WTF? 47% Of High School Kids Have Done 'It,' But Only A Third Of High School Freshman Can Do This?

My son struggled with this during his first year of elementary school. We were lucky that he had a great teacher, special programs, and help at home to overcome the challenges while he was still young. Still, it wasn’t easy to watch him have to work so hard to learn something that is an absolute necessity in life. Such a huge percentage of kids shouldn’t be where they are, but the really cool thing is that we can all help to make it better. The kid in this video is proof that the future can be brighter.

Learn more about how you can get involved in education reform.

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A 1-Minute Live Birth That Makes A Powerful Point About Preventable Deaths

Every year, 1 million mothers lose their babies within the first day of giving birth. And many of these tragic deaths could be prevented by the woman (and others like her) in this smart ad. The difference between 0:11 and 0:44 is everything.

Warning: This video includes live birth footage with graphic images.

For more information on the newborn crisis and the solutions to fixing it (in a less intense way), check out my other midwives post.

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Their Son Cannot Speak. That's Why They're Helping Find His Voice.

Kids don’t come with an instruction manual. You kinda just have to jump in headfirst and figure it out as you go along. What I love most about this video is that it not only gives a glimpse into one family’s life with their autistic son and how they’re working to communicate with him, but it’s also incredibly honest about how challenging and scary the journey can be.

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All It Takes Is 30 Seconds For This 6-Year-Old To Go From Adorable Child To Psychopathic Hit Girl

NOTE TO SELF: Don’t let my 5-year-old watch “Pulp Fiction.” Also, don’t let him watch the “Star Wars” prequels — not because they are violent, but because they are just AWFUL. But also because they are pointlessly violent. But the awfulness is the bigger factor on that one, honestly. I digress.

Here’s a reason to be careful about what your kids watch. (I actually use this site all the time.)

This is not to say we should shelter our children from all violence. They are growing up in a real world where real violence happens every day. But there’s a difference between cartoon violence and Silence of the Lambs, ya know? You could share this if you are a fan of children not taking out hits on stuffed animals. Your call though.

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There Are Some Selfies That Should Be Kept To Your Selfie

It can be fun to send selfies to friends, especially when you look all cute and stuff, wearing that duckface in a new outfit and — wait, where was I going with this? Right: Be safe online. And if you’re on the receiving end, don’t be the jackass who shares private photos around.

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So Wait. You Are Attacking The Best Teacher 77 Million Voters Ever Had?

Here’s some free advice. Don’t threaten the guy who everyone in the entire world loves, including two-thirds of voters. Yep, a giant yellow bird taught me how to read. So yes, he’s kind of important. Here he is singing at the funeral of one of the most important and beloved educators in the history of time. Bring your tissues.

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A Teen Came Out To His Mom, But She Had A Surprise Of Her Own

Coming out can be pretty scary for lots of different reasons. Sometimes it’s the threat of violence, sometimes it’s the fear of disapproval, and sometimes it’s the fear of the unknown. What makes this video special is the authentic communication between a mom and son. There’s a lot of listening and understanding, but at about 5:17, things take a surprising turn, and it’s kind of beautiful.

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One Of My Favorite Authors Says There's Something We Should Remove From All Classrooms

Author and speaker Brené Brown wants a tool that’s used often in the course of our kids’ education to go away forever. I’d really like to see it happen.

The original clip YouTube has been removed, but you can watch the video here. Scroll down — it’s the final one on the page.

Note: Brené Brown used an extreme example of shaming in this interview. While most occurrences aren’t so blatant, shame is still prevalent in classrooms, as it is in many areas of our lives. She explains shaming in the classroom further in this blog post and clarifies how she feels about teachers — she’s one herself!

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This Is What Happens When You Allow Gay People To Get Married In Your Country

New Zealand decided that everyone deserves equality and legalized marriage equality. After an amazing final debate and vote, the the people in the galley and many of the members of Parliament decided the next logical thing to do would be to burst into song. So they sang the Maori love song “Pokarekare Ana.” And it’s wonderful. They start singing at 1:20. 

The woman who everyone keeps hugging is professional athlete and Member of Parliament Louisa Wall, the representative who sponsored the bill. She also happens to be gay, so this one had some special meaning for her. Bet she would love it if you shared this.

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3 Words I Wish I'd Heard When My Boyfriend Cheated On Me

Neil Gaiman, renaissance man and legendary novelist, once gave the best graduation speech I’ve ever heard. It was so good that they’re making a book of it. Here’s my favorite part, which happens to be the one I listen to whenever something awful happens (I wasn’t kidding with that headline, people).

Did I mention they’re making a book of it? We called in a couple of favors, pulled a few strings, and promised a few of our first-borns, and now we have an exclusive page from this gorgeous upcoming printing, designed by Chip Kidd:

Love it? Me too. Want it? ME TOO. Oh my God, we have so much in common! I’m thinking you should support your local independent bookstore by pre-ordering through them so you’ll have it to brighten your day when it comes out on May 14:

Shop Indie Bookstores: Print or eBook

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