Dear Men: You'll Feel Awkward For The First Couple Of Weeks, But It's All Worth It, I Swear

Movember is a charity that raises money for men’s health. How? Well, you’ll see. Oh, and there’s totally a way for the ladies to be involved, too. I’ve signed up to be a Mo Sista.

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There's No Way I'm Eating My Next Seafood Dinner Without Checking This Chart First

Mercury’s a nasty little bugger. No, not the planet, the element. It bioaccumulates out the wazoo so that by the time we sit down to a nice dinner of fresh mackerel, we’re eating a lot more than just the fish.

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One Of The Most Brilliant Ways Ever Invented To Discriminate Based On Skin Color? The War On Drugs.

The biggest takeaway? The war on drugs has failed, and worse, it’s changed the “justice” system into the most racist thing since apartheid in South Africa. Not kidding.

(I’m not going to do the “at 2:00, he blows you away, at 4:44, blah blah blah” thing. You’ll seriously just want to watch this all the way through.)

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What Does It Mean To Be Sexually Healthy? These Folks Share Some Words of Wisdom.

Thanks to the “little blue pill,” we’ve heard a lot about men’s sexual health. But these people have some messages for women.

This is a video inspired by concerns over FSD (female sexual dysfunction), which is a lot more common than I knew. The
health professionals behind this video want to raise awareness about how to be sexually healthy and to advocate the continued
development of a range of strategies like counseling,
alternative and pharmaceutical medicine, and education to support all women’s
sexual health. (There are 26 FDA-approved medications for male sexual dysfunction, but none for women.)

Regardless of how you feel about the pharm industry, the messages here about communication will really resonate. If you want to delve deeper, this presentation and this article lay out some different parts of the discussion.

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A 1-Minute Live Birth That Makes A Powerful Point About Preventable Deaths

Every year, 1 million mothers lose their babies within the first day of giving birth. And many of these tragic deaths could be prevented by the woman (and others like her) in this smart ad. The difference between 0:11 and 0:44 is everything.

Warning: This video includes live birth footage with graphic images.

For more information on the newborn crisis and the solutions to fixing it (in a less intense way), check out my other midwives post.

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The Other Reason Canadians Smoke Pot

With the new laws on medical marijuana, we’re going to see drastic changes to the industry. Health Canada has made some big predictions for the next 10 years. Check out this chart of basic facts and science about the medical marijuana industry in Canada.


Uruguay did legalize marijuana in December 2013. But complications and opposition have delayed the actual legal sale of pot, and it’s possible that the whole thing might collapse.

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Are You In The Majority Of Everything? Check This Handy Chart.

I suppose if you’re seeing this, you probably fall in the minority for Internet access. I was most surprised by poverty, shelter, and cellphones.

Correction: The chart’s proportions for North and South America are incorrect. North America (including Central America and the Caribbean) is more populous than South America. That ratio should be around 8 to 6.

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It’s Got A Cool Name, It’s Locally Made, And It Saves Lives. Heck Yeah!

At your worst moment, you shouldn’t have to suffer more by taking a bumpy 12-hour journey in a wheelbarrow to get to the hospital. That’s just craziness.

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Feel better now? Dr. Tom Frieden explains how the CDC makes its ‘decisions’!/ProudoftheUSA/status/526879229149839360

Well, better the CDC evolve than Ebola, we suppose …

Citizens are still worried — understandably — about Ebola spreading, so CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden is doing his part to put our minds at ease:

New guidelines! Phew!

So, how did the CDC put together these guidelines? Science, of course!

Did “science and experience” also prompt Frieden to say that people under voluntary quarantine could go “jogging in the park”?

Making it up? Nah. It’s science, you guys!



Twitchy coverage of Tom Frieden

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