I Hate To Yell 'Misogyny!' In A Crowded Country, But What Else Can You Call Texas’ Actions?

I believe that if you call yourself pro-life, you better damn well take care of the living. There, I said it. But Texas’ attacks on Planned Parenthood and its refusal to take Medicaid money have left women not only without the option to terminate their pregnancies, it’s left them with hardly any care at all. Gov. Rick Perry might be standing by his principles, but his constituents are just plain getting stood up.

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Take Note, World: This Girl's A Genius And We Really Need To Start Listening To Her

Remember the name Tavi Gevinson. It’s going to be a household name someday (possibly with “President” in front of it).

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How You Can Help Make A Gender-Equal World A Reality

Tired of nonprofits spending your donations on everything but helping people? So were the good people over at Catapult, a new site devoted to crowdsourcing solutions to the pressing issue of global gender inequality. Check out their launch video and find out how you can get involved today!

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Don't Think American Cinema Revolves Around Men? Take A Look Here.

Apparently, Hollywood thinks we want to see the same stories over and over. This montage of movie trailers may seem like just another funny supercut, but to me it plays like a highlight reel for what’s wrong with American cinema. Note as you watch: If the lead isn’t a man, what kind of movie is it? And if the lead isn’t white, what kind of character is he or she playing in that story?

The “ONE MAN saves the world and gets the girl” fantasy is strong in the above video, but did you notice how the only time “ONE WOMAN” is used it’s for a romantic comedy?

Also, anytime there’s an Asian “ONE MAN,” he’s starring in a martial arts movie — and the two times the announcer says “ONE WARRIOR,” the actor is also Asian, even though both Beastmaster and Rambo are included in the montage (but they get to remain men, not just kicking killing machines). And don’t get me started on the one clip where a black guy is “ONE MAN” — but only to assist a little white child in his journey of discovery.

I am so bored with Hollywood these days. I urge you to share this clip if you are too.

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When She Pretended To Talk To Beyoncé On The Phone, I Laughed. Until It Hit Me Why She Was Doing It.

Does sexism still exist? Wait, hold on — before you come to a conclusion, watch this video from “The Daily Show” starring Jessica Williams talking about one of the most universal rites of womanhood.

CANADIANS, BRITS, AND ANYONE NOT IN THE U.S.! If you can’t see the clip, here’s a browser extension that will help you access content not available in your country.

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Just A Reminder That There's No Such Thing As 'Men's Work' And 'Women's Work'

Some professions that have been traditionally male (and white male, at that) are changing right in front of us. Here’s a woman who loves what she does every day as a Massachusetts ironworker.

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Dear Men: You'll Feel Awkward For The First Couple Of Weeks, But It's All Worth It, I Swear

Movember is a charity that raises money for men’s health. How? Well, you’ll see. Oh, and there’s totally a way for the ladies to be involved, too. I’ve signed up to be a Mo Sista.

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