Are You In The Majority Of Everything? Check This Handy Chart.

I suppose if you’re seeing this, you probably fall in the minority for Internet access. I was most surprised by poverty, shelter, and cellphones.

Correction: The chart’s proportions for North and South America are incorrect. North America (including Central America and the Caribbean) is more populous than South America. That ratio should be around 8 to 6.

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3 Anti-Immigration Myths That Take Seconds To Debunk For An Actual Economist

Economist Ben Powell makes short work of the three standby anti-immigration arguments, leaving me with a ringing in my ears that sounds distinctly like the immortal “They took our jobs” chant from “South Park.” They didn’t though. They really, really didn’t.

Relevant: If you haven’t seen the “South Park” episode about immigrants, go watch it. Here’s a clip:

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The Frustrating Plot Hole In The Superman Movies That Seems To Fly Over Everyone’s Head

Comedian Hari Kondabolu humorously points out an inconvenient fact about Superman. (Not that you should start rooting for Lex Luthor.)

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2,200 People Went Missing In Arizona. Why Does No One Seem To Give A Damn?

Are these deaths acceptable to us because they’re “illegals”? There is a severe lack of interest, empathy, and outrage for these deaths, and there is only a tiny team actually doing anything about this disturbing issue.

Some parts worth hearing are the moment she calls out Washington at 6:15 and when she poses a question about human rights at 7:00.

Warning: some graphic scenes.

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This Is Roughly 200 Years Of American History In One Mesmerizing GIF

There’s a ton of juicy stuff in this incredible map. Couple of takeaways for me:

1. How about that neutral territory between Oklahoma and Texas that went away around 1890? Trying to get mail there must’ve been a real bummer.

2. Maybe all this crowing about securing our borders is missing about 200 years of rich context about just how flexible these borders have been.

What caught your eye about this map, Internet? Or am I just nerding out by myself over here?

If this whole show is moving a little too quickly for you, here it is broken down frame-by-frame.

Clarification: This map takes on history from the lens of how America became 50 states. There are other rich, painful, and bloody perspectives on that history that get lost in a GIF like this. The intention was to show how the borders of the USA that we now recognize as ironclad and immovable are really anything but, and that we should give that more consideration in our public discussion of issues like immigration and who we consider American.

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This Father's Love For His Kids Is Beautiful. What Happened To Him Has Me Embarrassed As An American.

This is one of those moments where I put my face in my palm and get embarrassed for our country. I hope that his fate is not in vain and serves as a reminder that we must be a country that values humanity over policy.

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She Belongs Just Where She Is. And I'm Excited To See Where She's Going, Too.

Could you imagine having to get through all of your classes with the stresses this girl has? Especially when you consider her family.

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NSFW: Anti-African Racism Turns Vicious In The Streets Of Israel

For years the Israeli government has welcomed African immigrants seeking asylum from horrific conditions. Israel itself is a relatively small country (smaller than the state of New Jersey), and some Israeli citizens believe that the sheer volume of African refugees is quickly depleting the government’s resources. This anti-immigration sentiment has led to ugly displays of racism and rioting against Africans. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. Several attacks have been made throughout the past year, including the nighttime burning of a kindergarten and scattered vandalism of Sudanese-owned property. Much like the conflict we face in the United States over immigration reform, this aggressive racism is leading to a lot of violence and unrest.

0:09 — An anti-African rally is heavily attended.
0:38 — A man shouts in the faces of Sudanese.
1:25 — Racist chanting and threats in an African-run business.
1:30 — A Sudanese woman cowers as men yell at her.
4:13 — The cameraman is attacked and threatened by an Israeli.

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This Girl Lost Her Mom, Her Grandma, And Her Hearing. So Why Is This Rock Band Playing Her A Song?

Diana Blanco, 17, is hearing-impaired and lost her mother, her grandmother, and her grandfather in a raid on an Arizona shoe factory. They were charged with felonies simply for working under the radar, leaving Diana and her younger sisters to fend for themselves. This band happened to have people who knew how to sign. So they sang her a lovely song to help inspire her to keep fighting for real immigration reform.

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