Having A Near-Death Experience Is Hard, But The Beauty With Which This Woman Talks About It… Oof

Have you ever had one of those surreal near-death experiences? Even if you haven’t, you don’t want to miss this story from Sarah Kay, who has a way of making everything she talks about sound beautiful and haunting. You know, just like egg salad and death.

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We Want The Best For Our Girls. Here Is What Happens When They Make The Best Of Themselves.

It’s exciting to see how rapidly technology is changing the way we live. It’s even more exciting to see women on the leading edge. I’m really glad Google is celebrating women in tech (though they could stand to hire a few more of them). Some of the projects they are working on are just incredible. I definitely want the one at 1:03 – everybody likes clean air!

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I Would Be Thrilled — Like You Wouldn't Believe — To See These People Out Of A Job

They’re fixing what we’re breaking one animal at a time.  Let’s put them out of business, OK?

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What Being Imprisoned Taught George Takei About America

When George Takei was only 5, he and his family were imprisoned in an American internment camp. While it might seem that World War II would challenge his faith in America, hear George talk about what he learned from that experience, his parents, and a segregated Japanese-American army battalion.

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How To Take Down A Little Word With A Lot Of Power

Some very nice, patient American
Muslims got tired of hearing how poorly people used the word “jihad” and set up a
campaign to fix that. It started
on buses, and now the true meaning of the word is spreading faster than a rumor
on Twitter! 

“Jihad” in
Arabic means simply to put up a good fight against whatever odds or barriers
you might face in your life.  There
are some haters who don’t like this message, but what’s not to like about being
smart and informed?

One of the original MyJihad ads on a Chicago bus.

The public has now started posting MyJihad messages, like this one, on the campaign website.

When Homer Simpson makes an appearance in a campaign, you know it’s gone mainstream.

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The Random Internet Quote Guaranteed To Give You The Chills

I don’t usually go for the poetic stuff, but damn if this quote doesn’t get me every time.

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I Can’t Believe This Is From A Television Show

In the midst of an age of television that glorifies desperate reality stars, unhelpful pundits, and terrifying criminals, this is a
refreshing reminder that television can help instill good moral values.

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All She Wanted For Her 9th Birthday Was $300

Here’s why it doesn’t make her a spoiled brat: At age nine, this girl was already well ahead of her years. Instead of thinking about princesses, she was thinking about how to help other people. Watch and learn about the legacy she left after her tragic death, and if you’re inspired, click the link below to follow in her footsteps.  

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I Got 99 Problems, But My Periodic Table Ain’t One

Nas, Tupac, Common … these rappers taught this white British girl living in a small village about the ways of world. No really, I learned (and sang along to) every word of Lauryn Hill’s”Miseducation” album at the age of 13.

Embarrassing confessions aside, this is why I was so happy to see this incredibly innovative teaching method: combine something you love (rap) with something valuable (education) and look at how the kids’ faces light up with joy when they realize that real learning isn’t just textbooks, whiteboards, and tests.

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7 Deadly Sins Map — How Does Your State Stack Up?

Geographers from Kansas State plotted the 7 deadly sins on a map of the U.S. The darker your county is, the more “sinful” it is. The methodology used to calculate each sin is stated below the map.

1. Greed was calculated by comparing average incomes with the total number of inhabitants living beneath the poverty line.

2. Envy was calculated using the total number of thefts — robbery, burglary, larceny and stolen cars.

3. Wrath was calculated by comparing the total number of violent crimes — murder, assault and rape — reported to the FBI per capita.

4. Lust was calculated by compiling the number of sexually transmitted diseases — HIV, AIDS, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea — reported per capita.

5. Gluttony was calculated by counting the number of fast food restaurants per capita.

6. Sloth was calculated by comparing expenditures on arts, entertainment and recreation with the rate of employment.

7. Pride is the aggregate of all data from the six other sins, averaged into an overview of all evil.

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