I Wish I Could See The Look On The Taliban's Faces When Malala Revealed What Scares Her

This is what it sounds like to be the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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First The Military Helped Invent Video Games. Then Video Games Pushed The Military To New Places.

When military drone operators start telling news outlets that their job is just like playing video games, we should take notice.

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7 Stunning Military Moments Captured By Soldiers With Cameras

These photos made me marvel at the intensity and range of emotions our troops experience during training, active duty, humanitarian outreach, and while coming home, sometimes after they’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

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What It Looks Like When We Judge People At First Glance

Tom Goss is a musician who sometimes uses his music videos to share important messages. The message is simple and clear in this one: Look beyond your judgments, and you might see how beautiful people are. Even if they are different from you.

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They Gave Him A Medal For His Service And Asked Him To Give A Speech. One Thank-You Is Unexpected.

Imagine using the biggest speech of your life to talk about your deepest inner struggles. That’s exactly what the soldier here does as he’s given the Medal of Honor.

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A Genius Piece Of Art Forces Drone Pilots To See Who's Down Below

After learning that predator drone operators often refer to kills as “bug splats,” because bodies look so small from up above, an artist collective didn’t get angry — they got creative.

Disposable bugs, huh?

Obviously the drone operators need to take a closer look.

From their site: An artist collective installed this massive portrait facing up in the heavily bombed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan, where drone attacks regularly occur. Now, when viewed by a drone camera, what an operator sees on his screen is not an anonymous dot on the landscape, but an innocent child victim’s face.

After talking with a member of the collective, this was like the icing on the cake: “The piece was left there for as long as people decided to use the fabric for roofing and other useful purposes. The art was always meant to be utilized and not discarded after it was photographed.”

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If This Happened To People Who Work Regular Jobs, It'd Be Headline News For Months, Maybe Years

The epidemic of military rape is still very much burning like a wildfire in our military. And, like Nero, those who can make a difference are playing their collective fiddles as Rome burns. So getting the word out is at least a good place to start.

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How Disasters Like Hurricane Sandy Might Be Saving Veterans' Lives

Former Marine Jake Wood is on a mission to help give war veterans a renewed sense of purpose, community, and self-worth. And he’s helping with disaster-relief efforts while he’s at it. How? Listen at :47 as he outlines how he’s helping solve two front-page problems in one brilliant organization.

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