23% Of Americans Supported Martin Luther King When He Marched On Washington. Just Sayin'.

I get it. You are frustrated. You are tired of feeling powerless. You want things to change. If only there was a way… Oh! Hi, way!

At 1:47, they bust out some pretty impressive ideas. At 2:35, I got really inspired. At 4:00, my brain exploded. And at 4:40, they explain how protesting doesn’t solve everything and how you can help.

And then at 6:29, you feel compelled to click the share button and make the first baby step toward making the world a better place.

All done? I didn’t think so either. Yep, click that share button.

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The Most Dangerous Sea Creatures In The World Are On This Graphic

Though this references the Mediterranean Sea, it totally applies to all of our oceans. And, honestly, that means it applies to all of us. Even you folks in the Midwest! 😉

FACT CHECK TIME! Here’s what our fact checkers found:

We couldn’t verify that “8 million tonnes of waste reach the sea every day.” Greenpeace says that about 25,000 tonnes of plastic reach the oceans each day. Another widely cited figure is about 17,400 tonnes of trash reach the sea per day.

Either way, it’s waaaay too much.

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The World May Be On The Brink Of Catastrophe, And These Staggering Photos Are The Evidence

35,000 walrus just came ashore in northwest Alaska. Yes, 35,000. With three zeros. That’s an unprecedented number, and it’s all due to a lack of sea ice. The images are almost too unreal to believe.

[<a href=”//storify.com/eriqmarch/staggering-truly-staggering” target=”_blank”>View the story “Staggering. Truly Staggering.” on Storify</a>]

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‘Make me’: ‘Deniers’ defy OFA Truth Team’s ‘get out of the way’ order


The real scientists at the OFA Truth Team want any Americans not willing to drink the climate change Kool Aid to shut up and get out of the way:


Because you can’t have “settled science” without silencing dissenters, some of whom also had the audacity to not believe President Obama’s “if you like your plan you can keep it” guarantee.

The “Truth Team” was told what it could do with its “get out of the way” order and its version of “science”:


The “Truth Team” certainly would rather to talk about climate change than this:


Anyway, back to the climate change discussion!

“Truth Team”? Snicker:



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50 Years Of Suppression Was A Mistake, And Now They're Back With A Vengeance

What can we control and what do we have to learn to live with? It’s an important lesson.

We are doing a better job managing forests now, but restoration of overgrown forests takes years. And massive drought is pushing fire hazards to a whole new level. More here on the connection with climate change. The good news is that people are working hard to thin western forests and to bring back fire as a positive event in the natural cycle of a forest. More here on how we are trying to learn to live with fire.

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It's Often A Controversial Issue, But One Stunningly Illustrated Picture Book Handles It With Grace

Teaching children about environmental issues is incredibly important, but it can also be pretty darn difficult. When some folks from Tennessee realized there weren’t any good resources to educate kids about mountaintop-removal coal mining (which threatens the land and communities in the region), they decided to make their own. Here’s a few excerpts from their story.

The story begins by introducing the narrator: Lone Mountain.

Lone Mountain discusses a typical day in its life. Birds chirp, children play in the streams, a father and daughter go hunting together, and a grandmother and grandson gather mushrooms to eat.

Then, the story takes a turn …

But the people who loved and relied upon Lone Mountain are not quick to give in. They gather together to discuss how to save the mountain.

Want to read the rest? Check out the links below for how to get a copy of your very own.

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This map shows where natural gas is leaking in Boston

Years of neglect of the pipes that carry natural gas underneath city streets had the predictable consequence this month of an explosion in Harlem that killed eight people. We’re all fortunate that such catastrophes aren’t more common. At wells around the country, more and more natural gas is being extracted with state-of-the-art technology, but that term does not describe the decaying and corroding infrastructure that delivers the gas to customers. As the extraction and consumption of natural gas increases and the pipes wear out further, deaths like those in Harlem are likely to become more frequent.

Red dots on the map above, by the Conservation Law Foundation, show the locations of hazardous leaks identified by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. Only a few of the leaks present an immediate danger, but all of the others (shown in lighter shades) are equally concerning for another reason. When it escapes into the atmosphere, natural gas contributes to global warming, just like carbon dioxide. Natural gas burns more cleanly than coal when it is used to generate electricity, but if too much of the gas escapes, then it’s a wash as to which fuel is better for the climate.

All of the leakage shown above is also, very simply, a horrendous waste of money, and because of the structure of utility regulation, ratepayers eventually bear the losses. If utilities paid instead, they would do more to repair the leaks. Click below to keep reading.

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A Warning Label That Will Knock Your Swimsuit Off

Global warming comes in all shapes and sizes, but it is one giant amorphous problem to most people. What if a few of the biggest perpetrators had their emissions pinned to their chests? Would more people get angry if they knew beaches were on their way out?

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