23% Of Americans Supported Martin Luther King When He Marched On Washington. Just Sayin'.

I get it. You are frustrated. You are tired of feeling powerless. You want things to change. If only there was a way… Oh! Hi, way!

At 1:47, they bust out some pretty impressive ideas. At 2:35, I got really inspired. At 4:00, my brain exploded. And at 4:40, they explain how protesting doesn’t solve everything and how you can help.

And then at 6:29, you feel compelled to click the share button and make the first baby step toward making the world a better place.

All done? I didn’t think so either. Yep, click that share button.

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She Was Afraid To Speak Out About Sexism In The NFL. Key Word: Was.

Can we get the news networks and all the sports-related channels to broadcast this message on a loop for a full 24 hours? The story she shares around a minute in illustrates her point p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y, and everyone should hear what she has to say.

No time for video? Here’s a highlight:

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A Simple Joke About A Super Obvious Problem In Hollywood Said In A Refreshingly Sly Way

Things certainly can mean different things to different people, and when you first hear this joke in the sixth episode of Mindy Kaling’s funnilicious show, you don’t think twice about a deeper meaning. But… if there are billions of brown girls all over the world (including America), why is it so rare for one to be the lead in a TV show?

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President Obama Burns A Rude Celebrity And Then Teaches Him How To Get It Treated

President Obama is on a campaign to get everyone covered under the Affordable Care Act, so he made a stop on the worst talk show ever, “Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis.”

Zach has a tendency to be rude to his guests. The president has a tendency to not tolerate that nonsense. Comedy ensues.

DISCLOSURE: This is a comedy bit and not a real thing. Don’t panic.

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A Creative New Way To Help People Understand How Racism Works. Don't Panic, White Folks. It's Funny.

OK, don’t panic. Hari Kondabolu is going to talk about race. He’s going to be funny about it. But the key is to listen to his video all the way through. At 1:47, he has a really reasonable and logical solution to one of our current problems that most people think isn’t that big of a deal but is. If you disagree with him, let us know why on Facebook. Because I think he has some pretty good points. And I’m white and everything. It’s going to be OK.

You can tweet your fancy logo ideas to Hari or email him at newredskinslogo@gmail.com with your most least offensive ideas. You can see the latest suggestions here. And you can see more from Hari if you Like him on Facebook. Also, I bet the Redskins would really appreciate the encouragement to make a change, so feel free to share and tweet this.

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Today Is The 10th Anniversary Of Jon Stewart's Epic Rant On CNN. He Hasn't Been Back Since.

It’s October 2014, and it’s hard to believe this was a decade ago already. But it’s still the best thing ever. And still 100% true.

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I Can’t Believe This Is From A Television Show

In the midst of an age of television that glorifies desperate reality stars, unhelpful pundits, and terrifying criminals, this is a
refreshing reminder that television can help instill good moral values.

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TV Host Loses His Sh*t After A Football Player Gets An Unbelievable Punishment For Beating His Wife

The NFL has long used its power as an employer to influence the behavior of players on and off the field. We’ve had a lot of time to see how they dole out fines, suspensions, and other kinds of punishment. They’ve made their moral priorities clear. I’m just glad I’m not the only one who thinks their priorities are effed up.

Trigger warning: footage of an unconscious woman, but no graphic violence.

If you’re in possession of an intact soul, you’re probably worried about Ray Rice’s wife, Janay. This incident of abuse happened in February 2014 and as of publishing, Janay is reported to be in good physical health.

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The Denver-Seattle Rivalry Was Brewing For Years. It Ends Now (Er, Again) With This Infographic.

This might be a tiny dose of salt in the wound for poor old Broncos fans, who did not see their Super Bowl dreams realized. But the good news is that with the Sustainable Super Bowl, aka Eco Smackdown, Denver can go for a rematch any time it wants.

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This Parody Of Fox News Is Actually More Responsible About Fact-Checking Than The Real Fox News

“Saturday Night Live” did a delightful job of parodying “Fox & Friends” morning “news” show this weekend. Check it out.

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