When This Rapper Realized Why He Was So Distracted, The Song Just Kinda Wrote Itself

When Talib Kweli (one of my favorite emcees!) got this beat from a producer, a lot of huge events were taking place in the world. Those events were breaking through the noise, pushing the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, and other who-gives-a-f*ck topics onto the back burner and forcing important issues into the forefront of people’s thinking.

Eventually, the very same things that were distracting Kweli became the inspiration for this song. And it does not disappoint.

Follow the lyrics in the transcript below.

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They Found The 1 Straight Couple Who Were Negatively Affected By Gay Marriage. Bless Their Hearts.

When gay people won the right to get married in 2015, everyone thought life would go on as usual. They weren’t anticipating the end of the world. But then everyone voted, and it was too late. At 1:54, my drink shot out my straight nose.

If you feel the need to warn people about their impending lack of danger and totally normal lives continuing, feel free to share this. And maybe Like LGBT Noise on Facebook?

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I Waited A While To Make Sure That This Is THE Best Nelson Mandela Tribute

I’m gonna trade you ALL of the official Nelson Mandela tributes for this one performance by 11-year-old Botlhale Boikanyo. The mini-poet blew away the judges of “SA’s Got Talent” over a year before Mandela died. Her delightful poem is way too good to stay hidden on the Internet, so press play and if you like it, share it.

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There's An Important Reason To Check The Tags On Clothing. And It's Not To Get The Size.

Every last drop of water really does matter. It’s not like it grows on trees. This video is just one minute and 30 seconds, and it might give you a few new ideas (or serve as a good refresher) on how to save water. And you can always make a donation to an organization that helps provide clean water to those who need it.

He talks about “popping a hippo” in your toilet. I can’t be the only American who hadn’t heard of that, right? I googled it, and in the UK, it’s a unit that sits in the toilet tank so it uses less water every time you flush. You can also fill up a plastic bottle and drop it in for the same result.

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One Guy With A Marker Just Made The Global Warming Debate Completely Obsolete

The EPA recently released new rules to cut carbon emissions from power plants. (To learn more, check out this

Of course, global warming is too colossal of an issue to summarize on a whiteboard, but the way this guy divides the possible futures of humanity makes a lot of sense. Skip to 1:28 for the whiteboard magic.

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Usually, Pouring Water All Over A Book Ruins It. In This Case, It Could Save Your Life.

What if there were actually, finally, a super inexpensive and effective water filtration technology that could change millions of lives? Looks like there might be.

Yep, the first few seconds are a bit heavy on the ominous narration stuff. But hang in till 0:18 to learn about the super cool tech part of it.

FACT CHECK TIME! Here are some things to consider:

  • Is this book “by far the cheapest option on the market”? Hard to say. Is it a very inexpensive and effective way to filter water? YEP.
  • We give a big THUMBS UP to the claim that the filter will reduce bacteria by 99.9%. It’s coated in silver, which is a well-known antimicrobial.

If you’re as excited about this paper filter technology as I am, consider sharing this video with your friends using the buttons below.

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Everyone Hates Grocery Shopping. But With This Info When You Hit The Aisles? Scene Control.

Kit Kat, Coke, Tropicana, Cheerios, Snickers, Lipton, Oreos! It’s just about impossible to eat without consuming something from the world’s top 10 food companies. And these gorilla multinationals have major impact on the lives of women, farmers, and on the environment. Only, some of them aren’t doing so well. Who’s got the clout to make these companies honest? Scroll down and get the inside info.

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I Wish I Could See The Look On The Taliban's Faces When Malala Revealed What Scares Her

This is what it sounds like to be the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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Could You Talk To A Person Who Just Killed Someone You Were Trying To Protect?

We’ve all heard the phrase “Never negotiate with terrorists,” but is that actually the smartest solution? Whether you’ve never heard of a terrorist before, or you speak to thousands of terrorists every single day, knowing what to say when you get a terrorist face to face doesn’t always come naturally.

At 0:40, Mitchell Reiss discovers why he was given the assignment.

At 2:11, he relates a story about former terrorists speaking to victims.

At 6:59, frustration crops up for negotiators at every turn.

At 9:50, we learn a crazy secret that every government needs to negotiate.

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