Hey, Beautiful. (Yes, YOU!) Click Here.

know those days when you’re like, “UGH. I look awful. I feel awful.
Life is rotten.” Well, forget that noise! These sisters are on a mission
to “convince every woman to embrace the meaning of true beauty,” so do
them a solid, why don’t you? Watch this video, and pledge to love

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That One Body Part We're Too Scared To Talk About Isn't Really That Scary

Attention! There’s nothing weird about periods or vaginas! Whew! That. Felt. Incredible. And kinda scary?

In this clip, Kat Lazo goes out in NYC to talk to women about their bodies and find out why we’re so afraid of the word “vagina.”

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Measles Are Marching Back Into Our Lives, And Here's A Real Reason Why

There are a lot of bloggers and personalities who are experts on giving their opinion but are not experts on presenting actual facts to back up their claims. So it’s often easy to misplace your trust in people who use their voices to be a personality but aren’t scientists. This video from “The Daily Show” addresses this phenomenon and makes a few digs at people who deny science facts across all political persuasions.

Watch it to the end, and if you like what you see, you may want to pass it to a friend who needs a little fact check.

Here are some time-stamped facts for you:

0:50 Infectious disease expert
Dr. Paul Offit (director, Vaccine Education Center) — the number of people choosing not to use vaccines is increasing, according to Forbes, Mother Jones, and PolicyMic.

1:21 Before vaccines, rubella caused 20,000 birth defects a year and measles infected millions.

1:34 Because of anti-vaxers, outbreaks started in
California, N.Y., and Oregon.

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How Do You Know Someone Is Doing Something Awful? If They Call You A Terrorist For Photographing It.

I don’t know what to find more horrifying — the idea that people still habitually abuse helpless animals, or that this is how parts of our country want to treat the people who try to stop it.

WARNING: This video contains some disturbing footage. But most of it is just Bill Moyers talking about something you really should know about. So you can just do what I do and close your eyes during the worst parts, OK?

If this video made you angry, you might want to share it. (I don’t think that would make you a terrorist.) Especially if you live in Utah, Arkansas, South Carolina, Missouri, or Iowa (or Pennsylvania or North Carolina, where ag-gag laws are pending). Or eat meat from there. Or like animals.

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HIV-Positive, Homeless, And Gay In New York At The Age Of 16? Give This Story A Listen.

This is a doozy of a listen. Although I haven’t been through any of the hardships that Jahlove Serrano has had to deal with, something about his life story is really accessible. Give it a spin.

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Seth Rogen Testifies Before Congress And Is Surprisingly Well-Received

Seth Rogen speaks candidly about his relationship with Alzheimer’s disease and what lawmakers need to do about Alzheimer’s education in America. As a bonus, his testimony is pretty funny.

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Holy Crap! Am I The Only One Who Thinks My Lunch Should Be Worth More Than Where It Came From?

In a world where so many people are starving, you’ll be surprised to learn how much food we’re actually producing. How can we produce and distribute food more efficiently? This adorable video might give us some clues.

If you’re curious as to what I’m getting at with that headline, jump to 1:20.

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You Know How You’re Supposed To Always Want To Be Younger? Well, Screw That.

From teenage runway models to wrinkle cream ads to the weird disappearance of older women from our media, there are messages everywhere that women are at their best when they’re at their youngest.

Check out these women who are defying that sexist baloney. Then share this if you agree that women get more wonderful with each year.

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Reports: Dallas Ebola patient Thomas Duncan has died


An Ebola patient from Liberia named Thomas Duncan had been hospitalized in Dallas, Texas for treatment of Ebola.

Duncan has reportedly died from the disease:

New: The first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. died this morning in Dallas at 7:51 A.M. The news comes from the hospital in a statement

— Dina Fine Maron (@Dina_Maron) October 8, 2014

MORE: Texas Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan has died, hospital announces http://t.co/9qIStK2M93 pic.twitter.com/dJ9ILnDtI8

— NBC News (@NBCNews) October 8, 2014

Texas Department of State Health Services Commissioner: Dallas #Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan has died

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) October 8, 2014

STATEMENT from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on the death of #Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan. pic.twitter.com/u0R02Ego78

— Jason Whitely (@JasonWhitely) October 8, 2014

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Not a ‘glitch’: Hospital in Dallas backtracks and now admits it knew Ebola patient’s travel history before releasing him

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Why People In Other Countries Wouldn't Get The Premise Of 'Breaking Bad'

Some folks have called “Breaking Bad” the best show in the history of television, and speculation is already building around a possible return.

One thing’s for sure: The premise pretty much only made sense in this country.

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