A Little Girl Doesn't Respond To A Stereotype About Her Dog, But Her Look Says It All

Some people have old-fashioned ideas about the kinds of pets up for adoption at shelters. Don’t they realize that shelters are full of healthy, beautiful, loving pets? For every person who wants to fill that little void or enhance their already fabulous life, there’s a cat or dog waiting to do just that.

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I Usually Hate Watching Moms And Kids Cry Their Faces Off, But Today I'll Make An Exception

When I think about my friends in the military, I just hope they make it home safe to their families to live long, healthy lives. Every soldier should get a return like this, and should continue to thrive on U.S. soil and be successful in life. Cheers to all of these beautiful families.

Unfortunately, many soldiers do not get this kind of return. They come back to huge economic hardships and mental and physical health problems. It is a terrible way to welcome home our veterans, and sort of embarrassing for us as a country. However, there are organizations that help our returning troops get the support they need, and you can learn more about them by clicking here.

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This Is What Happens When You Allow Gay People To Get Married In Your Country

New Zealand decided that everyone deserves equality and legalized marriage equality. After an amazing final debate and vote, the the people in the galley and many of the members of Parliament decided the next logical thing to do would be to burst into song. So they sang the Maori love song “Pokarekare Ana.” And it’s wonderful. They start singing at 1:20. 

The woman who everyone keeps hugging is professional athlete and Member of Parliament Louisa Wall, the representative who sponsored the bill. She also happens to be gay, so this one had some special meaning for her. Bet she would love it if you shared this.

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3 Words I Wish I'd Heard When My Boyfriend Cheated On Me

Neil Gaiman, renaissance man and legendary novelist, once gave the best graduation speech I’ve ever heard. It was so good that they’re making a book of it. Here’s my favorite part, which happens to be the one I listen to whenever something awful happens (I wasn’t kidding with that headline, people).

Did I mention they’re making a book of it? We called in a couple of favors, pulled a few strings, and promised a few of our first-borns, and now we have an exclusive page from this gorgeous upcoming printing, designed by Chip Kidd:

Love it? Me too. Want it? ME TOO. Oh my God, we have so much in common! I’m thinking you should support your local independent bookstore by pre-ordering through them so you’ll have it to brighten your day when it comes out on May 14:

Shop Indie Bookstores: Print or eBook

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Her Voice Is Unpredictable, But She's Not Embarrassed. Neither Is Her Audience.

Over 3 million Americans stutter, and most of us know at least one person who does. When talking to someone who stutters, interact the way you normally would. There’s no need to raise your voice or avoid eye contact. Be patient, listen, and don’t try to speak for the other person. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed they will be. Keep calm and stutter on.

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Some Well-Known Musicians Reveal The Top Reasons Why They Make Music

I’ve always admired musicians, especially because I come from a family full of them. It’s cool to hear what makes them tick. And it’s really cool that this organization helps them actually profit from doing what they love to do.

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How Standardized Tests Are Destroying The Future Of Technological Advancement

Humans are born curious. Just think about how vigilant you have to be to make sure a curious baby doesn’t try to eat the table because it wanted to know what cedar tasted like. Something changes, though, as the prejudices of a society creep into a child’s life. It’s much harder to wonder about things when you can get a D for it.

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'I Look Like I'm Only 25, But I'm 88,' Joked The Man This Kid Met Online

These kids live in Brazil. These elderly folks live in a retirement home in Chicago. They’re worlds apart, but they do have one thing in common: the ability to connect in a really neat way.

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A News Anchor Gets The Scare Of Her Life And Forever Changes The Lives Of Others In Response

Imagine receiving a terrifying cancer diagnosis and struggling to understand the complicated treatment options available to you or worrying about how you’ll cover the costs. This is a reality for many Americans in our complex health care system. Here’s the story of one woman on a mission to help an entire community cope.

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