This Epcot-like Chinese Theme Park Is Equal Parts Creepy And Interesting

Yeah, the world seems pretty great and all, but is seeing it really worth going to all of those places? I can hardly muster up the energy to go see what’s in the refrigerator, how am I going to handle all of the traveling that’s involved with visiting the world’s most famous landmarks? It’s not like I can eat those!

Luckily, for people like me, you can see most of the monuments, buildings, and other things that you really should see in your lifetime in one go. All it takes is a trip to the Window of the World theme park in Shenzen, China. It’s pretty interesting… but it’s also creepy.

Christ the Redeemer – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil / Manhattan Skyline – New York, New York

Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

Sydney Opera House – Sydney, Australia

Kremlin – Moscow, Russia

Pyramids of Giza – Giza, Egypt

Temple of The Emerald Buddha – Bangkok, Thailand

Taj Majal – Agra, India

Tower Bridge – London, England

Mount Rushmore – Keystone, South Dakota / The Capitol Building, Washington D.C.

Basilica Di San Marco – Venice, Italy

(via Business Insider)

If even that sounds like one journey too many, just enjoy the pictures and order some souvenirs from Amazon.

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When This Woman Stabbed Her Husband, His Life Was Somehow Saved.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I was so mad at him, I could kill him” in anger? It happens all the time, of course. (Especially when someone forgets an anniversary.) It never means anything. After all, if you can’t trust your spouse to avoid stabbing you…well, you get the point.

That’s why we couldn’t help but be interested in the story of British woman who recently stabbed her husband in a violent bent of rage. But she didn’t kill him. In fact, she may have saved his life.

Margaret Parsons, 47 was arrested after stabbing her 58-year-old husband. Their fight resulted from absolutely nothing, and led to the husband suffering wounds to his chest, chin, and biceps. As doctors were patching up his wounds, they noticed something odd. They discovered he had liver disease.


Doctors luckily caught the disease at an early stage, and the husband will likely make a full recovery. However, his wife won’t be around to enjoy his presence. Despite saving his life (sort of), and the husband begging for the charges to be dropped, a judge sentenced her to 16 months in prison.

Google Maps

(H/T Metro)

The judge felt that he had no choice but to sentence Margaret to prison. The marriage was continuously marred by fights and threats to harm one another. The wounds Margaret caused were also pretty severe. The officers on the scene even thought the husband was dead upon arrival, we’re not surprised. The neighbor’s observance of a “blood curdling scream for 30 minutes” did not help, either.

Who knew such a vicious attack could be life saving? 

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You Would Never, EVER Want To Shop At These Supermarkets. Wow.

Nunavut is the northernmost Canadian territory and by far the worst one to buy groceries in. When a bag of chips will set you back just south of $10, odds are it’s going to cost a pretty penny to buy the makings for something that would even resemble a healthy meal for your family.

Citizens of the area are furious about the high, continuously rising prices and are protesting both in person and online. Nunavut Food Price is a Tumblr devoted to giving residents a place to share the outrageous sums of money they’re being asked to pay for everyday items. You won’t believe some of these stores are asking for!

Take a look!

Package Of Bottled Water

Frozen Taquitos

Orange Juice

Ground Beef

Potato Chips

Cooking Sauce

Ice Cream

Snack Bars

Canned Corn

Baby Formula

Frozen Treats

Chicken Burgers

Corn Dogs

(via Reddit, Huffington Post, Nunavut Food Price)

$3.29 for a KitKat? What is this, a movie theater? It’s hard to believe a place is selling this stuff for such outrageous prices. Click on the button below to share this on Facebook!

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You Might Not Have Thought to Put These on Pizza, But Now You Will. Mmmm.

Pizza is a food that is found all over the world. Let’s face it: everyone loves pizza. This import had humble beginnings in Italy, where it originated as herbs and vegetables baked onto flat bread, and has evolved from there. Depending on the place, pizzas can be found sporting a variety of toppings, usually reflective of the local cuisine.

Here’s a sampling of how people across the globe eat pizza. Some may seem strange, but they have to be delicious.

Costa Rica

Coconut and shrimp are the most popular, but ham is a common choice, too.


The pizza is topped with shrimp and mayonnaise, but the most notable part of Chinese pizza is the hot dog crust. Why only have one kind of fast food?



A popular pizza in Palestine features chicken, pine nuts and olive oil all covered with allspice and cinnamon.


In Japan, you can get a pizza with mayonnaise, bacon, corn, potatoes, onion and squid from Domino’s.



Tuna is a popular topping in Germany, either alone or with vegetables.


This popular pizza is called mockba, and is topped with mackarel, tuna, sardines, salmon and onion. It’s also served cold.


Pizza in India is served with mutton and pickled ginger.


You can get fried egg on pizza pretty much everywhere, but it’s most popular in France.


Green peas are an incredibly popular topping in Brazil, as are quail eggs, carrots, beets and raisins


Pizzas down under can be found served with barbecue sauce and wild meats like kangaroo, emu and crocodile.

I’m calling my local pizza place right now. I think I’ll skip the emu meat, though.

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If You Think This Building Looks Odd, Just Wait Until You Take A Closer Look.

If you had to name a 10 story building that’s covered in 1,000 doors, what would you call it? South Korean artist and designer Choi Jeong-Hwa decided to keep it simple and decided to call his massive installation “Doors.” The building was constructed in 2009 and is comprised entirely of reused doors. So not only is this project awesome and impressive, it’s earth-friendly, too.

Wow. That IS a lot of doors.

That’s not even the half of it.

Wow. Which one is the UPS guy supposed to lightly knock on before sprinting back to his van to speed away?

That must be some view… if you can get a room with a door that has a window, of course.

(via demilked)

That’s awesome. “Doors” has to have set some sort of record for the amount of doors in a building–well, on a building. For more of Choi Jeong-Hwa‘s work, check out their website.

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I Have No Idea How People Can Possibly Drive On This Highway. Wow.

The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway (or Atlanterhavsveien) is five miles of highway the likes of which you’ve never seen before. This road connects a series of islands and has more twists, turns, ups, and downs than a Hot Wheels track. It offers incredible views of surrounding mountains and Norwegian Seas, with waves crashing up against lower parts of the highway. This Norwegian Construction of the Century finds tourists driving on the road for the amazing view and to probably hone their already-amazing driving abilities. Take a look at this incredible highway!    

Atlantic Ocean Road.

Or Atlanterhavsveien in Norwegian.


It’s like a roller coaster you can drive on.

I couldn’t imagine driving on this thing during the day, so this is just insane.

To see what it’s like to drive on the Atlantic Ocean Road, check out the video below.

(via strange sounds)

What a road! I bet the kids will take a break from looking at their cell phones to look at that scenery. 

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Here Are The 29 Most Clever Snapchats Ever Sent. Although #11 Is Beyond Twisted.

Ten seconds really isn’t long enough to enjoy a great Snapchat message. Some are so good you just have to take a screenshot so you can laugh at it over and over again. And if you’re friends with any of these clever users, it’s especially true.

These guys really know how to take advantage of every hilarious moment.

1. This girl takes sports VERY seriously.

2. You don’t need to tell me twice.

3. This person doesn’t seem to appreciate the irony.

4. Celebrities are everywhere!

5. Does it ever feel like you just blend into the background?

6. Even dad jokes make it to Snapchat now and then.

7. Safety first!

8. You really don’t want to piss this guy off.

9. Well I guess you DON’T gotta catch ’em all…

10. There are worse ways to make money.

11. Something tells me this deer isn’t getting well any time soon…

12. This is the perfect pun.

13. This person had a horrifying need for hydration.

14. Now THIS is how you send a sexy snap.

15. Shakespeare meets Kesha.

16. Remember to always watch out for pedestrians and magical creatures on the road.

17. It’s a great outlet for telling the brutal truth.

18. Look away, Finding Nemo fans!

19. Looks like someone is good friends with Pitbull.

20. There is no telling with the holy spirit may find you.

21. Show off your math jokes with all your nerd friends.

22. Benjamin Franklin sighting!

23. This is one rude little kid.

24. Hallelujah…!

25. These Pompeii snaps are a great way to remember your vacation…and how things change.

26. Excuse me, sign, what exactly are you insinuating??

27. This is one way to brag about your awesome t-shirt collection.

28. A snap that’ll make you say, “ohhhh snap!”

29. The proof is in the…BBQ sauce?

H/T: Buzzfeed.

Looks like it’s time to step up our snap strategies!

Share with your friends below. Even if they don’t really “get” Snapchat, this’ll make them consider downloading.

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I Had No Idea This Was The World’s Scariest Job, But It Actually Makes Sense.

Take a minute. What’s the scariest job that you can possibly imagine yourself having? If you’re like a majority of Americans, the scary job you thought of was being a politician. Yep, that’s right, Americans are afraid of being politicians. This is according to a survey of 56,857 Americans conducted by the jobs website

If being a politician is at the top of people’s scary jobs lists, what other terrifying positions are in the top 10? I think you’re going to be surprised. 

10.) Parent.

There are more parental jobs in the United States than you can count. But being a parent makes people nervous for well…pick a reason. There are so many.

9.) Stand-Up Comedian.

40 percent of Americans are afraid of public speaking. So it only makes sense that those people would also be deathly afraid of performing in public whether it’s as a comedian or some other form of entertainment.

8.) Radio, Cellular, and Tower Equipment Technicians. 

Do you have a fear of heights? Well then this job is definitely not for you. I personally couldn’t imagine spending my days strapped to the top of a giant structure trying to install expensive, high tech equipment. 

7.) Mortician. 

I think it’s telling of the real fears of Americans that this job is so far down the list. Nevertheless it is a pretty creepy job to have, especially if you’re afraid of zombies. The morticians are always the first ones to go in zombie movies.

6.) Animal Trainer.

This one might depend a bit on which animals you’re trying to train. I think it’d be less terrifying to train puppies, than it would be to train sharks or tigers. Then again, maybe not much if you have allergies. 

5.) Crime Scene Investigator.

For this job most people say they’re afraid of the blood, and the disappointment of telling people that the job is nothing like it is on TV. 

4.) Kindergarten Teacher.

I totally understand this one. Have you ever seen a room full of kindergartens that wasn’t in, or near total chaos? These teachers are the bravest among us. Not to mention all those little kid germs. Yuck.

3.) Security Guard At Teen Pop Concerts.

People say that this job scares them because of the fear of being stampeded by hoards of screaming tweens. I also share this fear.

2.) Microbiologist.

One word explains why people are afraid of this job: Ebola.

1.) Politician.

Yes, being a politician is the scariest job to have in America. I suppose it’s not hard to see why. It’s the perfect storm of the fear of public speaking, rejection, and a huge level of accountability. Yeah thanks, but no thanks.

(H/T: Huffington Post)

To be honest, I expected more people to be afraid of being a stand-up comedian than a politician. I suppose we can at least thank our elected officials for taking on the jobs that no one really wants, right?

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I Thought I Was Just Looking At A Beach, But When You Zoom In? This Is Sad.

From afar this may just look like a rocky beach, but if you look a little closer, you’ll see that this isn’t sand. This stretch of coast is actually covered in misplaced walruses.

Late last month, an estimated 35,000 walruses were spotted hauling themselves onto the shore near Point Lay, Alaska.

Things are not looking good for Alaska’s walrus population. Their habitat is slowly disappearing due to the effects of climate change.

Walruses normally use stretches of sea ice for resting and breeding while diving to for food. But the warming climate pushed bigger pieces of sea ice further out to places too deep for walruses to dive for food. This results in scenes like this. 

The animals were spotted during an annual marine mammal survey.

Since walruses cannot swim as well as other marine mammals, they use sea ice to rest while swimming. Unfortunately, climate change is drastically reducing the amount of stable sea ice in the shallows near the coast where walruses live.

This isn’t the first time a large herd of walruses were spotted on land. This happened before in 2009 and 2011.

The future does not look good for walruses if something is not done to mitigate the damage of climate change to their environment. This summer had the sixth smallest amount of sea ice since satellite monitoring of the Arctic began in 1979.

In the meantime, these 35,000 animals are stuck where they are until more sea ice returns in the winter.

H/T: Business Insider and Buzzfeed

This is heartbreaking. It terrifies me to think about a future where the world takes no action to reverse climate change. We have to figure something out soon.

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One Wife + 30 Hours = The Most Epic Christmas Creation Of All Time. I Want It.

Making a gingerbread house is a sacred Christmas tradition for many families. Sometimes it’s worth doing just to watch the tears and recriminations, but for others it’s genuinely an enjoyable holiday hobby. This wife, though, turned the whole “gingerbread house” idea into a sugar-filled, 30 hour obsession. I don’t know whether to be impressed by this or just a little bit frightened.

First, she decided to base the gingerbread house on Adventure Time’s Candy Kingdom. Then, she bought (basically) an entire candy store.

It took a few attempts to get the glass candy head in the kingdom right…

Then, she used melted isomalt crystals and dyed them.

Ohhh, pretty.

She used a silicone ice cube maker as the mold.

Making a mold for the walls using styrofoam.

Let the outside of the sphere harden and drained the excess.

The pretty result.

(P.S., not for eating.)

Although kitty may disagree.

The final wall mold for various parts of the kingdom.

Mixing up some gingerbread dough…

Mmm, construction.

Going into the oven…

Out of the oven and the onto the mold.

Using stencils to make the little parts of the castle.


And now more baking!

Oops, the gingerbread expanded.

So, she had to whittle down some of the pieces.

She glued different pieces together with melted sugar.

Coming together…

The cupcake roof (that would later be decorated).

She made it by using a glass bowl.

The sugar glue was very strong.

The support system didn’t have to be as pretty.

You might not realize it, but making a bunch of round walls out of gingerbread? Not easy.

Lots of progress.

Using Airheads for the waterfalls and moats.

Those are the most gorgeous waterfalls I’ve ever seen.

At first, she used normal buttercream icing for the kingdom, but it looked too messy, so she wiped it off.

So she switched to fondant (a special rolled out icing that lots of cake-decorators use).

Making the tower…

(And trying not to eat the fondant.)

So pretty.

Melted down colored chocolate wafers.

…to make chocolate grass.

Really coming together.

Decorating the guardian heads. She broke one (then cried, presumably) but was able to fix it with a lighter.

Used melted sugar to make their bubble wands.

This tree was made using melted sugar, cotton candy and pink sugar dust. It’s heavenly.

And FINISHED. It took over 30 hours to complete.

… and it was worth every second.

Just… just look at the little trees.

How could anyone eat something so pretty?

The guardians!

Someone give this wife a medal. Maybe some insulin.

(For reference.) Dang. She is GOOD.

She spent a week of the Christmas season building something she knew would be destroyed and eaten within minutes. Cojones, yo.


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