One Of The Most Brilliant Ways Ever Invented To Discriminate Based On Skin Color? The War On Drugs.

The biggest takeaway? The war on drugs has failed, and worse, it’s changed the “justice” system into the most racist thing since apartheid in South Africa. Not kidding.

(I’m not going to do the “at 2:00, he blows you away, at 4:44, blah blah blah” thing. You’ll seriously just want to watch this all the way through.)

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She Can Look Into A Child's Eyes And See What's Wrong. No, She's Not Psychic. Just Badass.

This woman puts her life on the line to stop violence in her hometown of Chicago, a city that many say is ground zero for America’s gun violence epidemic. Here she riffs not just about her amazing job, but how to find purpose in life and what it means to be a woman and a mom.

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What If The War On Drugs Isn't A War At All But An Excuse To Systematically Oppress Minorities?

I used to think the War on Drugs was a pretty good idea. I mean, most street drugs aren’t great for you, and the people who traffic them aren’t always the nicest, gentlest bunch (understatement of the century right there). This video reminded me that the War on Drugs is hardly what it sounds like. In fact, usually when we declare war on vague things or ideas, we’re actually using that vagueness to declare war on people without anyone noticing. Turns out the so-called War on Drugs is no exception.

But don’t take my word for it. At 3:05, a super-smart lawyer breaks down what we really mean by “War on Drugs.” At 3:50, an activist outlines a better way to think about drugs. At 5:15, one of my favorite artists talks about why the system isn’t just bad, it’s self-defeating. At 7:10, the lawyer comes back and asks one of the most important questions facing our society today. I think you’ll agree with me about the right answer.

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It's Dangerous For Her To Get To School, But She's Doing It For Her Future

It takes extreme devotion to do what she has to do every morning just so she can learn.

Share this if you’d like more kids to be inspired to learn, through all the struggles they may face.

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How Poor People Became The McDonald’s Hamburger Meat Of The American Economy

The craziest thing about Mumia Abu-Jamal’s insights is that they’re truer than ever nearly 20 years later.

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What Does The U.S. Do More Of Than Any Other Country In The World?

In the U.S., we have the highest documented rate of incarceration in the world. Seriously! We put people in prison at a higher rate than ANY other country on record.

Why does the U.S. have so many people in prison? Well, for starters, we give out longer sentences, we send people to prison for offenses (particularly drug-related) that in
other countries would just incur fines, and also because our
prisons since the 1980s are increasingly for-profit enterprises. That is, they NEED prisoners
in order not to go bankrupt. Anyone else see a problem with that?

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You Will Not Believe What It Cost The NRA To Make Sure Background Checks Got Killed

Want to see why our priorities are so out of whack? 76% of NRA members and 90% of Americans support universal background checks. And yet…

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