Top 10 Bizarre Disappearances

History is peppered with intriguing tales of people who, for all intents and purposes, inexplicably vanish from the face of the earth without a trace. These stories – some of the most fascinating in the annals of the unexplained – vary from being well-documented to having the flavor of mere legend and folklore. This is the top 10 bizarre disappearances.

10The Disappearance Of Oliver Larch


The story of Oliver Larch (Sometime known as Lerch or Thomas) follows a similar narrative to that of David Lang (item 3). According to his narrative, Larch was on his way to collect water from a well one winter when he vanished; leaving nothing behind but trail of footprints in the snow which terminated abruptly, and a series of cries for help that appeared to come from above. In some tellings, Larch’s story is set in late nineteenth-century Indiana, in others, it is set in North Wales. One particular recurring citation of this variant was as Oliver Thomas of Rhayader, Radnorshire, mid-Wales and the date is given specifically as 1909.

9The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Keepers

Cape Palliser Lighthouse

In December 1900, three lighthouse keepers vanished from their duty stations, leaving behind equipment important to surviving the hostile conditions at that location and time of year. Despite exhaustive searches, the keepers were never found. The official explanation for the disappearances is that the men were swept out to sea by a freak wave.

8The Bennington Triangle


Between 1920 and 1950, Bennington, Vermont was the site of several completely unexplained disappearances:

7The Vanished Cripple


Owen Parfitt had been paralyzed by a massive stroke. In June, 1763 in Shepton Mallet, England, Parfitt sat outside his sister’s home, as was often his habit on warm evenings. Virtually unable to move, the 60-year-old man sat quietly is his nightshirt upon his folded greatcoat. Across the road was a farm where workers were finishing their workday by pooking the hay. At about 7 p.m., Parfitt’s sister, Susannah, went outside with a neighbor to help Parfitt move back into the house, as a storm was approaching. But he was gone. Only his folded greatcoat upon which he sat remained. Investigations of this mysterious disappearance were carried out as late as 1933, but no trace or clues to Parfitt’s fate were ever uncovered.

6The Disappearing Diplomat

180Px-Benjamin Bathurst

British diplomat Benjamin Bathurst vanished into thin air in 1809. Bathurst was returning to Hamburg with a companion after a mission to the Austrian court. Along the way, they had stopped for dinner at an inn in the town of Perelberg. Upon finishing the meal, they returned to their waiting horse-drawn coach. Bathurst’s companion watched as the diplomat stepped over to the front of the coach to examine to horses – and simply vanished without a trace.

5Time Tunnel


In 1975, a man named Jackson Wright was driving with his wife from New Jersey to New York City. This required them to travel through the Lincoln Tunnel. According to Wright, who was driving, once through the tunnel he pulled the car over to wipe the windshield of condensation. His wife Martha volunteered to clean off the back window so they could more readily resume their trip. When Wright turned around, his wife was gone. He neither heard nor saw anything unusual take place, and a subsequent investigation could find no evidence of foul play. Martha Wright had just disappeared.

4The Norfolk Regiment


Three soldiers claimed to be witnesses to the bizarre disappearance of an entire battalion in 1915. They finally came forward with the strange story 50 years after the infamous Gallipoli campaign of WWI. The three members of a New Zealand field company said they watched from a clear vantage point as a battalion of the Royal Norfolk Regiment marched up a hillside in Suvla Bay, Turkey. The hill was shrouded in a low-lying cloud that the English soldiers marched straight into without hesitation. They never came out. After the last of the battalion had entered the cloud, it slowly lifted off the hillside to join other clouds in the sky. When the war was over, figuring the battalion had been captured and held prisoner, the British government demanded that Turkey return them. The Turks insisted, however, that it had neither captured not made contact with these English soldiers.

3The Legend Of David Lang


This famous case allegedly took place in September, 1880 on a farm near Gallatin, Tennessee in full view of several witnesses. The two Lang children, George and Sarah, were playing in the front yard of the family home. Their parents, David and Emma, came out the front door, and David headed off across a pasture toward his horses. At this time, a buggy carrying family friend Judge August Peck was approaching. David turned to walk back to the house, saw the buggy and waved to the judge as he strode across the field. A few seconds later, David Lang – in clear view of his wife, his children and the judge – disappeared in mid-step. Emma screamed and all of the witnesses rushed to the spot where David once was, thinking perhaps he had fallen into a hole of some kind. There was no hole. A thorough search by the family, friends and neighbors turned up nothing. A few months after the unexplained disappearance, the Lang children noticed that the grass on the spot where their father vanished had turned yellow and wilted in a circle measuring about 15 feet in diameter.

2The Stonehenge Disappearance


The mysterious standing stones of Stonehenge in England was the site of an amazing disappearance in August, 1971. At this time Stonehenge was not yet protected from the public, and on this particular night, a group of “hippies” decided to pitch tents in the center of the circle and spend the night. They built a campfire, lit several joints of pot and sat around smoking and signing. Their campout was abruptly interrupted at about 2 a.m. by a severe thunder storm that quickly blew in over Salisbury Plain. Bright bolts of lightning crashed down on the area, striking area trees and even the standing stones themselves. Two witnesses, a farmer and a policeman, said that the stones of the ancient monument lit up with an eerie blue light that was so intense that they had to avert their eyes. They heard screams from the campers and the two witnesses rushed to the scene expecting to find injured – or even dead – campers. To their surprise, they found no one. All that remained within the circle of stones were several smoldering tent pegs and the drowned remains of a campfire. The hippies themselves were gone without a trace.

1The Village That Disappeared


An individual that vanishes is one thing, but how about an entire village of 2,000 men, women and children? In November, 1930, a fur trapper named Joe Labelle made his way on snow shoes to an Eskimo village on the shores of Lake Anjikuni in northern Canada. Labelle was familiar with the village, which he knew as a thriving fishing community of about 2,000 residents. When he arrived, however, the village was deserted. All of the huts and storehouses were vacant. He found one smoldering fire on which there was a pot of blackened stew. Labelle notified the authorities and an investigation was begun, and which turned up some bizarre findings: no footprints of any of the residents were found, if they had vacated the village; all of the Eskimos’ sled dogs were found buried under a 12-foot-high snow drift – they had all starved to death; all of the Eskimos’ food and provisions were found undisturbed in their huts. And there was one last unnerving discovery: the Eskimos’ ancestral graves had been emptied.

Sources: The Book of Lists, Wikipedia

Notable Omissions: The crew of the Mary Celeste

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10 Strange Church Mysteries That Are Still Unsolved

The church is considered a sanctuary and place of comfort for many people. To some, it might seem inconceivable that bad things could happen there. However, churches have been the sites of some truly unusual unsolved mysteries, including murders, disappearances, supernatural events, and even unexplained acts of divine intervention.

10The Mysterious Suicide Of ‘Wm L. Toomey’

On December 4, 1982, a heavily suntanned stranger entered the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Boise, Idaho. He appeared to be in his early forties and seemed to be waiting for a turn in the confessional, which was currently occupied. This man would soon be found dead on the floor.

It was later determined that he had swallowed a cyanide capsule. He had no identification, but $1,900 was found in his possession, along with a note which stated that the money should be used for his burial. The note was signed “Wm L. Toomey,” but it seemed unlikely that was his real name, since Wm L. Toomey was the name of a company that manufactured priest garb. All attempts to determine the stranger’s identity led nowhere, but there is one unsettling theory about his suicide.

On December 21, 1981, a Catholic priest named Father Patrick Ryan was murdered at a motel in Odessa, Texas. He was found naked with his hands tied behind his back. The previous night, Father Ryan had a sexual encounter with a suspect named James Harry Reyos. After Reyos called the police with a drunken confession, he was convicted of Ryan’s murder and served 20 years before being paroled. However, Reyos later recanted his confession, and the evidence shows that he almost certainly couldn’t have been in Odessa that night.

This evidence is bolstered by the similar murder of a holy man committed the next year. In November 1982, another Catholic priest, Father Benjamin Carrier, was murdered at a motel in Yuma, Arizona. Like Father Ryan, he was found naked with his hands tried behind his back.

Since “Wm L. Toomey” wore a distinctive belt buckle which was traced back to an Arizona gift shop, some have speculated that he was responsible for the murders of both priests. It’s possible that he intended to die in the confessional after being absolved of his sins but miscalculated how long it would take for the cyanide to kill him.

9The Disappearance Of Father Henryk Borynski

After leaving his native Poland and moving to Bradford, England, Father Henryk Borynski became the Catholic chaplain for the community’s 1,500 Polish residents. Borynski had been brought in to replace another Polish priest, Canon Boleslaw Martynellis, who had fallen out of favor with the community and was more than a little bitter about it.

Father Borynski had served as chaplain for 10 months when he received a mysterious call on the evening of July 13, 1953. The conversation took place in Polish, but Borynski’s landlady overheard him finish the call with the words “All right, I go.” Borynski then exited his residence, leaving all his belongings behind, and was never seen again.

At the time, many of Bradford’s Polish residents were refugees who had fled their communist country. Spies from the Polish secret police were believed to frequent the area, and Father Borynski was known to be very outspoken about his anti-communist views. Rumors began to circulate that Canon Martynellis was angry about Borynski taking his position and helped communist agents lure Borynski out of his house to be kidnapped and murdered.

Shortly before his disappearance, Borynski allegedly received a phone call from Martynellis asking Borynski to meet him at his house, but Martynellis denied the call ever took place. One month later, Martynellis claimed he was attacked in his home by two men who ordered him to keep quiet about Borynski’s disappearance. Martynellis died of a heart attack two years later, and to this day, Father Borynski’s disappearance remains unsolved.

8The Ghost Of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, built in 1868, is considered a historical landmark in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It’s also rumored to be haunted, and its alleged resident ghost has a bizarre origin story.

In 1886, plans were made to construct a new tower for the church. Two Swedish stonemasons were hired for the job, but they both mysteriously disappeared before the tower was finished. Because of this setback, the tower went unfinished until 1927.

The problem was the unexplained eerie happenings that started to occur inside the church, along with sightings of a mysterious ghostly figure. Whenever construction was planned on the tower, workers often became too frightened to finish the job. The workmen were even granted permission to build a private isolated room to accommodate their ghostly friend.

Decades later, Reverend Eugene Todd was serving as pastor at St. Mark’s when he received a surprise explanation for these supernatural occurrences. He had been summoned to a nursing home in Denver, where an elderly dying patient had requested confession with him. The man claimed he was one of the two Swedish stonemasons who had mysteriously vanished while working on the church many years ago.

Apparently, the other stonemason had accidentally fallen to his death in the unfinished bell tower. His partner was terrified that he would be blamed for the death, so he decided to entomb the body under cement inside an unfinished wall section before fleeing the area. Although the missing stonemason’s body has never been found, many people found the old man’s story credible and believe that the stonemason’s ghost haunts the church.

7The Murder Of Father Alfred Kunz

On March 4, 1998, the small community of Dane, Wisconsin was shocked to learn that Father Alfred Kunz was murdered. The 67-year-old priest who had served St. Michael Catholic Church for 32 years was found inside the church’s parochial school with his throat slashed. The murder has been the subject of an extensive investigation ever since, and a plethora of unconfirmed theories surrounds his death. One of the most outrageous claims is that he was murdered by a group of angry Satanists.

Kunz frequently collaborated on church matters with Malachi Martin, a known exorcist who has published numerous books on the subject. Martin claimed that in the weeks prior to his murder, Kunz was preparing to perform an exorcism on a Wisconsin man who was believed to be demonically possessed and expressed concern that his life was in danger. Martin believes that Kunz’s manner of death showed signs of having been performed by devil worshipers. Another controversial rumor is that Father Kunz was engaged in sexual affairs with some of his female parishioners and may have been murdered by a jealous lover.

Despite all these different theories, the Dane County sheriff’s office claims to have a prime suspect. Unfortunately, he left town shortly after the crime, and police currently do not have sufficient evidence to charge him. As such, Father Kunz’s death remains a bizarre unsolved murder.

6The Papua New Guinea UFO Sightings

In April 1959, a respected Anglican priest named Father William Gill was working as a missionary in the village of Boianai in Papua New Guinea when he saw a strange light traveling across a distant mountain. This same light reappeared on the evening of June 26, but this time, Father Gill was standing outside his mission alongside many other witnesses. As the light moved closer to them, it became apparent that it was a large disc-shaped object, which appeared to have four large legs beneath it. The witnesses also discerned what appeared to be four alien figures moving around on the object’s upper deck.

The strange craft remained in the vicinity for 45 minutes before it disappeared, but when it returned an hour later, it was accompanied by more bright flying objects. After hovering over the area for four hours, the objects disappeared again, but the strange craft and two smaller flying objects returned to the village yet again on the following evening. This time, Father Gill and one of his companions decided to wave at the alien figures on the craft’s deck. Amazingly, the figures waved back.

The next night, a total of eight UFOs showed up to the village, but these were the last that would be seen. Before the objects disappeared, a large metallic banging sound was heard on the mission’s roof, but no sign of any damage could be found. This story was recounted by over three dozen witnesses, including Father Gill, and remains one of the most credible UFO sightings in history.

5The Murders of Harold And Thelma Swain

In 1985, Harold Swain was the deacon of the Rising Daughter Baptist Church in Waverly, Georgia. On the evening of March 11, a mysterious stranger arrived during a Bible study session at the church. When Harold met the stranger in the vestibule, the man pulled out a gun and shot him several times. Harold’s wife, Thelma, ran into the room to help, but the killer shot her to death as well.

The man fled the scene, leaving only a pair of eyeglasses behind. In 2000, a suspect named Dennis Perry was convicted of murdering the Swains and given two consecutive life sentences. Perry had allegedly threatened to kill Harold two weeks before the crime, but the evidence suggests that he may be innocent.

At the time the murders took place, Perry claimed that he was at work in Atlanta six hours away, so it seems physically impossible for him to have committed the crime. A witness who saw the shooter pointed police toward another suspect named Donnie Barrentine, who allegedly later bragged about murdering the Swains at a party.

The police also lost several key pieces of evidence, including the killer’s eyeglasses, which went missing during the filming of a segment for Unsolved Mysteries. Since Perry had perfect vision and did not wear glasses, this piece of evidence could have exonerated him. However, in order to avoid the death penalty, Perry waived his right to appeal, so he remains incarcerated while the real killer might still be out there.

4The Abandonment Of Baby Jacob Gerard

Following Sunday service on the morning of February 27, 1994, the congregation of the Holy Counselor Lutheran Church in Vernon, New Jersey made a shocking discovery: the body of a newborn baby boy lying in the snow outside one of the church windows. The unidentified child weighed approximately 3 kilograms (7 lb), and his naked body was wrapped in a thin blanket.

Unfortunately, the infant was frozen solid, so an autopsy could not be performed until the body thawed three days later. The child was likely placed outside the church sometime during the night and died of hypothermia and exposure in the freezing temperatures. The umbilical cord was still attached to the child’s body but looked as if it had been torn rather than cut, suggesting he wasn’t born at a hospital.

The church held a memorial service for the unidentified child and buried him behind the church in North Hardyston Cemetery. The biblical story of Jacob happened to be the subject of their sermon on the morning he was found, and St. Gerard is the Roman Catholic patron saint of newborn children, so they named the child Jacob Gerard. Since Baby Jacob appeared to be perfectly healthy before his abandonment, the case was classified as a homicide. DNA was taken from his blanket in an attempt to determine who was responsible for his death, but 20 years later, Jacob Gerard remains unidentified.

3The Rothwell Bone Crypt

Built during the 13th century, Holy Trinity Church is a medieval landmark in the town of Rothwell, England. However, beneath the church is a charnel chapel containing one of the creepiest sights ever found inside a place of worship: an entire room stacked with human bones.

Known as the “Bone Crypt,” the room is filled with the unidentified skeletal remains of approximately 1,500 individuals. At one point, the room was sealed up, but legend has it that in 1700, a gravedigger working inside the church accidentally fell through the floor. The discovery of the hidden room allegedly drove him insane. The bones were eventually separated and organized onto shelves, and the Bone Crypt has since become a popular tourist attraction in the area.

Intriguingly, no one knows the origin of these bones. One prevalent theory is that the remains belong to victims of a plague. Another claims that they were soldiers who were killed during the nearby Battle of Naseby in 1645. It’s also possible that many of the individuals were originally buried in the church graveyard but had to be moved to a new location. Sometime during the 16th century, the adjacent Jesus Hospital was built over a burial ground, so the remains might have been dug up and stored in the chapel.

Scientists hope to use carbon dating to eventually determine the possible identities of these deceased individuals. Until then, the Bone Crypt remains one of England’s most bizarre unsolved mysteries.

2The Murder Of Irene Garza

On April 16, 1960, 25-year-old schoolteacher and former beauty queen Irene Garza showed up for confession at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in McAllen, Texas. She never returned home, and five days later, her body was found in a canal just outside of town. She had been struck on the head by a blunt object and raped before being suffocated to death.

Shortly thereafter, a slide viewer was found in the canal. It was attached to a long cord, which may have been used to bind Garza’s hands. When the slide viewer’s owner came forward to claim it, the case took a very disturbing turn. The object belonged to Father John Feit, the priest from Sacred Heart who received Garza’s confession before she disappeared.

Less than a month before Garza’s murder, Father Feit had been charged with the attempted rape of another young woman inside the church. He eventually received a $500 fine after pleading no contest to aggravated assault. On the night Garza disappeared, Feit’s glasses were broken. Scratches also appeared on his hands, which he claimed to have received after accidentally locking himself out of his residence.

Despite the suspicious evidence against Feit, no one wanted to believe that a Catholic priest was responsible for such a horrific crime, and he was eventually transferred to a monastery in Missouri. Decades later, two witnesses came forward to claim that Feit had confessed to them that he murdered Garza. However, the district attorney felt there wasn’t enough evidence to file charges against Feit, and one of the witnesses soon passed away. Father Feit is currently in his eighties and has always maintained his innocence, but he continues to be the prime suspect in Irene Garza’s murder, which remains unsolved.

1The Miraculous Survival Of The West End Baptist Church Choir

On the evening of March 1, 1950, the West End Baptist Church in the small town of Beatrice, Nebraska was completely destroyed after an explosion. The explosion itself, caused by a natural gas leak, wasn’t a mystery, but the unlikely chain of events that saved the lives of the 15 people who should have been present is nothing short of a miracle.

The church’s choir was scheduled to meet for practice at 7:20 PM on the night of the explosion. The devoted singers were known for their punctuality, but somehow, all 15 members of the choir were late that night. As a result, none of them had yet arrived at the church when it exploded at 7:27.

The choir director and her daughter, the church pianist, had planned to show up 30 minutes early that night. However, the daughter fell asleep, causing both of them to arrive late. The church pastor and his wife wound up running late after their daughter spilled food on her dress. Two choir members didn’t arrive on time because their cars wouldn’t start. Other members were held up by seemingly mundane tasks such as writing a letter, listening to a radio show, and finishing homework. One even ended up running late despite living directly across the street from the church. In the end, every single member of the choir was spared from a potentially tragic event in what was either one of the most astonishing coincidences of all time or an act of divine intervention.

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10 Baffling Mysteries We’ve Only Solved In The Last Year

The most exciting things in science aren’t the things we know, but those we don’t. After all, if science knew everything, it would have stopped a long time ago. Some questions remain unanswered longer than others, awaiting the right technology, genius, or simply luck to come along. And it should come as no surprise that we’re solving mysteries that have puzzled science for many years—nearly every day.

10 The Origin Of The Falkland Islands Wolf


The Falkland Islands wolf, hunted to extinction in 1876, was the only mammal living on the Falkland Islands when they were discovered by explorers in the 17th century. They were amazingly tame and earned a species name meaning “stupid dog of the south.” Its presence on the islands confused naturalists, including Charles Darwin, who wondered how it ended up being the only land mammal so far from the mainland.

A study published in Nature has solved this mystery. Scientists previously believed the wolf diverged from its mainland relatives around 330,000 years ago. Analyzing DNA from an extinct relative has now shown it only diverged around 16,000 years ago, a glacial period when an ice bridge to the islands from Argentina could easily have existed.

9 The Baby Crustacean With No Adult Form


Cerataspis monstrosa was the name given to a species of crustacean discovered 180 years ago. It’s only ever been found as larvae in the guts of fish that have eaten it. No adult version was ever identified, leaving scientists understandably curious. Once again, DNA analysis has been the key to unlocking this mystery.

Professor Keith Crandall at George Washington University did a DNA analysis of the creature, dubbed “monster larva” due to its unusual appearance. He found that it’s actually the larval form of what we thought was an entirely different species, Plesiopenaeus armatus. Scientists missed the connection because the adult form, a deep-water shrimp, looks completely different from its younger self. Specimens were also hard to come by because it lives deep in the Atlantic. Professor Crandall put his ability to solve this nearly 200-year-old mystery down to a combination of luck in finding the right specimens and new techniques that have been developed in the last 10 years.

8 The Possibly Cannibalistic Susquehannocks


The Susquehannocks were a Native American tribe who were given a very bad reputation by European settlers. Depicted as brutal cannibals, the Susequehannocks were accused of the massacre of their neighbors, the Shenks Ferry people. April Beisaw, an anthropologist at Vassar College, thought the tribe might have had an unfair reputation for the last few hundred years, so she decided to check if any massacre actually happened.

With the help of two undergraduates, she set out to examine as much evidence as was available. After studying over 2,000 artifacts from the area and records at several museums, she discovered no evidence that violence of any kind occurred between the two tribes. The legend probably served as useful ammunition for settlers who actually did slaughter members of the Susquehannock tribe. She hopes her work will help “rewrite history” for the natives.

7 Where The Spiral-Toothed Shark’s Teeth Are


Helicoprion is a bizarre species of sharklike fish with a distinctive spiral jaw. Fossils were first discovered in 1899, but the only part of it that fossilized was the strange spiral jaw. Since then, scientists have made numerous guesses at where this swirl of razor-sharp teeth belonged on the body of the creature, ranging from its top jaw, bottom jaw, tail, to pretty much anywhere you can think of. If you do an image search for “helicoprion,” almost all of the pictures you’ll find depict the spiral of teeth curling downwards from the bottom jaw, like a circular saw.

Scientists have now been able to use an X-Ray CT scanner to take high-resolution images of Helicoprion fossils and produce a 3-D model of its skull. They’ve found that it would have been located entirely inside the mouth, acting as a “tooth factory” at the back of the lower jaw and wouldn’t stick out. While the mystery is now solved, 100 years of speculation has left us with plenty of illustrations of what could have been one of nature’s most comical creations.

6 Why Do Corals Pulsate?


Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was one of the earliest scientists to study corals in the 19th century. One of the mysteries that has endured since then is why some of them pulsate. This movement, in which their flowerlike heads open and close, requires a lot of energy, so there must be a good reason for it. In jellyfish, the only other creature that pulsates in the same way, it’s used for movement and catching prey, but corals do neither of those things.

Scientists using infrared cameras found that the corals pulsate 95 percent of the time, resting only for about half an hour in the afternoon. By using a special imaging device that allowed researchers to see the movement of water down to individual particles, scientists discovered that the movement stops waste water from building up around the corals. They also found that the oxygen levels in the water around corals were kept low by the movement, increasing the efficiency of photosynthesis in algae that the corals use for food.

5 The Fungus That Caused The Irish Potato Famine


The Irish potato famine devastated the country in 1845, killing 750,000 people and forcing two million more to leave their homeland. Yet the strain of fungus responsible for blighting the crop remained unidentified until this year. Scientists thought it was a strain known as US-1, but a recent analysis has shown it to be a distinct fungus that separated decades earlier and has since gone extinct.

Scientists were able to analyze DNA fragments from dried plants that were between 120–170 years old. They hope the research will improve knowledge of how plant pathogens emerge, which could ultimately help fight crop blights in the future.

4 Darwin’s Dilemma


Darwin’s Dilemma, the mystery of the Cambrian Explosion, refers to a period of time during which a diverse range of animals suddenly appear in the fossil record around 500 million years ago. Darwin described it as “inexplicable,” but held onto hope that future scientists would figure it out.

Creationists have often leapt onto this particular detail as evidence against evolution. A study published this September by Australian scientists claims to have discovered an explanation for the events, often called “Evolution’s Big Bang.” The scientists used advanced mathematical modeling and a detailed analysis of the fossil record to reason that a slightly faster rate of evolution at the time would be enough to account for the apparently sudden appearance (sudden, in geological terms, meaning over tens of millions of years). People had previously believed the rate of evolution required was much faster. The necessary rate they calculated is “perfectly consistent with Darwin’s theory of evolution,” according to the study.

3 Secret Code Of Rhode Island’s Founder


Roger Williams was the founder of Rhode Island, and during the last years of his life, he filled the margins of a book, An Essay Towards the Reconciling of Differences Among Christians, with a series of notes on various subjects. Unfortunately, he invented his own set of symbols that no one understood, so the 300-year-old text couldn’t be deciphered by anyone.

Struggling faculty members opened up the challenge of decoding the book to students. A group of undergraduates, led by a math major, undertook a systematic analysis of the symbols. Initial statistical analysis was unsuccessful, but one of the students figured out that Williams had based his codes on the shorthand he’d learned as a court stenographer in England. This new insight led to a full decoding of the writing, which apparently covers historical geography, medicine, and infant baptism.

2 The Way The Earth’s Core Spins


In 1692, Edmond Halley, of Halley’s Comet fame, first discovered that the Earth’s geomagnetic field drifted westward. He concluded that Earth must have two cores spinning at different speeds, but no one knew why. Science later realized that the Earth’s inner core of solid iron (about the size of the moon) spins eastward, but the outer core of liquid iron rotates in the opposite direction—but at a slower pace. The relationship between the two remained a mystery, however.

This year, scientists at Leeds University were able to use a supercomputer to simulate this relationship 100 times more accurately than ever before. They found the difference can be explained in terms of equal and opposite action (Newton’s Third Law of Motion). The magnetic field pushes one way on the outer core and the opposite way on the inner core, causing the differing rotations.

1 Do Women Blush In The Dark?


“The question whether young women blush in the dark is a very difficult one,” wrote 18th-century German scholar Georg Lictenberg. While it seems a trivial question, it was also impossible to answer. In the dark, no one can see the blushing. Turn on the light, and it’s no longer dark. Charles Darwin (for the third time on this list) even offered up a comment on the problem (he reckoned women probably could blush in the dark).

Technology has come to humanity’s aid in providing an answer. Researchers from Germany and the Netherlands collaborated on an experiment in which they pointed a heat-sensitive camera at a woman in a dark room and asked her to blush. When she claimed to be blushing (they picked someone who could do it at will), there was more heat coming from her cheeks, showing that blood had rushed to the surface. So it turns out that women can blush in the dark. Keep smashing those boundaries, science!

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10 Creepy Mysteries You Haven’t Heard Of

We have had numerous mystery lists in the past, but, due to a recent question I asked on the Listverse fanpage on facebook, I decided to put together a new one. This list covers mysteries that are, hopefully, not well known to most of you (but including one previously published item with updated information), and ones that have something creepy about them. I hope you enjoy the list and be sure to mention other creepy mysteries in the comments.


In 1930, aged 4, Shanti Deva from Delhi, India, told her parents that she had once lived in a place called Muttra (now known as Mathura), that she had been a mother of three, who died in childbirth, and that her previous name was Ludgi. Because the girl continually related the story, her parents investigated. It turned out there was a village called Muttra, and that a woman named Ludgi had recently died there. They took Shanti to the village where she began to speak the local dialect and recognized her previous-life husband and children. She even gave twenty four accurate statements matching confirmed facts about Ludgi’s life. An impressive feat for a four year old. [Source]

In 2008, a creepy gnome was caught on film in Argentina. Jose Alvarez – who filmed the gnome – told newspaper, El Tribuno, that they caught the creature on film while larking about in their hometown of General Guemes, in the province of Salta, Argentina.

He said: “We were chatting about our last fishing trip. It was one in the morning. I began to film a bit with my mobile phone while the others were chatting and joking. Suddenly we heard something – a weird noise as if someone was throwing stones. We looked to one side and saw that the grass was moving. To begin with we thought it was a dog but when we saw this gnome-like figure begin to emerge we were really afraid.”

Other locals have since come forward to say they have spotted the gnome, and the town has been covered in a pall of fear ever since the first sighting.

Freddy Jackson Lg

This creepy photo, taken in 1919, was first published in 1975, by Sir Victor Goddard, a retired R.A.F. officer. The photo is a group portrait of Goddard’s squadron, which had served in World War I, aboard the HMS Daedalus. An extra ghostly face appears in the photo. At the back of the airman positioned on the top row, fourth from the left, can clearly be seen the face of another man. It is said to be the face of Freddy Jackson, an air mechanic who had been accidentally killed by an airplane propeller two days earlier. His funeral had taken place on the day this photograph was snapped. Members of the squadron easily recognized the face as Jackson’s. It has been suggested that Jackson, unaware of his death, decided to show up for the group photo. In case you don’t notice the ghost – look behind the head in the inset on the left of the picture. [Source]

Overtoun Bridge Lower Res

The Overtoun Bridge is an arch bridge located near Milton, Dumbarton, Scotland, which was built in 1859. It has become famous for the number of unexplained instances in which dogs have, apparently, committed suicide by leaping off it. The incidents were first recorded around the 1950′s or 1960′s, when it was noticed that dogs – usually the long-nosed variety, like Collies – would suddenly and unexpectedly leap off the bridge and fall fifty feet, to their deaths. In some cases, however, the dogs would survive, recuperate, and then leap off the bridge again. What makes this tragic mystery even more mysterious is that many of the dogs that jump from Overton Bridge jump from the same side and from almost the same spot: between the final two parapets on the right-hand side of the bridge.

Some believe that the bridge is haunted. In 1994, a man threw his baby son off the bridge, claiming that it was the anti-Christ. Later, the man attempted suicide there as well. Was Overtoun Bridge responsible for this tragic event? Some believe that Overtoun Bridge is a “thin place”, where the barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead meet, and sometimes cross over. [Source]


On September 3, 1873, a man named James Worson had accepted a challenge to race, in record time, from the town of Leamington to the town of Coventry, a 20-mile trek. He had been boasting of his foot skills and then was asked to prove them, so, with sporting good spirits, he set about to do just that. Two friends, Hammerson Burns and Barham Wise, followed behind in a horse-drawn gig. Burns brought along his camera. Worson was never out of their sight, and would often turn around while running to exchange some friendly words with the two riders. Running in the middle of the road, Worson suddenly appeared to stumble and pitch forward, having time enough for only one short, piercing scream. Wise later said, “It was the most ghastly sound ether of us had ever heard.” But as Worson pitched forward with that terrible cry, instead of falling to the ground as he appeared to be about to have done, he completely and totally vanished in mid-fall, before ever striking the ground. The road itself told the story and Wise took the pictures to prove it. There, in the soft dirt, were Worson’s footprints.They led down the middle of the road, looked as if the runner stumbled, and there they disappeared. A search was called and the locals scoured the area for James. The bloodhounds used in the search were strangely reluctant to approach the spot where Worson disappeared. He was never seen or heard from again. [Source]

Screen Shot 2010-09-11 At 9.20.47 Am

On the night of 8–9 February, 1855, and one or two later nights, after a light snowfall, a series of hoof-like marks appeared in the snow. These footprints, measuring 1.5 to 2.5 inches wide and eight inches apart, continued throughout the countryside for a total of over 100 miles, and, although veering at various points, for the greater part of their course followed straight lines. Houses, rivers, haystacks and other obstacles were traveled straight over, and footprints appeared on the tops of snow-covered roofs and high walls which lay in the footprints’ path, as well as leading up to and exiting various drain pipes of as small as a four inch diameter. There were also attendant rumors about sightings of a “devil-like figure” in the Devon area during the scare. Many townspeople armed themselves and attempted to track down the beast responsible, without success. Recently, on the night of March 12, 2009, more strange marks, corresponding to those left in 1855, were found again in Devon – these new footprints are shown above.


Felicia Felix-Mentor reportedly died in 1907, after a sudden illness of the type that Haitian belief finds to be characteristic of a person marked to be made into a zombie. In 1936, a woman (either nude or in ragged clothing, depending on the source) was found wandering the streets, and made her way to a farm which she claimed belonged to her father. The owners identified the woman as Felicia Felix-Mentor, long thought dead, and Felix-Mentor’s husband also confirmed this. Due to her poor health, she was sent to a government hospital. A doctor who interviewed her described her behavior:

Her occasional outbursts of laughter were devoid of emotion, and very frequently she spoke of herself in either the first or the third person without any sense of discrimination. She had lost all sense of time and was quite indifferent to the world of things around her.


Chupas are mysterious objects, or UFOs, allegedly seen by night in the eastern forests of (mainly) Brazil. They are described as smaller, metallic-like objects that fly about the treetops, making a humming sound like a refrigerator or a transformer. Since most people in the area are poor, they often go out during the night to hunt food, such as deer. To do this, they climb up in trees to await their prey. It is often during this period of waiting that hunters claim to spot the chupas. When seen, chupas are claimed to emit a bright white light. Instead of being “just unidentified objects” or lights, they are alleged to be lethal. In some cases, people claim to have been hunted by them. It is claimed that this often results in all kinds of pain for days (sometimes years) after their experience. It has also been claimed that some people have even died from the alleged lethal beams emitted by the chupas, and that some hunters have tried to shoot at the chupas, with no effect. [Source]


In February, 1948, distress calls were picked up by numerous ships near Indonesia, from the Dutch freighter SS Ourang Medan. The chilling message was, “All officers including captain are dead lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead.” This message was followed by indecipherable Morse code then one final grisly message… “I die.” When the first rescue vessel arrived on the scene a few hours later, they tried to hail the Ourang Medan but there was no response. A boarding party was sent to the ship and what they found was a frightening sight that has made the Ourang Medan one of the strangest and scariest ghost ship stories of all time.

All the crew and officers of the Ourang Medan were dead, their eyes open, faces looking towards the sun, arms outstretched and a look of terror on their faces. Even the ship’s dog was dead, found snarling at some unseen enemy. When nearing the bodies in the boiler room, the rescue crew felt a chill, though the temperature was near 110°F. The decision was made to tow the ship back to port, but before they could get underway, smoke began rolling up from the hull. The rescue crew left the ship and barely had time to cut the tow lines before the Ourang Medan exploded and sank.

To this day, the exact fate of the Ourang Medan and her crew remains a mystery. [Source]


In September, 1931, the Irving family — James, Margaret and daughter Voirrey (13) — claimed to hear persistent scratching and rustling noises behind their farmhouse’s wooden wall panels. At first they thought it was a rat, but then the unseen creature began making different sounds, sometimes spitting like a ferret, or growling like a dog, or gurgling like a baby. The creature soon revealed an ability to speak, and introduced itself as Gef, a mongoose. It claimed to have been born in New Delhi, India, in 1852. According to Voirrey, who was the only person to see him properly, Gef was the size of a small rat, with yellowish fur and a large bushy tail (the Indian mongoose is in reality much larger than a rat and does not have a bushy tail).

Gef variously claimed to be “an extra extra clever mongoose”, an “earthbound spirit” and “a ghost in the form of a weasel”. He once said, “I am a freak. I have hands and I have feet, and if you saw me you’d faint, you’d be petrified, mummified, turned into stone or a pillar of salt!” Voirrey Irving, who took Gef under her wing, died in 2005. In an interview published late in life, she maintained that Gef was not her creation. [Source]

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Top 10 Most Overlooked Mysteries in History

Over the last few months we have gone through 30 of the worlds greatest mysteries but what we haven’t covered are ancient mysteries. This list aims to put that right! Here are ten great unsolved mysteries of science. Do you have a theory that might solve one of these mysteries? If so, tell us in the comments!

10. Rongorongo


While many people know of the Moai of Easter Island, not that many people know of the other mystery associated with Easter Island. ‘Rongorongo’ is the hieroglyphic written language of the region’s earlier inhabitants. Rongorongo is strange in that no other neighbouring oceanic people used a written language. It appeared around the 1700s, though was unfortunately lost after the early European colonizers banned it because of its ties to the native islanders’ pagan roots.

9. Lost City of Helike


In the late 2nd century AD, the Greek writer Pausanias wrote an account of how (4-500 years earlier?) in one night a powerful earthquake destroyed the great city of Helike, with a Tsunami washing away what remained of the once-flourishing metropolis. The city, capital of the Achaean League, was a worship centre devoted to the ancient god Poseidon, god of the sea. There was no trace of the legendary society mentioned outside of the ancient Greek writings until 1861, when an archeologist found some loot thought to have come from Helike – a bronze coin with the unmistakable head of Poseidon. In 2001, a pair of archeologists managed to locate the ruins of Helike beneath the mud and gravel of the coast, and are currently trying to peice together the rise and sudden fall of what has been called the “real” Atlantis.

8. The Bog Bodies


This mystery may even be a problem for those legendary investigators from CSI and the like! The bog bodies are hundreds of ancient corpses found buried around the northern bogs and wetlands of Northern Europe. These bodies are remarkably well preserved, some dating back 2,000 years. Many of these bodies have tell-tale signs of torture and other medieval “fun”, which have made some researchers postulating that these unfortunate victims were the result of ritual sacrifices.

7. Fall of the Minoans


The Minoans are best known for the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur, but it is in fact the demise of this once-great civilisation that is more interesting. While many historians concentrate on the fall of the Roman Empire, the fall of the Minoans, who resided on the island of Crete, is an equal, if not greater mystery. Three and a half thousand years ago the island was shaken by a huge volcanic eruption on the neighbouring Thera Island. Archeologists unearthed tablets which have shown that the Minoans carried on for another 50 years after the eruption, before finally folding. Theories of what finally ended them have ranged from volcanic ash covering the island and devastating harvests to the weakened society eventually getting taken over by invading Greeks.

6. The Carnac Stones

Aerial Stones 2

Everyone has heard of Stonehenge, but few know the Carnac Stones. These are 3,000 megalithic stones arranged in perfect lines over a distance of 12 kilometers on the coast of Brittany in the North-West of France. Mythology surrounding the stones says that each stone is a soldier in a Roman legion that Merlin the Wizard turned in to stone. Scientific attempts at an explanation suggests that the stones are most likely an elaborate earthquake detector. The identity of the Neolithic people who built them is unknown.

5. Who Was Robin Hood?

1546186-Robin Hood Statue-Nottingham

The historical search for the legendary thief Robin Hood has turned up masses of possible names. One candidate includes the Yorkshire fugitive Robert Hod, also known as Hobbehod or Robert Hood of Wakefield. The large number of suspects is complicated further as the name Robin Hood became a common term for an outlaw. As literature began to add new characters to the tale such as Prince John and Richard the Lionheart the trail became more obscure. To this day no one knows who this criminal really was.

4. The Lost Roman Legion

800Px-Roman Legion At Attack 3

After the Parthians defeated underachieving Roman General Crassus’ army, legend has it that a small band of the POWs wandered through the desert and were eventually rounded up by the Han military 17 years later. First century Chinese historian Ban Gu wrote an account of a confrontation with a strange army of about a hundred men fighting in a “fish-scale formation” unique to Roman forces. An Oxford historian who compared ancient records claims that the lost roman legion founded a small town near the Gobi desert named Liqian, which in Chinese translates to Rome. DNA tests are being conducted to answer that claim and hopefully explain some of the residents’ green eyes, blonde hair, and fondness of bullfighting.

3. The Voynich Manuscript


The Voynich Manuscript is a medieval document written in an unknown script and in an unknown language. For over one hundred years people have tried to break the code to no avail. The overall impression given by the surviving leaves of the manuscript suggests that it was meant to serve as a pharmacopoeia or to address topics in medieval or early modern medicine. However, the puzzling details of illustrations have fueled many theories about the book’s origins, the contents of its text, and the purpose for which it was intended. The document contains illustrations that suggest the book is in six parts: Herbal, Astronomical, Biological, Cosmological, Pharmaceutical, and recipes.

2. The Tarim Mummies

Gallery Lrg6

An amazing discovery of 2,000 year old mummies in the Tarim basin of Western China occurred in the early 90s. But more amazing than the discovery itself was the astonishing fact that the mummies were blond haired and long nosed. In 1993, Victor Mayer a college professor collected DNA from the mummies and his tests verified that the bodies were all of European genetic stock. Ancient Chinese texts from as early as the first millennium BC do mention groups of far-east dwelling caucasian people referred to as the Bai, Yeuzhi, and Tocharians. None, though, fully reveal how or why these people ended up there.

1. Disappearance of the Indus Valley Civilization


The ancient Indus Valley people, India’s oldest known civilization had a culture that stretched from Western India to Afghanistan and a populace of over 5 million. le—India’s oldest known civilization—were an impressive and apparently sanitary bronze-age bunch. The scale of their baffling and abrupt collapse rivals that of the great Mayan decline. They were a hygienically advanced culture with a highly sophisticated sewage drainage system, and immaculately constructed baths. There is to date no archaeological evidence of armies, slaves, conflicts, or other aspects of ancient societies. No one knows where this civilization went.

This list was derived from the excellent article of the same name at livescience

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10 Unsolved Cases Involving Murdered Couples

On December 20, 1968, one of the most infamous serial killers of all time took his first known victims after a teenage couple, David Arthur Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen, were shot and killed in Benicia, California. Over the next several months, the assailant became known as the “Zodiac Killer” and would attack two more young couples. In both cases, the female victim was killed while the male was seriously wounded before ultimately surviving. Since the Zodiac’s identity is still a complete mystery, all of these murders remain officially unsolved. Unfortunately, there are a lot more stories just like this.

Here are 10 unsolved cases where a couple was brutally murdered and the killer was never brought to justice. In some of these stories, an innocent person was wrongfully convicted while the real killer went unpunished. And there’s also the possibility that some of these couples might be unconfirmed victims of the Zodiac Killer . . . 

10 Robert Domingos & Linda Edwards


In 1963, 18-year-old Robert Domingos was the star football player at Lompoc High School. He was engaged to his 17-year-old fiancée, Linda Edwards, and the couple was set to graduate. In the beginning of June, Robert and Linda went to a remote beach in Santa Barbara County to sunbathe. After they failed to return home, their parents filed a missing persons report and their bodies were found the next day. Robert had been shot 11 times and Linda nine times.

It was assumed that the killer approached the couple on the beach and forced Linda to bind Robert’s hands behind his back. They both tried to run before the assailant shot them. After Linda was dead, the killer used a knife to cut down the front of her swimsuit before tearing it off. He then dragged their bodies into a nearby shack and attempted to burn it down. The crime scene would bear a striking resemblance to the Zodiac Killer’s attack on Bryan Calvin Hartnell and Cecelia Ann Shepard at Lake Berryessa in 1969. Because of this, it’s always been theorized that Robert and Linda could have been the Zodiac’s first victims.

9 John Franklin Hood & Sandra Garcia


On the evening of February 21, 1970, 20-year-old Sandra Garcia left her home with her fiancée, John Franklin Hood. The couple was carrying a blanket and some food as they headed toward East Beach near Santa Barbara. The couple never returned home, and their bodies were found atop their blanket on the beach the next morning. They were beaten and stabbed to death; John was stabbed 11 times, and Sandra was so badly mutilated that she was almost unrecognizable.

The murder weapon turned out to be a bone-headed fish knife, which was buried in the sand beneath their bodies. Nothing was stolen, and Sandra was not sexually assaulted, so there seemed to be no motive for the crime. Months later, there was another pair of unsolved murders on a different Santa Barbara beach. Two young men, Thomas Dolan and Homer Shadwick, were hacked to death by an unidentified assailant. A third man, Thomas Hayes, survived the attack. It’s unknown if the two crimes are connected, but neither were solved. However, given the similarities to the 1969 attack at Lake Berryessa, it’s been speculated that the murders of John Franklin Hood and Sandra Garcia might also have been committed by the Zodiac Killer.

8 Jason Allen & Lindsay Cutshall


Thirty-five years after the Zodiac Killer claimed his first known victims, California was shaken by a brutal double murder which brought back memories of his crimes. On August 14, 2004, Jason Allen and his fiancée Lindsay Cutshall were visiting the coastal town of Jenner, California. After finding no rooms at the local motel, the couple decided to spend the night camping on Fish Head Beach. Four days later, their bodies were discovered on the beach in their sleeping bags. They were both shot in the head by a .45-caliber rifle while they slept, and there were no signs of any struggle.

The crime seemed completely motiveless—none of the couple’s belongings were taken and there was no sexual assault. A drifter named Joseph Henry Burgess was a potential suspect after he was killed in a shootout with police in 2009, but DNA testing failed to match him to evidence found at the crime scene. Numerous theories have been presented about who committed the murders and some have gone so far to speculate that the Zodiac Killer himself was responsible. Nine years later, the killer has yet to be found.

7 Seymour & Arlene Tankleff


On September 7, 1988, a wealthy couple was brutally attacked inside their Long Island home. Their 17-year-old son awoke that morning to discover his mother—bludgeoned and throat cut—murdered in her bed. His father, Seymour, had also been bludgeoned and was lying unconscious in his study with his throat slit. After Marty called 911, his father was taken to the hospital and remained in a coma for 29 days before passing away. Police considered Marty a likely suspect, and after an intense interrogation, Marty confessed to the murders. They sentenced him to 50 years.

However, Marty maintained that he was coerced into confessing because the detective falsely claimed that Seymour had come out of his coma and implicated Marty in the murders. Marty always insisted the most likely suspect was Jerry Steuerman, his father’s partner in a chain of bagel stores. Steuerman was in the midst of a dispute with Seymour and owed him $500,000. One week after the murders, he made the bizarre decision to move to California, where he started living under a new identity. After numerous appeals, Marty was released from prison and had his conviction vacated in 2008. However, police have never attempted to pursue Jerry Steuerman as a suspect, so the murders of the Tankleffs remain unsolved.

6 Jay Cook & Tanya Van Cuylenborg


Twenty-year-old Jay Cook and his girlfriend Tanya Van Cuylenborg were residents of British Columbia who decided to cross the border into Washington State to go camping in November of 1987. It’s believed that the couple might have encountered their killer on a ferry to Seattle that night. After they didn’t return home, Tanya’s body was discovered on a rural road in Skagit County. She was bound with plastic wire ties before being raped and shot to death.

The van was found 150 kilometers (90 miles) away in downtown Bellingham. Authorities found the van’s keys, Tanya’s driver’s license, and a pair of surgical gloves two blocks away. Jay’s body was discovered under a bridge near Monroe. He was beaten and strangled to death. In the following months, the victim’s families received dozens of anonymous greeting cards from someone claiming to be the killer, who taunted them with descriptions of the murders. However, DNA on the cards did not match DNA found at any of the crime scenes. Many years later, it was discovered that they had been written by an elderly, mentally ill transient who had nothing to do with the crimes. After more than 25 years, the murders of Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg are still unsolved.

5 Harry & Megan Tooze


On July 26, 1993, 64-year-old Harry Tooze and his wife Megan were murdered at their farm in Llanharry, South Wales. The killer shot Harry in the back of the head at close range with a shotgun. When Megan attempted to flee, she was murdered in the exact same fashion. Their bodies were wrapped in a carpet and placed inside the cowshed. Jonathan Jones—the fiancee of the Toozes’ daughter, Cheryl—was the prime suspect. Authorities believed that Jonathan committed the murders in order to collect a £150,000 inheritance, and his thumbprint was found on a saucer inside the Tooze home.

Jonathan was charged with the murders and sentenced to life in prison in 1995. However, Cheryl Tooze never believed that he was guilty and campaigned for his release. Since Jonathan frequented the Tooze home on numerous occasions, it wasn’t that unusual for his thumbprint to be on the saucer, and there was no other evidence tying him to the crime at all. In 1996, the courts overturned his conviction and released him. The real killer of Harry and Megan Tooze has yet to be brought to justice.

4 Stanley Skridla & Mary Jane Reed


In Oregon, Illinois on the evening of June 25, 1948, 17-year-old Mary Jane Reed was on a date with 28-year-old Stanley Skridla. The couple went to a few nightspots and was last seen driving toward County Farm Road, the local lovers’ lane on the outskirts of town. The next morning, Stanley’s body was found at the side of the road. He was shot several times and his vehicle was half a mile away. He still had his wallet, ruling out robbery.

Four days later, Mary Jane’s body was found in a ditch three kilometers (two miles) north of Stanley. She was shot once in the head, and there didn’t seem to be any sign of sexual assault. One possible suspect was a married Oregon police officer who had allegedly been conducting an affair with Mary Jane. She reportedly broke off the affair a few days before her date with Stanley, and eyewitnesses claimed they saw this officer tailing them on the night of the murders. However, there was no evidence to tie him to the crime and the case went cold for several decades. In 2005, the case was reopened and Mary Jane’s body was exhumed. To everyone’s shock, the skull in Mary Jane’s casket wasn’t actually hers! To date, her actual skull has never been found, adding another bizarre element to this unsolved mystery.

3 Bernd Goericke & Andrea Scherpf


Bernd Goericke and his fiancée Andrea Scherpf decided to take a vacation to Canada in 1983. On October 6, their bodies were discovered on an isolated road 32 kilometers south of Chetwynd, British Columbia. They were both shot to death. The couple was seen hitchhiking in the area while carrying camping and hiking gear, but these possessions were never recovered. The only piece of evidence at the crime scene was a pair of bloody jeans.

The case remained cold for six years until police received a tip from a woman who claimed that her former boyfriend, Andy Rose—a Newfoundland man working in Chetwynd at the time of the murders—had shown up at her trailer covered in blood, claiming he shot the German couple. On the basis of her testimony, Rose was convicted in 1991. After winning an appeal for a retrial three years later, he was convicted again. Rose was finally exonerated and released from prison in 2001 when DNA found on the bloody jeans didn’t match him. Nearly 30 years later, the real killer of Bernd Goericke and Andrea Scherpf has never been found.

2 Mike Riemer & Diana Robertson


On December 12, 1985, Mike Riemer, his girlfriend Diana Robertson, and their two-year-old daughter left their home in Tacoma, Washington to find a Christmas tree. Hours later, Crystal was found wandering alone at a department store and could only explain her parents’ absence by saying: “Mommy is in the trees.” Two months later, the couple’s truck was found in a remote forest over 38 kilometers (30 miles) from the department store. Diana was stabbed 17 times and a tube sock was tied around her neck. Mike Riemer was nowhere to be found.

The crime scene resembled the unsolved murder of another couple, Steven Harkins and Ruth Cooper, in the same area four months earlier, right down to the sock. Since Mike was known to be abusive toward Diana, authorities speculated that he might have been responsible for both the death of his girlfriend and the couple. Did he decide to drive his daughter to a safe place before disappearing? Or were Mike and Diana the victims of another killer who did not want to harm a child? Mike Riemer was considered a wanted fugitive until 2011 when a fragment of his skull was found in the woods a kilometer from the murder scene. However, the question of who actually committed this crime still remains unanswered.

1 Edward Wheeler Hall & Eleanor Reinhardt Mills


One of the most sensational murder cases of all time was launched in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1922. For the past four years, a married Episcopal priest named Edward Wheeler Hall had been conducting an affair with Eleanor Reinhardt Mills, who happened to be the wife of the acting sexton at Edward’s church.

On September 16, the couple’s bodies were discovered in a rural area. They were both shot in the head and Eleanor’s throat was cut. Torn love letters were lying on the ground between them. Because the bodies were found near a border between two neighboring counties, there was confusion over jurisdictional issues, so onlookers wound up trampling the crime scene and destroying potential evidence.

The prime suspects were Edward’s wife, Frances Noel Stevens Hall, and her two brothers, Henry and Willie. It was believed they committed the murders as revenge for her husband’s infidelity and were brought to trial in 1926. A witness from the area testified that she saw the murders take place from a distance and claimed to have heard a female voice refer to one of the assailants as “Henry.” However, the witness changed her story so much that her testimony was unreliable, and three other witnesses claimed that Henry Stevens was fishing on the night of the murders. Ultimately, there wasn’t enough evidence to convict the defendants, so they were acquitted. Officially, the murders of Edward Wheeler Hall and Eleanor Reinhardt Mills are still unsolved.

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Top 10 Haunted US College Campuses

Being a college student myself and interested in all that is creepy and mysterious, I was inspired to write this list of the top 10 most haunted Colleges and Universities in the USA. I apologize in advance for those of you who attend night classes at any of these institutions. Please feel free to add your favorite college haunts to the comment section! We will begin with my current institution…

Pattee Library Psu

The inspiration for this whole list was the story of Betsy Aardsma who was a student at the university in 1969. She was doing research for her English class when she was stabbed to death in one of the aisles of books in The Pattee Library. Her murder goes unsolved even today. Her ghost is said to wander the library late at night. One student who was looking at books in the very aisle that Betsy was killed in, awoke that night to the sensation of being strangled – so much so that she could not call out for help to her roommate sleeping in the same room. If this isn’t enough, the spirit of an ax murderer is said to haunt Brumbaugh Hall on Halloween nights.


This now abandoned college is host to a number of ghosts from the days when the college was still occupied by students. One of the more famous ghosts is that of a young girl who had a relationship with a priest at the school. When she became pregnant she either committed suicide or was murdered by the priest. Both her spirit and the spirit of the priest haunt the old Academy Building. Ghost hunters have also recorded numerous voices, screams and unexplained images on the abandoned campus.

Clip Image002 000

In a school with as much history as Notre Dame, it is no surprise that it has its share of haunts. George Gipp, a legendary Notre Dame Football star who gave the famous “Win one for the Gipper” speech, is believed to haunt the university. A friendly ghost, he is often observed hovering over students shoulders, sometimes giving them a friendly pat, only to vanish when they turn around. While it would appear he is watching over students, the Patawatami Indians that also haunt the school are not so friendly. It is believed that Columbus Hall is built on their burial grounds, and the ghostly warriors are often seen riding horses up and down the steps of the hall as if protecting something within.


Another old school holding many mysteries and mysterious occurrences; from old confederate soldiers to murder and suicide, this campus is full of haunts. The Phi Mu sorority house is reportedly haunted by a girl named Anna Hamilton who witnessed her boyfriend murdered before her eyes and his body buried under the building’s front steps. Students have been able to talk with her using a Ouija board, and her crying is often heard in the house’s empty rooms. Another haunted sorority house is the Alpha Gamma Delta house. Being one of the universities oldest sororities, it is no surprise that is houses one of the oldest haunts, going all the way back to the founding family. Their daughter, Susie was stood up on her wedding day. Heartbroken, she hung herself in the attic. To this day occupants and visitors alike report seeing a women glaring at them from the attic windows.

Montclair State Academic Building

More specifically the Clove Road Apartments at Montclair State. Like Notre Dame, the apartments are also built on an Indian burial ground…never a good idea. Doors and windows slam and lock unexpectedly. Lights flicker on and off. The building always feels cold, even with the thermostat on max. Roommates report feeling random feelings of dread, and many fights have occurred for seemingly no reason at all. A man dressed in 19th century clothes hovers over the beds of sleeping tenants, only to vanish with their screams. Worst of all are the figures seen darting between the trees in the woods at night, believed to be the ghost of the Indians no longer at rest. No one will go near the woods after sundown for fear of the unknown.


This college was used as a field hospital during the civil war. Unlike hospitals of today, civil war hospitals were often the equivalent of a modern day butcher shop. With little to no treatment options for the wounds suffered by battlefield weapons, the primary treatment was amputations. Stories are told of nurses carrying buckets of severed arms and legs away from these hospitals surgery wards. The screams of these men and, if you’re unlucky enough, the smells of the hospital are present throughout the campus. A few students have reported walking into full ghostly hospitals late at night. Amidst all this horror, a friendly ghost walks among them. Mother Seton, founder of the American Sisters of Charity, is often seen walking around campus smiling at students and rushing to attend to the eternally injured phantoms of soldiers.

3227498618 76Edcfe880

Surprising that a theological university and seminary would be full of haunts but Drew University has its fair share. A misty apparition haunts Asbury hall, believed to be of a student who hung himself from the rafters. The campus is also known for the haunting of Roxanna Mead Drew, wife of the founder. One day, a fire broke out in Mead Hall (named after Roxanna) and members of the Madison Fire Department were called in to douse the flames. Two firefighters who were fighting the blaze saw a woman apparently trapped inside the burning hall and went in after her. Witnesses say that she was dressed in 19th Century attire and that the flames burned right through her. She glanced at them then disappeared.

Mary Magdelan Church

It is never a good idea to build a university on the grounds of an old insane asylum as Cal State decided to do. Ever since the university first opened its doors in 2002, students have reported seeing the universities old residents wandering the grounds, halls, and streets of Cal State. Inmates are seen entering rooms which are empty upon investigation. Another inmate dances in a parking lot at night, only to fade as he approaches the streetlights. Scarier still are the violent ghosts who have thrown objects, knocked students over, and vandalized locked classrooms.


After a night of drinking, a sister at the Alpha Phi Omega Sorority Hall returned to her room late one night. While ascending the stairs to get to her floor she noticed that she was being watched by a figure at the top of the stairs. Upon further inspection she realized that the figure, that of a man, was wearing a grey uniform and had no face. She quickly ran and told her friends; however the building was searched and nothing was found. Ever since then the man has been seen in numerous locations on campus. Some years ago, in Crampton Hall, a student was found hung in his closet. It was quickly determined that the student had been the victim of foul play, however no killer was ever found. Fast forward to 2007. When a student didn’t show up for a party, his friends went looking for him. They found him in his closet, hanging bound and naked upside-down, alive but terrified. That same night, several students were awakened by a man standing over them, who would turn and disappear into their closets. The man has never been identified.


This should not be a surprise. It is well known and documented that Ohio University is perhaps one of the most haunted places in the world. From ghost teachers that talk to students, sounds and voices heard in sealed rooms, to an entire ghost basketball team, this campus is truly full of haunts. Nearly every single building on campus has at least one ghost associated with it. In a place literally full of ghosts, one manages to stand out among the rest. Wilson Hall is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in the United States, and was featured in the TV series “Scariest Places on Earth”. A female student practicing satanic rituals supposedly died violently in room 428. While this story has no real backing, what is true is that school officials have closed and sealed the room because no student could live in it peacefully. Voices are heard throughout the halls, doors lock and unlock, open and close on their own, and ghostly figures wander the building. The building is also dead center of a pentagram formed by five cemeteries which surround the campus. Rumor has it that this building itself was built on top of an old mental hospital cemetery, however this was proven to be untrue.

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Top 10 Mythical Creatures

We have all heard or read stories about mythical creatures – either from ancient Greek stories or more modern tales. This is the list of the most well known mythical creatures. As always, if you want to add more, use the comments at the bottom of the page.

1. Griffin (or Gryphon) [Wikipdia]

The griffin is normally characterised as a lion with the head and wings of an eagle. It was thought to be a particularly strong creature as the lion is the king of beasts and the eagle is the king of birds. In ancient times it was considered the protector of the divine. The creature was seen in civilisations as early as the Minoan civilisation (2700BC to 1450 BC).

2. Phoenix [Wikipdia]

The phoenix is a mythical firebird from Ancient Egypt which is portrayed as a bird that dies in fire and is reborn of it. It is normally portrayed as having gold and red feathers. At the end of its life, a phoenix is said to build a nest of cinnamon twigs which it then ignites. The bird is destroyed in the fire but a new young phoenix is born from the same fire. It was believed to have a life span of 500 – 1461 years (depending on who you ask). Its tears were thought to heal wounds.

3. Unicorn [Wikipdia]

The unicorn is usually shown as a horse with a long single horn on its head, but it originally had a billy-goat beard, lion’s tail, and cloven hooves. The unicorn is virtually the only creature in legend which did not come from human fears and was, in fact, a rather gentle creature. It was considered impossible to capture a unicorn except by using unfair methods. The horn was said to be able to neutralise poison. The unicorn first came to be known during the Indus Valley Civilisation (3300–1700 BC).

4. Satyr [Wikipdia]

Satyrs were originally seen as companions of the goat god Pan in ancient Greek civilisation. The first drawings of satyrs were of normal men, though often with an erect phallus. It was later merged with the Roman faun which is when they began to be depicted as half men half goats (the upper body being that of the man, and the lower half being that of a goat). Satyrs are described as roguish but faint-hearted folk — subversive and dangerous, yet shy and cowardly. In old age they are often seen with horns on their head, while young satyrs are seen with nubs instead.

5. Minotaur [Wikipdia]

In Greek mythology, the Minotaur had the upper body of a bull and the lower body of a man. It was said to live in the centre of the labyrinth which was a large maze-like construction built for King Minos of Crete especially to house the minotaur. It was designed by Daedalus and is generally thought to have been at the site of Knossos. The minotaur appears briefly in a scene from the Satyricon by Petronius. He was eventually killed by Theseus.

6. Cyclops [Wikipdia]

A Cyclops is a member of a primordial race of giants, each with a single round eye in the middle of its forehead. Cyclopes are described by both Homer and Hesiod. According to Hesiod, the Cyclopes—Brontes, Steropes and Arges — were the sons of Uranus (Sky) and Gaia (Earth), while according to Homer the term “Cyclops” refers to a particular son of Poseidon and Thoosa named Polyphemus who was a Cyclops.

7. Mermaid [Wikipdia]

The mermaid (or merman in the case of a male) has been discussed since at least 5000 BC. It is highly possible that manatees or dugongs may have been confused for these creatures, and even Christopher Columbus claimed to have seen some on his journeys. In British folklore they are considered to be a forewarning of doom or disaster.

8. Gorgon [Wikipdia]

Gorgons were wicked women with fangs, and living snakes instead of hair. Legend says that looking at the face of a gorgon will turn a person into stone. Probably the most famous gorgon is Medusa who was the only mortal sister of three (the others being Stheno and Euryale). Because Medusa was mortal, Perseus was able to kill her by cutting off her head while he looked at her reflection in his shield. Images of Gorgons were often used by the Greeks to ward off evil.

9. Banshee [Wikipdia]

The banshee is from Irish mythology and are usually seen as female spirits. They were considered to be omens of death and were believed to have come from the “otherworld”. They are generally thought to be remnants of an ancient Celtic pagan religion in which they were minor gods, spirits, or ancestors. In English they are often referred to as fairies. According to legend, banshees will wander around the outside of a house wailing when someone inside is about to die.

10. Giant [Wikipdia]

“Giant” is the English word to describe monsters of great strength and size but human form. They appear in the Bible (in the story of King David and Goliath). In mythology they are frequently seen to be in conflict with the gods and are generally considered to be associated with chaos and wild nature. They were seen as early as the Ancient Greek culture where they were known as gigantes – creatures born from Gaia who was fertilised by the blood of Uranus when he was castrated.

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Top 10 More Mysterious Phenomena

The universe is filled with mysteries we can’t explain. From mysterious creatures to unexplained paranormal phenomena, there’s no limit to the mysteries of our world. This is a list compiled of the lesser-known, but just as mysterious, phenomena that are stumping people to this day.

10 Mayakka Skunk Ape


The skunk ape is a hominid cryptid that is said to inhabit Florida. It is often described as a bipedal primate with long, dark hair that has a very foul odor. It’s thought to live in the swamps around Florida, and there have been numerous sightings. In 2000, a mysterious woman sent two photos to the Sheriff’s Department in Sarasota County, Florida and wished to remain anonymous. A letter was received with the pictures from the woman, who claimed the picture was taken in her backyard after the creature snuck in to steal apples. Skeptics say the creature is just a person in a costume or an escaped orangutan. But while we’re on the topic of plausibility, I can bet the amount of skunk ape sightings greatly out number that of escape orangutan witness and men running around in monkey suits at night witnesses. Combined.

9 The Belmez Faces


In 1979, the Pereira family began to encounter strange human-like faces that appeared and disappeared in their home without explanation. Both the locations and times that the faces appear have been irregular. According to the story, one day in August, Maria Gomez told her husband a face had appeared on the concrete floor in the kitchen. Her husband immediately destroyed the image with a pickaxe—only to have it appear again later. The mayor forbade them from destroying the new face and had it cut out for testing.

The faces persisted for the next 30 years, appearing as both males and females with an array of expressions on their faces. As with many other paranormal occurrences, it was found that the house was built on a graveyard and bodies were found under the house. Despite having the floor replaced multiple times and cleaning the faces with detergent, they continued to appear without explanation. Skeptics claim the faces are a hoax, created with the use of an oxidizing agent.

8 Fresno Night Crawler

The above footage is from two surveillance cameras that caught a stick-like figure walking across the frame. There isn’t much known about the tape, but no one can explain what is going on here. The figure moves in an unnatural way—almost as if it was walking on stilts. There isn’t enough detail in the video to tell what the creature looks like exactly, but there have been other videos captured depicting similar creatures as well, dubbing them nightcrawlers.

7 Paulding Light


The story of the Paulding Light goes that one night an oncoming train crushed a railroad switchman as he tried to direct the sleeping conductor with his lanterns. Another story claims it’s the ghost of a man who was in the woods searching for his son with a lantern and killed by an on coming train. Regardless, this unexplained orb of light has been appearing for 40 years and remains a mystery. It still appears almost every night. Students from Michigan Tech recently claimed to have debunked the myth—calling the phenomenon nothing more than the headlights of cars on a nearby freeway, but believers disagree. The light is a large orb that takes up quite a bit of the horizon. The colors reported range from red to white to green, only one of which is actually the color of headlights. You can check the light out for yourself if you’re in the area. Park rangers have even placed signs to show the best spot to view it from.

6 San Antonio Ghost Tracks Video

These tracks, found in San Antonio, have become known as the ghost tracks because of an odd phenomenon that occurs to cars that park on the tracks. The backstory tells of a school bus full of children that got stuck on the train tracks. You can probably guess where this is going. It’s said that the train struck the bus, killing all the children and if anyone stalls, stops, or parks on the tracks, their car will be pushed off by little phantom ghost hands.

Along with the movement of the car itself, people have reported feeling the car shake or hearing children’s voices and whispers. To make this story even creepier, people have reported sprinkling baby powder on their bumper only to find handprints once they’ve cleared the tracks. Some skeptics feel the spot is an optical illusion and the cars are actually just rolling down hill, but it still doesn’t explain the handprints many have found.

5 Beckenham Gargoyle


A video surfaced from Beckenham, England depicting what seems like a gargoyle jumping off a playground set. Many have investigated the area and reported a strange feeling of being watched, but no other evidence surrounding the gargoyle exists. Skeptics have tried to disprove the gargoyle’s existence, claiming that the video of it is simply CGI. The strange hominid has glowing eyes and moves in a very unnatural manner very quickly.

4 Room 428


This room, located at Ohio University, is unavailable to students. It has been boarded up and closed off because of various paranormal reports regarding the room. Poltergeist activity has been felt: objects flying across the room, doors that open and shut by themselves, and dark shadows appearing and disappearing without explanation. The creepiest thing about this room is the demon-like face that appears in the wood grain of the door. The door has been replaced multiple times only to have the face appear again. The apparition is known to be playful, and is said to be the spirit of a student that committed suicide in the room. If being a freshman at a college university wasn’t stressful enough, imagine having to share your dorm with a ghost!

3 Mapimi Silent Zone


There is a patch of desert in Bolson de Mapimi, Mexico that has been the site of very strange radio wave phenomenon. In July 1970, it’s said that a US military base in Utah launched a test missile that went way off course and crashed in the desert. A team was sent out to find the wreckage, and a road was built to transport it back. The missile is said to have contained radioactive elements that contaminated the topsoil.

It has been said that no radio, TV, short wave, microwave, or satellite signals can get into the zone. Strange orbs, lights, and UFOs have been spotted in the zone as well as reports of three blond, humanoid creatures. Several people claim that they request water and nothing else, and when asked where they are from they reply “from above”. While all of these claims are starting to seem a little far-fetched, there has been scientific evidence that an odd level of magnetite resides in the soil. Scientists don’t know whether this has given the area magnetic properties or if the abnormally large amount of meteors the area is struck by have caused it. Either way, there’s something off about this place.

2 Pangboche Hand


Held sacred in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet is what some claim to be the hand of a yeti. While many believe the hand is fake, many flock to the monastery to catch a glimpse. The monks consider the hand sacred and won’t allow any scientific testing. It has been said that a man named Peter Byrne smuggled the hand out of Nepal, giving it to London University for testing. William Hill ran tests on the hand with surprising results. He concluded the hand was indeed hominid, but more closely matched that of Neanderthal than modern man. In addition, tests were run by NBC for the show Unsolved Mysteries and found the hand to be “near human”. The hand was then stolen, and its current location is a mystery. It is thought to be in a private collection—traded through the black market.

1 The Battle of Los Angeles


On February 24, 1942 in Los Angeles, the air raid sirens began to go off. Many believed that the United States is experiencing another attack from Japan and we were ready to go. A complete blackout was fired as the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade unloaded 1400 12.8lb anti-aircraft shells at a mysterious object floating in the night sky. The bombardment went on for a full hour with the “all-clear” being given at 7:21am.

The media went crazy after the incident, and it became front-page news. What could possibly remain in the night sky with multiple spotlights on it soaking up 1,400 rounds of anti-aircraft munitions over the course of an hour? A weather balloon of course! Well that’s what the government said when questioned about the incident. The missiles killed four to five civilians, and three people died of stress-induced heart attacks. The craft then moved over the state, hovering at certain times while it was being fired at. Some described it as one large object and others as multiple small objects. Regardless, there was something mysterious over the city of Los Angeles that night that, to this day, defies explanation.

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10 More Fascinating Conspiracies

Rapidly catching up to our unsolved mysteries lists is our series on conspiracy theories. Thanks to the hard work of FlameHorse we now have fifty complete conspiracy theories listed on the site. This is likely to be the last in the series for quite some time. To view the older lists, go here.


Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the United States, and the third largest in the world. Conspiracy theorists crawl all over this as the secret cover for the New World Order’s underground headquarters. Their reasoning is that the base is abnormally far from Denver’s center, 25 miles. The airport is extremely expansive, and boasts a very strange architectural appearance. The main building is comprised on a tent structure, similar to a circus tent, made of white fabric, that is designed to remind the visitor of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, which can be seen from the airport.

But theorists claim that it is designed to resemble Indian teepees, in an effort to appease the dead Indians buried here. It is a fact that the main airport building is centered precisely on what once was an Indian burial ground. But creepier than this are the weird murals in the main building. Their designers claim to have been required to use such symbols as the Nazi Black Sun, and a scene depicting the destruction of a city and forest, with a girl holding a Mayan tablet prophesying the end of the world, and any conspiracy theorist will tell you that the room’s name, “The Great Hall,” is an obvious reference to Freemasonry.

It is a fact that the murals were commissioned by Wilma Webb, wife of Denver’s mayor, and that she conducted a Masonic dedication of the airport just before its opening.


Of all the New World Order conspiracy theories, this one sounds the most plausible. They are a real organization that meets once or, at most, twice a year, renting out entire floors of remote and expensive hotels. No one knows who the members are, except other members, of which there may be 20, or several hundred.

They are thought to be powerful financiers, businessmen, politicians, and generals, whose sole intent is to control the world’s economies, wars, politics, anything that helps them make money. Henry Kissinger is known to have been a member at one time. Tony Blair is rumored to be one. Both Bushes are rumored to be members, as is Vladimir Putin.

Their bodyguards at these meetings are privately-hired mercenaries. The group was formed during the Cold War by Joseph Retinger, who was the CEO of the European Movement, a progressive organization designed with the aim of a single world government. The EM was funded by the CIA, and its contacts were a who’s who of global governmental and military powers. Retinger believed that the world could be at peace if peace could be brokered among a small group of the world’s elite, leaving the public out of the equation.

The problem with Retinger’s idea is that the Bilderberg Group must have absolute power to pull this off, and if it has that much power, war can be brokered just as readily as peace. The theory claims that the Bilderberg Group marketed all the major wars of the last half a century, beginning with the Korean War, and including both Gulf Wars, and the War in Afghanistan.

The most convincing evidence against them is that they are known to have discussed, in 1955, the need for a tightly bound European Market. A year and a half later, the European Common Market was established by the Treaty of Rome.

Whenever the phrase “single world government” crops up, conspiracy theorists whip out the Revelation. The Revelation describes the Antichrist as not taking over the world by force, but by charm, as a politician. The theory now purports that one of the Bilderberg Group’s members is in fact possessed by Satan, who is slowly but surely drawing his plans against us.

Reporters are not allowed into hotel premises while the Group meets, and have been threatened at gunpoint to leave. Jon Ronson, a journalist of Channel 4 News, in the UK, sneaked past security and spied on one of these meetings at the summer retreat Bohemian Grove, during which he claims that a human effigy was burned beneath a statue of a 40 foot owl.

Karen Silkwood 225

Karen Silkwood was a chemical technician at the Kerr-McGee Nuclear Power Plant outside Crescent, OK, from 1973 to her death on November 13 of the next year. Her job was manufacturing plutonium pellets for nuclear reactor fuel rods, which is also Homer Simpson’s job at the Springfield Power Plant.

As soon as she began working at the plant she joined a labor union and became one of its chief speakers and strike organizers, complaining of numerous health code violations: workers were being exposed to nuclear contamination, their respiratory equipment was grossly faulty, nuclear samples and waste were improperly stored, and worst of all, there were not enough shower facilities to accommodate all the plant’s workers. This meant that after working with plutonium-239, which is extraordinarily poisonous, workers were going home to their families with plutonium residue possibly on their clothing.

Plutonium-239 is the isotope typically used in nuclear weapons and reactor fuel. It has a half-life of 24,100 years, and is more poisonous by inhalation or skin contact than hydrogen cyanide. Silkwood testified about these problems to the Atomic Energy Commission in the summer of 1974. She alleged among other things that workers were not handling the fuel rods correctly, and that Kerr-McGee knew this and was falsifying reports to save money and avoid lawsuits.

On November 5, 1974, she performed a routine self-check and found almost 400 times the legal limit for plutonium contamination. She was decontaminated at the plant and sent home with a testing kit to collect urine and feces for further analysis. Oddly, though there was plutonium on the exterior surfaces of the gloves she had been using, the gloves had no holes in them. This means that the contamination did not come from inside the glovebox, but somewhere else.

She tested positive for plutonium the next morning at the plant, even though she had not gone anywhere near any plutonium. She was decontaminated more intensely. The next morning, upon arrival for work, she was so contaminated that she was exhaling plutonium. A health team took her home and tested her house, and found plutonium everywhere, especially in the bathroom and refrigerator.

She and her spouse and children were flown to the Los Alamos National Laboratory to be tested in depth. No one has agreed to this day how she was contaminated so intensely over a 3-day period. She claimed that she being deliberately poisoned, probably by the plant, to keep her quiet. Kerr-McGee countered that she had poisoned herself, to blame and sue the plant. It is a fact that at the time, security was so light, that workers could smuggle plutonium pellets out in their lunchboxes. One worker gave a pellet to his son to take to show-and-tell at school.

Kerr-McGee found several pieces of lab equipment in her house, including beakers and test tubes, and accused her of contaminating herself to sue them. She countered that she had no idea any such equipment was in he house and accused the plant of breaking in and putting it there to kill her.

By November 13, she had a large stack of documents proving her claims, she said. A witness testified that she had a binder and papers. She left a union meeting that morning, and drove for Oklahoma City, 30 miles away. Her car was found that evening, having run off the road and smashed into a concrete bridge railing. She was dead and there were no documents in her car. Quaaludes were found inside, and twice the dose for drowsiness was found in her blood. But skid marks were found leading to her car, indicating that she slammed on the brakes and desperately tried to get back on the road, while being pushed from behind by another vehicle. This means she was awake at the time of her death, but the official cause of death, overseen by a plant employee was “one-car sleeping-driver accident.”

Her family sued Kerr-McGee and won 1.38 million.

The conspiracy theory states that there must have been a very good reason for Kerr-McGee to take such a risk in putting a hit out on someone as publicly known by then as Karen Silkwood. A reason better than proof of lax security and occupational hazards. A federal investigation the next year discovered that an amount between 44 and 66 pounds of plutonium-239 went missing from the plant. It is still missing, and the theorists believe that ex-Kerr-McGee chairmen know exactly where it is, or to whom it was sold. The company was shut down in 1975, and the site is still being decontaminated after 30 years.

44 pounds of plutonium can make 4 nuclear weapons, each powerful enough to level all 5 boroughs of New York City.

Ed Port Chicago 4

A very insidious theory. On July 17, 1944, the Port Chicago Naval Magazine in Port Chicago, CA, blew up, and killed 320 sailors and civilians, and injured 390 others. Most of the dead and injured were enlisted black sailors.

The port served as a final munitions depot for naval vessels about to depart for the Pacific Theater. The black sailors were required to offload and store these munitions, of all types, even though none of them had ever been trained in handling munitions. Black sailors at the time were given the menial labor jobs of cooking, cleaning, and loading ships with non-dangerous gear, such as food, cooking utensils, engine repair equipment, etc.

The SS E. A. Bryan docked at the inboard, landward side of Port Chicago’s single 1,500-foot pier at 8:15 a.m. on July 13, 1944. It arrived at the dock with empty cargo holds but was carrying a full load of 5,292 barrels of bunker C heavy fuel oil for its intended trip across the Pacific Ocean. At 10 a.m. that same day, seamen from the ordnance battalion began loading the ship with munitions. After four days of around-the-clock loading, about 4,600 tons of explosives had been stored in its holds. The ship was about 40% full by the evening of July 17.

At 10 p.m., Division Three’s 98 men were loading E. A. Bryan with 1,000-pound bombs into No. 3 hold, 40 mm shells into No. 5 hold, and fragmentation cluster bombs into No. 4 hold. Incendiary bombs were being loaded as well; these bombs weighed 650 pounds each and were “live”—they had their fuzes installed. The incendiary bombs were being loaded carefully one at a time into No. 1 hold—the hold with a winch brake that might have been inoperable.

The sailors had been told that none of the munitions were live, because they had no fuzes, and thus could not detonate. This was incorrect, and led them not to becoming careless.

A boxcar delivery containing a new airborne anti-submarine depth charge bomb design, the Mark 47 armed with 252 pounds of torpex, was being loaded into No. 2 hold. The torpex charges were more sensitive than TNT to external shock and container dents. On the pier, resting on three parallel rail spurs, were sixteen rail cars holding about 430 tons of explosives. In all, the munitions on the pier and in the ship contained the equivalent of approximately 2 kilotons of TNT.

At 10:18 p.m., witnesses reported hearing a noise described as “a metallic sound and rending timbers, such as made by a falling boom.” Immediately afterward, an explosion occurred on the pier and a fire started. Between five and seven seconds later, a more powerful explosion took place as the majority of the ordnance within and near the SS E. A. Bryan detonated in a huge fireball some 3 miles in diameter. Chunks of glowing hot metal and burning ordnance were flung over 12,000 feet into the air. The E. A. Bryan was completely destroyed and the Quinault was blown out of the water, torn into sections and thrown in several directions; the stern landed upside down in the water 500 feet away. U.S. Coast Guard fire boat CG-60014-F was thrown 600 feet upriver, where it sank. The pier, along with its boxcars, locomotive, rails, cargo and men, was blasted into pieces. Nearby boxcars, waiting within their revetments to be unloaded at midnight, were bent inward and crumpled by the force of the shock.

The port’s barracks and other buildings and much of the surrounding town were severely damaged. Shattering glass and a rain of jagged metal and undetonated munitions caused many additional injuries among both military and civilian populations, although no one outside the immediate pier area was killed. Nearly $9.9 million worth of damage ($120 million in current value) was caused to U.S. Government property. Seismographs at the University of California, Berkeley sensed the two shockwaves traveling through the ground, determining the second, larger event to be equivalent to an earthquake measuring 3.4 on the Richter scale.

The conspiracy theory claims that this explosion was not caused by handling error, but was a deliberate test of a nuclear bomb. It was studied by the same team working on the Manhattan Project at the time, and this team concluded that the resulting damage was typical of a small nuclear explosion, not a conventional one. In 1980, Peter Vogel discovered a photograph by Paul Masters, a technician at Los Alamos, which had the caption “ball of fire mushroom out at 18,000 ft in typical Port Chicago fashion.”

Theorists believe that the bomb was tested on black sailors to study the effects of the blast on humans, since this had never been observed, and the testers, high-ranking authorities in the U. S. Government, considered the munitions depot the perfect cover, and further, an accident predominantly resulting in the deaths of black sailors was less likely to kick up a fuss.

The Thing Antarctic Base

This theory is quite massive and earth-shattering in scope. It has made it into one of the X-Files movies. It claims that either there are aliens currently alive under the Antarctic ice, or the remains of an ancient alien civilization is there. They artificially created the ice to cover their base, and if there now, they are working on various insidious experiments studying embryonic alien gestation in the host-bodies of humans.

The most astounding part of this theory is that it has a singular monumental article of evidence in support of it: the Piri Reis map, drawn in 1513. Piri Reis was an Arabic admiral (and pirate), who charted most of the South Atlantic Ocean, with such awe-inspiring accuracy that theorists speculate that he did not draw the map, but was given it by aliens, who charted the actual coastline of Antarctica. The coastline of Antarctica cannot be seen today, as it is covered by ice to an average depth of 1 mile.

So how did Piri Reis chart it? The question remains, “Did he chart it correctly, or just guess?” NASA has taken X-ray, false-color, and infrared satellite photographs of the continent since satellites have been in orbit. Their findings match Piri Reis’s map precisely. They have argued that the map is a forgery from much later in the 1800s. Antarctica wasn’t discovered until 1818.

But to claim that the map is forged betrays secrecy. What would NASA want to hide? An alien base, with which they are in cahoots, in exchange for alien technology, or just to keep the remains secret for their private study.

Geuu 02 Img0437

You already know a lot about the so-called Bermuda Triangle. The three points are Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico. Many planes and more than 50 ships, many of them gargantuan cargo ships, have disappeared without a trace in this area, and no one has agreed on a universal cause.

Conspiracy theorists have put forward some astonishing and terrifying possibilities of just what the Triangle is, and they all claim something to do with time travel. It is a fact that the Bermuda Triangle is one of only two places on Earth where a compass does not point to North. The other place is the North Pole. In the Bermuda Triangle, the compass spins. Pilots and ships no longer have to reply on compasses, and this has not caused problems for most people.

But for the people who had problems, the results leave you in awe. The most convincing evidence that there is something supernatural (or unexplained by science) going on in the Triangle occurred on June 7, 1964, when Carolyn Cascio flew her Cessna, with one passenger, from Nassau, Bahamas, destined for Grand Turk Island. This is a trip of 465 miles one way, southeast.

Keep in mind that all of the following is verifiably true.
Cascio left Nassau Airport, traveling southeast toward Cockburn Town, Grand Turk Island, and around her expected time of arrival, she radioed to Nassau Airport, firstly that her compass was “spinning erratically,” and then that she could not raise JAGs McCartney International Airport, of Cockburn, on the radio. She apparently left her microphone keyed in the open position, thus enabling JAGs Airport control to hear the conversation between the pilot and her passenger. What follows is an extract from that dialogue.

Cascio: “I don’t understand this. I must have made a wrong turn. This should be Grand Turk, but there’s nothing down there, no airport, no houses.”
Passenger: “Right,”

Cascio: “It’s the right place on the map, and the shape is right and all, but this island looks uninhabited. Look, no buildings, no roads, nothing. It has to be Grand Turk, but it’s not there. It looks like Grand Turk but it just can’t be.”

At the same time that she claimed to be circling the island, people in many places on Grand Turk Island claimed to see a small airplane circle the island for approximately 30 minutes.

JAGs Airport, having seen her with the naked eye and on radar, tried desperately to contact her, but was never able to do so. It was assumed that most attempts to do so would fail due to her open-mic position, but several times while she circled, her conversation with her passenger was interrupted by static for 1 to 3 seconds. Airport control took these to be moments at which she was attempting to radio the Airport. At this point, JAGs Airport control knew that something was seriously wrong. Cascio was flying directly above the airport in clear conditions but apparently could not see it. All attempts to contact her over the radio failed.

After half an hour of circling, the airport picked up Cascio’s last words: “Is there no way out of this?” She then apparently made a decision to fly to another island. In bewilderment, the entire airport staff watched as she banked sharply to the left and flew out across the sea. The airplane flew into a low-lying cloudbank, but was not seen exiting the other side. On her return trip, she was able to radio Nassau Airport that she was convinced that she must not be over Grand Turk Island, although her charts indicated that the island below was the exact shape of Grand Turk Island, and where Grand Turk Island should have been. But because she could find no airport at which to land, she was forced to depart.

She decided to return on exactly the same course she had taken, northwest for Nassau, Bahamas, placing the afternoon sun at her 10 o’clock position. She radioed that she expected to have sufficient fuel for the return trip, but that in case of emergency, she would land at any airport or airstrip on the way, as she would be in the vicinity of various Bahamian islands for the entire trip.

She remained in radio contact with Nassau for approximately 30 more minutes, after which she was never heard from again. No radio transmission from either Cascio or Nassau Airport was picked up by any interposing radio station. An extensive search turned up no sign of airplane wreckage or human survivors. No one on any island, over or near which she passed, reported seeing a return trip of her airplane.

Conspiracy theorists generally believe that Cascio flew through a rip in space-time, and arrived over Grand Turk Island at some point in the distant past, before the island had undergone urban development of any kind, or become inhabited by humans. This theory requires that her radio transmissions were able to pass through the rip in space-time and back to Nassau Airport at the present day. This theory also requires that the present-day inhabitants of Grand Turk Island were able to see her plane circle the island for 30 minutes, though it had already passed through the rip in space-time, or was still inside the rip.

Because no sign of her, her passenger, or her airplane was ever found, this theory continues that during her return for Nassau, she flew through the same rip in space-time and was not able to return to the present day, thus landing at some point in the past. If this were true, it would still be possible to find the remains of her airplane, but as yet, no wreckage has been found, neither on land nor in the ocean.


A conspiracy theory’s got to have a creepy name. It is alleged that near the end of WWII, when Germany knew all was lost, many high-ranking Nazis secretly escaped to countries with no extradition policies, like Argentina and Indonesia. These Nazis include Hitler, according to the theory, who was never caught.

The Odessa was in 3 divisions, the first headed by Otto Skorzeny (pictured above), who devised a way of smuggling Nazis out of Europe. The second, headed by Reinhard Gehlen, the chief of Nazi Intelligence, was a global organization of Nazi spies, based in Munich, which would called itself “the Org.” The third, headed by Martin Bormann, oversaw the smuggling of Nazi gold, most of it stolen from Jews, out of Europe.

But the most insidious chapter of this theory involves the cooperation of the U. S. Government. The Nazis would never have made it through Allied sealanes all the way down the Atlantic, or North past England for the North Pole and beyond. The OSS, which became the CIA, aided some Nazis in escaping, in exchange for technology.

Otto Skorzeny, the primary architect of The Odessa was captured by Americans, and yet never faced a war crimes tribunal. He was released in 1947. Gehlen is rumored to have used $200 million in American taxes to establish “the Org” into a permanent Nazi spy ring.

Project Paperclip, which is factual, led to the importation of Nazis scientists, including Wernher von Braun, were brought to work for NASA, and the theory claims that without such assistance, there never would have been a CIA or a moon landing.

When Gehlen was caught by Americans, he bargained for his release by offering microfilm copies of all intelligence that Nazi spies had gleaned from Russia. The OSS immediately made a deal for this intelligence and removed Gehlen’s name from its list of Nazi war criminals.

The head of the OSS at this time, Alan Dulles, had an older brother named John Dulles, who was Secretary of State under Eisenhower, and the American liaison to IG Farben, a pharmaceutical company that had a plant operating inside Auschwitz, and manufactured the Zyklon-B crystals used in the gas chambers.


The theory alleges that the Egyptians traveled to England and built Stonehenge around 3500 to 2500 BC, with Jewish labor, or else aliens constructed it. The most convincing evidence for extra-terrestrial construction is that the entire site has no fields of discarded waste rocks, pebbles, boulders that were never used, etc. The area around Stonehenge is immaculately grassy, and this is not the case with the Giza Pyramid Complex. There are huge blocks of stone all over the desert around the pyramids.

How could primitive people have moved the blocks for Stonehenge from 250 miles away without leaving any trace of the journey? Many of the blocks are known to have come from a quarry 20 miles away, but at 25 tons per block, this is still an incredible feat. The 250-mile journey from Wales was made for the bluestones, which comprise the inner circle of Stonehenge.

Aside from the immaculate surroundings, the entire structure is built on the basis of the square root of 3. It seems unlikely that the Druids, who most think built it, would have had such command of mathematics in 3500 BC. And why the importance on the square root of 3?

The Egyptians were outstanding astronomers, and built the Giza Pyramids to correspond with both the Orion Constellation, and the path of the sun and the moon. Stonehenge does the same thing. The inner circle is arranged in such a way that solar and lunar eclipses can be predicted by lining the sun or moon up with the stones. The square root of 3 features prominently in the Giza Pyramid Complex.

If aliens did not build it, the Egyptians may have built it using alien technology, in order to honor their extraterrestrial visitors. The same has been theorized for the Giza Pyramids.


Standard theory states that the Sphinx was carved from a limestone outcropping of the Giza Plateau sometime after 2540 BC. Conspiracy theorists claim that it was built around 10,000 BC, by Atlanteans. John West and Robert Schock, Egyptologists, have agreed that the erosion of the Sphinx was caused not by sand and wind, but by water, and the only time this could have happened was 10,000 years ago. But there weren’t even Egyptians then.

It is a fact that in 1996, archaeologists from Florida State University discovered rooms and tunnels in front of it. A year earlier, a door was uncovered in the side, to which the Egyptian authorities immediately barred admittance, with armed personnel patrolling it at all times now. I know a few professors at FSU in the archaeology department that have confirmed these discoveries. Egypt has banned all excavations of the Sphinx, complaining that it is being damaged, which is something archaeologists are very careful not to do.

The Sphinx is a major landmark in Freemasonry, and Egyptian Freemasonry teaches that its wisdom and traditions come directly from Atlantean survivors, who built the Sphinx after Atlantis vanished from the face of the Earth, and founded Egyptian civilization. Masonic Egyptologists are currently suppressing this truth, and any secrets that the Sphinx may hold underground.

The chambers and tunnels in front of and under the Sphinx were proved true in February 2000, when Egyptian archaeologists discovered a tomb of Osiris 100 feet underground between the Pyramid Khafre and the Sphinx. They did not use robots, but a young boy, who was lowered by rope into the tomb and was able to walk around inside and even up and down part of the causeway leading from the Pyramid to the Sphinx.


Few conspiracy theories are as strongly corroborated as “England’s Roswell.” I can’t believe I forgot to put it on a previous list. There are more witnesses to this event than to the Roswell Incident. On December 26, 1980, at 3 a. m., an Unidentified Flying Object was reported by a security patrol near the East Gate of RAF Woodbridge. Servicemen initially thought it was a downed aircraft but, upon entering the forest to investigate, they saw many strange lights moving through the trees, as well as a bright light from an unidentified object. The lights were red, blue, yellow, and the bright one fairly white. Shortly after 4 a.m. local police were called to the scene but reported that the only lights they could see were those from the Orford Ness lighthouse, about 10 miles away on the coast.

Some of the airmen claim to have seen a conical metallic object, suspended in a yellow mist, hovering over a clearing in the trees, with a pulsating blue and red circle of light above. One eyewitness claims to have seen triangular landing gear on the object leaving three impressions in the ground that were visible the next day. The servicemen further claimed that the object seemed to move away from them as they approached, and they followed it out into a field. Some reports claim that local farmyard animals had been behaving in a state of fear and panic, although this was an arable farm and had no animals.

The airmen were allegedly debriefed, threatened with death, and ordered to sign documents that vowed silence; one even claimed to have been forced to sign a document claiming the UFO was a lighthouse. Some reports suggest that they were reportedly ordered to stay quiet, with the warning “bullets are cheap.” The base commander, Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt, however, claimed in a 2008 interview for U.S. news channel CNN that to this day he has not been debriefed over the incident.
After daybreak on the morning of 26 December, servicemen returned to the small clearing where the conical object had been seen, and found three small impressions in a triangular pattern, as well as burn marks and broken branches on nearby trees. They measured the impressions and found them to be form the points of an equilateral triangle. Plaster casts of the imprints were taken and have been shown in television documentaries. At 10.30 a.m. the local police were called out again, this time to see the impressions on the ground, which they thought could have been made by rabbits. This seems extremely unlikely, given that they formed a perfect triangle, and it does not explain scorch marks on the trees, or broken branches.

The servicemen returned to the site again in the early hours of December 28, 1980 with radiation detectors, although the significance of the readings they obtained is disputed. Lt. Col Halt investigated this sighting personally and recorded the events on a micro-cassette recorder. Transcriptions of this tape are available free on the Internet. Google it. The site investigated by Halt was near the eastern edge of the forest, at approximately 52° 05’ 20” N, 1° 26’ 57” E. You can find this on Google Earth, but there are few pictures, and nothing really to see but woods.

It was during this investigation that a flashing light was seen across the field to the east, almost in line with a farmhouse. Later, starlike lights were seen in the sky to the north and south, the brightest of which seemed to beam down a stream of light from time to time.
There are claims that the incident was videoed by the USAF, but, if so, the resulting tape has not been made public. Conspiracy theorists claim that this was a routine meeting between aliens and the militaries of Great Britain and the United States, which has an airbase in the same area, and both bases are known to have housed stockpiled nuclear weapons at the time.

The explanation of mistaking the Orford Lighthouse for a UFO does not hold firm given that it is very easy to distinguish a red or blue light from a white one. The Lighthouse’s light is typically white, but in some atmospheric conditions can appear yellowish. It cannot be mistaken as red or blue.

The meetings is purported to have been for discussion of the human race’s nuclear armament. The aliens did not intend to give us an ultimatum, but rather wanted to use Earth for various studies. This links to the Antarctic Base theory, and the Dulce Base theory, among others.

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