They Recorded 125 Phone Calls. What They Found Made My Stomach Turn.

When it comes to stuff like this, it’s probably best to have some scruples.

Here’s an article that explains how this loophole works, citing specific examples of how it can go horribly wrong. And this post, in which the author conducted an abbreviated version of the same experiment, boils the problem down to this punchy analogy:

“Requiring background checks in some places but not others is like locking three of your car doors, leaving one unlocked, and expecting that car to be secure.”

Universal background checks are sounding pretty reasonable about now, eh?

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Here Are 9 Facts About Something That Shouldn't Even Be An Argument, But For Some Odd Reason It Is

Let’s poke our heads into one gaping loophole that’s making neighborhoods across the U.S. less safe every single day.

A breach in airport security and they flip the freak-out switch. Why don’t we treat gun sales as seriously?

That is a lot of guns being sold to people without even a basic vetting for things that might make for a dangerous combination with a gun, like a history of violence or mental illness. And as you’ll see below, there are consequences.

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