A Little Girl Got Yelled At For Throwing Rocks At A House. Her Response? Amazing.

A little girl was throwing stones at her neighbors’ back door. When they caught her, they told her off hoping she wouldn’t do it again. I guess she must have felt really bad about what she did because…

The next day she delivered this apology letter complete with homemade bracelets for the whole family (including the baby). “We posted a reply back through the hole in the fence this morning, saying we accepted her apology and thanked her for the bracelets,” said the neighbors who were very pleased with the apology.

Faith in humanity, restored (for now). Spread the good feelings by clicking below to share.

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Taylor Swift Stops by a Hospital and Sings A Song With a Leukemia Patient.

Reddit user GodIsMerciful recently underwent a bone marrow transplant due to leukemia. While he was undergoing treatment, Taylor Swift stopped by the hospital to surprise patients. During her visit, she dropped by his room to say hello.

When she noticed the keyboard in his room, she asked him to play a song for her. He decided to play a song he had recently started working on which was “Someone Like You,” by Adele. She said to him she would sing along the parts that she knew.

He was going through something terrible, but this boy was able to experience something amazing.

(Source: SuperGlue65)

Afterwards, the young patient said that Taylor was so sweet and made everyone’s day at the hospital. He even got a BIG hug from the superstar. 

This is not the first time that Taylor Swift has made a surprise visit to a hospital.

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These Beautiful Animal Photos Look Totally Legit. Until You Learn The Truth… Wow.

In the world of photography, there are many different ways to set yourself apart from your peers. Styles and subjects are just two factors, but there are plenty of others. Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto’s black and white animal photography is very special, although it’s impossible to tell why at first. Take a look at his series of photos. This extensive series give a unique perspective; each photo is filled with beautiful light and activity. Check them out:

Something special sets Hiroshi Sugimoto’s photos apart from other wildlife photography.

But it’s not apparent at first.

Can’t see it yet?

All of the animals are actually stuffed. They’re not real.

This series is called “Dioramas.”

None of these photos are of real animals.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Source: Hiroshi Sugimoto via My Modern Met It’s unbelievable that each of these photographs contain fake animals and scenes. Because of the lighting and forced perspective, each of them seem so real. According to The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, “By photographing subjects that reimagine or replicate moments from the distant past, Sugimoto critiques the medium’s presumed capacity to portray history with accuracy.” Hiroshi’s style of photography is so unique, click below to share it with others.

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Boy With Down Syndrome Runs The Entire Field And Scores A Heartwarming Touchdown.

8-year-old Gabe White is the honorary captain for Rhinelander High School’s freshman football team in Wisconsin. He’s also the little brother of #84 (Owen White) and the team’s biggest fan, making what happened during the team’s last game of the season even more special.

Young Gabe has Down syndrome. It was always his dream to score a touchdown. To make his dream come true, Gabe was called onto the field moments after time expired in the game to score a “winning” touchdown.

Rival high school Mosinee already won the game by the time Gabe stepped onto the field. This didn’t stop Gabe from giving it his all. He ran the whole field, past rival players who pretended to try to tackle him, and scored the most magical touchdown of the night.

(Source: keithslady316)

After the game, coach Mark Apfel told NBC 12 that he and the team wanted to “do something special” for him because of his incredible influence on the team this season. Both teams should be proud, as should Gabe for this awesome feat.

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Here Are Some Cats Who Prove Why They Aren’t Considered Man’s Best Friend.

Cats often get a bad rap when it comes to their demeanor, but it’s not like the world is just making up all that attitude. Long before Grumpy Cat made a name for herself, these trailblazing kittens gave feline kind a bad name. They may look fuzzy, but these tiny kitties are just kind of jerks.

When cats roll on their backs and expose a fluffy, adorable tummy, it seems like they want pet. The truth is that they don’t want pet and will punish you if you try.

Thanks, cats.

1.) Nah, I’m good, try again later.

2.) It’s all or nothing for this cat: all for him, nothing for you.

3.) Stop. I got this.

4.) If it fits in the puzzle, it sits in the puzzle.

5.) This cat could not care less about the damage he’s inflicted.

6.) To be fair, it does look comfy.

7.) Just a little ta–taking the whole thing.

8.) There’s helpful, and then there’s this.

9.) This is the saddest dog in the world.

10.) Tough love at its toughest.

11.) This greedy cat won’t even share king size.

12.) Tigger is not happy.

13.) I think he just wanted to take it for a spin.

14.) Lesson: don’t take a break from your game if there’s a cat around.

15.) This poor dog just wants out of the rain.

16.) Can I just put this here? How about this? This? Nope.

17.) Even the fiercest dogs stand no chance against these felines.

18.) Well, if you’re gonna be there awhile he might as well get comfy.

19.) Cats just love to be helpful.

20.) They might have actually bought that chair for the cat.

21.) Her form must have been off.

22.) This is how Homeward Bound really ends.

(H/T: 22 Words.)

Of course, after they do all these terrible things, they just have to curl up on your lap to make you forgive them. Basically, they’re adorable evil geniuses. 

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A Walk Into The Woods Turned Into A Puppy-Filled Adventure For This Man.

When Greg Zubiak ventured into the woods to prepare for a moose hunt, he didn’t expect to find these little bundles of joy. No, Zubiak did not spot any moose that day; instead, he found a box of 20 puppies abandoned in a field. Sitting cold and scared, these pups didn’t stand much of a chance if Zubiak wasn’t a generous and quick thinker. When he saw just how chilled the dogs were, he removed his hunting gear and put it on them for warmth. The hunting trip was over, but Zubiak’s journey with the box of puppies had only begun. Take a look!  

Greg Zubiak in the field where he found the puppies.

The puppies were between 3 and 6 weeks old.

Zubiak may not have wanted to take in 20 pups, but he knew he couldn’t leave the dogs out there for the cold or coyotes to get them.

Local shelters were already too packed to take all of the dogs in. When word of the pups spread, volunteers came from all over to help out and adopt some of the dogs.

The dogs were incredibly hungry and had terrible cases of worms.

Looks like they’re doing a lot better now.

(via CBC News)

How adorable! The only things happier than those dogs must be the moose who were supposed to be hunted that day.

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I Believed…Every…One…Of These 26 Misconceptions. But I Was So Wrong. Wow.

Most people believe what we’re told by others. We’re a very trusting people. After all, why would anyone want to lie about the year the Declaration of Independence was signed, or how many times Thomas Edison failed to invent the light bulb? Well it’s all well and good until one day you realize that just because you’ve heard something many times, it doesn’t make it true. (Although I still claim BigFoot is real!) Here’s 26 misconceptions that prove this point. But a quick warning to the wanna be wise, you’ll never take what others say for granted again!

Can you believe that organic food isn’t pesticide free! Why am I paying for the “Whole Foods premium?” Ughhhh, oh well. I need to go grab me some watermelon… (H/T eBaum’s World)

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Blind Golden Retriever Knows How to Love Life

Duchess has a heart of gold, but that’s not what makes her special. She’s unique because she is actually missing something: her eyes. She developed pigmentary uveitis two years ago and because of this painful condition, her family had her eyes removed.

She’ll show you how to truly love someone, even if she can’t see how she does it herself.

Duchess was born with the sweetest disposition… one she didn’t lose after going blind.

2 years ago, she developed a pigmentary uveitis, which left her blind.

Her eyes were removed to also remove her pain.

But Duchess didn’t mind, she still had a big heart.

And she intends on using it daily.

Duchess visits classrooms as a therapy dog, brightening kids’ days. She shows children that disabilities shouldn’t stop anyone. They don’t define her and they shouldn’t define us.


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I Can’t Believe That Someone Would Do This To Another Living Being. Oh My…

When Polly was found with two other emaciated horses in Buckinghamshire, England, things were not looking good for her or her cohorts. By the time the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or RSPCA had reached her, Polly was practically part of the ground.

Someone who works with the group said Polly was the second skinniest horse she had ever seen. While the two other horses died, Polly held on long enough to get rescued by The Horse Trust, a group that works to rescue and rehabilitate sick or injured horses. Her remarkable recovery is absolutely incredible. Take a look.  

WARNING: the image below is extremely graphic and potentially very upsetting.

When The Horse Trust found Polly, she weighed only 700 lbs–which seems like a lot, until you consider that a healthy weight for her would be twice that.

Once The Horse Trust took Polly in, her condition began to improve–albeit, slowly.

In addition to her weight issues, Polly also had to battle skin conditions like rain scald and dermatitis.

But, thanks to the hard work of everyone at the sanctuary, Polly was able to make a recovery.

And what a recovery it was!

(via The Dodo)

Way to go, Polly (and all of her helpers)! This horse’s transformation is truly an inspiration! If you’d like to support The Horse Trust, you can send them donations directly through their website.


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I’m So Glad There Was A Camera On This Baby Elephant At The Perfect Time. Because This Is The Best.

So, something happened in the African grasslands last month that just about made me die from cuteness. Thankfully, I survived to share it with you. So look at this.

This baby elephant ran away from mommy. But don’t worry, it’s because he saw daddy.

But where’s mommy? He decided he better wait up.

Then mom and dad, ignoring the little cutie, give each other a hug instead.

Hey guys, I’m down here! HELLO!

Then they all hug and cuddle like the big, happy elephant family they are.


If you survived that bout of cuteness, share it with someone else.

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