There's More Than One Way To Handle A Bully. Watch One Teacher Deal With It Beautifully.

Where were the teachers like this when I was in school? Don’t get me wrong, I had a childhood of amazing teachers, but none was ready to take a stand against bullying like this.

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'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's NSFW Take On Gay Marriage

You know all those massive dudes who beat the crap out of each other for your entertainment on “Monday Night Raw”? Some of them have opinions on things other than the best wrestling tights to wear or whether the pile driver is more effective than the jackknife powerbomb.

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WATCH: Your Duly Elected Representatives Standing Up For Their Principles Before It Was Cool

Way back in 1996, an alarming number of Democrats and Republicans (including then-President Bill Clinton) banded together to pass the Defense of Marriage Act.

I know it’s easy to get cynical about politics, and I’m certainly guilty of it, but here are some of the folks who spoke out for their principles and against discrimination when it was politically risky to do so. On this issue at least, they’ve earned our respect.

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Love Was Taken To Court In Australia, Won, And Ate A Piece Of Marriage Equality Cake In The Process

I love it when a plan comes together. And by “plan” I mean “love,” and by “come together” I mean “wins.” I’m not entirely sure that reference to “The A-Team” was needed there, but regardless, I think what I’m trying to say is that this is a historic moment for Australia’s marriage equality fight. But before you get all welled up watching this great montage (everyone loves montages!), you’ve gotta see why their fight has still got some way to go.

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Have You Ever Noticed The Difference Between Same-Sex Kisses In Mainstream Movies?

I’m not going to waste any time by having you read a bunch of words that I have to say on the subject. Just press play and let the realizations wash over you.

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Students Saw A Gay Couple Kiss In Front Of Kids, And The Students Got Mad For All The Right Reasons


I’ve spoken often about the “ick” factor — the visceral reaction many have to the sight of something unfamiliar, like two men kissing. When I was growing up, the reaction toward interracial couples was similar, and that disgust over white/non-white intimacy was used to justify laws against interracial marriage.

Many use their irrational discomfort over gay intimacy to justify discrimination. This video, shot in a restaurant in Mississippi, illustrates that all too clearly, underscoring deep social and religious divides over this question. But there is cause, too, for hope — especially among young people. The ick is fading away, as it inevitably will. So watch and ask yourself, “Do I have a bit of the ‘ick’ in me?”

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VIDEO: What It's Like Being Raised By 2 Lesbians In Iowa

On January 31, 2011, at the age of 19, Zach Wahls gave a public testimony on a constitutional amendment that would reverse the legality of gay marriage in Iowa. That video has gotten more than 20 million views and launched Zach into internet super-stardom. Since then, he’s been on “Ellen” and gotten a book deal. So, what was it really like being raised by 2 lesbians? Watch and find out:

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When He Meets His First Child, I Cheer. When He Gets To His Second, I Almost Lose It.

It takes Andrew 13 minutes to tell you how many kids he has. Kudos to you if you can keep your eyes dry that whole time.

And along the way, he meets a buxom necrophiliac (1:50), a doughnut dad (3:00), the love of his life, and the mother of his future childre — and he learns that even gay men can have shotgun weddings (7:00). Tissue alert starting at 9:30.

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