If You Still Don't Think We Need Feminism, You Should See The Signs These Girls Were Bullied For

Sometimes, being a feminist is seen as too radical or just plain uncool. But that didn’t stop these inspiring young girls from standing up for their rights. What would your sign say?

In a horrifying turn of events, these girls were bullied by many of their peers for standing up for their rights. Read the full story here.

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The Perfect Reply A Girl Can Give To The Question 'What's Your Favorite Position?'

Reality TV star Lauren Conrad may not be the first person to spring to mind when you think of ace comebacks. So I was pleasantly surprised to see her deliver this sharp quip to an awkward, sexist question that some men seem think is somehow charming (??). Just, no.

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The Music Industry Asked Him To Change 1 Word In His Songs. His Response Is Pitch Perfect.

The first part made me kind of sad, but when he fires back at 2:44, I was grinning like a fool. So good!

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You Know How You’re Supposed To Always Want To Be Younger? Well, Screw That.

From teenage runway models to wrinkle cream ads to the weird disappearance of older women from our media, there are messages everywhere that women are at their best when they’re at their youngest.

Check out these women who are defying that sexist baloney. Then share this if you agree that women get more wonderful with each year.

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No One In The Audience Expected Her Ever To Say What She Said In These 3 Minutes

The more we hear about people “you wouldn’t expect” to stay in abusive relationships, the more that idea gets put away in favor of actual compassion for each and every victim.

TRIGGER WARNING: This talk contains verbal descriptions of domestic violence.

If you are in an abusive relationship, a crisis counselor is one of
the best and safest people to help you create an exit strategy. Do not
tell your abuser you’re leaving, and be careful about who you notify of
your plans so you can get out safely.

You can visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website to speak with a crisis counselor or call (800) 799-7233.

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Have You Ever Looked At The Sexy Costumes Women Wear And Think They Don't Go Far Enough?

Costumes for women seem to be requiring less and less fabric year after year. Is that a good thing? Be sure to stick around till 4:04 for the sexiest costume … ever?

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When Women Are Able To Decide *When* To Have Kids, Look How The World Can Change

Thinking about how to help bring the world’s poorest people out of poverty can feel overwhelming. So overwhelming that for a lot of people, it’s more appealing to move on to less challenging problems with easier solutions. But here’s a basic solution we might want to consider, and it gets bonus points for being empowering, too.

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She Is What Makes America Awesome. He Is What Makes My Skin Crawl.

Rush Limbaugh is furious about this amazing woman. Read why she’s amazing after you watch this video, then share it if you think Rush needs to be put in his place.

You can see all of the reasons she deserves all the praise heaped on her here.

You can see all her honors, including some honorary degrees and a couple amazing awards from two different presidents here.

And you can share this with everyone you know by clicking down below.

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Sickening Incompetence: The Little Congress That Couldn't

While the 112th Congress was busy screwing around with the fiscal cliff that they built for themselves, the Violence Against Women Act was left by the wayside. The VAWA was originally passed in 1994 but expired in 2011 when some of the more conservative congressmen voted against expanded protection for more diverse rape victims. The anemic, watered-down version passed in May, but any promise of a full-fledged Violence Against Women Act died when the politicians decided fighting with one another was more important than protecting rape victims.

Back in May of 2012, Gwen Moore implores the house to support stronger anti-rape legislation. Unfortunately, Moore’s fears proved true, and what should have been a human rights no-brainer became a catty, partisan stalemate resulting in legislation that does about as little as the very Congress that watered it down.

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An Explanation Of A Law That Allows Women To Be Fired For Using Birth Control

Although this is a funny video, the reality of this Arizona law is not funny at all.

You probably want people to know laws like this are happening right now. If so, go ahead and share this because the more we can educate, the more we can change.

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