A Talk Show Host Drops Truth That A Lot Of People Don't Want To Hear. People Who Are Wrong, Anyway.

When you consider all this, people from south of the border seem just as deserving of being in the U.S. as anyone else.

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Your Grandma Might Have Been Bullied Exactly Like This

video portrays the experiences of immigrants in America around 100
years ago. But how far have we really come since people were treating
immigrants like outsiders a century ago? Watch some of their experiences
and decide for yourself. 

The first account starts at 0:55, but watch from the beginning for some interesting historical context.

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MAP: The 16 States Where The Latino Vote Will Decide The Elections This Fall

The Latino vote makes more of a difference now than ever. With many states so evenly split, Latino voters could easily mean the difference between a Republican and a Democrat in office.

Here’s the map without the chart for reference.

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4 Things About Race That You Will Find Funny Instead Of Overwhelmingly Depressing

All aboard the Race in America Express! Next stop, New Perspective Town, USA (population: I hope everyone)! You’ll mostly laugh; you’ll occasionally go, “hmm”; and you’ll become a better earthling after each viewing. Because this is a full-on vacation package, you get four new perspectives for the price of one click (of the “Play” button).

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A Pledge Of Allegiance Like You Have Never Seen Before

Can we have an honest conversation about this without it devolving into race hatred and name-calling? When I took a look at the original YouTube comments for this video, I started to think that’s an unattainable goal. However, the more voices we can add to the conversation, the better. Let’s start with hearing from some of the people who actually live it every day.

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Authorities Jail Legal U.S. Citizen Because They Didn't Feel Like Checking Her Birth Certificate

Briseira Torres was kept in jail for four and a half months after authorities WRONGLY suspected her of being in the U.S. illegally. They didn’t bother to check her long-form birth certificate, which would have immediately exonerated her. She was unable to take care of her 14-year-old daughter and lost both her house and her car. What a great system we have here, huh?

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Some Governments See This As A Step Toward Progress, But It Looks Like A Tragedy To Me

To many people, new developments with bright, shiny buildings means progress. But to others, it means oppression, extortion, and violence. Do the ends really justify these means?

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Congressman Responds Like Real Human Person Would After Getting An Absurd Letter From His Co-Workers

When some anonymous congressmen sent around a draft letter addressed to Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) to see if they could get some co-signers to protest the immigration reform bill, a high school teacher decided to make it a teachable moment. Said teacher, now-Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.), unleashed his markup pen on the letter to grade the accuracy of the work. This write-up avoids most of the partisanship we see these days and goes straight for the fact-checking.

If you think facts should matter, you could totally share this. Your call though.

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The One Trip Millions of Americans Have Taken That Changed Their Lives And Made History

Watching the news today, it’s easy to forget that many of our journeys as Americans have a lot in common: a sense of hope and vision and love for our families and our country. Whenever I can be reminded of that, I’m grateful.

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