This Proves It: Teenagers Know Everything. Adults Are Morons.

While you watch this video, think about a city closing down 23 of its schools, cutting all its sports, music, arts, and library programs, and laying off thousands of teachers. Then, at 1:24, think very carefully about the question this young woman is asking us all.

Read more about this walkout, which took place on May 17, 2013, exactly 59 years after the Brown v. Board of Education decision, on The Nation.

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One Of The Most Brilliant Ways Ever Invented To Discriminate Based On Skin Color? The War On Drugs.

The biggest takeaway? The war on drugs has failed, and worse, it’s changed the “justice” system into the most racist thing since apartheid in South Africa. Not kidding.

(I’m not going to do the “at 2:00, he blows you away, at 4:44, blah blah blah” thing. You’ll seriously just want to watch this all the way through.)

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Will Walmart Wait For Another Total Disaster Before They Deal With This?

Walmart says they’re committed to improving worker safety after the Bangladeshi factory disasters. Does that mean they’re also against using armed mobs to handle labor disputes?

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A 1-Minute Live Birth That Makes A Powerful Point About Preventable Deaths

Every year, 1 million mothers lose their babies within the first day of giving birth. And many of these tragic deaths could be prevented by the woman (and others like her) in this smart ad. The difference between 0:11 and 0:44 is everything.

Warning: This video includes live birth footage with graphic images.

For more information on the newborn crisis and the solutions to fixing it (in a less intense way), check out my other midwives post.

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CAMPAIGNING 101: If You're Going To Hide Things, At Least Try To Be Good At It

Romney may be “simply not enthusiastic” about releasing any more of his tax returns, but I’m “simply not enthusiastic” about electing him as President. So, you know, there’s that.

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At A Time When Unemployment Is Still Insanely High, Why Are We Allowing This To Happen?

This clip is from a little while back, but the recent announcement that reconstruction of the Verrazano Bridge in New York is also going to be outsourced to China has brought the conversation front and center for Americans who need good jobs.

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The Other Reason Canadians Smoke Pot

With the new laws on medical marijuana, we’re going to see drastic changes to the industry. Health Canada has made some big predictions for the next 10 years. Check out this chart of basic facts and science about the medical marijuana industry in Canada.


Uruguay did legalize marijuana in December 2013. But complications and opposition have delayed the actual legal sale of pot, and it’s possible that the whole thing might collapse.

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Are You In The Majority Of Everything? Check This Handy Chart.

I suppose if you’re seeing this, you probably fall in the minority for Internet access. I was most surprised by poverty, shelter, and cellphones.

Correction: The chart’s proportions for North and South America are incorrect. North America (including Central America and the Caribbean) is more populous than South America. That ratio should be around 8 to 6.

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College Today Is Looking A Lot Less Like 'Animal House' And A Lot More Like 'Wall Street'

It’s no secret that private college in the United States is financially out of reach for many students, but the big public universities that are supposed to provide a high-quality education at a fraction of the cost are also slowly becoming completely unaffordable. Not only that, but as tuition goes up and up and up and faculty wages go down and down and down, there are still some who are profiting handsomely. Take a look.

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