According To These Numbers, M. Night Shyamalan Is Destroying The Newspaper Industry

An amusing little reminder that correlation doesn’t always mean causation.

“Need to prove something you already believe? Statistics are easy: All you need are two graphs and a leading question” ~ Vali Chandrasekaran

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A Great Case For Why You Should Smile Back When Someone Smiles At You

Even if your dad only tells three jokes, you should laugh at them.

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A Unique And Trendy Business Model That's Changing The Way People Shop

No business is perfect, but I really admire the ones that are constantly trying to be better. It can’t be easy to avoid the “anything to profit!” mindset in favor of “How can I leave the world a better, more sustainable place?”

Here’s how one CEO is shooting for the latter.

I promise I don’t live in a hole! I know there have been criticisms of TOMS Shoes and companies like it. But it looks like TOMS, at least, has been listening to them. Check out the CEO’s response to critics and his plan to have one-third of all shoes produced in the countries to which the company donates by the end of 2015. Jobs! Let’s hope it happens.

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"All My Passwords Are My Cat's Name And My Birthday!"

My favorite quote from this parody of Google’s privacy policy: “For the Native Americans, there was no private property, yet we modern stuffy Americans treat our ideas, thoughts and personal marketing information like it’s ‘ours.'”

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All Girls Aren’t Clumsy. They’re Just Written That Way By Lazy, Lazy Hollywood.

Hollywood, I love you. But Hollywood, you’re lazy. You constantly (and pretty much exclusively) use the “adorable and clumsy pretty girl” trope to humanize your leading ladies. Why? Surely there are other ways to show me these beautiful women are “human”?

As a result of your laziness, we audiences are presented with cookie-cutter filmmaking, boring films, and almost NO female characters and female leads who are well-rounded and human because of their personalities. And no, clumsy is not a personality trait.

And yeah, this video is funny! But I’d love it if there were never enough footage to make another again.

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Why You Should Want This Rapper In Your History Class

There are many grains of truth in this song, but it’s a great deconstruction on some of policies of the 1980s and how they haunt us to this day. My favorite lyric is when Killer Mike calls out himself and other rappers for peddling ideas that don’t matter. It’s music to my ears.

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Before The Kardashians, Celebrities Used To Actually Do Things

It’s hard to say for sure if these social juggernauts know exactly how they were able to accomplish so much, but I certainly learned a thing or two from listening to their stories. Enjoy.

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'The Daily Show' Tries To Report On Obamacare As If It Were Fox News. This Is The Result.

We’ve all heard a lot about the disaster that would follow the Affordable Care Act, so “The Daily Show” decided to follow up — you know, just to make sure everything hasn’t gone to hell under our noses.

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