Country Superstar Miranda Lambert Tears Up While Singing To A Young Fan With Cancer.

Miranda Lambert is a sassy country singer, but she’s also a big softy with a huge heart. The country superstar sang “Over You” to a 7-year-old fan fighting cancer, performing to a sold out Texas audience. The moment was so emotional that it left the singer in tears.

Lambert noticed the little girl in the crowd, surprised to see someone so young at the concert. Then she took note of the girl’s pink cowgirl hat and preventative mask. The singer bent down, grabbed the girl’s hand, and sang to her before standing up and breaking down in tears, touched by the little girl’s bravery.

(Source: Chris Ramon/GSXRC1300)

Lambert didn’t expect the performance to be so emotional, but it’s a moment that the girl and her family will remember forever. The little girl is battling Stage IV Neuroblastoma cancer and was first diagnosed in 2010.

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The Truth Behind This Couple’s Photo Shoot With Their Baby Is Heartbreaking.

Lindsey Villatoro is a family photographer. Her business Love Song Photography specializes in baby pictures, family portraits, and weddings. There is one other type of photography Villatoro does, called “Forever Loved” sessions. These are photo shoots designed to preserve the memories of a terminally ill loved one. 

Sometimes, though, her “Forever Loved” sessions involve a photo shoot with a recently deceased loved one. That’s exactly what happened with Emily and Richard Staley. The Staley’s contacted Villatoro to photograph the birth of their stillborn daughter by C-Section.

Warning: These photos will break your heart.

Less than 10 weeks from their due date, the Staley’s found out their daughter had died in the womb.

The umbilical cord had wrapped around her neck.

Ms. Staley found out when she awoke one morning and did not feel the baby moving.

She quickly went to the hospital where doctors confirmed the worst.

One of Ms. Staley’s friends contacted Villatoro about the photo shoot.

Villatoro didn’t waste a minute calling her back.

They arranged for Villatoro to be there the next day when they delivered by C-Section.

Monroe Faith Staley was born at 6 pound 2.5 ounce. She spent a precious few hours with her parents that day.

Villatoro captured the whole thing.

“Any image that came to mind, I shot,” she said. “I wanted this family to have every possible memory of this child I could physically give them.”

The images are being shared in Monroe’s memory at the request of the Staley’s. They want others who have lost a child to know that they are not alone.

(Via: Petapixel)

Losing a child is something no person should have to experience. For most people, it’s difficult to understand just what the Staley family went through. Photographers like Villatoro help people remember their loved ones, even if they didn’t get to spend much time with them. 

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Kids Sent Out These Birthday Cards That Were Sweet, But Hilarious.

It may not be your birthday today, but these adorable cards from children will give you cause for celebration. There’s something about the innocence and sincerity behind them that makes the cards so sweet and funny.

Granted, most of what these kids wrote seems downright insane on the surface…but you know they had good intentions.

…but I can’t stop laughing!

(via BuzzFeed)

Adorably hilarious. I always thought my parents were trying to be nice when they said that a homemade card was better than ones I could buy in a store. Now I can see that they were 100% right. I would put these on the fridge in an instant.

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Not Everyone Loves Getting A Little Brother Or Sister. Sometimes, It’s Rough.

Being an only child is hard. Your parents put all their hopes and dreams into you, and if you screw up… well, you can’t screw up! Being an only child also means you get to be the center of attention, 24/7. What’s better than that? 

Unfortunately, some only children wake up one day and realize something horrible: they’re about to get a little brother or sister. (Hey, not everyone is happy about a new bundle of joy.)

1.) And now you’re the butt of every joke.

2.) Oh ye of little faith.

3.) He’s got 99 problems and this is now one.

4.) Someone’s a “Big Bro” t-shirt hater.

5.) I’d be in tearful denial too with this note.

6.) These parents… are TERRIBLE landlords.

7.) Seriously, there will be payback in the form of 4am wake up calls.

8.) 10.) Wait…for it….SURPRISE!

9.) “How rude.”

It may come as a shock for a little kid, but having a younger sibling can be a good thing. These children don’t realize they’ll soon have someone to blame everything on… 

Be sure to share this with your siblings using the buttons below. Mine may be getting his at quite an inconvenient time (cough…3am)

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Instead Of Making Your Pet Miserable In A Costume, Do This On Halloween!

We’ve already established that pets hate costumes. Not only that, but costumes make pets very sad and/or enraged. But if you’re absolutely determined to force your pet to celebrate Halloween, there may be a way to do it without the guilt-inducing tragic faces (dogs) and the feelings of murderous rage (cats).

We’re talking about pet paint! It’s a non-toxic, washable color spray that temporarily makes your pet a different color. They don’t have to wear anything, but can still look like they’re in the holiday spirit. We can’t guarantee how still they’ll stay when you try to apply the paint, but here are some pretty cool ideas for the season. 

1.) Turn your dog into a different animal for the evening.

2.) A very different animal.

3.) Give your dog a shirt! Nice and simple, and you can make it your favorite team’s colors, too.

4.) Use a stencil to get clean shapes.

5.) A ladybug!

6.) Turn your dog into a panda, or, with a few extra strokes, a member of KISS.

7.) Go patriotic

8.) Lighter colors look striking on a darker coat.

9.) One-color designs are easiest, seen here on Oscar the Grouch.

10.) Sully from Monsters, Inc. does have the benefit of the addition of horns, but the blue looks great on the white fur.

11.) Spooky skeleton dog.

12.) Also spooky skeleton dog.

If you’re going to try this, make sure to do a patch test on your dog first to make sure the paint doesn’t cause any kind of reaction. Also be sure to keep it away from their eyes, and make sure to wash them off before they jump on the furniture!

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The Taliban Told Him To Surrender. So He Defeated Them All. All 61 Of Them.

Retired Army Captain William Swenson performed so many acts of bravery while he was serving in Afghanistan, President Obama awarded him a Medal of Honor. Not only did he do his job, but he risked his life for other US soldiers time and time again.

He is only the sixth living recipient of the Medal of Honor for service in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He fought off 60 Taliban single-handedly for seven hours, protecting his men.

Even after getting out of the danger zone, he repeatedly went back in, risking his life to save his fellow troops.

The medal is specifically for his extreme bravery while traveling with a group of U.S. Marines and Afghan National Troops when they were ambushed from all sides outside the town of Ganjar on September 8th, 2009, killing 10 Afghan and four American troops.

When the Taliban demanded that he surrender, he responded by lobbing a live grenade at them.

Video captured from cameras mounted on the helmets of evacuation helicopter pilots showed William delivering his good friend and partner, Sgt. First Class Kenneth Westbrook to the evacuation chopper and placing a kiss on his head as he placed him inside.

Westbrook had been hit in the throat and was bleeding to death and Swenson ventured out into the hail of gunfire to retrieve him.

Unforunately, William never saw Kenneth again. Even though he was transported via medevac to a field hospital, he died 29 days later.

After delivering Westbrook to the chopper, Swenson climbed into an unarmored vehicle and drove to the ‘kill zone’ twice more to collect the dead and wounded.

If it wasn’t for William Swenson, 12 soldiers would have lost their lives that day.

When William went to the White House to accept his Medal of Honor, he happened to be re-enlisting in the Army that very same day. He is a true hero.


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You’ll Be Blown Away By This Homeless Man’s Amazing Photography.

Justin Brosey is a talented photographer. His work has even been published in National Geographic, but that’s not what makes his story interesting. After losing his steady job, he had no choice but to move himself, his girlfriend, and his 7-year-old daughter into the woods. Even though he is technically homeless, he still takes amazing photographs.

He also works on his personal website by using free WiFi when he can find it in his surrounding area. When you see his photography, you would never think it was from someone who had anything less than the best resources available. Check it out!









Fire Twirler




Alligator Eye


Justin’s Daughter

(via Symbiosis Photography, H/T Reddit)

These photos look great! If you’d like to purchase some of Justin’s work, donate money, or simply enjoy his work, take a look at his website.

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And THIS Is Why You Never Try To Feed Pigeons. LOL, I Died Laughing.

Let the pictures below be a cautionary tale to all of those brave souls who think they can survive feeding pigeons…

Because you can’t. And you won’t.

1. They know more than you think.

2. There are more of them than you think.

3. Few know the truth about how blood-thirsty pigeons can get.

4. Pigeons aren’t afraid to pressure you.

5. In fact, they will harass you if they can.

6. They take pleasure in our fear.

7. Pigeons don’t know what mercy is.

8. They can also smell your fear.

9. Pigeons won’t hesitate to devour a human whole.

10. Pigeons love the tender flesh of children.

11. They WILL go for your face if you let them.

12. Pigeons don’t mind targeting tourists.

13. When you’re surrounded by pigeons, no one can hear you scream.

14. Pigeons aren’t dinosaurs, they can see you no matter how still you are.


16. You think it’s all fun and pigeon games…

17. Until they target YOU.

18. So take our advice.

19. Pigeons kill.

20. Or at least they kill spirits.

21. Especially if you’re a weak child.

22. And ESPECIALLY if you’re a car.

So when a sign states “don’t feed the pigeons,” heed its warning. Or else.

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Imagine Driving Down The Road And Seeing THIS In The Trees. Seriously, This Is Crazy.

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. These goats are really hanging out in trees. It looks like it would be impossible for them to climb up there, but these Moroccan goats are surprisingly agile for four-legged animals with hooves. These goats in particular were found in the village of Tamri in Morocco, just doing their thing and acting like little goat birds.

Goats are talented climbers…

But who knew they were THIS talented?

The goats aren’t just pulling off this balancing act for fun.

They climb the Argan trees in search of food.

They had to teach themselves to do some pretty wild stunts.

These tree climbing goats are more important than you’d think, though.

After eating the fruit, the goats’ droppings are then searched for Argan berry seeds…

Which are clean and pressed to make Argan oil.

The oil is quite popular in Morocco.

However, other parts of the world use it for cosmetic and dietary reasons as well.

(H/T Huff Post) We’ve seen goats climb mountains, but this is still astonishing. Animals can do some pretty amazing things. Share their epic talents with others by clicking on the button below.

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Pamper Your Babies With Their Very Own Spa Day. P.S., It’s Precious.

Sometimes, the world just gets to us and we all crave a nice long day at the spa. The feeling usually starts setting in after your first job, or at the very least after your first steps.

But that’s not the case for this Houston, TX, spa which caters exclusively to babies. To be fair, the time between 2-weeks and 6-months can be awfully stressful for the little ones learning about this brand new world. FloatBabies was founded by certified infant massage instructor Kristi Ison and offers water therapy as well as instructing parents on the soothing ways of infant massage.

Benefits for the babies include increased muscular and skeletal strength.

They also claim that the subtle water pressure can help strengthen the respiratory system.

Ison with one of her clients.

They look like happy customers to me!

Ison also claims the watery environment seems natural to babies after spending 9-months in the womb.

And the massage helps improve their tiny circulatory systems.

(via Elite Daily.)

Hour-long group sessions start at $65. You can find more, including testimonials and how to book a session, on the official website.

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