I Bet This Man Has Embarrassed A Few Police Officers Who Have Tried To Arrest Him

Alright, punk, keep your hands where I can see ’em. Just what the hell do you think you’re doing to that wall? Meet an artist who has been doing something so unique, Clorox decided to sponsor him.

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The Most Physically Damaging Thing Fox News Has Ever Done

Fox News has a habit of getting loud and obnoxious, even when it don’t have the facts to back it up. Over the past 15 years, Fox has attacked a wide variety of topics. While this type of irresponsible journalism usually doesn’t cause catastrophic problems for the world, the damage Fox News did to the credibility of climate scientists and climate change research was different. It’s one thing to be shrill — it’s quite another to convince a huge percentage of the nation that the biggest problem humanity has ever faced is somehow a hoax.

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A Unique And Trendy Business Model That's Changing The Way People Shop

No business is perfect, but I really admire the ones that are constantly trying to be better. It can’t be easy to avoid the “anything to profit!” mindset in favor of “How can I leave the world a better, more sustainable place?”

Here’s how one CEO is shooting for the latter.

I promise I don’t live in a hole! I know there have been criticisms of TOMS Shoes and companies like it. But it looks like TOMS, at least, has been listening to them. Check out the CEO’s response to critics and his plan to have one-third of all shoes produced in the countries to which the company donates by the end of 2015. Jobs! Let’s hope it happens.

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A Long List Of Foods That We Might Never Get To Eat Again

To hell with gold. Start hoarding honey. The bees are dying! Not just honey — start hoarding fruits, vegetables, and nuts too. Because bees pollinate nearly a third of our agricultural food supply, their disappearance should make us all a little jumpy. Here’s a rundown of the problem and its consequences.

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That's Nice, Hulk, But What Are You Going To Do About The Buildings You Smashed?

Yes, Mark Ruffalo. I will do whatever your soothing voice of reason suggests.

“Yeah, okay, but I don’t live in New York!” I hear you wail to your computer screen. Worry not! Look what solar energy could do in your state:

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You Should See What This Woman Sees Every Day. It's Gorgeous And Really Messed Up.

Forget all the politicians and corporations and talk shows playing tug-of-war in the “what climate change is and isn’t” game. This woman beats all of them. I’m joining her team.

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An Ape Bites His Handler's Fingers Off, Waits 8 Months, And Then Literally Apologizes

What follows is the amazing story of Kanzi the bonobo. He can recognize 600 words, he can order dinner, and he might even be able to physically speak in English. When Kanzi and his handler get into a disagreement, some pretty crazy things go down.

If you’re curious about the story of Lucy referenced at the beginning of the recording, follow the link below.

Check out the section about Lucy right here.

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1 Billboard I Wouldn't Mind Seeing All Over America (And The World)

It’s entirely green, it’s a monument to urban sustainability, AND it offers a Wi-Fi signal. Screw the Hollywood Sign, I hope these babies become the universal symbol for LA’s skyline. 

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