First The Military Helped Invent Video Games. Then Video Games Pushed The Military To New Places.

When military drone operators start telling news outlets that their job is just like playing video games, we should take notice.

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This Guy Is Trying To Get You To Like Him, And It’s Kinda Impossible Not To [VIDEO]

An excerpt from a brilliant speech given by Oscar-winning screenwriter Charlie Kaufman (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Adaptation”) set to images. Trust me, it’s more more inspiring than I’m capable of describing.

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4 Things About Race That You Will Find Funny Instead Of Overwhelmingly Depressing

All aboard the Race in America Express! Next stop, New Perspective Town, USA (population: I hope everyone)! You’ll mostly laugh; you’ll occasionally go, “hmm”; and you’ll become a better earthling after each viewing. Because this is a full-on vacation package, you get four new perspectives for the price of one click (of the “Play” button).

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This Actress Doesn't Believe In 'Post-Racial,' And Here's Why She's Spot-On

When actress Kerry Washington heard people were calling her hit TV show “Scandal” post-racial, her response flawlessly explained why that’s not something she’s interested in.

Here’s the thing: Seeing things as “post-racial” or attempting to be “colorblind” isn’t the way to solve the world’s very real problems when it comes to how people of color are treated. If you’re interested in continuing this conversation, Mellody Hobson’s TED talk “Colorblind or Color Brave?” does a great job of explaining why there’s nothing wrong with diversity and is a perfect compliment to Kerry’s quote.

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Taylor Swift Isn't Redefining A Common Word. She Is Saying It A Lot More Now. Yay.

World, meet Taylor Swift, feminist. If you’re not already her fan, you will be. I know I am!

Lesson #1: Even 12-year-olds *could be feminist.*

Time travel as a way to begin the process of defining a word that people have problems defining (mostly because they haven’t learned how to define it)! Are you confused? Keep reading. Taylor’s got ya.

Lesson #2: Feminism is something to be proud of.

Lesson #3: Many girls don’t *get* feminism, so they don’t say they are one.

Feminism is not exclusively angry and disgruntled picket riots of complaints.

Lesson 4: Once you get feminism, it sounds pretty rad. Believing in rights and opportunities for EVERYONE! Ladies, dudes, and everyone? I’m in.

*”The More You Know” rainbow star shoots across my screen.*

Lesson 5: Being a feminist frees you from that feeling you should judge other women based on how they express their sexuality.

Spit out the haterade! Feminism makes it taste really bad!

Lesson 6: Feminism is about cheering on others and clearing the way for *everyone* to live life on their terms.


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When You Think Of Semi-Naked Models Draped Over A Piece Of Powerful Machinery, I Bet You Don't Think Of This

Just when we thought this ad strategy was simply ridiculous, one company upped the ante and poked fun at their own objectifying cliche.

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Bill Maher’s New Rules: The New Trend Of People Who Have All The Power Acting As The Oppressed Ones

There’s so much talk about income inequality these days that the wealthiest in our country are starting to get a bit uncomfortable about the tone of the conversation. I think we need to ratchet it up about 20 notches myself. Pitchforks and torches, indeed!

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If Everyone Watched This Video, Kim Kardashian Would Be Out Of A Job

We know comedian
Russell Brand for being maniacally unique in pretty terrible comedies such as
“Get Him to the Greek” and “Arthur”. In this intellectually sprawling, rapid-fire
interview, watch Brand expose the true nature of our desire for fame (1:38),
how it’s used to distract the general public (3:38), and how famous people’s public image affects them (7:00). 

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This Ad Campaign Manages To Insult Single Women, Men, And Moms All At Once. With Shoes.

Where do I even begin? “Starter husband?” Implying stay-at-home moms have “the weeks off” once their kids start the school year? Treating men as if they’re prey for cunning female hunters, looking to bag a man and have his head metaphorically mounted over a fireplace as some symbol of social status and prowess? And just when I thought it couldn’t be any worse, turns out it was A-OK’d by their senior vice president of marketing, Erika Szychowski, who said, and I quote, “My gut tells me it’s not offensive.”

Ugh. Gag me.

Oh, thank you. A checklist. I’m surprised they didn’t include “condom with a pinhole” as the fourth item.

Woooo! Those kids are on the bus, and I’ve got hours and hours to watch my stories and pop bonbons. You so understand my life, Nine West!

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I'd Never Say A Pop Star's Music Video Is Crucial To Watch, But I'm Making An Exception Now

It’s easy to be cynical of pop stars when they record songs to support causes. Typically, I am that cynical person. But this time I don’t care, because British pop star Ellie Goulding has recorded a beautiful song to shed light on this critical issue.

If Ellie’s song can get thousan

ds more people to see and understand what’s happening in this country, all the better.

If you are British: You can donate to Save the Children’s Syria efforts now by downloading Ellie Goulding’s “I Know You Care.”

If you are an American: You can donate to Save The Children here.

If you’re in Canada: You can donate to Save the Children here.

If you’re an Aussie: You can donate to Save the Children here.

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