The 14 Stunning Photographs Of Couples In Love

When you think of iconic romance, what image do you get? Photographer Braden Summers thought only of straight couples when he pictured iconic romance. So he decided to help change that lack of representation by photographing gay couples from around the world embracing their love. (Note: Some are real couples and some are models.)

Braden wanted to show that love was equal worldwide. He told Upworthy, “My hope is that not only are my images inspiring romance for the queer community, but inspiring the acceptance of our romance on a global scale.”

I recommend watching the video before you look at the stunning photos, as it really helps add context to the project.

Here is the video (the transcript is below the photos). The Kickstarter has ended, but you can learn more about this project by clicking the links below.

Here are the stunning photos:

Clarification: Braden used models instead of real couples for some of these images “to protect the identities of actual LGBTQ members who might be in danger in certain countries should their faces be seen.”

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A Teen Came Out To His Mom, But She Had A Surprise Of Her Own

Coming out can be pretty scary for lots of different reasons. Sometimes it’s the threat of violence, sometimes it’s the fear of disapproval, and sometimes it’s the fear of the unknown. What makes this video special is the authentic communication between a mom and son. There’s a lot of listening and understanding, but at about 5:17, things take a surprising turn, and it’s kind of beautiful.

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This Is What Happens When You Allow Gay People To Get Married In Your Country

New Zealand decided that everyone deserves equality and legalized marriage equality. After an amazing final debate and vote, the the people in the galley and many of the members of Parliament decided the next logical thing to do would be to burst into song. So they sang the Maori love song “Pokarekare Ana.” And it’s wonderful. They start singing at 1:20. 

The woman who everyone keeps hugging is professional athlete and Member of Parliament Louisa Wall, the representative who sponsored the bill. She also happens to be gay, so this one had some special meaning for her. Bet she would love it if you shared this.

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Do These People 'Look' Straight? The Photographer Who Is Snapping LGBT Faces Across America.

For anyone who feels like they fall on the LGBTQ spectrum, from bisexual to transgender, here’s a photographer who wants your photo. iO Tillett Wright’s photography project “Self Evident Truths” will make a photo record of LGBTQ people in the U.S. today. Why? Well, she wants to use the simplicity of faces to show that humanity exists in all of us.

In the video below, iO Tillett Wright explains how the project began and why she is set on taking the project national. So far, Wright has captured hundreds of portraits and is set to capture 5,000 to 10,000 images that will reflect the true face of LGBTQ across America. After that, Wright wants to compile a series of large exhibitions, an online database, and a number of creative projects.

Supported by the Human Rights Campaign, the project is an independent “awareness” campaign, and the black-and-white photos captured by Wright are simple yet striking. Will “Self Evident Truths” help humanize LGBTQ people in a country that is in the midst of a fight for equal rights? As it’s mentioned in the video, marriage equality is just one step in the right direction, but there’s still a lot to be done. Perhaps her photographs will remind people that, as Wright commented, “Guess what, we look just like you, your mother, your brother, or the coworker sitting right next to you.”

Hear Wright explain in the video below.

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Every Biblical Argument Against Being Gay, Debunked Biblically

This is Matthew Vines. The New York Times is writing about him, thanks to his amazing work. He has a sermon you need to watch. It’s long. And 350,000 other people have already watched it (that’s how good it is.) But I can’t begin to tell you how important his ideas are.

At 9:05, he pulls at the heartstrings of anyone who has them. At 24:12, he demolishes all arguments based on Leviticus, and he explains something you’ll never forget about Old Testament “abominations” at 29:12. At 35:37, he unpacks the thorniest New Testament passage, burying the “unnatural” argument once and for all at 47:06.

At 58:48, he makes one of the most effective Bible-based arguments for gay marriage you’ll ever hear. And at 1:03:32, he closes with a plea for acceptance that’s been melting the hearts even of dyed-in-the-wool Southern Baptists.

Share this video — it’s been changing thousands of minds and stands to change many thousands more.

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A Politician Tries To Pretend He's Not Homophobic Anymore. It Took A Comedian To Set Him Straight.

I really wish in America we had Q&As like they do in Australia. It would make it so much easier to call politicians out like this.

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When It Comes To Gay Marriage, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Doesn't Just Talk The Talk

In September 2013, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (aka “The Notorious RBG”) became the first Supreme Court justice to officiate a gay marriage. That was kind of a big deal, and she knew it.

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I Never Expected A 14-Year-Old's Speech On Gay Rights To Leave Me Speechless

In 2010, a 14-year-old kid stood up and made some of the more intelligent comments about gay rights I’d heard in a while. I never saw him on “Ellen,” though. And now that I have, in addition to being in awe, I’m a little jealous because I want Ellen to like me that much. Don’t miss what he says at 3:48. He nails it.

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Here's One Wedding They Actually Want You To Crash, And For Good Reason

I don’t usually crash weddings, but this sounds like a good one to try it on. Why? He explains what’s so important about this particular one at 1:30, but don’t feel the need to skip any of the hilarity before then.

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A Kid Grows Up With Gay Parents. This Is A Snapshot Of What Life In Their Home Looks Like.

Today our acceptance of the term “wholesome family” is changing, partly because people are willing to celebrate what our country is really made of.

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