Students Saw A Gay Couple Kiss In Front Of Kids, And The Students Got Mad For All The Right Reasons


I’ve spoken often about the “ick” factor — the visceral reaction many have to the sight of something unfamiliar, like two men kissing. When I was growing up, the reaction toward interracial couples was similar, and that disgust over white/non-white intimacy was used to justify laws against interracial marriage.

Many use their irrational discomfort over gay intimacy to justify discrimination. This video, shot in a restaurant in Mississippi, illustrates that all too clearly, underscoring deep social and religious divides over this question. But there is cause, too, for hope — especially among young people. The ick is fading away, as it inevitably will. So watch and ask yourself, “Do I have a bit of the ‘ick’ in me?”

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VIDEO: What It's Like Being Raised By 2 Lesbians In Iowa

On January 31, 2011, at the age of 19, Zach Wahls gave a public testimony on a constitutional amendment that would reverse the legality of gay marriage in Iowa. That video has gotten more than 20 million views and launched Zach into internet super-stardom. Since then, he’s been on “Ellen” and gotten a book deal. So, what was it really like being raised by 2 lesbians? Watch and find out:

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When He Meets His First Child, I Cheer. When He Gets To His Second, I Almost Lose It.

It takes Andrew 13 minutes to tell you how many kids he has. Kudos to you if you can keep your eyes dry that whole time.

And along the way, he meets a buxom necrophiliac (1:50), a doughnut dad (3:00), the love of his life, and the mother of his future childre — and he learns that even gay men can have shotgun weddings (7:00). Tissue alert starting at 9:30.

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George Takei Talks Arizona, Rush Limbaugh, And Business. He Doesn't Hold Back, Either.

Arizona’s legislature is so extreme it could compete in the X Games. They may as well, because it looks like all they’re trying to do is score political points.

George Takei asks the right question: Who are these people representing?

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Lapsed Catholics Everywhere Are Totally Confused By This Crazy New Nonjudgmental Pope

Things are still early with this new Pope Francis character in charge of the Vatican. But I’m mighty eager to see where this all leads. Inclusiveness? Healing? The Jesuit tradition of social justice? Amen.

(Full disclosure: Not a Catholic myself. But I think we all have a dog in the fight when it comes to the Church.)

Check out the whole interview with Pope Francis here. This post does not constitute an endorsement of Pope Francis or anything else he says. Now comment away, with kind hearts.

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Hillary Breaks Down Gay Marriage So People With Extra-Thick Heads Can Understand

Hillary Clinton really breaks it down for the proud people of the United States of America. Whether you believe in family values, economic prosperity, freedom, or old-fashioned setting a good example, fully legalizing gay marriage is obviously the right choice. If you only have a few seconds, skip to 3:32 for a perfectly phrased sentence about gay rights.

At 0:40, she talks about meeting a Tunisian man with an interesting question.

At 1:04, Hillary talks about some people who don’t share her opinion on gay rights and human rights.
At 2:23, she exactly describes the people we are all fighting for.
At 2:58, Hillary admits how her opinions have changed and evolved.
At 3:32, Hillary drops some serious knowledge about the evolution of America.
At 4:35, she asks that the gay rights debate be done in a certain way.
At 5:02, she compares this fight to the gender equality fight.

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They Want Her Photo Just Because She's A Beautiful Woman. It's Beautiful.

Transgender models are bursting into the mainstream of Brazil’s fashion industry. Pretty cool.

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This Dude Makes Marriage Equality Sound Even More Epic Than I Already Knew It Was

We’ve come a long way with marriage equality, including in my home state of Iowa, but we need to keep working harder to make it legal in every state in the U.S. Plus, Morgan Freeman says so. That’s enough for me.

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