If You Tell This Dude To 'Man Up,' You Better Be Prepared To Learn Why What You Said Is Awful

We often talk about how the media treats women horribly in this country, but we also often lose sight of the way media pigeonholes men to reinforce all those horrible attitudes. In this amazing video, an artist named Guante explains how what hurts women can also damage men.

NSFW warning: He uses some pretty coarse language at the beginning, but I promise it’s worth staying to the end. At 1:25, he calls out the media for hurting girls and women. At 2:10, he calls out the media for hurting boys and men. And at 3:15, he gets to the point.

If you think dudes should be allowed to express feelings, you could Like Guante on Facebook. And you could share this. Your call.

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FACT: Once A Month Women Are Totally Distracted By Their … What?

Did I say “fact”? Sorry, I meant “annoying stereotype perpetuated by the media.”

Thinking like this is a slippery slope toward that annoying school of thought that says “ladies can’t be president because once a month they’re crippled by normal biological functions and emotions and stuff, tee-hee!” Carefree isn’t getting any of my money until they learn that there’s more to me than yoga and men.

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If You Think Talking About Sex Can Feel Taboo, See What These Pregnant Ladies Go Through

In the African nation of Malawi, expectant mothers are afraid that if they speak up about their pregnancies, someone might put a spell on their unborn children. So how do they learn about what’s going on with their bodies?

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A Piece Of Paper That's Changing How Some Babies Are Being Delivered

Thoughts about the typical coupon: Yay, cheaper laundry detergent! Toothpaste! Extreme sales!

Below is a very different and personal way to think about them. This cool non-traditional program creates what are basically coupons for poor women that allow them to financially access reproductive health care services they need but would otherwise never be able to afford.

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The Truly Inspiring Story Of A Very Kind Woman Who Said 'No Boys Allowed'

When the men in her village tried to beat her down for standing up on behalf of the women, Rebecca Lolosoli made the brave decision to leave her home behind to create Umoja (which means “unity”), a village in Kenya populated only by women. What I love about this is that not only is Umoja a safe haven for women and girls seeking to escape the rape and abuse they face on a daily basis, but the women of Umoja are financially independent and entirely self-sufficient, supporting themselves by selling elaborate beaded jewelry around the world. Now, that’s freedom! 

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The Condom Of The Future Looks Like One People Would Be Excited To Wear

Even though they do so much good, sometimes condoms get a bad rap. Too small, too big, too uncomfortable, too unpleasurable, too embarrassing to buy, whatever. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here, and if all goes well, it might just change safe sex as the world sees it. Or should I say … feels it?

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Every Time A Politician Tries To Defund Planned Parenthood, I Think Of This Brave Woman

Pink ribbons, religion, and politicians don’t cure cancer. Doctors do. This brave woman knows that better than most. Who will you support?

Warning: If you’re the slightly squeamish type, you might want to look away when she warns you to. But this is important and definitely worth watching.

This video was circulated back in February 2012 in response to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood. The message is, unfortunately, no less relevant today.

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Have You Ever Noticed The Difference Between Same-Sex Kisses In Mainstream Movies?

I’m not going to waste any time by having you read a bunch of words that I have to say on the subject. Just press play and let the realizations wash over you.

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Ever Considered What Guys Look For In Girls? Forget It. Think About What A 17-Year-Old Says Instead.

Expectations — of both men and women — suck. Savannah Brown is a teenager, and already she has it figured out. Listen to her powerful words and remember that, as she says, “standards don’t define you.”

Savannah said she wrote the poem after watching a video by Nash Grier, “What Guys Look for in Girls.” She explains that her poem isn’t a direct argument in response to that
video, but rather she was inspired to create her own to present “a
message of self-worth, self-love, and self-acceptance.” I think she did
exactly that!

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