20 Unbelievable Gingerbread Houses You’ll Want To Live In

1. This stately home.

Wendall Graber / Via goodhousekeeping.com

The shingles are made of grape bubble tape.

2. This architectural marvel.

Nick Milkovich Architects / Via creativeroom.ca

3. This edible White House.

Jason Reed / Reuters

4. This magical Burrow.

Mezcraft / Via craftster.org

Complete with decorated Weasley sweaters.

5. And this slightly-less-hospitable environment.

One does not simply nom into Mordor.

6. This popcorn-studded tree house.

Bobbi Shirey / Via goodhousekeeping.com

7. This cookie-encrusted domicile.

8. This ark that is too adorable to even consider eating.

Belinda Myers / Via goodhousekeeping.com

How could you bear to separate those lion cookies??

9. This heartbreakingly cute “Up” house.

10. This charming town house.

Molli Dowd / Via goodhousekeeping.com

11. This illuminated masterpiece.

12. This cozy abode.

13. This yummy grump.

Can u not.

14. This insanely teeny lil guy.

15. And this ridiculously large one.

It’s located in College Station, Texas and is comprised of 35.8 million calories.

17. This luscious model of London.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

18. This house for which “edible” has more than one meaning.

20. This exact replica.

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20 Simple Tricks To Make Spring Cleaning So Much Easier

1. Use a dustpan to fill up a tub of water for mopping.

2. Clean your toilet with Coke.

Don’t worry, it won’t look that horrifying for long. Directions here.

3. Use a lemon to get rid of water stains.

Directions here.

4. Dryer sheets will remove buildup from glass.

From Real Simple.

5. Keep your cleaning supplies neat with a tension rod.

Directions here.

6. Meet your new BFF, the Magic Eraser.

There are basically infinite uses for these things, from getting rid of scuff marks to removing nail polish stains to cleaning grout.

7. Get pet fur off a carpet or furniture with a window squeegee.

What animal is that even from.

8. Use coarse salt to clean cast iron.

From Martha Stewart.

9. Towel + broom = a way to reach high, hard-to-clean spaces.

From Real Simple.

10. Clean screens with coffee filters.

From Real Simple.

11. Get all the grossness out of your keyboard with a toothbrush and cotton swabs.

Full directions here. (These pictures will probably make you cringe/not go on the internet for the rest of the day.)

12. Don’t miss the tiny spots, like the tracks on sliding doors or window panes.

Vinegar can help you get these areas spotless.

13. Make everything in your fridge organized and easily accessible.

14. Store condiments in an egg carton to prevent spills.

Tx, Alton.

15. Fold your shirts vertically to save space and maximize visibility.

16. Properly fold a fitted sheet.

Swap out flannel for cotton now that it’s actually warm enough.

17. De-pill your clothes with a razor and some tape.

You can de-pill your winter clothes before putting them away and your spring clothes after taking them out of storage. Directions here.

18. Vacuum-seal bulky winter clothes and blankets for easy storage.

They’ll be as good as the day you put them away come next winter (not that you want to think about next winter).

19. Use the hanger trick to get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore.

Hang all your clothes so your hangers face backward. When you wear something, turn the hanger around. After a year, if something is still on a backward hanger, give it away.

20. And the best possible advice: Drink while you clean.


You know how sometimes you come home after a few drinks and have a strange, overwhelming urge to clean everything? Channel that feeling. The best part is when you wake up the next day and are genuinely surprised and delighted at how clean everything is.

Many of these useful tricks, plus a ton more, come from r/lifehacks and Real Simple.

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19 Reasons To Never Mess With A Parent

1. They’re constantly sleep deprived.

So they’re basically zombies.

2. If you cross their kids they will make you pay.

Seriously. Try it and see what happens.

3. They can take a beating.

4. They’re impossible to lie to.

5. They have a tool for everything.

6. No one can make you feel as guilty.

And they don’t even need to say a word.

7. They somehow always know when you’re up to no good in your room.

8. They’re not afraid to catch vomit with their bare hands.

9. They can shame you with just their eyes.

10. They literally suck the snot out of their babies’ noses.

She’s using a NoseFrida. It’s a real thing. No, really. It is.

11. They don’t care how embarrassing they are.

12. They won’t take your crap.

13. They exact punishment Guantanamo Bay style.

14. They have more patience than you.

They’ve sat through hundreds of hours of this drivel.

15. They’re surprisingly agile.

You try catching a cake while wearing a mesh cap and holding a fishing pole.

16. They’ve endured way more pain than you have.

This is one doodle that can’t be undid, homeskillet.

17. They will go to disturbing lengths to be near their children.

18. They have an unsettling sense of humor.

Not all dad jokes are bad puns. Some involve chainsaws.

19. Did I mention what they’ll do if you cross their kid?

Because I really can’t emphasize that point enough.

So if you encounter parents out in the wild be careful not to antagonize them.

Instead, try to win them over.

Parents can actually be pretty cool once you get to know them.

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22 Ways To Keep Your Kids Happy When It’s Cold And Icky Outside

1. Use Halloween costumes to keep the baby warm.

Those bunny and bear suits are frequently toastier than sweaters and jackets… and cute as the dickens, too.

2. Whip up perfectly smooth hot cocoa — there’s a trick to it!

Using powered hot cocoa mix? Dump it in the cup, then add just a little hot water. Stir, stir, stir. Then add a little more hot water. Repeat until full and smooth and creamy and clump-free. Mmmmmm.

3. Paint those rain boots.

Now you can dazzle on the next rainy day!

4. …And line them, too.

Fleecy DIY liners will keep their little feet warm and avoid that dreaded winter conundrum: cold-yet-dry in rain boots, or warm-yet-wet (and therefore cold) in Uggs?

5. Prevent Norovirus with grape juice.

Rumor has it that drinking grape juice keeps the dreaded stomach bug at bay!

But if that doesn’t work, keep a potty by the bed.

It works really well as a vomit receptacle. :-(

6. Acknowledge that getting ready to go outside is enough of an ordeal to count as its own activity.

Nothing to do? No activities or playdates planned? Suggest a simple walk around the block. By the time you get your kids’ snowsuit on…

And his scarf…

…you’ll have spent an hour right there. Your stroll will take another hour as the child inspects every heap of ice or puddle of slush…

Back at home, de-bundling him will take yet another hour. Then presto-chango, it’s time for dinner! Your “walk around the block” just consumed an entire afternoon!

7. It’s a good time to educate your kids about cute, cuddly Arctic animals.

Even if you don’t normally believe in screen time, it’ll help trick your kids into thinking that winter is fun. Try downloading the Winter Animals app in iTunes.

8. Make every night a slumber party.

A cute sleeping bag is fun, cozy, and will insure your child doesn’t kick off the covers.

9. Layer up, and avoid using cotton as the bottom layer.

It really works to keep kiddies warm!

Just avoid using 100% cotton as the bottom layer… it gets wet with perspiration, then makes your kid cold.

10. Use kid-safe chapstick.

All the best moms carry baby-safe moisturizer for those wintry chafed faces…

But in case you forgot, try some silicone-based diaper cream on those poor little red, roughened nostrils instead.

11. Cure a croupy cough with some steam.

If you hear the tell-tale seal-barking sounds of croup, bring your child into the bathroom, close the door, and turn on the hot shower. Sit beside the shower (not in it) and breathe in the steamy air. Then…

Making sure your little one is dry and well-bundled, stand in front of the fridge and open the freezer door, this time breathing in the cold air. (Other options include stepping outside if it’s chilly out, or turning on the AC and standing in front of it.)

12. Always carry a spare set of clothes.

When kids get wet, they can lose their body heat even more rapidly, so keep an outfit on hand so that you can change them into dry clothes at the drop of a (woolen) hat.

… Including extra mittens.

They’re the first things to get wet after a snowball fight!

13. … And buy extra hats, too.

Kids need hats. Kids lose hats.

14. Do cute things with lone gloves.

Kids lose gloves, too. But if you turn the remaining glove into a chipmunk, everyone wins!

15. Make friends with the family next door.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had a playdate with your neighbors before — you automatically have something in common: it’s yucky outside, and you all need something to do. Invite them over, or knock on their door bearing cookies. They’ll be thrilled to see you!

16. Keep your child’s bike wheels from getting muddy.

… By making mud guards: one for the front (using an old detergent container)…

17. Give your child’s snowball a fighting chance.

Arm your children with ice cream scoopers for making perfectly shaped snowballs. All’s fair in snowball fights, right?

18. Make an indoor slide.

Another rainy day, another fort made out of sheets? Yawn. Try a slide made out of cardboard boxes, instead!

19. Keep everyone’s wrists warm with socks.

Protect that cold area between your kid’s mitten and his sleeve by cutting the toes out of a pair of socks and using them as wrist-warmers.

20. Keep everyone’s butts warm with socks.

Sitting on a cold toilet seat in winter is one of the worst things, ever.

21. Subject socks to a final indignity.

Degrade a pair of socks even further by slipping them over your kids wrists for another purpose: snot receptacle.

22. Read “The Snowy Day”… again

The book by Ezra Jack Keats will help you remember that a snowy day, seen through the eyes of a little boy named Peter, can be pure magic.

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17 DIY Accessories To Keep You Cozy This Winter

1. Faux Fur Pompoms

Add some spunk to your winter wardrobe with these DIY pompoms by Aimee from Clones and Clowns.

Materials: thick wool yarn (real wool if possible, it looks so much nicer!), scissors, a brush, and your hands.

1. Wrap the wool around the palm of your hand about 50 times.

2. Cut another piece of wool 30cm long.

3. Take the wrapped yarn off of your hand, lay it on top of the single piece of cut yarn, then tie the cut yarn around the center of your wrapped yarn. Tie it very tightly!

4. Chop open the loops to make the pompom. Gently tug at the wool to open out your pompom.

5. Now brush your little pompom friend with a wiry brush to give it the perfect faux fur look ! Keep going until it’s perfectly furry.

Tada! Make lots of different colors to accessorize hats, bags, scarves, and more!

2. Tights Turned Headband

Aimee also turned a pair of tights into this adorable wintery headband.

Supplies: a pair of tights (thicker materials works better), scissors, needle and thread.

1. Cut your tights in the middle of each leg so that you have two pieces the size of your head (simply measuring by holding tights around your head like a headband) and a third piece 10cm wide.

2. Start with one of the longer pieces flat on the table. Fold one side into the centre. Fold the other side into the centre too, joining the two in the middle.

3. Slip one side in the other and fold the outside edge in for a neat hem. Hand stitch or machine sew it in place. Don’t worry, tights are difficult to sew in a straight line – you won’t be able to see the stitching when it’s done.

4. Repeat with other head-sized piece of material so that you have two headbands (you’ll understand why very soon)! Place one headband on top of the other, seams together in the middle.

5. Pinch the top headband and top layer of bottom headband to create your bow. Take your smaller piece of tights, and fold in both edges to make it look neat.

6. Place it on your pinched bow and pull both edges to the back to create the middle of your bow.

7. Stitch together at the back. Stitch through the rest of the bow too, simply making sure you never go through the front layer so that, as suggested above, your sewing is invisible from the front.

Adjust your bow so it’s just right, Now wear your pretty headband out into that chilly weather!

3. Tartan Buttons

This post shows you how to cover buttons in tartan fabric for an easy way to add pizzazz to your cold weather wardrobe.

4. Heart Socks

Embellish fuzzy white socks with red felt hearts, as done here. Great gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, and right up to Valentine’s Day.

5. Pearl Gloves

This blogger transformed a pair of old gloves into glamourous winterwear with the addition of pearls.

6. Studded Neck Warmer

Make a simple neck warmer from fabric of your choice, then embellish with little metal studs, as done here.

7. Long Gloves

Turn an old sweater into cozy long fingerless gloves. Check out this tutorial.

8. Faux Fur Collar

Add an edge to your outfit with this easy-to-make faux fur collar. Details here.

9. Sweater Boots

Cover up an old pair of boots with this this no-sew boot sweater tutorial.

10. Pompom Sleeved Sweater

This blogger made a regular old sweater a bit more fun with pompom sleeves.

11. Faux Fur Hunter Hat

Make your own furry hunter hat with this free pattern.

12. Pearl Studded Tights

Stitch pearls into legging for a festive twist, like this blogger did.

13. Old Sweater Mittens

There are endless ways to upcycle sweaters into gloves. Here is a great starter tutorial.

14. Felt Flower Pin

This post shows how to make a felt flower pin, perfect for embellishing your winter hat.

15. Hand Muff

Turn an old sweater and fleece lining into a toasty hand-warming muff. This tutorial has all the details.

16. Fur Ear Muffs

You can make your own fuzzy ear muffs with a headband, faux fur, and some felt. This post has the details.

17. Fur Vest

Not into a full-on fur jacket? Turn it into a fur vest instead, as done here.

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32 Incredibly Cool Yarn-Bombings To Brighten Your Day

1. Payphone-Turned-iPhone

Lorna from Knits For Life upgraded this obsolete piece of technology in downtown San Mateo considerably.

2. Filling In The Cracks

Juliana Santacruz Herrera brought life to the streets of Paris.

3. Meter Monster

Hanasaurus Rex turned even the most terrible thing ever into something lovable.

4. Snuggly Sled

Artist Olek created this Brooklyn installation.

5. Breakfast Telephone Pole

By Disgrace Yarn Bomber in Brunswick, Australia.

6. Dressed-Up Trees

By Twilight Taggers in Brunswick, Australia.

7. Patchwork Bench

The Fredericksburg, VA Area Museum and Cultural Center sponsored a yarn-bombing this past fall.

8. Unrideable But Still Totally Perfect Bike

In Fitzroy, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, where yarn-bombing has taken over.

9. Keeping Statues Decent

It’s totally a thing. By Garnapa.


Ishknits gave Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo a makeover.


Queen Victoria got one too, from community members in Adelaide, Australia. Basically the US needs to up its game on the yarn-bombing front so we can even come close to matching Australia.


This project in Santa Rosa, CA was overseen by a neighbor named Judy Kennedy, who said that it was “too darn cold” even for the stone statues.

16. Jazzed-Up Phone Booth

This is one of the great classics of the genre. By Deadly Knitshade as part of Knit The City in London.

17. Blinged-Out Bus

Yes, yarn = bling. By Madga Sayeg, considered by many to be the “mother of yarn-bombing, in Mexico City.

19. Fleet Of Covered Cars

By a Russian yarn-bombing group named, aptly, Yarnbombing.ru.

20. Crazy-Quilt Tree

21. Wooly Town Center

Jo Collier William Wools oversaw the community yarn-bombing of Kirkland Kendal in the UK.

22. Squid Taxi

Like you do. By Deadly Knitshade in London

23. Stop Sign Flower

Over 100 signs were bombed in San Diego before the city asked that the project stop. However, over a year later some of the flowers were still up and intact. Here’s the crochet pattern if you want to beautify your own neighborhood.

24. A Phone Pole Becomes A New Friend

Albeit a kind of creepy one. By Guerrilla Crochet Castedu in Cagliari, Italy.

25. Be-sweatered Guitar

By Maggie, part of Guerilla Crochet Casteddu.

26. Fountains of Yarn

From Bryant Park’s Campaign for Wool Festival.

27. A Necessary Reminder

28. Balloons On A Building

In Dubai.

29. “Izzy Loves Seth” Pole

Something tells me that Seth feels the same way. In Maryland.

30. “Ciao Bella” Tree

Garnapa bombed a tree outside her youngest son’s school in the hopes that it would help the kids “learn Italian and feel appreciated.”

31. Lace And Barbed Wire

Crystal Gregory juxtaposed doilies with barbed wire all across New York as part of her Art In Odd Places exhibition.

32. Yarn-Bomb-Cat-Bomb

Indisputably the best kind. By Donna Kelly.

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35 New Uses For Old Newspapers And Magazines

1. Starburst Clock


Who needs numbers on their clocks? Instructions here.

2. Trashcan


OR an even better recycling bin, because you know, you’re recycling the materials. See the tutorial here.

3. Envelopes

White envelopes are just sooo boring. Directions here.

4. 3D Butterfly Art


More ideas and tutorial here.

5. Subscription Card Bracelet

Time Out NY / timeout.com

Hey, subscription inserts have to have their use too. Learn how to make this bangle here.

6. Award Ribbons

Because you’re #1! (In the crafting world, that is.) Click here for directions.

7. Mini Basket


That underwater basket weaving class is coming in handy. Instructions here.

9. Notebooks


Cool journal, bro. Additional steps here.

10. Pop Art

Make your janky apartment fancy with this eye-catching project.

11. Origami Bows


These will make any gift pop! Perfect your bow here.

12. Hanging Triangle Banner


Get your party started the right way with this banner.

13. Cutout Art

WALL-E!!! Directions here.

14. Newspaper Dress

NEW TREND??? Instructions here.

15. Sculptures

Caroline Williamson / design-milk.com

You better get started…

This piece is by artist Yun-Woo Choi, and you can view more of the collection here.

17. Suitcase Pattern


Don’t buy a new duffel Ever. Again. Step-by-step guide here.

18. Wedding Bouquet

A cheap, but creative arrangement for the DIY bride. Check it out here.

19. Silhouettes


Forget the bear, you need to make one of your cat, ASAP. Click here for directions.

20. Side Tables


For the “I’m too lazy to get real tables” part of you. Furnish your home with this tutorial.

21. News Nails

If you don’t have rubbing alcohol, any drinking alcohol like vodka and whiskey will work. Simple steps here.

22. Enhanced Leaves


Nature meets journalism. Follow these instructions.

23. Frames


Directions here.

24. Confetti Magazine Bowls

Can I put cereal in this bowl?

25. Wreaths


This craft is proven to get more knocks on your door.

26. Gift Bags


Click here for the bag on the left and here for the right.

28. Decoupaged Chairs


For more pictures click here.

Check out the comments on this post for simple instructions.

29. Hair Bow

So. Cute. See the tutorial here.

10 DIY Ways To Spoil Your Pup

1. “Dog Collar”

2. Knitted Doggy Tutu

3. Doggy Kimono

4. Ombré Dog Leash

5. Suitcase Dog Bed

6. Tennis Ball Toy

Use an old shirt to make this little octopus toy. As a bonus, it’ll drive your pup crazy because it smells like you!

7. Easy Dog Biscuits

8. Metal Stamped Dog tags

9. Little Leg Warmers

10. DIY Dog Wall Art


The sweetest piece of artwork you’ll ever own. Get the DIY here.

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A Definitive Ranking Of Classic Halloween Costumes

27. Ladybug

Getty Images/iStockphoto Kati Neudert

26. Clown

Getty Images/iStockphoto targovcom


25. Nurse

Getty Images/iStockphoto Jason Bennett

lol wut

23. Cave Person

Getty Images Comstock

Is it just me or does this stock photo model look suspiciously like a young brunette Hillary Clinton.

22. Fire Fighter

Getty Images/Creatas RF Jupiterimages

21. Police

Getty Images/iStockphoto pilgrimego

20. Devil

Getty Images Photodisc

19. Any Superhero

Getty Images/iStockphoto YourNikonMan

18. Pirate

Getty Images/iStockphoto geniebird

17. Sailor

Getty Images/iStockphoto katrinaelena

(Not the same as a pirate DUHHH)

16. Dog

Getty Images DTP

15. Fairy Princess

Getty Images Stockbyte

14. Anything Patriotic

Getty Images/iStockphoto viafilms

13. Bee

Getty Images/iStockphoto WilleeCole

12. Any Disney Character

11. Pumpkin

Getty Images Monkey Business Images Ltd

10. Doctor

Getty Images/iStockphoto MicroWorks

9. Referee

Getty Images/iStockphoto Jason Stitt

8. Anything From The Wizard of Oz

7. Putting On a Morph Suit and Calling It a Day

6. Skeleton

Getty Images George Doyle

5. Cat

Getty Images/Blend Images Ariel Skelley

4. Witch

Getty Images/iStockphoto chomnancoffee

3. Bag of Grapes

2. Mime

Getty Images/Fuse Fuse

1. Sheet Ghost

Getty Images Thinkstock Images


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14 Beauty Resolutions That Are Actually Worth Keeping In 2014

1. Wear sunscreen.


Just do it, OK? Your future self will thank you.

2. Invest in some good tools.


Shutterstock / AleksandrN


You might be better off with beauty tools that matter — they could be better for your health and have more efficient powers than some conventional options. Microfiber cloths are gentle alternatives for your face, while glass files give your nails a better, healthier shape.

3. Go back to solid manicures.

Nail art is cool and all, but sometimes a solid color can speak serious volumes. It’s a lot less time consuming, too.

4. Turn your beauty goods into multipurpose items.

Alanna Okun / BuzzFeed

Sometimes, you just don’t want to buy a specific product for EVERY. SINGLE. THING. on your body, so resort to the products you already have. Try lipstick for blush and eyeshadow, conditioner for intimates laundry, or nipple cream for cracked areas of skin.

You’ll save your money AND your energy!

5. Try a beauty subscription service.

Whether it’s a Birchbox, Julep, or the new Beauty Beat Box (launching February 2014), you’ll always get excited for every, single magical delivery.

6. Remove at least one harmful product from your routine.



You could possibly improve your skin after taking out an irritant. For example, your foaming shampoo probably contains sodium lauryl sulfate, and it could be contributing to your forehead and scalp breakouts. Sulfate-free shampoos are also better for color-treated hair.

Additionally, try avoiding brands that still participate in animal testing, because that’s so 20th century.

7. Cut some time off of your morning hair routine.


Hair can sometimes be the worst, and could make getting ready feel like a marathon. Try some quick hairstyles like the 4-Step Bun or Five-Minute Chic Twists.

For more styling ideas, check these out:
29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know
22 No-Heat Styles That Will Save Your Hair
29 Awesome New Ways To Style Your Natural Hair
18 Awesome Style Ideas For Pixie Cuts

8. Actually take care of your teeth.


Sure, a standard toothbrush and toothpaste do the trick, right? NOPE.

You could add floss, and choose products based on your dental needs — if you find your teeth hurt EVERY TIME you drink tea, it’s time to get some Sensodyne in your life. Or, invest in some cool dental hygiene tools, like the Flossolution that uses a dual brush and floss system.

9. Consider cleansing alternatives.

Will Gluck Productions / Via sodahead.com

Who knew that oil could be the cure to your oily face, or that purple shampoo is the key to gray hair? Well, now you know, so explore the possibilities.

10. Find your perfect MLBB shade.

From Head To Toe / frmheadtotoe.com

“MLBB” stands for “My Lips But Better,” and it refers to lipsticks or glosses that enhance the natural color of your lips. Instead of wearing nude, MLBB’s promote colors that are actually similar to your lip tone, which range in finishes and hue.

Check out this video from the From Head To Toe vlog about MLBB’s.

11. Take a hair color risk.

Neil Hall / Reuters

Sienna Miller’s rose gold hair is the perfect mix of natural and candied hues. It’s a much more subtle take on the wild and crazy ombré locks of 2013.

12. Take off your makeup before bed.


Don’t complain about breakouts if you don’t take off your makeup. When using makeup wipes, remember you should follow up with washing your face.

13. Recycle or purge your old makeup.


Well, you probably need more room for your 2014 beauty hauls, so try recycling your makeup for different uses — or throw it out if it’s expired.

If you’re still at a loss for space after letting some stuff go, these beauty organization tips might be worth a try.

14. Finally, find out what looks good on YOU.

Eric Henderson / Reuters

Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty Images for BFI


This year, get rid of those excuses like “I don’t look good in red lipstick,” because in reality, people of all skin tones can rock a good red. The solution? Do some digging and find out which shades, remedies, and products work well on you, not on everybody else.

So, find out your skin type, learn the difference between warm and cool hues, and experiment!

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/chanelparks/beauty-resolutions-that-will-make-you-happy