Out On The Streets Every Day, He Quietly Rescues A Community In Trouble, One Kid At A Time

If you only know about the Black Panthers from the mainstream media, you might be surprised to know about their neighborhood food programs, health clinics, and projects for building community pride. Former Black Panther Billy Lamar Brooks Sr. is still working in his troubled North Lawndale community outside Chicago. At 1:13, he jokes about how no one has any idea who he used to be. But life has taught him about choices, and he’s out on the streets every day helping kids understand the importance of theirs.

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The #1 Most Hated Company In America Is About To Get Some More Grief

McD’s just announced a makeover for Ronald McDonald. But as some brand experts have stated, the move seems “desperate.” Perhaps it’s an attempt to deflect the attention it’s getting for things like you see in this short clip? Clue: It’s not working, Ronald!

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The Rich People Getting Richer Are Making A Fatal Mistake. This Doesn’t Bother Me Even A Little.

“Eco” means “home,” it turns out, and “economy” means “home management.” This amazing video breaks down the three pillars of an economy and makes it suddenly obvious why ours is having problems: It’s tearing through human and natural resources with a single, ultimately meaningless goal — moremoneymoremoneymoremoney.

In the video below, a bunch of different people give their perspectives about what to do, and together they make the case for a compassionate, sustainable new system.

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Do You Remember Why Labor Day Is Called Labor Day?

Enjoy your Labor Day BBQs and back-to-school shopping sales and just be glad you aren’t a child working 11-hour days, seven days a week in a New Jersey silk mill in 1835. That sounds miserable.

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What's 1 Thing That Should Be Messier Than Your Kid's Bedroom Floor?

There’s nothing clean about the learning process, and that’s the way it should be. Don’t believe me? Here, I’ll let this insanely accomplished 17-year-old explain: 

There’s a lot of good stuff in here, but if you’re short on time jump to 4:24 for the difference between “education” and “learning” and don’t miss it at 9:36 when he talks about the controversial article he wrote about what schools should have done in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

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My 'English Only!' Father-In-Law Is Going To Hate Me For Finding This One

All of the fluff that gets passed off as news about “those people” taking our jobs melts away like so much ice cream when you start to pass around stuff like this. Yummy!

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5 Big Things We've Been Led To Believe About Africa That Actually Aren't True

I can see clearly now, the misconceptions are gone. Sing it with me! But really, welcome to the reality of Africa today. Please leave any media-driven assumptions you may have at the door.

Obviously there are certain places in Africa that are still really, really struggling to overcome extreme poverty, but what Global Citizen’s getting at here is: Let’s not slow down the progress being made by lumping more than 1 billion people from 50+ countries into one mental picture.

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Here’s A Simple Idea That Will Make A Huge Difference In The Lives Of Millions. Will Anybody Listen?

Something very basic needs to change before we can start to see real improvements to our economy. It’s a no-brainer, it’s long overdue, and it will bring millions of people out of poverty.

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The Secrets That Those Who Own Everything Don't Want Us To Know

When I was in high school, we never learned much about working people and the middle class. What we DID learn was that “these rich white guys did this” and “these rich white guys did that.” Turns out, us common folk made a ton of history all on our own.

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What Happens When A Really Powerful Idea Takes Off: Some Companies Are Getting Nervous…

As momentum grows and people begin to realize the raw deal they’re getting every day they head off to work, I see the beginnings of a movement that is likely to grow much bigger. Here’s how far the fast food strikes have spread in less than one year. Word.

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