‘Sell your soul much?’ Wendy Davis spox defends vicious anti-Abbott ad


Democrats are excellent judges of character, as evidenced by the fact that Wendy Davis chose this guy as her communications director:

Here's the guy who decided attacking Abbott's wheelchair situation was a good idea -> @Zac_Petkanas

— RB (@RBPundit) October 10, 2014

Zac’s as loyal as they come, pimping that noxious attack ad like a real pro:

Greg Abbott even argued against an amputee in court, saying she wasn't disabled b/c she had a prosthetic limb http://t.co/FDmKNvCCFA #TXlege

— Zac Petkanas (@Zac_Petkanas) October 10, 2014

Wheelchair ad roils Texas gov. race http://t.co/58sAsxR0oW via @POLITICO

— Zac Petkanas (@Zac_Petkanas) October 10, 2014

Watch Wendy Davis' brutal new attack ad http://t.co/4Uqx1o0dtD via @SpeedReads

— Zac Petkanas (@Zac_Petkanas) October 10, 2014

Davis ad says Abbott got rich off his tree-limb case, then resists other victims' suits; Abbott calls ad "disgusting" http://t.co/EhVodwoTKb

— Zac Petkanas (@Zac_Petkanas) October 10, 2014

He’s so proud!

@Zac_Petkanas do you welcome the backlash?

— Christopher Hooks (@cd_hooks) October 10, 2014

@cd_hooks I'm not following. Voters shown this ad ask a simple question: how can Greg Abbott deny victims the justice he sought himself?

— Zac Petkanas (@Zac_Petkanas) October 10, 2014

@Zac_Petkanas @cd_hooks my straw poll suggests that voters shown this ad are asking "wtf, Wendy Davis?"

— EricaGrieder (@EricaGrieder) October 10, 2014

@EricaGrieder @cd_hooks Sounds scientific.

— Zac Petkanas (@Zac_Petkanas) October 10, 2014

Even Chuck Todd couldn’t convince him that the ad might’ve gone too far:

In football terms, this is what we would call a "Hail Mary" from the Davis campaign. https://t.co/qWSXOuKiD7 // very risky

— Chuck Todd (@chucktodd) October 10, 2014

.@chucktodd You wouldn't think it was so risky if you talked to the voters who've seen this ad.

— Zac Petkanas (@Zac_Petkanas) October 10, 2014

It was a huge hit with the voters, guys!

"What? We showed this to rabid leftists and they LOVED this ad!" https://t.co/Qeq2fUydVw

— RB (@RBPundit) October 10, 2014

"We had a balanced panel. It was 50% people who hate Abbott and 50% people who only disliked him!!" https://t.co/Qeq2fUydVw

— RB (@RBPundit) October 10, 2014

Shorter @Zac_Petkanas: You don't understand. The Davis supporters we polled LOVE when we pick on crippled people. https://t.co/IY0MvAbFvz

— Matthew (@Matthops82) October 10, 2014

@JustEric “All the Davis supporters LOVE us for attacking a disabled guy! What’s your damage, dude?!” @RBPundit @Zac_Petkanas

— Heather (@hboulware) October 10, 2014

You need a new focus group. @Zac_Petkanas @chucktodd You wouldn't think it was so risky if you talked to the voters who've seen this ad.

— JG (@JohnG405) October 10, 2014

Focus groups are the least of his problems now.

Bro, my advice would be to lay low for a while. This can only end badly for you. @Zac_Petkanas

— RB (@RBPundit) October 10, 2014

Too late. He’s already getting pummeled — and rightly so:

I am a voter that has seen the ad. I am a native Texan. And I am also disabled. You people are sick. @Zac_Petkanas @chucktodd

— Mav #Southbound (@TheMaverick21) October 10, 2014

I'm a TX voter. It's trash. RT @Zac_Petkanas: .@chucktodd You wouldn't think it was so risky if you talked to the voters who've seen this ad

— William J. Miller (@WilliamJMiller) October 10, 2014

@Zac_Petkanas @cd_hooks Ask yourself this simple question: Where are you being such a dick about it?

— Ryan Gustafson (@RyanLGustafson) October 10, 2014

@Cameron_Gray @Zac_Petkanas Desperation stinks badly

— Jim Hawkins (@jimdwrench) October 10, 2014

@Zac_Petkanas people like you disgust me. @politico

— Gregory Sloan (@GSloanMDK) October 10, 2014

@Zac_Petkanas Sell your soul much playa?

— JT Earle of DeEville (@eville_parole2) October 10, 2014

@Zac_Petkanas @WendyDavisTexas horrible ad about Greg Abbott. Yall that desperate?? #notcool #txlege

— Dixon Steel (@dixonsteel) October 10, 2014

@Zac_Petkanas @chucktodd There's no way you're getting undecided voters with this ad. If you're undecided or conservative, highly offensive.

— Keep Texas Red (@myanof) October 10, 2014

@Zac_Petkanas Yes, keep shining up that turd, bro! https://t.co/IfvdO5NemA

— Carl Gustav (@CaptYonah) October 10, 2014

You should be ashamed RT @Zac_Petkanas: .@chucktodd You wouldn’t think it was so risky if you talked to the voters who’ve seen this ad.

— Jay Caruso (@JayCaruso) October 10, 2014

You really think "voters" approve of your ad subliminally targeting the disabled? Mandatory drug testing –> @Zac_Petkanas @chucktodd

— Theresa Giarratano (@TMGijane) October 10, 2014

Wins the moron of the day award —> @Zac_Petkanas

— Suze (@suze109) October 10, 2014

Possibly biggest douche in politics MT @RBPundit: My advice would be to lay low for a while. This can only end badly for you. @Zac_Petkanas

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) October 10, 2014

Exit flashback:

Recall that @Zac_Petkanas also tried to portray #GregAbbott as white nationalist-friendly http://t.co/pJi9bw9CtF – Great hire, #WendyDavis

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) October 10, 2014

Hell of a guy.

Democrats, please pay this man to run all your campaigns @Zac_Petkanas

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) October 10, 2014



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‘Spinulation’: Earnest says 2014 ‘not a true national election’


The White House isn’t feeling to well about tomorrow’s elections. First Joe Biden has already started talking about Republicans “compromising” and now Josh Earnest is saying tomorrow isn’t a ‘true national election.’


Wait. The President said that?  Oh, yes he did.

Let him be clear…



Wasn’t he mostly focused on how to circumvent it though?

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NRCC-anointed amnesty shill may have lost to ‘some GOP no-namer’ in WA-01


In Washington state’s first congressional district, longtime amnesty supporter Pedro Celis had the backing of the National Republican Congressional Committee and big money donors. As of July 16th, he had raised a whopping $428,925, while his more conservative opponent Robert Sutherland had raised only $4,601, according to Federal Election Commission filings (as reported by the Bellingham Herald).

The two candidates’ home pages drive home the funding disparity: This is Celis’ snazzy home page; here is Sutherland’s more economical one.

Celis was expected to easily defeat Sutherland and several other minor candidates. But early returns from last night’s primary indicate it may not work out that way. In Washington, primaries are open (i.e. open to all parties rather than segregated into multiple races). The top two candidates, regardless of party, move on to the general election. As of this writing, Celis is in third place with 12,906 votes (15.1 percent of the total) whereas Sutherland is in second place with 13,626 votes (15.9 percent of the total). (The candidate in first place is Democrat Suzan DelBene.)


Amnesty proponent Chris Vance, a former state representative and county councilman, took the news in stride:


It will be tough for Republicans to win this seat either way.

Editor’s note:

In response to two commenters who asked, this post has been updated to explain how Washington’s open primary system works.

Update, August 10th:

Good news for the NRCC and the Open Borders Lobby: Celis pulled ahead and has declared victory.


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‘Insane’: ‘Pseudo candidate’ Mike Dickinson can’t stop being creepy


Mike Dickinson is a self-described left-wing liberal who claims to be running to unseat Rep. Eric Cantor in Virginia even though he reportedly missed the filing deadline to appear on the ballot as a Democrat.

The unhinged Dickinson has previously made degrading “F, marry, kill” comments in reference to conservative women, but yesterday he added a conservative male to the list:

Another day, another F, Marry, Kill.
@nikkihaley @AnnCoulter and @SenTedCruz
it's all fun and games. Who would pick? This one is easy— DickinsonForCongress (@VoteMike2014) May 27, 2014

Disturbing, right? But not to be outdone, today Dickinson made it all about himself:


We can’t say it enough: An intervention is in order.


On or off the ballot, Dickinson sure seems to think he’s funny:





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This is just a very good GIF of Mitt Romney ironing a tux while wearing it

This is just a very good GIF of Mitt Romney ironing a tux while wearing it

Greg Whiteley, a documentarian whose previous films explore high school debate and the life of New York Dolls member Arthur Kane, has been following the Romney family since Mitt was first pondering a presidential run in late 2006. After seven years of filming, Whiteley, a longtime family friend of the Romney’s, is finally releasing the Mitt, his documentary about the 2008 and 2012 Romney campaigns.

You can see the full trailer here but if you’re short on time, the above, amazing GIF of Romney ironing a tux while wearing it will have to suffice. Thanks to Ethan Klapper for the idea (though the above, bigger GIF is my creation).

Click “Know More” to read the Boston Globe‘s Michael Kranish on Romney’s 2012 campaign, and how Whiteley was almost brought in to film a campaign documentary showcasing various personal acts of kindness Mitt had performed over the years. See Sean Sullivan’s post at The Fix for more on Mitt the documentary, which premieres on Netflix January 24.

Read more: http://knowmore.washingtonpost.com/2013/12/18/this-is-just-a-very-good-gif-of-mitt-romney-ironing-a-tux-while-wearing-it/