This Manta Ray Had A Fishing Line Wrapped Around Her Wing. Watch As These Divers Amazingly Help Her.

This beautiful video comes to us from the Philippines. When several divers were out in the ocean, they were approached by a large Manta Ray with a fishing line slicing through her right wing. The master diver attempted several times to cut her free from the barnacle encrusted fishing line, but she always flinched. Several attempts later it looked like she realized the diver was trying to help and she calmed down, allowing him to set her completely free of the line. The best part is that the Manta kept circling the divers afterwards, almost as if to say thanks.

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20 Genius College Hacks They Won’t Teach You At Orientation.

The transition from high school to college can be downright scary. For most of us, it’s our first time really being away from that comfortable bubble we call home. Trust me, even if you’re going to a school close to home, dorm life can make you miss your mom and dad even before the first week is up. And it gets even worse when laundry time comes around. 

But don’t worry, some of those who came before you have kindly shared their skills to making college life a little easier. Take a look before hitting the books.

1.) Use a pen to keep your textbook open.

2.) Or to keep your chips fresh.

3.) Get organized with an old toilet paper roll.

4.) Make your lockscreen your class schedule for the first few weeks.

5.) Use a color code on your notebooks to easily grab the right one.

6.) Save your legs from laptop burn with egg cartons.

7.) Amplify your iPad with a solo cup.

8.) While you’re at it, don’t waste money on a fancy iHome.

9.) Hang your paper towels on a clothes hanger.

10.) Save time and space by stacking your clothes vertically in drawers.

11.) Dryer sheets on the back of a box fan: instant air freshener.

12.) Pizza box tops make great dust pans.

13.) Hang photos and mementos using washi tape.

14.) Make a mug-full of scrambled eggs in your microwave.

15.) And cook it in a coffee pot.

16.) Or heat up some queso for a fiesta.

17.) Use a Pringle can as a pasta holder.

18.) Turn your chip bag into its own bowl.

19.) Make your 12-pack mini-fridge sized.

20.) Clean your gunky keyboard with a post-it note.

(via Mashable.)

Now all you have to worry about is your GPA. 

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I’m Sorry, Did You Want to Make Friends At School? These Schools Don’t Care.

Everybody wants their kids to be safe at school. With our now-constant updates of all the terrible things happening in the world, it’s understandable that parents and teachers get nervous. Sometimes they make decisions based upon those nervous feelings. Many times, their feelings are founded and the decisions they make lead to schools and playgrounds being safer places both physically and emotionally. 

Other times, though, they might just be knee-jerk reactions and quick-fix solutions that might end up doing more harm than good, or at least just wind up being really, really confusing, resulting in things like walking and friendship (yes) being banned from schools. Under pressure from and being blamed by a lot of different camps, schools have a tough time of balancing education, socialization and safety, as well as the fact that no two families are going to raise their kids with the same parameters. Sometimes, it seems all they can do is simply ban a controversial item or action. But is across-the-board banning really the best choice?

Let’s take a look at some of the most out-there things that schools have banned in the recent past. 


Holding Hands

 A school in Tennessee banned hand holding because they considered it a “gateway to sexual activity.” And you thought playing ring around the rosy was all innocent fun! (Actually, that rhyme is about the Bubonic Plague, so, maybe not. But that’s another topic.) State Senators in Tennessee can apparently see the dirty in everything though, and have banned the practice of holding hands; teachers can’t even demonstrate what hand-holding looks like without threat of losing their jobs. This is all with the intent of reducing teen sexual activity and pregnancy. But since Tennessee ranks in the top ten for teen pregnancy rate in the country, maybe they need to try another tactic. Like…actual sex education?



If holding hands was banned, you’d better believe the lewd concept known as hugging has also been given the axe? Friend in need of comfort? A firm handshake will have to suffice. This ban, enacted in Canada, was based on some good intentions, but maybe went a bit far. The original rule was to reduce unwanted, unsafe contact between students, which would include physical or sexual harassment. No problem there, but hugs ended up lumped in under that rule. Students balked, and staged a “hug-in” to protest the rule. Kids absolutely need to know about boundaries when it comes to touching, but banning all physical contact seems to go a bit far. Not so far, however, that various schools throughout the US have followed suit. How will they know what is and isn’t appropriate if nothing is allowed?


Bookbags are usually banned to prevent back strain on students, as well as due to the fear of students stealing items and/or bringing contraband items into school. Bookbags can also cause crowding in narrow hallways and stairwells. However, limiting students to having only what they can carry means they need more time switching materials at their lockers, which can make them late to classes. Students and parents alike have challenged the rules, with mixed results. 


Bake Sales

Bake sales were almost banned completely in Massachusetts, but a rule requiring all foods to have certain nutritional value threatened the age-old tradition of questionable baked good peddled by students. However, schools complained that bake sales were good ways for students to raise money for clubs and activities. As a compromise, the ban on bake sales was lifted, with the compromise that the snacks sold in the cafeteria on a day-to-day basis had to meet the nutritional standards of the state. 


“Non-Motorized Transportation” (meaning, walking and bikes)

With the emphasis on nutrition and physical activity lately, you’d think that students walking or biking to school would be encouraged. Not so. Students, particularly in urban areas, are sometimes prohibited from walking or biking to school because school officials feel it is unsafe for them to do so, despite the fact that the students are not, at the time of their traveling, on school grounds. It seems that for students in urban areas, practice safely navigating congested streets would be considered a life skill, but I guess not. One mother in Saratoga, New York, fought with the school board when she was told she could not bike with her son to school. 


Dodgeball has sharply decreased in popularity since bullying and school violence came into the spotlight over the past decade. The sport does have a Spartan, “target the slow and weak” kind of mentality, and school officials are questioning whether that’s an appropriate stance in the modern age. This led to the reconsideration of other games that involve singling kids out, such as duck-duck-goose and musical chairs. Some schools have banned the game outright, while others have modified the rules to make the game less brutal, namely enforcing the “aim low, no headshots” rule. Interestingly, it seems people actually do have an appetite for brutality, as adult dodgeball remains just as popular.



Like with the dodgeball bans, one school in New Jersey sought to stamp out competitiveness by banning any competitive game at his school’s recess. This included tag, soccer and kickball, for fear that kids’ feelings, as well as their bodies, might be hurt. Kickball is allowed so long as a score is not kept, and balls are doled out to students by TAs under heavy supervision. Despite the need for kids to get exercise and burn off youthful energy, recess at this school has become gentler. Parents are not pleased, and say that this docile version of recess is unfair to kids and stifles their natural playfulness, and does nothing to teach them lessons about teamwork, winning and losing; some even see the policy as useless, predicting that whatever the activities, kids can, and will, make a competition out of it.  


Many schools’ dress codes use the nebulous word “distracting” to cover a variety of inappropriate clothes, and the rules can include makeup, too. Teenage trends are usually slapped with the accusation of causing failing grades and delinquency, and in 2008, a school send a 13-year-old student home for wearing black lipstick, nail polish and eyeliner, using the term “distracting” as their justification. This case was multifaceted though; no one is sure whether the student was sent home because of the Goth factor, or because the student was male. Either way, the rules about makeup and clothing are delicate ones that often trip into other, weirder territories. 


Another recent dress code scandal was the yoga pants. The pants, which are made of a clingy material and often leave little to the imagination around the butt, were declared too sexually suggestive for schools and were described as a “distraction” (there’s that word again) for the boys. Some schools banned them altogether, and some said that their top portions had to be covered with long shirts. The issue sparked a lot of controversy. Some said that considering the pants “sexy” was inappropriate given the age of the girls. Other objected to the idea that female students should be held accountable for “distracting” male students with their dress, and that while tight pants might serve as a distraction for the boys, constant concern over being “appropriate” was even more so for girls, and the insinuation was that male education was given more priority. 


Skinny Jeans

In keeping with the yoga pants ban, a district in Connecticut also wanted to ban skinny jeans and leggings, namely for girls (although boys wear skinnies, too). They went so far as to blame the narrow-legged pants for failing grades, which caused the same controversies to arise. Parents, teachers and students alike also felt that too much energy was being funneled into the clothing ban rather than looking for an actual solution to the education problem, and that the ban on legwear was simply a Band-Aid for a larger, more complex issue.


Baggy Jeans

If you were looking to get out of the skinny jean crackdown, think again. Your pants can’t win. The dress code in a Florida district comes with specifics for skirt and shorts lengths, acceptable hair colors and styles and, yes, acceptable pants droop. Other schools have also jumped on the no-saggy-pants bandwagon, claiming the look is related to gang activity and culture. Once again, students and parents were annoyed by the rules, asking for better definitions of words like “extreme” and “distracting,” and wondered where the lines would be drawn. Some even viewed the rules as an attack on their kids’ freedom of expression. 


Best Friends

Remember all those times in school when you and your best friend would sit in the lunchroom and share snacks? When you put your heads together to create that awesome project? When you met up in the bathroom at synchronized times to giggle? Ha, not if you go to some schools in the UK you won’t. In these schools, children are preventing from developing close relationships with one other child (these are elementary school kids, so this is just a BFF situation) because teachers fear the emotional distress that happens when friendships fall apart. Obviously, the solution is to stunt their emotional growth for as long as possible and prevent them from developing normal interpersonal skills. No possibility of future emotional turmoil there. Nah.


Some people would love to ban Ugg boots in public, not just in schools, on the grounds of fashion violation, but schools are banning them for a different reason. Actually, it’s for the same reason they ban pretty much every youthful trend: on the grounds that they lead to distraction and thus to failing grades. Because what other response to a youthful trend is there but abject fear? A Pennsylvania school banned the fluffy footwear because they feared that an even worse contraband–cell phones–could be hidden inside them. Parents and students reacted with exasperation, as wave after wave of clothing bans have swept the country, and many feel that the emphasis on clothing, and the stress about being possibly picked out due to an unwitting clothing violation, comes at the expense of actual learning, and does nothing to solve educational issues. Parents also find the strict clothing laws straining on their budgets, as they have to buy their kids new clothes every time a new rule appears.


Okay, not literal dinosaurs, but the idea of dinosaurs, as well as many other ideas of things, has been banned from standardized tests in New York State. Terrified of getting slapped with a lawsuit, the NYS Department of Education decided to ban a selection of words that could potentially cause “distress” among students. Words like “Halloween,” “birthday” and “dinosaur” could potentially upset religious students due to suggestions of paganism and evolution. “Slavery,” “terrorism,” “divorce” and “disease” are also on the flag list because they are scary and sad, and “poverty” could cause lower-income students to feel excluded, so that one’s out, too. Potentially, of course, negative emotion could be attached to any word, so this seems like quite the can of worms–as well as something that smart students could take advantage of. I’m surprised no one has jumped on the trigger bandwagon and mentioned that the word “test” is pretty scary, too, but we’ll give it time. 


A school in Toronto went balls out! No, like, literally. They got rid of all the spherical sporting items in their school, and it wasn’t the first to do so. Small playing areas were cited as the reason for the ban, because kids–and parents–could get walloped with the balls and, yes, that can hurt a lot. Once more, parents and students are collectively groaning. (Hey, these band sure bring families together, huh? That’s something, I guess?) Parents say that expending energy and even getting a bit banged up is good for kids in the long run. In another Ontario school, students were so put off by the ban that they organized a petition and got their school’s ban reversed. 


Okay, to balance out banning anything that suggested non-religiousness, many schools worldwide have banned any mention of religious holidays, notably Christmas. Some schools decide to go with a nameless, “winter” celebration angle, so trees and snowflakes are still allowed, but others have completely banned any form of holiday winter cheer.


The Word “Meep.”

Seriously. Although to be honest, picture how annoying a room full of hyperactive high schoolers constantly “meeping” would be. Evidently, a group of students wouldn’t stop saying “meep” in class, and so the word was banned school-wide following a “reasonable request” by the principal to stop. Okay, kids, you kind of walked into this one. And did you really have to drag poor Beaker down with you?

So there you have it, all of the ridiculous things schools have banned. They’re unlikely to have a long-term impact of student learning, and when the next trend in fashion or technology appears, I’m sure a new crop of bizarre bans will follow. 

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What Happens When A Mugger Randomly Sees His Victim On Facebook? Not What You’d Expect.

Over thirty years ago, a man mugged another man for his bus pass on the steps of the Museum of Natural History. Now, because of Facebook, the thief (who was promptly arrested when the crime initially occurred) finally got the chance to apologize. Your heart will be in a puddle after seeing this.

When this New York bagel store was shutting down, this photo was posted to Facebook. Both men involved in the NYC mugging commented on this picture.

This is Michael Goodman. Over 30 years ago, he stole the bus pass of a man he didn’t know. He still regrets his crime.

This is Claude Soffel, the victim of the mugging. He commented on the store’s closing… and Michael recognized him.

Claude’s post read, “2 AM, 2 salt bagels and a night cap at the Dublin House.”

Both men had changed a lot over the years, but Michael still remembered the man he once wronged.

After recognizing Claude, Michael took the opportunity to introduce himself and apologize for the crimes he committed against the man.

Claude even replied to the comment, accepting his apology.

Michael wrote again, thankful for the forgiveness.

Who knew that Facebook comments could restore our faith in humanity, instead of destroying it?


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Feeling Blue? These Incredibly Positive Photos Will Lift Your Spirits. Just Look!

There’s plenty of things in life that will get you down. It’s good to stay informed and aware, but the constant bombardment of horror stories, especially lately, can be really draining. No, that doesn’t make you a selfish person. It makes you a human with feelings. It’s okay to need to get away from it all for a little while. And we’re here to help. We’ve made not one but TWO collections of things that will make you feel better about the world.

First up, we have a collection of good deeds done by ordinary people. They’re not big fancy deeds, but nice things that help people out. Knowing that there are people out there who do these acts will make you feel better, and might even inspire you to try a good deed of your own!

1.) This store looks out for the less fortunate.

2.) Conscientious kids are the best.

3.) Protecting and serving means a lot more that catching criminals.

4.) Even something seemingly superficial can do so much.

5.) It’s ingenious AND it saved a kitty.

6.) In case you needed another reason to love Chris Pratt.

7.) You don’t need to have a lot to give a lot.

8.) Are you sobbing yet?

9.) Garbage collectors work hard, people. Let’s help them out.

10.) They’re doubly honest.

11.) Sometimes people need a little inspiration, and then the good deeds keep coming!

12.) A good deed can be very small and still make a huge difference.

13.) Bullying also exists in the animal world.

14.) Good deeds can, and should, be done for everyone.

 Next up, we have a couple of cute animals being cute. You can’t stay mad at the world when you share it with these critters.

This Cuddly Cat.

This kitty with its Grandpa.

This interspecies friendship.

This baby Taz.

This red panda.

This dashing pup.

(Via izismile)

Now take a deep breath and make yourself a cup of tea. We bet you’re feeling better already.

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This Dog Ate $500. But It’s What Happened Later That Made Me Laugh For 10 Minutes.

Wayne Klinkel was on a road trip with his wife to see his daughter when disaster struck in the form of their hungry dog. But, we don’t know what’s more entertaining:

The fact that their dog ate all of their money… or what Wayne did to get the money back.

Sundance decided that $500 was a tasty snack for him, so he ate all of the $100 bills in her owner’s backseat.

The Klinkels were on a road trip to visit their daughter. They stopped to grab foot and then their dog took that opportunity to eat their cash.

Instead of giving up on the money, Wayne patiently waited for Sundance to pass all of the bills… and then he painstakingly reassembled them.

He went to the bank and, after telling the story and getting some advice (and laughter), he sent the mutilated currency to the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing, with a letter explaining how the money came to be destroyed. They were happy to cut him a check.

Thankfully the US Government was a good sport. We have a feeling the “dog ate my money” excuse is pretty common.


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These Awfully Dangerous Toys Are Off The Market, Thank Goodness!

When you’re a kid, playing with toys is pretty much a guarantee. I know I played with a load of toys from age 2 until about 2 weeks ago. What unfortunately happens to those toys sometimes is that they are made quite haphazardly and even dangerously. That makes play time a little bit riskier than the ordinary play time. Lawsuits and injuries are way less fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Some of the more dangerous toys have been recalled and deemed too dangerous for production, like these…

1.) These throwing stars should never be introduced into a child’s play time.

2.) Easy Bake Ovens have been known to cause a lot of burns to the users. The oven actually gets very hot and if kids stick their fingers inside, they can get torched.

3.) If you’ve ever seen any kind of glass blowing, you’ll know that it require a lot of heat/fire. Not too smart to hand to children.

4.) Bucky Balls were a toy intended for adults who are bored at the office, but children got their hands and mouths on them and started swallowing them. The magnetic balls would cause intestinal problems because they’d stick together inside the swallower’s bowels.

5.) These fun beads used to make rad designs on surfaces contained a dark secret. If swallowed (which is a given) the children found a very unwelcome surprise. The aqua dots contained GHB, a date rape drug.

6.) These Creepy Crawlers would bake on a stove that got pretty extremely hot and caused burns to the kids playing with them.

7.) Sky Dancers would twist and twirl in the air launching from the ground. Also they would ram into children, knocking out teeth, bruising eyes, and even breaking ribs.

8.) This is a gun, guns are not toys. This little diddy would shoot pellets at the other children that would leave burns along with a very nasty sting.

9.) Snack Time Cabbage Patch Kids had a pretty horrific flaw in their design. They would eat anything placed in their mouths, pulling it down into the doll which is good for the play food given with the toy, not so good for kids who put their fingers or hair in the mouth.

10.) Kinder Surprise candy came with a doll inside the large egg, which is a delightful choking hazard!

11.) This is a knife. Don’t give children knives to play with.

12.) The Atomic Energy Lab seems pretty cool, but apparently it contained real Uranium Ore. For the villainous dictator in all of us.

13.) The gun would shoot out spark, which in turn would set things aflame. Not fun for children or adults.

14.) Sharp objects meant for throwing never end well with adults, let alone kids.

15.) The little cannon would shoot play cannon balls around 35 feet. That’s pretty insane and require a lot of velocity, leading to injuries.

16.) Slip n Slides are a summer time treat for kids who wish to have some water fun. Not so much for teens and adults who wish to join in on the fun. The toy can’t support the weight of larger bodies, and that sometimes leads to tragic incidences of paralysis and broken bones.

It’s hard to say how any of these products made it past the research teams (but judging by some of their vintage qualities, some of these companies probably didn’t believe in safety laws at the time). Glad I didn’t play with any of those when I was a kid. Dodged that bullet…or dart…or slip n slide. Share this post if you ever played with any of these toys or know someone who did.

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Some Photos Just Lend Themselves to Hilarious Edits. This One Was Perfect.

Sometimes, photos just work out beautifully, like this one. When photographed from above, this cat turned into a perfect sphere of fluff: 

The original photo, already glorious.

Even better, though, are the endless possibilities afforded to us by way of photo editing programs like Photoshop. Images as already fabulous as this one can be brought to new heights of incredible WTFery. There’s even an online community on Reddit known as Photoshop Battles, which describes itself as “a place to have fun with everyone’s favorite graphic software.” This round cat was, of course, a natural. 

Here are some of our favorites from the Photoshop Battle that ensued. People went for pop culture references, riffed on the geometrical form, and alternately used and discarded the tail. 

The next logical step.

Three Wolf Cat, after the infamous T-shirt that spurred many a satirical review.

Bouncing cat races, national pastime of the Internet.

It’s even more dangerous if you have allergies.

Davy wore this hat to formal occasions.

Premade snowman heads, all the rage this winter.

You knew this one was coming.

You said you wanted your coffee light.

People with cat allergies know this as the dander-lion. (I’m sorry.)

It’s a known basketball cheat that using a round cat instead of a ball will allow you to levitate.

This might have almost made the video watchable.

The cheerleader second from the left is having a hard time with the new pompoms.

Ah, Phototshop.

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I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Felt So Bad For A Dog In My Life. That’s Why The End Made Me Cry.

It’s hard to understand why some humans choose to cruelly abandon or viciously abuse their pets, but it happens every day and it breaks our hearts. But, every now and then, you’ll find a story that completely restores your faith in humanity. This is one of those stories. A Reddit user casually posted this gallery, casually calling it an “abandoned dog rescue.” In reality, it was one of the most shocking rescues we have ever seen.

Seriously, this is graphic…so turn away now if you’re squeamish.

This dog was found completely emaciated, terribly wounded on his hindquarters and all alone.

Words can’t even describe this poor dog’s injury.

He was skin and bones, it was a miracle he was still living.

It was obvious someone knew he was there. There was a box, a pitiful amount of food… as if someone couldn’t even care to try for this dog.

There was a gaping hole on the back of his legs…

So his savior carried him to get help.

He was finally going to be loved.

The starving dog was already thankful for the help.

The first step was treating his terrible wound.

His rescuers didn’t know how it happened, but it was so bad he could have lost his tail or legs from infection.

As soon as he was bandaged up, it was time to rest.


The veterinary staff and his rescuer were happy to be helping this little guy out.

Although he was receiving medical treatment, he desperately needed to put on weight so he could survive his recovery.

Slowly, but surely, he was healing.

Before he was found, this poor dog’s muscles were nearly falling out of his body.

He was in such good hands.

Now, he is getting a taste of the high life!

He’s also getting a taste of real love.

He and his rescuer became the best of friends.

It’s shocking to think this was the same pup that was found, starving in a box.

A big tummy, lots of hugs and health … this dog and his new daddy were so lucky to find each other.

These are the kinds of stories we live for, to see good triumph over evil and for the innocent to be saved. We thank that wonderful man for stopping to save this dog.


Share this incredible story with your friends; they simply won’t believe the before and after.

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A Bus With Showers And Toilet Helps Give The Homeless A Clean Slate.

In a city with 3,500 homeless people, a non-profit group called Lava Mae is taking a novel approach to helping the homeless of San Francisco. With a scrapped city bus and a handful of kindhearted volunteers, they drive around the city and provide hundreds of showers a week to those living on the streets. The former public transit bus has been fitted with two fully functioning private bathrooms that offers hot showers, clean toilets, shampoo, soap and towels to those in need.

(Source: NationSwell) The founder of this amazing non-profit mobile shower bus, Doniece Sandoval, said she wanted to return a sense of dignity to those living on the streets. “If you’re homeless, you’re living on the streets and you’re filthy, you’re trying to improve your circumstances, but you can’t interview for a job, you can’t apply for housing and you get disconnected from your sense of humanity,” Doniece said. “So a shower just in of itself is amazing for people.” Share this innovative way to help the homeless with your friends and family below. Inspire others to lend a caring hand to those who need it.

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