, many fans credited the victory to the team members’ full-on “Duck Dynasty” beards. If your kid wears this paper beard, he or she will be guaranteed to win the admiration of whiskered hipsters from Beantown to, well, parts of Brooklyn.

8. ‘Duck Dynasty’ Kids’ Birthday Party / Via AroundMyFamilyTable

For reasons both good and bad, the reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” made a splash in 2013. These suggestions for a “Duck Dynasty”-themed kids’ birthday party are both genius (duck cupcake toppers) and a little disconcerting (camouflage toy gun favors).

9. Pope Francis Paper Bag Puppet / Via CatcholicIcing

Here’s a fun way to introduce the new Pope (and Time’s Person of the Year) to kids, via paper-bag puppets. (You supply the fire and brimstone.)

10. Barack Obama Shrinky Dink Earrings

Cur Out and Keep / Via

When you’re wearing these POTUS profile earrings, Barack Obama always has your ear.

11. Gay Marriage Cake Topper

EquallyWed / Via

Take a clothespin and turn it into a statement of equality with just a little acrylic paint.

12. What Does The Fox Crochet? / Via Goodknits

The Fox crochets this precious hat, for starters! Follow this simple pattern, and you can make this hat and freak out to Ylvis’s novelty hit “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)”. Strobe lights, fog machine, and back-up dancers not included.

13. Sharknado Cupcakes / Via Nerdy Nummies

Just try to resist the onslaught of frosting and cake that comes in a Sharknado wrapper!

For more, check out CraftFoxes’ crafts of 2013.

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43 Rad Tattoos To Pay Tribute To Your Favorite Place

1. New York City Skyline

5. Brooklyn Bridge

By Loic at Tattoo Culture.

6. Michigan Palm

Use that mitten shape to your advantage.

8. Buffalo Postage

By Kara at Lark Tattoo.

11. Twin Cities

Done by Sara at Beloved Studios in St. Paul, MN.

12. Brooklyn

This is temporary if you’re not willing to fully commit just yet.

13. U.K. Coordinates

You can do the coordinates of any location imaginable for a subtle tribute.

14. California Bear

By Erik Jacobsen at Idle Hands.

15. Portland Skyline

The one in Oregon, that is.

16. Canadian Maple Leaf

Done by Blacky at Blacky’s Tattoo Studio in Ontario, Canada.

18. New York City Subway

These are temporary and don’t account for the fact that the R barely functions right now.

20. Lake Tahoe

Done at Brucius Tattoo.

22. Las Vegas

Done at Ouch Tattoo in London.

23. Rocky Mountains

25. New Jersey

Jennifer Medeiros / Via

29. Vermont

By Nora at Jade Lotus.

30. Chicago El Map

Apparently the woman who has this occasionally uses it to give directions.

32. Flag of the Philippines

33. Michigan Mitten


35. Seattle Space Needle

Christine Smyre / Via

36. Russia

Done at Dmitri Tattoo.

37. Downtown Mexico City

By Richard at Ganeshstudio.

38. Miami

Note: Edited to include the tattoo artist’s website. Check out Destroy Troy’s Tattoos!

40. Your Childhood Home

This redditor had his minimalist tattoo done to commemorate his move away.

41. London


42. Minnesota

By Shane Wallin at Twilight Tattoo.

Got a favorite place tattoo? Add yours below!

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