A 3-Year-Old Discusses Who She's Going To Marry And Gives A Way Better Answer Than Many 30-Year-Olds

The Gay Women’s Channel recorded a couple of youngsters talking about marriage and then lip-synched the whole conversation. It’s amazing how kids, unencumbered by cultural norms, will make more sense than most adults. At 2:00, they get to the point you hopefully already knew and accepted.

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The Life You Lead When You're A Prince Of One Of The Biggest Countries In The World. And Gay.

Indian Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil lives his life truthfully in the face of about a billion people who would rather he not do it. I couldn’t even imagine.

You should share this if you’re as inspired as I am.

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Kids To People Who Are Afraid Of Gays: 'If I'd Have Gotten A Bunch Of Microscopes, Would I Be Gay?'

Sometimes cute little kids understand things more clearly than us not-so-cute adults do.

At about 4:40, a girl who, at first, doesn’t seem totally keen on same-sex marriage says something that gives me hope. At 5:21, an adorable little boy tries to make sense of what “gay” even means. At 9:40, one young lady nails it with how she’d handle it if a gay friend had a crush on her.

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A Drag Queen Talks About Homophobia, Ignites A National Debate, Then Beautifully Sums It All Up

This speech, given by Rory O’Neill dressed as Panti Bliss, is incredibly poignant and moving. And at the root of the very important points about what it feels like to experience homophobia and oppression is the issue that’s addressed here: How is it acceptable for the majority to tell people who are experiencing oppression and homophobia that they’re not — and they can’t even talk about it?

I don’t think O’Neill — or anyone — should have their voices and experiences silenced. The oppressors shouldn’t define oppression. You can share this by hitting the Facebook and Twitter buttons below.

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A Pastor Asks A Politician Why He Supports Gay Marriage. It Seems He Wasn't Prepared For His Reply.

What do you do when you’re a politician live on television and a pastor who is against marriage equality asks you why you support marriage rights for all? You take note from Australia’s prime minister, Kevin Rudd, a devout Christian, and do exactly what he does in these amazing four minutes.

At 2:00, he sets a righteous trap, and by the end you’ll be giving him a standing ovation.

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A Straight Kid Gently Smacks Around Some Homophobic Politicians In The Most Well-Mannered Way He Can

In April 2009, after a court ruling, gay marriage became legal in the state of Iowa. On Jan. 11, 2011, a young man named Zach Wahls went before the Iowa Legislature to speak on behalf of his two moms after the legislature took up a bill to ban gay marriage. Over 18 million people watched and shared it. At 2:50, he nails what family really means.

After getting national news exposure from this video and with work from families on the ground, the ban never passed. Rational heads prevailed, marriage equality has been in Iowa ever since, and it has brought over $5 million a year to the Iowa economy.

Currently, 28 states still have bans on gay marriage. They are falling state by state as the courts get ahold of them. It would be great if more people who are scared of these repeals could see what family really means. If you shared this, it could help with that. And if you want to learn more about Zach, who has since led the charge to fix the Boy Scouts and is currently interning at the White House, you could Like him on Facebook. He’s good people. Which makes sense after hearing about his moms.

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If Straight Boys Had Conversations On Sexuality Like This, The World Would Be A Much Better Place

If only all adolescent boy conversations went this way instead of how they usually do.

Just an extra opinion from a gay man: The homophobic part of it is the way that question is usually asked — not as a question, but as an accusation. Think of the difference between: “Did you eat the last cookie?” and “Did YOU eat THE LAST COOKIE?!?”

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The 14 Stunning Photographs Of Couples In Love

When you think of iconic romance, what image do you get? Photographer Braden Summers thought only of straight couples when he pictured iconic romance. So he decided to help change that lack of representation by photographing gay couples from around the world embracing their love. (Note: Some are real couples and some are models.)

Braden wanted to show that love was equal worldwide. He told Upworthy, “My hope is that not only are my images inspiring romance for the queer community, but inspiring the acceptance of our romance on a global scale.”

I recommend watching the video before you look at the stunning photos, as it really helps add context to the project.

Here is the video (the transcript is below the photos). The Kickstarter has ended, but you can learn more about this project by clicking the links below.

Here are the stunning photos:

Clarification: Braden used models instead of real couples for some of these images “to protect the identities of actual LGBTQ members who might be in danger in certain countries should their faces be seen.”

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A Teen Came Out To His Mom, But She Had A Surprise Of Her Own

Coming out can be pretty scary for lots of different reasons. Sometimes it’s the threat of violence, sometimes it’s the fear of disapproval, and sometimes it’s the fear of the unknown. What makes this video special is the authentic communication between a mom and son. There’s a lot of listening and understanding, but at about 5:17, things take a surprising turn, and it’s kind of beautiful.

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