Women Deserve To Have Sex For Fun, So A Feminist Helped Make That Happen With A New Product

One of the biggest surprises in this story for me: People who were against the pill were worried that women would forget their place in society and may even have sex for fun. *The horror* (said in my sarcasm font). Listen to this entire show, but if you want to hear the parts I thought were surprising, you can skip to 12:40 and listen through the end. It’s pretty ironic that the debate has not really changed, right?

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Think We Haven’t Come A Long Way? Watch How Ridiculous Men Were Just 40 Years Ago.

This woman is incredibly brave, and the sad and pathetic discrimination she faced 40 years ago disgusts me. It did make my heart go pitter-pat when at 1:30 Mr. Jerk Face gets the most epic STFU from a NOOB ever.

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65 Million Girls Aren't Where They Should Be. Where The Heck Are They?

65 million girls should be in school, but they’re not — and it’s not because Ferris Bueller gave them amazing tips on playing hooky. They’re absent from class every single day, and they’re not the ones to blame for it.

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Um, Can We Please Have An Anti-THIS Aisle At Grocery Stores?

I’ve gotten into the habit of checking labels while I’m out shopping. But besides the ingredients and where something was made, I feel like there should be a little extra info about this.

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All Of Mitt Romney's Fancy Lady Policies In One Handy Flowchart

Someone took the time to review Mitt Romney’s lady policies and put em’ in a fancy chart. If this doesn’t help you decide who to vote for, well then, bless your heart.

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A Sexist Reporter Tried To Box Her In, But She Took Everything And Threw It Right Back In His Face

The show “Scandal” is full of pioneering moments for strong female characters on television, exemplified by this truly kick-ass response from Lisa Kudrow’s character, Congresswoman Josephine Marcus, to a reporter who tried to … well, just take a look and get ready to high-five someone.

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How A Terrible Truth About Tank Tops Convinced This Guy To Become A Feminist

Sexism can be so hard to see, especially if you’re a passive beneficiary of it. In that case, it’s actually tempting to NOT see it because, temporarily, it benefits you. But it actually makes the world harder for both sexes in the long run. This guy makes some ironclad points in just over three minutes.

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Possibly The Most Devastating Response I've Ever Seen In An Immigration Debate

Mee Moua from the Asian American Justice Center attended a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing focusing on immigration reform. When senator Jeff Sessions began asking some overtly anti-immigration questions, Mee Moua wasted no time in knocking them out of the park. The senator’s ridiculous hypothetical question at 1:20 sets him up for a huge fall, and Moua’s answer at 1:56 does not disappoint.

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My Favorite Cartoonist Smashes A Sexist Fairy Tale Trope In One Hilarious Swoop

Do you ever get sick of the overused “damsel in distress” storyline? Me too. Here’s one cartoonist’s imaginative alternative.

Spoiler alert: It’s hilarious.

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Someone Call Security, A Bunch Of Women Just Broke Into Congress

The 2013 Congress isn’t just more diverse in terms of gender, it’s more diverse in terms of EVERYTHING. On behalf of Upworthy, congratulations.

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