I Can’t Comprehend Why Anyone Would Put This Stuff Into Their Body. Wow.

If you’re feeling bad about the donut you ate for breakfast this morning, relax. At least you didn’t eat batteries. (And some people actually do that.) They might have fewer calories, but I’ll take a fattening cream or jelly filling over an acidic one any day of the week.

If you think snacking on batteries is strange, you have no idea. People have eaten the weirdest things…

1.) Spoon

3.) Engagement Ring

4.) Coins

5.) Magnets

6.) Cobblestones

7.) Key

8.) Pen

9.) Bottle

10.) Nail

11.) Live Frogs

12.) Cutlery

13.) Batteries

14.) Grenade

15.) Light Bulb

16.) Fork

17.) Giant Hairball

18.) Twin’s Fetus

19.) Bed Springs

20.) Cell Phone

21.) Plane Propeller

22.) Surgical Forceps

23.) Methamphetamine

24.) Scissors

25.) Live Eel

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Whoa. Those people must have had some seriously painful stomach aches. That said, I can’t help but feel like I’m at least a little bit in the mood for one of those delicious nails. Seems pretty hard to swallow, but it shouldn’t be too bad if I throw some hot sauce on it.

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You Can Hire People To Do… What? These 15 Services Are Pretty Bizarre.

One of the great things about capitalism is the diversity it promotes in the marketplace. There will be someone willing to provide a service if there’s a demand from customers willing to pay.

With that in mind, here are 15 of the strangest things you can hire people to do for you around the world. Watch out for #11, though. That’s just too weird!

1.) Japanese Apology Service.

Saying sorry is never easy, and Japan is no exception. A few companies in Japan sensed a market need to take care of awkward apologies. These companies will take care of the whole ordeal for you. Rates start at just $96 for an over the phone apology, and $240 for a face-to-face apology.

2.) The Hangover Bus.

Hop aboard the hangover bus after a raucous night out and about in Las Vegas, and have your hangover cured in no time flat! Once on board, you’re treated to IV hydration and a variety of anti-nausea/anti-inflammatory drugs. Sounds like a pretty good concept, though it’s not cheap.  

3.) Rent-A-Puppy.

You can rent yourself a fuzzy, adorable puppy in the great state of Utah for $15 an hour. The renting company even brings the dog to your home. The idea is that you rent the dog and eventually adopt it. What a cute idea!

4.) Paparazzi Service.

Did you ever want to know what it’s like to be famous? Now you can for a hefty bit of cash. The company Celeb 4 A Day offers fake paparazzi services starting at $500. Now you can surround yourself with annoying people freaking out and taking your photo as you walk the street. Their services are available in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 

5.) Little People On Demand.

Ready to kick your party up a notch? You’re in luck if you live in the U.S., UK, or Canada. You can rent yourself a little person by the hour to spice up your next get-together. These service operators offer a variety of options, including everyone’s favorite game, “Dwarf Tossing.”

6.) Hire A Grandmother.

Australian company Grandmas For Hire offers a variety of grandmas with different skill sets available by the hour. Never go without homemade chocolate chip cookies again.

7.) Create A Portrait Out Of Your Own Ashes.

Virginia’s Cremation Solutions will take the ashes of your loved ones and paint a portrait of them for only $127. This is quite unsettling. 

8.) Rent A Chicken.

Another Australian company offers you the opportunity to try out your new pet chicken before you buy it. Their slogan is: “If you return it, you rented it. If you keep it, you bought it.”

9.) Death Row Meal Service. 

When you’re in search of a morbid meal, look no further than the Toronto-based Last Meal Delivery Service. They deliver to your doorstep the actual last meal of a death row prisoner. The meal comes with a bonus DVD and a paper mask of the prisoner in question. Too creepy. 

10.) Hire Yourself A Friend.

RentAFriend.com is the destination for all your platonic relationship needs. Since 2009, this company allowed people all over the world to rent a friend for whatever it is you would want to do. Rates start at $10 an hour.  

11.) Rent Foreigners.

A Japanese service allows users to rent foreigners to hang out with. This seems like a pretty cool job to have if you’re studying abroad. 

12.) Get Someone To Stand In Line For You.

Waiting in line will always be one of the downsides to visiting New York City. For $25 during the first hour and another $10 for every extra 30 minutes, you can get someone to stand in line for you. This makes getting Broadway tickets a breeze.

13.) Get Yourself A Wingman. 

The Professional Wingman company in New York City and Boston and Wingman Pro in LA will give you the professional help you need to talk to girls at the bar. They set you up with good looking actors who help you break the ice and get the conversation flowing.

14.) Have Someone Scope Out A Bar For You.

Have you ever wanted to see how crowded a place is before you arrive? This exists with Crowdmug, an iPhone app that gives you a bird’s eye view of a bar by having people at the location take pictures and video from inside. Those taking the pictures get paid on a first come, first served basis as requests come in.

15.) Get Your Dog Poop Picked Up. 

When you’re too lazy to clean your yard of dog poop, Virginia-based company DoodyCalls will do it for you. They’ve cleaned yards across the country since 2000. 

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I’m not necessarily in need of a friend, but I wonder what it would be like to rent one for the day. That sure is a surreal way to make a living. It’s also a weird way to make friends. Sheesh.

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You Only Die Once, So, These People Decided To Do It In Style.

Death is not an especially fun topic, but it’s something we all need to face. After all, it’s a certainty. So, instead of focusing on how you may die… maybe you should think about your coffin accessories. (That’s a real thing.) Egyptians would famously decorate their sarcophagi with valuable items, like pots full of organs and mummified cats. They would even include jewels. This practice isn’t exclusive to crumbled civilizations, though.

Here are some modern-day pharaohs who wished to pass into the realm of death with their most precious treasures.


Bela Lugosi is the actor famous for portraying Count Dracula in the original 1931 film. When he died in 1956, he was buried wearing one of his famous Dracula cloaks. The decision was actually Lugosi’s son’s and not Lugosi himself.

Humphrey Bogart died of throat cancer in 1957. He was buried with a golden whistle he had given to his wife Lauren Bacall when they co-starred in the film, “To Have and Have Not.” The whistle is inscribed with the words from the film, “If you want anything, just whistle.”

Arch West, the man who is said to have invented Doritos, died in 2011 at 97 years of age. It was said that Doritos were sprinkled all around his gravesite when he was buried.

Princess Diana was buried with a set of rosary beads that was given to her from Mother Teresa, who just so happened to pass away the same week.

Frank Sinatra died in 1998. His family buried him along with: a pack of Camel cigarettes, a Zippo, a bottle of Jack Daniels and cherry flavored Life Savers.

Sandra West was a “socialite” in Beverly Hill married to oil tycoon Ike West Jr. When she died, she requested that her brother-in-law bury her in her 1964 Ferrari 330 America or he wouldn’t receive the $2,000,000 she allotted to him in her will.

Reuben John Smith was a man from Buffalo New York who insisted on being buried in a sitting position while in a brand new recliner with a checkerboard on his lap.

Andy Warhol died in 1987 and, as the coffin was being lowered, his friend Paige Powell tossed in a bottle of Estee Lauder perfume.

Harry “The Horse” Flamburis was the former president of the Daly City California Hells Angels club. A month after his original burial, his Angel brothers returned to bury his chopper along with him.

Hmmm. I’d probably want to be buried with the controller I used to beat Crash Bandicoot: Warped with in 1998. What would you want to be buried with?

Give this a share on Facebook and let your one-day-grieving loved ones know what you want.

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When Oscar Attacks! A History Of Academy Awards Controversies

Yesterday Kathryn Bigelow issued a strident defense of her film Zero Dark Thirty in the L.A. Times. The statement comes as part of a campaign by the film’s producer and distributor to fight back against an onslaught of criticism of the film’s depiction of torture.

The firestorm around Zero Dark Thirty may be the most ferocious in Oscar history, but it is far from the only time an Oscar contender has incited controversy. When an Oscar contender gets too far out front, objectors seem to come out of the woodwork. At the end of the day, though, it’s debatable whether any of these campaigns — organized or not — actually have an effect on a film’s statuette chances. There is, of course, no way to know if an Academy member switched his or her vote because of bad publicity around a film. Nevertheless, in some cases, the connection seems clear. In others, controversial movies have gone on to win major awards.

Here’s a look back at some of the more strident attacks the awards trail has seen.

2. “Citizen Kane” (1941)

The Attack: When newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst learned Citizen Kane was based on his life, he convinced the head of MGM to offer Wells more than $800,000 to sell the film in order to destroy it. When that failed, Hearst banned his papers from running advertisements, reviewing it, or reporting on the film.

The Outcome: The film was nominated for nine Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Art Direction, Best Film Editing, Best Score, Best Sound Recording, Best Cinematography, and Best Original Screenplay. It won only for Best Original Screenplay. The film was so reviled in Hollywood that the crowd booed every time it was mentioned as a nominee during the awards show. Most of the big prizes that year went instead to John Ford’s How Green Was My Valley.

3. “Bonnie and Clyde” (1967)

The Attack: The film was a cause célèbre while being blasted for its graphic violence. A critic for The New York Times wrote, “This blending of farce with brutal killings is as pointless as it is lacking in taste, since it makes no valid commentary upon the already travestied truth.”

The Outcome: The film won awards for Best Supporting Actress and Best Cinematography, but it lost Best Picture to the safer In the Heat of the Night.

4. “Midnight Cowboy” (1969)

The Attack: The story of a hustler in New York City was considered so shocking upon its release that it was slapped with an X rating and met with a predictable storm of protest, not the least of which was for its oblique depiction of homosexual sex.

The Outcome: The film won the Best Picture trophy — the only X-rated film to date to do so.

5. “The Deer Hunter” (1978)

The Attack: Michael Cimino’s brutal portrayal of the Vietnam War hotly divided a nation still healing just three years after the last helicopter out of Saigon. In particular, the horrific Russian roulette scene had critics furious over the grim vision of America’s involvement in that country.

The Outcome: The film overcame its critics and won the Best Picture prize.

6. “Philadelphia” (1991)

The Attack: Writing in the L.A Times, AIDS activist and former Columbia Pictures executive Larry Kramer called Philadelphia “a heartbreakingly mediocre film. It’s dishonest, it’s often legally, medically and politically inaccurate.”

The Outcome: The film won Best Actor and Best Original Song but failed to garner a Best Picture nomination.

7. “A Beautiful Mind” (2001)

The Attack: John Forbes Nash Jr. was gay, he fathered an illegitimate child, and he was an an anti-Semite. Nash’s biographer, Sylvia Nasar, defended the Nobel laureate in the L.A. Times, writing, “Mainstream news organizations have stated everything from the ‘fact’ that Nash was gay and an adulterer to the ‘fact’ that he was a bad father and a bigot — all of which are untrue.”

The Outcome: The film overcame the critics and won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actress.

8. “Slumdog Millionaire” (2008)

The Attack: The child actors were said not to have been adequately compensated for their work on the film, and their living conditions allegedly worsened after completing the movie. According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, Rubina Ali, who played a young Latika in the film, earned only “£500 for a year’s work while Azharuddin received £1,700, according to the children’s parents.” ABC News reported, “[Azharuddin] Ismail [who plays a young Salim in the film] lives under a plastic sheet by a roadside, and his father, who has tuberculosis, is in a hospital nearly 10 miles away.”

The Outcome: The film won Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Original Score, Best Original Song, Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Sound Mixing.

9. “Hurt Locker” (2009)

The Attack: Bomb diffusion experts told The New York Times the film was “completely implausible — wrong in almost every respect,” while the executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America said to the L.A. Times, “the depiction of our community in this film is disrespectful. We are not cowboys. We are not reckless. We are professionals. And a lot of the film would make you think the opposite.”

The Outcome: The film won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Film Editing.

10. “The Social Network” (2010)

The Attack: The biopic was criticized for taking wild liberties with the Mark Zuckerberg story and bending reality to shape writer Aaron Sorkin’s artistic agenda.

The Outcome: The film lost Best Picture to a competitor whose liberties with the historical record were slightly less obvious, The King’s Speech, which told the story of King George VI and the speech therapist who helped the king overcome his stammer.

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Start Crying, Because The Official Trailer For “The Fault In Our Stars” Is Finally Here

The trailer for Fox’s adaptation of John Green’s beloved young adult novel leaked over the weekend, and the quality of the video could not have been worse. But the leak ended up aiding the cause of the book’s obsessive fan base — because Fox ended up having to move up the official trailer’s launch to Wednesday morning on the Today show. (It was going to premiere next week, not Valentine’s Day, as was rumored.)

Here it is (get out your hankies):

Unlike the movie’s poster, which stirred some anger among the #TFIOS faithful with its tagline “One Sick Love Story,” the trailer promises to please them.

The Fault in Our Stars tells the story of Hazel and Gus, two teenagers with cancer who fall in love after meeting in a support group. Shailene Woodley plays Hazel; Ansel Elgort plays Gus; Josh Boone (Stuck in Love) directed the movie; and the screenplay was adapted by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, the co-writers of (500) Days of Summer and The Spectacular Now.

As with the book, the film is told from Hazel’s point of view, and the trailer shows her reluctance to get involved with anyone (since she is a Stage 4 patient), along with Gus’ refusal to accept that. They go to Amsterdam!

And, of course, it’s a crier.

The movie will be released on June 6. Okay? Okay. As they would say in The Fault in Our Stars!

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“Star Trek Into Darkness” Can’t Quite Beat 2009’s “Star Trek”

Chris Pine, Zoë Saldana, and Zachary Quinto in Star Trek Into Darkness Zade Rosenthal

Only in Hollywood would $84.1 million be considered a disappointment.

Before Star Trek Into Darkness opened on Thursday — after a sneak-peek engagement in 3-D IMAX theaters on Wednesday night — box office prognosticators were suggesting that J.J. Abrams’ second Trek film had the potential to bring in upwards of $100 million over its four-and-a-half day run. Instead, it “just” brought in an estimated $84.1 million. Clearly, everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.

I kid, of course. Star Trek Into Darkness is a bona fide hit, bringing in another $80 million overseas for a terrific $165 million global total. Plus, the movie won an “A” rating from the audience polling firm CinemaScore, suggesting that word-of-mouth will keep grosses buoyant for the weeks ahead.

Tucked inside those numbers, however, is the curious fact that Into Darkness’s estimated Friday-to-Sunday gross of $70.6 million is a wee bit under Star Trek’s $75.2 million three-day debut in 2009. It is impossible to know if Into Darkness would have squeezed its four-and-a-half-day’s worth of box office receipts into a three-day weekend had Paramount decided to open the film on Friday as the studio had originally planned. But it is also worth noting that when you include Star Trek’s grosses on its first Monday, the film’s first four-and-a-half days in theaters brought in $86.7 million — again, just ahead of what Into Darkness made in its first four-and-a-half days.

It is not the normal trajectory for a sequel to a successful film to come in just about even with its predecessor, but that is apparently what has happened here. One could blame the gloomy title, or the hide-and-seek marketing of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character, or the fact that maybe Trek just has a ceiling on its popularity no matter how many lens flares J.J. Abrams crams into it.

But allow me to proffer one other possible culprit. In 2009, Star Trek opened the weekend after the debut of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a movie that so powerfully disappointed audiences that its second weekend plunged 69% against Star Trek’s opening gross. What’s more, Star Trek had no other real competition — Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Obsessed were both non-presences at the box office that weekend. Kirk, Spock, and Co. had the multiplex pretty much to themselves.

Into Darkness, by contrast, has had to compete with the quite popular Iron Man 3 and The Great Gatsby still chugging along in theaters — they respectively grossed $35.2 million and $23.4 million this weekend. In the face of genuine competition, it is only logical to be impressed that the Enterprise could still hold its own.

Here are the estimated top 10 box office figures for Friday to Sunday, courtesy of Box Office Mojo:

1. Star Trek Into Darkness* — $70.6 million
2. Iron Man 3 — $35.2 million
3. The Great Gatsby — $23.4 million
4. Pain and Gain — $3.1 million
5. The Croods — $2.8 million
6. 42 — $2.7 million
7. Oblivion — $2.2 million
8. Mud — $2.16 million
9. Tyler Perry Presents Peeples — $2.15 million
10. The Big Wedding — $1.1 million

*Opening weekend

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Adventures in Multitasking: Dan Bucatinsky Talks Juggling “Scandal” And “Grey’s Anatomy”

James (Dan Bucatinsky) and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) gush over their baby girl. Ron Tom / ABC

A word of caution to self-proclaimed busy people: Dan Bucatinsky’s schedule may humble you.

When he’s not playing James Novak on Scandal, he’s in the writer’s room at Grey’s Anatomy. Or co-producing Who Do You Think You Are? and Web Therapy with producing partner Lisa Kudrow. Or raising two kids with husband Don Roos.

“It’s a lot to juggle,” he admitted to BuzzFeed. “I look at it as different trains on different tracks running at different times, like a math problem on the SATs. And as long as the trains don’t arrive at any stations at the same time or collide into each other, I could pretty much jump from train to train. But it’s been a real lesson in multitasking.”

To say that Bucatinsky wears many hats is perhaps an understatement: He also wrote a book, Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?, about adopting his children with Roos. And he’s working on adapting the book into a series with Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.

Bucatinsky’s entrance into the Shonda Rhimes family can be traced back to 2003’s Under the Tuscan Sun, in which he played Rodney. The film was cast by his good friend Linda Lowy, who also happens to be married to Jeff Perry, Bucatinsky’s on-screen husband on Scandal.

“Linda finds actors that she loves, and she loves to recommend them and loves to employ them and loves to expose them to the other creators she works with,” Bucatinsky explained. Under the Tuscan Sun also featured Sandra Oh and Kate Walsh, who went on to join the cast of Grey’s Anatomy. “I think she really stands behind the sort of large repertoire of actors that she has,” he said.

A tense conversation between White House reporter James and Cyrus, the White House’s chief of staff. Richard Foreman / ABC

It wasn’t until 2010 that Bucatinsky entered the world of Grey’s Anatomy, playing the character of Jeffrey in the episode “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked.” Shortly thereafter, Scandal began casting, and Bucatinsky was called in to audition — for Huck.

“This audition scene was so beautifully written,” he said. “I knew I wasn’t right for the part. They knew I wasn’t right for the part. But it was such a pleasure to do that monologue for them, and I remember that we all sort of agreed I wasn’t right for the part, but they were going to find something for me to do.”

Guillermo Diaz was cast as Huck, and the role of David Rosen — which Bucatinsky auditioned for next — went to Josh Malina. But by then, Rhimes was eager to have Bucatinsky on Scandal.

“Cut to they’re shooting the first season,” Bucatinsky said, “and I got a text from Linda saying, ‘How would you like to play my husband’s husband?’ And they offered me the part of James.”

The character of James, initially conceived as part of the reveal that White House Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene was gay, has developed over the course of Scandal’s two seasons. Bucatinsky believes that his real-life experiences began to shape his character as he and Rhimes became closer.

“[Shonda] pulled me aside and we started talking about adoption, and the fact that Dan Savage’s The Kid was a huge inspiration to her,” he said. “She’s a straight single mom who adopted but found that book very inspiring to her. And Don and I found that book very inspiring to us. So suddenly Shonda and I were connecting on this parental front, and it really began our friendship more than anything else.”

And indeed, James’ commitment to being a father and to his work do seem to reflect Bucatinsky’s personal life.

“I think that history and also the history of how I really did become a dad in life, and how I am a writer in real life, started to bleed into the stories they built for James,” he continued.

Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) in the Grey’s Anatomy episode “Do You Believe in Magic,” which Bucatinsky wrote. Ron Tom / ABC

But as the role of James was growing, Bucatinsky was also becoming an active participant in Shonda Rhimes’ other series. Grey’s Anatomy producers Joan Rater and Tony Phelan, long-time friends of Bucatinsky’s, asked if he’d consider consulting on the show.

“I sat down in a room with Joan and Tony and Shonda and [executive producer] Betsy [Beers], and I said, ‘I love nothing more than playing James on Scandal,’” Bucatinsky recalled. “‘I would love the opportunity to be on Grey’s. If you think that I can do both, then I trust you. But I certainly wouldn’t want to do anything to get in the way of me playing this character.’ I made that clear. And they were like, ‘We’ll know where to find you.’”

Bucatinsky began work on Season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy, spending three days a week in the writers’ room.

“When I had to leave to go and do Scandal, I would leave to go and do Scandal,” he explained. “I did 15 or 16 episodes and still was able to write and produce on Grey’s. And we’re going to go along this season and try the same thing.”

For Bucatinsky, the ability to do both Rhimes shows — while juggling everything else — is a great gift in addition to being a challenge. But although he enjoys writing, acting, and producing, his first love remains clear.

“I became a writer as a means to act,” he said. “I was always an actor first. … I think Scandal has reawakened in me — and Web Therapy — the love of it. I think that this is and probably always will be my first love. But I’ve always thought that writing has made me a better actor, and acting has made me a better writer.”

Bucatinsky also credits his co-star Jeff Perry and the writing on Scandal for making him a better actor. His sincere attachment to James comes through whenever he talks about his character — he’s drawn to the relatability, and to the complex relationship James and Cyrus share.

“I’m at a time in my life where the fact that it’s so similar to my real life is something that I am actually grateful for,” Bucatinsky said. “I think when I was younger I would have been like, ‘Yeah, I’d love to play a vampire,’ or, ‘I’d love to play a character different from myself.’ But now I’m really loving the connection I feel to the character.”

Bucatinsky (right) with husband Don Roos and producing partner Lisa Kudrow at the 2012 Writers Guild Awards. Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

As for the relationship between James and Cyrus, there are some similarities in Bucatinsky’s marriage to Roos. Like Cyrus, Bucatinsky’s real-life husband is 10 years older than he is, and Roos was more established in his career when they met. Bucatinsky praises the “truth to the politics of a younger-older relationship between two men” that Scandal portrays.

“Does it reflect real life?” he reflected. “I think in the ways marriage is a give-and-take and a compromise, and people will leverage information with each other, and they’re manipulative in different ways, even though they love each other. All that stuff is relatable. The stakes — how crazy it got and how much information I knew about my husband and how we could have brought down the presidency and how I lied to a grand jury and how he took a hit out on my life — all that stuff is the excitement of a television show like Scandal.”

Those high stakes push Bucatinsky’s acting to places he never thought possible. He referred to his most memorable scene this season, in which he and Cyrus had an emotional screaming match while completely naked.

That heightened drama — coupled with the fact that the actors never know what’s coming next — has also influenced Bucatinsky’s writing on Grey’s Anatomy.

“I am often inspired by what I get to play on Scandal,” he said. While the pacing of the shows are different, the long-running Grey’s Anatomy has adapted in response to Scandal’s success. “Shonda said, ‘We need to create episodes of Grey’s that people are saying the next day, “Can you believe what happened on Grey’s last night?”’ That goal helps push you to write more of these what I call gasp-worthy moments, the jaw-dropping ‘oh my god.’”

Bucatinsky and co-star Richard Ruccolo in All Over the Guy. Lionsgate Films

In terms of writing, Bucatinsky’s background is in film: He wrote and starred in 2001’s gay romantic comedy All Over the Guy, which has developed a cult following since its release. But the gay indie film — like all indie film — is suffering. The financial model, he explained, makes it impossible to continue making movies like All Over the Guy.

That’s part of what drew Bucatinsky to television, and particularly to Shonda Rhimes, whose LGBT characters have had a tremendous impact on the conversation. Bucatinsky noted that her matter-of-fact representation of diversity is part of what makes her shows so progressive.

“In typical Shonda fashion, characters just are,” he said, “and the audience has to catch up to a world where there’s no closet. … There’s something subversive about never really calling attention to it.”

And it’s not just Rhimes, of course: Bucatinsky acknowledged the influence of series like Will and Grace and Modern Family. As LGBT cinema struggles to find a means to move forward and make a profit, television has become a haven for complex, three-dimensional LGBT characters — like Scandal’s James and Cyrus.

“You’re meeting gay couples on television and they’re having romances on television and they’re getting married on television and they’re having babies on television,” Bucatinsky said. “So it becomes less and less innovative and less and less groundbreaking to tell those stories on the big screen.”

James and Cyrus. Ron Tom / ABC

In playing James on Scandal and in writing for Grey’s Anatomy, Bucatinsky has been able to articulate his own LGBT sensibility. While juggling these roles, he can help promote the art he wants to be making, which he believes is essential as LGBT audiences continue to yearn for increased and varied on-screen representation.

It’s important work. And as busy as he gets, Bucatinsky remains grateful for the privilege to accept new challenges.

“There are things you don’t know you even have in you,” he said. “I think that’s what’s exciting about working on a show like [Scandal], where you turn the page of a new script and you literally don’t know where you’re going to go. And you just have to jump off the cliff.”

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This GUY Took A Pregnancy Test Just As A Joke. The Result Is Something He Would Never Expect.

When a man discovered one of his ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy tests still sitting in his cabinet, he decided to take it. Whether it was just for fun or to symbolically exact revenge on his ex, who knows. But after he ‘tested’ himself, something happened he never expected: the test was positive. But keep reading, this story takes an unforeseen turn. He told a friend about this strange (and frankly confusing) story. His friend decided it was hilarious, so he made the story into a comic in typical Reddit fashion and posted it online.

His friend thought it would be funny to tell the story on Reddit.


But as it turns out, the positive pregnancy test wasn’t just a funny coincidence. It was an indicator of something much more serious.


That test may have saved his life. Other users that saw the comic, which was supposed to just be funny, quickly pointed out what a positive pregnancy test for a male can really mean. The top comment by user goxilo stated: “If this is true, you should check yourself for testicular cancer. Seriously. Google it.” As it turns out, home pregnancy tests can detect testicular cancer. These pregnancy tests detect beta human chorionic gonadotropin. This is an indicator of pregnancy, but also testicular cancer. The man who took the test went to the doctor and discovered that yes, he had a small tumor in his right testicle. What started out as a joke likely saved his life or, at the very least, enabled him to get medical help sooner than he otherwise would have. Pregnancy tests may not detect cancer in all cases (or even in most cases), but if any man takes a test and it is positive, they should go to a doctor. Not that it’s exactly normal for guys to be taking pregnancy tests… Source: Reddit Share this bizarre story with others below.

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Michael J. Fox Is Finding The Humor In Parkinson’s Disease

When Michael J. Fox disclosed that he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease in 1999 — after nearly a decade of keeping it under wraps — it wasn’t clear how much more on-camera acting he would do. He semi-retired in 2000, doing voiceover work, writing books, and promoting The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

More recently, Fox has stepped back into acting, playing characters that address his disability directly instead of trying to work around it. He played himself on Curb Your Enthusiasm, with Larry worrying that Fox was exploiting his Parkinson’s to manipulate those around him. On The Good Wife, he recurs as lawyer Louis Canning, who has another neurological disorder he uses to his advantage.

And now Fox takes on a starring role in the upcoming NBC sitcom The Michael J. Fox Show. Based on the promo, the series follows Mike Henry returning to work after leaving his job due to complications from Parkinson’s. But relax, it’s a comedy! If the sitcom can continue to find the humor in disability as a fact of life — all while treating Fox with dignity — it could easily become a hit.

Watch another clip from The Michael J. Fox Show below.

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What This Photographer Captured Is Hilariously Painful. But The Reason He Took Them Is Dark.

Ouch! These photos look painful. But don’t worry, no one was actually hurt in order to capture these embarrassing moments. Photographer Sandro Giordoan created the quirky photo series of people at their worst. It’s darkly hilarious, but the message is completely serious. The photographer says he was inspired after a bicycle accident left him without 30% of the function in his right hand because he wouldn’t let go of what he was holding. He hopes to shed light on society’s focus on materialism over self-preservation.

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