Take Note, World: This Girl's A Genius And We Really Need To Start Listening To Her

Remember the name Tavi Gevinson. It’s going to be a household name someday (possibly with “President” in front of it).

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Here’s Why Dreaming About Your Future Is One Of The Worst Mistakes You Could Ever Make

Graduation speeches are meant to rev up new, hungry diploma carriers eager to make an impact on the big, bright world, right? Dartmouth alum Shonda Rhimes (Creator of “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy”) has choice words for her fellow Ivy Leaguers that would make Olivia Pope proud.

I cued this up to the six-minute mark because that’s when it gets so good. At 6:46, there’s a special dedication for dreamers. Go to 8:52 if you want to avoid living in a basement at any point in your life. And at 13:35 find out why you are sooo lucky right now. Only got a few moments to soak up the goodness? 17:02 is a must see for parents or if the thought of having babies makes you feel all fuzzy (or a little dizzy) inside.

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What Happens When You Combine A Racist And A Strong Black Man? A Stunning Moment, That's What.

This is a clip from the 1967 movie “In the Heat of the Night.” The movie is most famous for the way Philadelphia detective
Virgil Tibbs (played by the illuminating Sidney Poitier) treats the
racist people of Sparta, Miss., with a strong hand in the face of

This scene, where he confronts plantation owner Eric Endicott
(played by Larry Gates) with a taste of his own medicine, actually made
people gasp in the theater when it came out. To be honest, I’m pretty
sure it’ll make you gasp (in a good way) too.

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Imagine: You’re 21, Newly Married. The Cops Have Just Charged You With The Murder Of A Little Girl.

A man was arrested for killing a little girl and spent almost nine years of his life in prison, part of that on death row. And he was innocent.

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Does This Gun Make Me Look Fat? A Liberal's Visit To The Shooting Range.

Guns can be scary: because they, like, shoot and kill things. When a
liberal comedian walks into a gun range and meets two Jews, a fashion designer,
and a black redneck, watch how he kills ‘em with laughter.

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Being A Tough Guy Is Exhausting? When You Hear This Actor Explain It, It Totally Makes Sense.

If actor Terry Crews looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen him flexing his pecs in movies and TV shows like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Arrested Development.” Or maybe you remember him from his stint with the NFL. Either way, it’s not like you have to be besties with him to enjoy this epic Old Spice commercial gif:

Pec flexing, Old Spice, and NFL pretty much scream “tough guy,” right? So it’s kinda heartbreaking to hear Terry explain the origins of his “tough guy” persona in this interview.

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BULL'S-EYE: Geena Davis Tells Hollywood Where To Stick Its Ageist, Sexist Representations Of Women

One of the many, many things I like about this video is that it’s a nice reminder that women in their 50s are just as capable of being total bad-asses as women in their 20s. Geena Davis is a member of Mensa, and an Olympics archery team semi-finalist. She’s not putting up with any more stereotypes of women and girls in the media.

If you ignore the demand she makes at 1:31, you might just end up like the poor paparazzo at 1:11.

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All It Takes Is 30 Seconds For This 6-Year-Old To Go From Adorable Child To Psychopathic Hit Girl

NOTE TO SELF: Don’t let my 5-year-old watch “Pulp Fiction.” Also, don’t let him watch the “Star Wars” prequels — not because they are violent, but because they are just AWFUL. But also because they are pointlessly violent. But the awfulness is the bigger factor on that one, honestly. I digress.

Here’s a reason to be careful about what your kids watch. (I actually use this site all the time.)

This is not to say we should shelter our children from all violence. They are growing up in a real world where real violence happens every day. But there’s a difference between cartoon violence and Silence of the Lambs, ya know? You could share this if you are a fan of children not taking out hits on stuffed animals. Your call though.

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If You Ever Wondered Whether Leo DiCaprio Is A Good Dude, His Speech Will Clear That Up

Even the biggest cynic has to admit that this guy is passionate about our planet. And the more people we can get to share his passion, the better off we’ll be.


  • The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world, but it has lost over 50% of its coral cover in less than 30 years. Experts predict that it could lose ANOTHER 50% in the next 10. (Which is why Leo is so fired up.)
  • The three main causes for this decline are mostly climate-related: storm damage (48%), the crown-of-thorns starfish, which eats coral (42%), and coral bleaching (10%).
  • Despite this bleak outlook, the Australian government is now introducing a new threat to the reef that could be the final nail in its coffin: opening it up to be the next one-stop shop for coal and gas exports. This will mean dredging of up to 100 million tons of Great Barrier Reef seabed, the construction of four megaports alongside the Great Barrier Reef (including the world’s largest coal port), and an estimated 7,400 ships crisscrossing the fragile reef every year by 2020.

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The Last 4 Words She Says To Stephen Colbert Are Everything. They Cut Through All The BS.

When she started pointing out sexism in video games, she got bombarded with rape threats and death threats. But here she is on “Colbert,” telling it like it is and giving not a single you-know-what.

So yeah, video games should try and include all sorts of people. Totally reasonable right? And yet, not only has she been threatened with rape and murder for saying such reasonable things, she’s been driven out of her house and forced to cancel a talk in Utah because someone threatened a massacre and the police couldn’t prevent people from bringing guns into the building where she was speaking because of the state’s open carry laws. What’s been happening to her is basically the worst. And yet, here she is on “The Colbert Report.” That’s way more than can be said for any of her haters.

If you agree that women should be able to talk about video games without getting harassed and having their lives threatened, you might want to share this.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CANADIANS ONLY: You folks up north can watch the full episode featuring this interview here.

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