A Tiny Orangutan Was Locked In A Cell… But Not For Long.

This is by far the best 2 minute video you’ll see all day. A farmer in Borneo found a baby orangutan and decided to raise her as a pet. However, she was mistreated, locked in a small cell, and given only rice and tofu. She suffered from severe malnutrition, since orangutans eat fruit, flowers, honey, bark, leaves and insects.

Luckily workers from International Animal Rescue discovered her plight. What happens next is truly heartwarming.

(via The Dodo)

There’s not a dry eye here at the office after seeing her finally working to live in the wild. It truly shows the effect that relief organizations like the International Animal Rescue can have. If you’d like to help this orangutan, or others like her, please consider adopting one of them here.

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The Moment This Father Realizes What His Son Did Is Priceless. Get Out The Tissues And Watch.

When a child makes a promise to their parents, usually they are full of good intentions, even if they know they can’t fulfill said promise. This man was only 8 years-old when he promised to do something for his father. Now, years later, he ensured that he made good on what he said when he was a little boy. Years ago, he said he was going to give his father a ’57 Chevy Bel-Air on his 57th birthday. Decades passed and most people forgot about that adorable promise the little boy made to his daddy. The son, however, remembered.

There was a surprise waiting for this dad on his birthday…

You have to watch this father’s reaction for yourself. It’s so sweet and genuine, the months of hard work that this son had to put in to surprise his dad with this gift would have been so worth it.

It wasn’t an easy task, but he found a way to make sure his father received that car on his birthday. It meant so much to his father to receive it, but it was also very important for this son to give it to him.  “I was pulling 60 hour work weeks over 6 days a week for a few months so I could buy this for him.”

Someone give this man a Son Of The Year award.

As a thank you for years of love, support and guidance, he gave his father this car.

His reaction makes it all worth it.

Source: Reddit We only are lucky enough to get one family in this life. They come in all shapes and sizes, but we should love them all the same. What this son did for his dad is absolutely unbelievable. The love that they share is so touching; click below and share it with your own loved ones.

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You’ll Be Amazed When You See How This Woman Celebrated Her 100th Birthday.

Nora Brier has to be the most extreme grandmother on the planet right now. For her 100th birthday, Nora didn’t want to have dinner at a nice restaurant. In fact, she took that notion and doused it with lighter fuel and Mountain Dew Code Red before lighting it on fire.

To celebrate a century on Earth, she went up into the sky via a glider and pulled some extreme looping stunts. If this doesn’t get you pumped to possibly turn 100, then nothing will. Seriously, this grandma is not messing around when it comes to living life on the edge. 

(via designtaxi)

And I thought my grandmother was cool for not making me wear ugly sweaters that she knit herself. Nora Brier, you’re an inspiration to us all. Here’s to another 100 years of good health and stunts.

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The Only Reason To Have Kids Is To Hilariously Torture Them. Kinda Like These 23 Parents…LOL.

Deciding to be a parent is a very serious commitment. Once you have a child, you must commit the rest of your life to raising that child… but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some serious fun. Take these parents, for instance. They know how to raise their children to be responsible, kind adults. They also know to have a good time by hilariously torturing them from time to time.

The parents that blackmailed their toddler

The parents that bought this awesome cake

The parents that thought of this awesome name for their daughter

The parents that thought of this awesome punishment

The parents that took this awesomely timed photo

The parents who used puns to their advantage

The parents that took awesome Thanksgiving photos for their kids

The parents that made shopping memorable

The parents that bought their son this awesome sweater

The parents who found a clever way to sound proof their head board

The parents that made their son’s senior picture awesome

The parent that wrote this awesome article

The parents that made their son’s graduation party extremely memorable

The parents that wrote this great letter from Santa

The parents that copied their kids’ selfies

The parents that let their kids have fun on the farm

The parents that took very incriminating photo

The parents that photo-bombed their daughter’s prom pictures…

The parents that have no problems playing favorites

The parents who generously went school clothes shopping for their son

The parents who scared the crap out of their daughter’s date

The parents that prevented their kids from sneaking out with the car

I didn’t want to have kids before seeing these pictures, but now I’m convinced it’d be awesome.

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What This Dog Does For A Baby Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today.

There are lots of ways to soothe a fussy baby–you can feed them, change them, pick them up, give them a beer, but none may be quite as cute as Charlie the dog’s method of cheering up his human baby sister, Laura. 

“I don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but I like it.”

As a fellow Laura, I can attest that dogs bringing me things always melts my heart, and Charlie’s entertainment does not fail. Check out this video of a dedicated pooch making sure his tiny human has a ball! Or, as it turns out, a bunch of balls!


If you liked this, you can also check out the rest of Charlie and Laura’s adventures over on their YouTube channel

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This Poor Dog Lost His Two Front Legs To A Train, Amazingly He Learned To Walk Again.

This incredible video tells of the amazing recovery of Joy, a dog in India who was sadly hit by a train and lost both of his front legs in the accident. This video chronicles his awe-inspiring recovery and his persistence in learning to walk again thanks to the good people at Animal Aid Unlimited. Warning: The video below does contain some graphic images.

What an incredibly strong dog to make such an amazing recovery and learn to walk again. (Source: Animal Aid Unlimited) Share Joy’s story with your friends below, and show them that strength comes from within.

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A Hospital Is The Last Place I’d Expect For This To Happen. Fate Works In Amazing Ways.

This will probably be the most beautiful story you will hear all year, one that will have you believing in fate. In this mini-documentary entitled “Good Night Margaret” by The New York Times, we get to hear how Margaret “Muffi” Lavigne and Chris Plum met and fell in love. Both Lavigne and Plum have muscular dystrophy, and the pair met at the Hospital for Special Care in New Britain, Connecticut, a place that would also be the site of their wedding.

What a magical love story, everyone deserves a life of happiness and love no matter what their physical circumstances or limitations happen to be. I am so happy for them. (Source: The New York Times) Share this touching love story with your friends and family below.

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3 Dogs And 9 Puppies In The Hot Desert Get The Rescue They So Desperately Needed.

Hope For Paws received a call about a family of dogs struggling to survive in the desert. They were told one of the dogs had given birth beneath a broken down shack, so Eldad Hagar, who runs the organization, asked several volunteers to assist him. What they found was 3 dogs and 9 puppies out there in the hot desert. The conditions they were found in so were intense, it was a miracle they were still alive.

Just goes to show you, with a little bit of teamwork and love 12 precious lives can be saved.

These dogs were living, neglected, in 100+ degree weather.

Their rescue is a must-see.

Now? They’re happy as can be!

(Source: Eldad Hagar)

Please share this video with your friends and family below, and help get these dogs a new forever home. You can also visit Hope For Paws (or their Facebook page), the organization behind this incredible rescue. They have been doing wonderful work for years and could use your support. 

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Mother’s Dying Wish Granted After A Nurse Agrees To Take Care Of Her Son.

When Tricia Somers, a single mother of one, found out she had cancer, she wanted to find a way to help her son. Her devastating diagnosis was a rare, terminal form of vascular cancer in her liver. She wouldn’t be around for long, so she asked a huge favor of a nurse she just met.

45-year-old Somers asked her nurse, Tricia Seamen, if she would take care of her 8-year-old boy, Wesley. When the disease took the mother’s life, she wanted Ms. Seamen to adopt her son.

Seaman was already a mother of three teenage girls and a 10-year-old boy. She talked it over with her husband, and as fate would have it, the couple had alread been thinking about adopting a child. They were approved to become foster parents last fall, just as Somers was diagnosed with the cancer.

(Source: ABC News)

There are some awesome people in this world and it will be such a great relief for this woman knowing her son will be welcomed with love into such an incredible family.

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This Woman Is Smiling Because She Lives With 200 Sloths. JEALOUS.

Have you ever seen a sloth in person? Odds are, you haven’t. They are adorable, slow-moving creatures that are native to jungles and rain forests. Meet the woman who has dedicated her life to helping the adorable animals survive despite their rapidly disappearing land.

She loves her job working with sloths so much, she takes her work home with her…literally. 

Monique Poole is the founder of Green Heritage Fun Suriname.

She uses her own home for the non-profit foundation and works to rescue the displaced sloths in Suriname, South America.

She normally houses about 2 sloths for a couple days, then releases them back into the wild.

But in 2012, land was cleared away and Monique expected her number to rise a bit.

She figured about 14 sloths would need help getting back on their feet.

But when Poole arrived, she found 200 sloths without a home.

So she brought them all back home with her.

Cutest. Roommates. Ever.

She hopes to build them their own park.

Imagine the tourist potential!

Who wouldn’t want to hang out with a cute face like this??

Just thinkin’ ’bout sloth stuff.

I’m suddenly considering a career change. You can find more information about how you can help on the organizations Facebook. Sloths are just one of the many animals whose natural habitat are being threatened by humans.

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