For A Team Responsible For A Product That Generates So Much Homophobia, This Is Really Refreshing

Xbox LIVE just “leveled up” in my book. Not only is their staff incredibly diverse, but they’re openly supporting GaymerCon, the very first convention for LGBTQ gamers, which will be held in August 2013.

Jump to 1:30 for all the nerd-equality goodness.

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The 3 Little Words That Could Help Keep Your Loved Ones Alive

Letting your friends know that they can talk to you without being judged is like giving the biggest, bestest gift you could ever give someone. Sometimes, when people know they have support and they’re not alone, it can make all the difference.

If you’re actually a horribly terrible listener, that’s cool too. Other people are ready to listen, and you can send your friends thataway.

September is Suicide Prevention Month. So now’s a good time to take the “Talk to Me” pledge on The Trevor Project’s site.

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How To Love Gays And Chick-fil-A At The Same Damn Time

All stereotypes aside, I really love chicken. So, like these two guys in
the video, I was torn when the über-delicious Chick-fil-A was outed for its
anti-gay activism. How does one
reconcile their love of chicken biscuits and waffle fries with their love for
all mankind? Watch these two straight guys’ hysterical answer. Now pass the
Polynesian Sauce, please. 

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This Is What Happens To Straight Kids When Gay People Get Married?

Oh wait. My bad. This is what happens when dysfunctional people who are irrationally afraid of everything get married to each other. TRIGGER WARNING: This is satire.

Share this if you are excited for the day that little girl goes to college and finds out how the world really works. And yes, I know this is a parody. A very shareable parody if you ask me…

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I Don't Care About Chicken. I Care About My Gay Friends.

The whole Chick-fil-A fiasco isn’t about one ignorant guy’s opinions. There’s more to it. They spent $2,000,000 in 2010 funding anti-gay organizations. More importantly, they are selectively misreading the Bible to couch their bigotry in faith.

There are Christians all over the world who don’t share these views. This isn’t about Christianity. This isn’t about chicken sandwiches. It’s about, well, watch – in the first video, at 3:40 she stands up for what’s right. At 4:19 she explains how you can help change the conversation. TODAY.

The original recipe:

Her followup:

You can RSVP for the protest, which is happening today, by clicking here. If you RSVP, your friends will see it and maybe RSVP too. You don’t have to go, you just ought to say you are, in solidarity so more people will RSVP. Just sayin’.

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In Case You Missed It: Why Everyone Is Posting Those Pink Equal Signs on Facebook This Week!

To show support for marriage equality during the Supreme Court hearings on Prop 8 and the Defense Of Marriage Act, the Human Rights Campaign asked people to change their Facebook profile pictures to a red and white image of an equal sign. My friends totally support gay marriage, but they also hate conformity. Here are some of the best remixes of the original equal sign that have popped up on Facebook this week.

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If You've Ever Looked At A Person Who Is Trans And Thought 'Wow, I Can Barely Tell,' Watch This.

Trans author and activist Janet Mock has released a series of videos in advance of her book “Redefining Realness.” A lot of them cover concepts I’ve never really thought about as a cis person. (“Cis” or “cisgender” refers to someone who identifies as the gender/sex they were assigned at birth.) I just love that we’re giving a range of people a voice in today’s world. Let’s keep listening.

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They Found The 1 Straight Couple Who Were Negatively Affected By Gay Marriage. Bless Their Hearts.

When gay people won the right to get married in 2015, everyone thought life would go on as usual. They weren’t anticipating the end of the world. But then everyone voted, and it was too late. At 1:54, my drink shot out my straight nose.

If you feel the need to warn people about their impending lack of danger and totally normal lives continuing, feel free to share this. And maybe Like LGBT Noise on Facebook?

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Take All The #$!%-ing Out, And This Rapper Would Sound Exactly Like Every Other Gay Rights Supporter

OK, so rapper T-Pain’s vocabulary is … well … colorful. Don’t play this out loud in an office setting unless you work for a bunch of sailors or put some headphones on.

Despite the not-so-nice overuse of the b-word (among others), T-Pain delivers at the crux of this interview a well-intentioned, reasoned logic bomb on homophobic people in hip hop. It’s pretty amazing hearing this come out of a chart leader in a music genre that has a proven track record of homophobia.

Here’s hoping he’s the start of a new way of thinking in hip hop!

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