Hillary Breaks Down Gay Marriage So People With Extra-Thick Heads Can Understand

Hillary Clinton really breaks it down for the proud people of the United States of America. Whether you believe in family values, economic prosperity, freedom, or old-fashioned setting a good example, fully legalizing gay marriage is obviously the right choice. If you only have a few seconds, skip to 3:32 for a perfectly phrased sentence about gay rights.

At 0:40, she talks about meeting a Tunisian man with an interesting question.

At 1:04, Hillary talks about some people who don’t share her opinion on gay rights and human rights.
At 2:23, she exactly describes the people we are all fighting for.
At 2:58, Hillary admits how her opinions have changed and evolved.
At 3:32, Hillary drops some serious knowledge about the evolution of America.
At 4:35, she asks that the gay rights debate be done in a certain way.
At 5:02, she compares this fight to the gender equality fight.

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They Want Her Photo Just Because She's A Beautiful Woman. It's Beautiful.

Transgender models are bursting into the mainstream of Brazil’s fashion industry. Pretty cool.

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This Dude Makes Marriage Equality Sound Even More Epic Than I Already Knew It Was

We’ve come a long way with marriage equality, including in my home state of Iowa, but we need to keep working harder to make it legal in every state in the U.S. Plus, Morgan Freeman says so. That’s enough for me.

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3 Reasons Why These Country-Lovin' Pastors Are Pro-Gay Activists

The North Carolina association of the United Church of Christ is aggressively fighting against the state constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage on May 8, 2012. The mainstream media doesn’t pick up this kind of story because cooperation is not the angle it wants to highlight between Christians and gays. So I’m asking everyone who sees this to please share it on your Facebook wall today. We have to spread the message that being faithful does NOT have to mean being hateful.

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They Denied Her Humanity, So She Got Famous And Spoke Out. Loud.

I’ve always been pretty down with love. It’s a really nice feeling, and it inspired a lot of pretty good Beatles songs. But somehow, it never really occurred to me that love can be a tool for revolutionary social change — change that’s been a long time coming. Turns out, sometimes you need Laverne Cox to really break it down for you.

There are so, so many truly great parts of this. There’s 3:32, when she explains why we all have the capacity to both hurt and love, and 8:17, when she reminds us that our society treats some people like criminals simply for existing. The real highlight, however, is at 5:20, when she tells the story of the brilliant student she met on Spirit Day in Charleston, S.C. Do. Not. Miss. That.

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The Only Really Silly Thing About This Are The People Who Won't Agree With What They're Saying

Grammy-nominated children’s band The Pop Ups have a refreshingly open take on dress-up time.

Note: This is a song for kids! Feel free to pull up a child and have a watch.

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What It Looks Like When We Judge People At First Glance

Tom Goss is a musician who sometimes uses his music videos to share important messages. The message is simple and clear in this one: Look beyond your judgments, and you might see how beautiful people are. Even if they are different from you.

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Why Does This Milk Make Me Want To Stand Up And Fight For Equality?

Harvey Milk was assassinated 34 years ago, because he was standing up for equality. His words are as timeless now as they were then. Listen to them, share them, and do what he tells you. Because equality matters.

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