It Seems Like It Can't Work, But Then The Camera Pulls Back, And Damn, There It Is

This is a wonderful and inspiring story of a man who does one simple thing every day to protect a place he loves from environmental disaster. The thing is, he’s been doing this for 35 years, and in the end, he’s achieved something really incredible. What an example.

You’ll first meet him at 3:52 in the video.

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5 Big Things We've Been Led To Believe About Africa That Actually Aren't True

I can see clearly now, the misconceptions are gone. Sing it with me! But really, welcome to the reality of Africa today. Please leave any media-driven assumptions you may have at the door.

Obviously there are certain places in Africa that are still really, really struggling to overcome extreme poverty, but what Global Citizen’s getting at here is: Let’s not slow down the progress being made by lumping more than 1 billion people from 50+ countries into one mental picture.

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'Like, OMG. Let's Go To Africa And Save People!' Here's Why You Shouldn't Be That Person.

It’s a beautiful thing that people want to help make the world a better place. But isn’t it a little odd that so many of those people only want to “make the world better” in Africa?

Oh, shoot! This video was removed.

But we totally have something else on the same topic. Why don’t you check out this instead?

It’s Really Cool That You Studied Abroad In Africa. But The Way You Talk About It? Not So Cool.

You’ll love it, we hope!

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An Incredibly Disturbing Look At How Missionaries Are Spreading Homophobia In Uganda

Homophobia is rife in Uganda, and the reason is troubling. Evangelical missionaries are preaching hate, and it comes at the cost of LGBT lives.

It’s clear that this American evangelical movement in Uganda is incredibly screwed up and dangerous. This documentary takes a deep dive into the issue, so make sure to catch a screening near you.

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A Woman Shows Us What's Really In The Hearts Of Big Drug Companies

Wow. That brought me back to reality so fast I have cynic-whiplash.

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A 15-Year-Old With A Huge Brain And An Even Bigger Heart Blows MIT Away

In a world where the word “genius” gets thrown around to describe taxicab apps and online dating algorithms, it’s nice to meet someone who remembers that truly important inventions are about making life better for your community and your world.

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A 12-Year-Old Egyptian Boy Flabbergasts An Interviewer. They Weren't Expecting A Political Genius.

This 12-year-old Egyptian boy is putting together some very complex arguments against the Muslim Brotherhood’s attempt to grab power in Egypt. If you think he’s just regurgitating a script or something, watch him answer a question about gender equality at 1:57.

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Will Walmart Wait For Another Total Disaster Before They Deal With This?

Walmart says they’re committed to improving worker safety after the Bangladeshi factory disasters. Does that mean they’re also against using armed mobs to handle labor disputes?

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A 1-Minute Live Birth That Makes A Powerful Point About Preventable Deaths

Every year, 1 million mothers lose their babies within the first day of giving birth. And many of these tragic deaths could be prevented by the woman (and others like her) in this smart ad. The difference between 0:11 and 0:44 is everything.

Warning: This video includes live birth footage with graphic images.

For more information on the newborn crisis and the solutions to fixing it (in a less intense way), check out my other midwives post.

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