A Father Secretly Films His Daughter’s Selfie Session, And It’s Hilarious.

Rob Beckham was out driving with his daughter in the back when he noticed quite a bit of movement in the rear mirror and realized it was his daughter having one heck of a selfie photo session.

After giggling at her for a while he realized he really needed to capture this moment for posterity’s sake. Good thing he did, since it’s absolutely hilarious!

(Source: Rumble Viral / Rob Beckham)

In case you were wondering…

No. You do NOT look cool.

Stop all of the selfie madness.

Oh, god.

What an age we live in, parents no longer need to tell embarrassing stories about their children.

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A Paralyzed Man Surprised Everyone At His Daughter’s Wedding… And Stood Up.

Irving Caplan became paralyzed and permanently wheelchair-bound after a bicycle accident in 2012. He refused to let this huge hurdle stop him from standing in honor of his daughter’s wedding two years later. Caplan wasn’t able to walk his daughter down the aisle; instead, he rose to the occasion of toasting to his daughter’s happiness with help from a Rex Bionics robotic suit.

The suit is controlled a joystick, 29 microprocessors, and 10 high-speed actuators.

There were few dry eyes in the banquet hall by the time he finished his speech.

(via Daily Mirror.)

Caplan explained: “The speech would have been the same had I delivered it from the wheelchair, but standing up I got the right perspective on the world—the one I had seen for most of my life.”

This definitely made an emotional impact on his daughter. The amazing moment made her special day all the more memorable.

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This 12 Year Old Girl Died. The Secret Message Her Parents Just Discovered Is A Tear Jerker.

When Athena Orchard was just 12 years-old, she discovered a bump on her head. Then, later she blacked out at Christmas. Soon after this incident, she was diagnosed with bone cancer and underwent aggressive chemotherapy. Life wasn’t fair for this little girl from New Parks, Leicester. Sadly, she passed away last Wednesday. She was only sick for a few months before losing her battle with cancer. However, she didn’t let her cancer defeat her spirit. As her father was going through her things, he made an incredible discovery. Athena had a large, secret message written on the back of her bedroom mirror.

12 year-old Athena got sick so suddenly…

After she passed away only months after being diagnosed, her parents discovered hidden messages from their daughter on the back of a mirror.

They never knew anything was behind the mirror because it was always leaning against the wall.

(H/T BuzzFeed) This is just a snippet of the note that Athena left behind her mirror. Her words are full of hope, love and wisdom. It’s difficult not to tear up when you see some of her final thoughts: “Happiness depends upon ourselves. “Maybe it’s not about the happy ending, maybe it’s about the story. “The purpose of life is a life of purpose. “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. Happiness is a direction not a destination. “Thank you for existing. Be happy, be free, believe, forever young. “You know my name, not my story. “You have heard what I’ve done, but not what I’ve been through. “Love is like glass, looks so lovely, but it’s easy to shatter. “Love is rare, life is strange, nothing lasts and people change. “Every day is special, so make the most of it. You could get a life-ending illness tomorrow so make the most of every day. “Life is only bad if you make it bad. “If someone loves you then they wouldn’t let you slip away no matter how hard the situation is. “Remember that life is full of ups and downs, without the downs the ups don’t mean anything. “I’m waiting to fall in love with someone I can open my heart to. “Love is not about who you can see spending your future with it’s about who you can’t see spending your life without. “Life is a game for everyone but love is the only prize.” These are the kinds of perspectives that most people struggle to have and maintain, yet this sick girl fully committed to them. Share Athena’s incredible outlook on life; she had an amazing spirit, even in her final days. Click the Share button below to show others her secret message.

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After His Owner Died, This Puppy Waited A Whole Year For Him To Return. Watch His Heartwarming Rescue.

When Woody’s owner died, the family sold the house and left poor Woody behind to fend for himself. For a year, he waited under a nearby shed hoping his owner would return, kept alive by the food and water that neighbours left for him while they searched for someone to help save him. Eventually, dog rescuer Eldad Hagar and his organization, “Hope For Paws” heard about Woody and came to his aid. They rescued him and gave him the feeling of love for the first time in a very long time.

That poor little guy; dogs are so loyal to their owners. Good thing Eldad and Hope For Paws was there to lend a kind hand. (Source: Eldad Hagar) Share this heartwarming rescue with your friends by hitting the button below.

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Watch A Dad Totally School His Daughter’s Boyfriend With This Cover Of

Every guy out there knows you don’t mess with your girlfriend’s dad. They’re mean and nasty, and the one person you DON’T want to mess with. Even if you don’t think he’ll actually break out the shotgun when you bring his little princess back after curfew… you just never know. 😉 I’m pretty sure Benji Cowart meant business when he created this video. Just to be sure his daughter’s “idiot” boyfriend got the message, he sang in to the tune of one of today’s most popular songs and even got the mother to do backup vocals. Watch out!

Please, oh please, let’s hope this mysterious boyfriend got the message. :) (via lifebuzz)

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If You Ever Send Your Kid To Summer Camp, Hopefully You’ll Get A Letter This Funny.

Going away to camp for the summer is a dream come true for many children. It’s an opportunity to be completely independent from parents, to make new friends and to experience the world. Other children, though, might not think it’s so charming. One Redditor’s brother had to go away to camp. A little while after he left, his family received the following letter from Josh. Apparently, he wasn’t enjoying camp as much as they thought.

This kid is going to make it big one day. He has a way with words.

(H/T Reddit) The boy begrudgingly wrote the letter home so he could eat (although, at this point it’s possible he was just being dramatic). You have to respect that, though. This is a little man that thinks outside the box and refuses to conform to societal norms just because someone said so. This kid has a bright future (thankfully, complete with camp lunches). Share his awesome response with others by clicking below.

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A Group Of Young Men Spotted An Old Farmer On The Road. What They Did Next Was Shocking.

A bus for a Gaelic soccer team from Donegal was driving through Ireland recently when they made a pit stop that no one expected. Most people assume that athletes are burly, self-centered jerks who are the jock archetype from high school. That’s just not the case. The Naomh Columba team spotted a 60 year-old farmer, Tomás Lydon, tending his land on their way to Corrib Village in Galway city. He was turning turf and having a hard time, so the players had the bus pull over.

It only took an hour for the team to help him turn his turf.

They covered an entire acre, a task that would have taken the man 5 days at least.

(H/T Joe.ie) I’ll never wrongfully stereotype people ever again. This act of kindness wasn’t a big deal for this group of young men, but they did something that helped the farmer tremendously. This is the kind of gesture we wish we could see more of in the world. It’s truly selfless and all class. Share it with others by clicking on the button below.

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TV News Anchorman Battling Brain Cancer Announces To Viewers He Only Has Months To Live.

Being in the public eye can be difficult. Not only are you a target for unfair ridicule, but your most personal, private problems are on a stage for the world to see. What this news anchor did in the face of his own tragedy, though, is amazing.

You may need to grab some tissues for this one…

(Source: YouTube and The Daily Mail)

Dave Benton had been battling brain cancer and when he realized his time was coming to an end, he make the difficult decision to tell his viewers. The anchor from Illinois, in a heartbreaking segment, announced to the world that he had been fighting cancer and only had four-to-six months to live. He bravely also said that he hopes to work as long as he can.

His brain tumor is too large for surgery or radiation … he also wants to make sure he makes the most of his final days alongside his wife and two children. Keep Dave, and others like him, in your thoughts. Life is never fair and the hand they have been dealt is especially tragic. 

Share his story with others. More people should see bravery like this.

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Here Are 22 Odd Animals That Are Stranger Than Fiction. #15 Can’t Be For Real, OMG.

It isn’t abnormal for animals or humans be born with genetic mutations. After all, different hair colors, eye colors and other traits are all genetic mutations. Sometimes, though, nature gets a little out of control and we end up with some genuine freaky oddities. Like these animals. Most of them are happy and healthy, but there’s something about them that’s a little off (or maybe way off). From cute to creepy, all of these animals experienced a genetic mutation.

1.) Jarvis P. Weasely: He was dumped as a kitten, but was later rescued. This cross-eyed kitty isn’t the only one of his kind, but is certainly a strange, dapper gentleman.

NY Daily News

2.) Sana Saida: This 2 headed calf was born in Morocco in 2013. The calf is miraculously still alive, despite the two heads.

NY Daily News

3.) Giant oarfish: This 18 foot-long oarfish was found in California. They are extremely rare and are the largest bony fish species.

NY Daily News

4.) Zonkey: Ippo the zonkey is the only one of his kind in Italy, a rare hybrid between a donkey and a zebra.

NY Daily News

5.) Frankenstein rabbit: This rabbit was photographed in the wild. Scientists believe that he is infected with the papilloma virus, resulting in the growths on his face.

NY Daily News

6.) Giant pink slugs: The pink slugs were found in New South Wales, Australia. They are fluorescent, almost like they were painted.

NY Daily News

7. ) Six legged calf: Lilli was born in Switzerland with 2 extra legs, where she is quite popular.

NY Daily News

8.) Blue lobsters: Blue lobsters are a result of a rare genetic defect, but are like other lobsters.

NY Daily News

9.) Calico lobsters: There are also calico lobsters, another rare (and delicious) lobster.

NY Daily News

10.) Beyonce: This Dachshund mix may be the world’s smallest dog. She fit into a spoon when she was born.

NY Daily News

11.) Insulamon Palawanense crab: This neon crab was found near the Philippines. Its kind is a relatively new species that was discovered.

NY Daily News

12.) Leaf chameleon: These species in Madagascar may be the smallest in the world, making even geckos look giant.

NY Daily News

13.) Polydactyl cats: This 9 month-old cat has 20 toes, just shy of having the Guiness World Record. This mutation is fairly common, but still incredible to see.

NY Daily News

14.) Purple squirrel: This squirrel with a purple hue was caught recently in Pennsylvania, delighting people online.

NY Daily News

15.) Cyclops albino shark: Once thought to be a hoax, this shark was announced to be real. He was found in the belly of a pregnant bull shark.

NY Daily News

16.) Oriental yeti: The strange animal was caught in the woodlands of China; scientists are currently trying to determine just what kind of animal (possibly with mange) it is.

NY Daily News

17.) Strawberry crab: This darling little crustacean was found near Taiwan and is a relatively new species of crab, named because of its resemblance to a strawberry.

NY Daily News

18.) Cat Ba Leopard Gecko: Discovered in Vietnam, this creepy gecko is one of those animals that just screams “don’t touch me.”

NY Daily News

19.) Conjoined diamondback rattlesnakes: Found in Arizona at a construction site, these twins were taken to a vet and separated. Unfortunately, the lame snake didn’t survive.

NY Daily News

20.) 2-nosed rabbit: This sweetheart has two noses, each with two nostrils, but that just means there’s more of her to love.

NY Daily News

21.) 770lb stingray: This giant ray was found in Thailand, a rare sight. He was later released, but it’s amazing rays can get THIS big.

NY Daily News

22.) New (old) penguin species: The Waitaha penguin was thought to be extinct 500 YEARS ago. It suddenly reapppeared… where have you been hiding?

NY Daily News

(H/T NY Daily News) We’re all unique in our own ways. People with heterochromia iridium have different colored eyes and it’s absolutely beautiful. So, albino sharks with one eye? They’re kind of beautiful in their own way (if you like nightmares, that is). Share this list of creepy crawly oddities by clicking on the Share button below.

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Country Superstar Miranda Lambert Tears Up While Singing To A Young Fan With Cancer.

Miranda Lambert is a sassy country singer, but she’s also a big softy with a huge heart. The country superstar sang “Over You” to a 7-year-old fan fighting cancer, performing to a sold out Texas audience. The moment was so emotional that it left the singer in tears.

Lambert noticed the little girl in the crowd, surprised to see someone so young at the concert. Then she took note of the girl’s pink cowgirl hat and preventative mask. The singer bent down, grabbed the girl’s hand, and sang to her before standing up and breaking down in tears, touched by the little girl’s bravery.

(Source: Chris Ramon/GSXRC1300)

Lambert didn’t expect the performance to be so emotional, but it’s a moment that the girl and her family will remember forever. The little girl is battling Stage IV Neuroblastoma cancer and was first diagnosed in 2010.

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