Next Time You Check The Tags On A New Shirt, You May Also Want To Check For This

Oh how I love clothes… But I most decidedly do not love water pollution. What could those two things have in common, you ask?

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We've Seen It With Smoking And Drunk Driving. How's This For The Next Public Health Campaign?

The world’s trash problem is kind of like cleaning your room when you were a kid: shoving all the junk on the floor under your bed, and calling it … clean. Except all of the “beds” of the world today can’t cover up the big mess we’ve created.

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Is This One Of The Best Things To Happen On A Rooftop Since 'West Side Story'?

This combination of cool technologies and common sense has me feeling pretty good about how we can feed ourselves as more and more of us become city dwellers — in the U.S. and in other countries too.

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This Everyday Substance Seems Pretty Harmless — Until You See Where It Ends Up

The speaker in this talk lays out a pretty massive, scary problem that’s affecting our oceans, beaches, wildlife, and selves. But at 6:12, he tells us how we can start to give back to the ocean that gives us so much. And at 8:00, he tells us why it’s so vitally important for us to give our use of plastic a serious makeover. Now. While we still have real sand on our beaches.

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The Worst Vacation Spot On Earth Is At Least Free To Visit. And It's Growing.

Here’s what they’re calling the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It and trash gyres like it are in an ocean near you, and they’re growing. Fast.

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I Hate To Admit It, But This Leopard Seal Is A Nicer Person Than I Am

It’s hard to be sure exactly what the leopard seal is thinking in this video, but it certainly seems like this animal is objectively nicer than any person I have ever met. It also puts the whole “we’re destroying habitats and causing untold destruction to countless ecosystems” that much more into perspective. I’m not saying we should return the favor by trying to force penguins on other animals; I’m talking about stricter regulations and taking better care of their natural habitats.

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It’s sink or swim for lion cubs at the National Zoo [video, pics]!/NationalZoo/status/463677306951958529

Landing work in Washington is tough. Even the lion cubs have to prove their qualifications before they can get a full-time zoo animal gig.!/NationalZoo/status/463676649368997888!/NationalZoo/status/463678559626989568!/NationalZoo/status/463679098200813568!/NationalZoo/status/463681623297634304

Hey! I’m not a sea lion.!/NationalZoo/status/463681867032829953

Who wouldn’t “vocalize” about being tossed in a smelly old moat?!/NationalZoo/status/463682446874402819!/NationalZoo/status/463683800892194816!/NationalZoo/status/463682967819128834

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My Farm Is Gone And All I Have Left Is Matt Damon’s Movie [VIDEO]

Don’t you just love when Hollywood gets it right? The natural gas extraction industry’s public relations campaign has been impressive in garnering ideological support behind the use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking). It’s about time the truth fights back — and in the most accessible way possible. Spread the word so we can raise awareness of the truly harmful effects of fracking.

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You Might Be Tempted To Hate The Guy In The Sunglasses — Until You Realize Who He Is

Let’s start off with a spoiler: The jerk in the sunglasses is the SAME GUY who’s explaining all the science-y stuff. (Whoa! Inception!) Because sometimes the only person you really need to convince is yourself. And all the doubters. Never forget the doubters.


A lot of misconceptions (13, to be exact) were confronted here with some solid facts. How solid? Here’s what our fact-checkers found:

  1. CLAIM: Global warming wasn’t happening so they changed the name to “climate change.” FACT: “Global warming” is technically correct; however, “climate change” indicates the wide range of problems (stronger storms, rising sea levels, ocean acidification, etc.) our planet is facing.
  2. CLAIM: The globe isn’t warming. FACT: 13 of the 14 hottest years occurred this century. And the trend is even more clear when satellite data is included.
  3. CLAIM: In the past, scientists said the earth was cooling. FACT: Some scientists in the 1970s predicted cooling, but six times as many papers during the same period said it was warming.
  4. CLAIM: The earth is cooling. FACT: It’s not just temperature that shows the warming. Sea levels are rising 3 mm a year, which indicates oceans are warming and, therefore, expanding. Also, Arctic sea ice is melting at unprecedented rates.
  5. CLAIM: Arctic sea ice is increasing. FACT: Look at the bigger data set, not just the latest little uptick, and you’ll see the overall trend is downward.
  6. CLAIM: The sun is responsible for warming. FACT: The sun was getting brighter in the 1930s, but since the 1950s, the sun has been getting dimmer — and yet, temperatures continue to rise.
  7. CLAIM: Humans emit only a tiny fraction of CO2. FACT: That’s true — 30 gigatons from human activity vs. 780 gigatons from natural processes. But the earth isn’t in balance like it used to be, and current CO2 emissions are outpacing the balance. We know the increase is man-made because the isotope carbon 13, which is less common in fossil fuels, is dissipating in the atmosphere. In other words, we’re seeing more CO2 in the atmosphere, and it’s got the molecular signature of fossil fuels.
  8. CLAIM: Volcanoes emit way more CO2 than humans. FACT: Volcanoes emit about 0.25 gigaton, less than 1% of what humans emit.
  9. CLAIM: Water is by far the most potent greenhouse gas. FACT: Yes! But water in the atmosphere is increasing because the air is warmer. It’s still a CO2 problem that creates a positive feedback loop. More CO2, more warming, more water, still more warming, and on and on…
  10. CLAIM: Predictions have failed. FACT: Most predictions actually agree with observations. A model from 1988 did disagree, but that’s when we thought climate sensitivity was higher. If you rerun the model with 3 degrees of warming for every doubling of CO2, the predictions are right on.
  11. CLAIM: The earth has warmed and cooled in the past. FACT: Past changes were due to tilt, precession of tilt, and orbit of the earth — the Milankovitch cycles.
  12. CLAIM: CO2 lags behind the temp rise. FACT: 90% of temperature increases start after CO2 rises.
  13. CLAIM: Global warming isn’t that bad. FACT: It means more intense weather, acidic oceans, and rising sea levels, along with a bunch of other terrible stuff. We’d be much better off just reducing carbon now, rather than paying the price later.

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Why People Are Running These Powerful Machines On Bacon Fat

Look, I’m just as surprised as you are, but all these people, from Willie Nelson (OK, not surprising) to NASCAR, are getting into using renewable energy. And the best part is that they’re not doing it to make a point—they’re doing it because it just works so darn well. 

Fuel made from straw and beets: If Ferrari’s doing it, it must be sexy.

NASCAR: Vrooming on ethanol-based biofuel since 2010!

Since 2007, Queen Elizabeth’s ride has run on cooking oil.

The Blue Angels in this video are flying on 50% jet fuel, 50% biofuel:

The wheels on Willie’s bus go round and round, greenly:

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