If This Video Goes Viral, The Internet Could Be In Huge Trouble

Just a reminder to ocassionally stop and zoom in on the flowers.

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How Does This Retail Giant Sleep At Night? After He Sees This, He Won't.

After hearing Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries express his desire of not wanting larger-sized women or “not so cool” kids wearing his brand, this guy decided to fight back. He helps a group of people who could really use the clothes that Jeffries tries so hard to keep out of the hands of people he doesn’t deem worthy. Check under the video for other ways in which you can help the homeless.

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The Only Really Silly Thing About This Are The People Who Won't Agree With What They're Saying

Grammy-nominated children’s band The Pop Ups have a refreshingly open take on dress-up time.

Note: This is a song for kids! Feel free to pull up a child and have a watch.

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It Seems Like It Can't Work, But Then The Camera Pulls Back, And Damn, There It Is

This is a wonderful and inspiring story of a man who does one simple thing every day to protect a place he loves from environmental disaster. The thing is, he’s been doing this for 35 years, and in the end, he’s achieved something really incredible. What an example.

You’ll first meet him at 3:52 in the video.

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Chimpanzees Released After 30 Years Of Testing. Brace Yourself For Smiles.

This video is more enjoyable if you focus on how happy they are now, and not what they must have gone through. 

For more information on this story, please see link in the attribution below. 

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Here’s Why Dreaming About Your Future Is One Of The Worst Mistakes You Could Ever Make

Graduation speeches are meant to rev up new, hungry diploma carriers eager to make an impact on the big, bright world, right? Dartmouth alum Shonda Rhimes (Creator of “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy”) has choice words for her fellow Ivy Leaguers that would make Olivia Pope proud.

I cued this up to the six-minute mark because that’s when it gets so good. At 6:46, there’s a special dedication for dreamers. Go to 8:52 if you want to avoid living in a basement at any point in your life. And at 13:35 find out why you are sooo lucky right now. Only got a few moments to soak up the goodness? 17:02 is a must see for parents or if the thought of having babies makes you feel all fuzzy (or a little dizzy) inside.

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1 Minute Of Philosophy With A Nice Scientist That Will Help You Sleep At Night

Ah, if only Richard Feynman could have lived forever and taught everywhere. Seriously, I love his perspective on the uncertainty of the universe. Give this a watch if you’ve ever lain awake in bed pondering the meaning of this roller coaster we call “existence.”

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A Little Girl Doesn't Respond To A Stereotype About Her Dog, But Her Look Says It All

Some people have old-fashioned ideas about the kinds of pets up for adoption at shelters. Don’t they realize that shelters are full of healthy, beautiful, loving pets? For every person who wants to fill that little void or enhance their already fabulous life, there’s a cat or dog waiting to do just that.

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I Usually Hate Watching Moms And Kids Cry Their Faces Off, But Today I'll Make An Exception

When I think about my friends in the military, I just hope they make it home safe to their families to live long, healthy lives. Every soldier should get a return like this, and should continue to thrive on U.S. soil and be successful in life. Cheers to all of these beautiful families.

Unfortunately, many soldiers do not get this kind of return. They come back to huge economic hardships and mental and physical health problems. It is a terrible way to welcome home our veterans, and sort of embarrassing for us as a country. However, there are organizations that help our returning troops get the support they need, and you can learn more about them by clicking here.

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This Is What Happens When You Allow Gay People To Get Married In Your Country

New Zealand decided that everyone deserves equality and legalized marriage equality. After an amazing final debate and vote, the the people in the galley and many of the members of Parliament decided the next logical thing to do would be to burst into song. So they sang the Maori love song “Pokarekare Ana.” And it’s wonderful. They start singing at 1:20. 

The woman who everyone keeps hugging is professional athlete and Member of Parliament Louisa Wall, the representative who sponsored the bill. She also happens to be gay, so this one had some special meaning for her. Bet she would love it if you shared this.

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