If You Think Talking About Sex Can Feel Taboo, See What These Pregnant Ladies Go Through

In the African nation of Malawi, expectant mothers are afraid that if they speak up about their pregnancies, someone might put a spell on their unborn children. So how do they learn about what’s going on with their bodies?

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Now Why Wouldn't A Kid Look Forward To Lunchtime? It's The Best Part Of The Day, Right?

When I’ve gone too long between meals, I become what’s known as “hangry,” a nasty combination of hungry and angry. It’s not cute. Given that, I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like going an entire school day in a hangry haze. Sadly, there are way too many kids doing just that.

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Meet A Daughter Who's Making Sure What Happened To Her Mom Doesn't Happen To Others

True story: $671 million are spent on Mother’s Day cards every year, and billions are spent on flowers, dinner, etc. And hey! That’s thoughtful, important, and probably even delicious. But what if those cards could do more by making sure women have safe births and actually get to be mothers? These can.

What an impactful way to honor your mom! If you want, you can join in right here.

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He’s Got A Few Words For Deadbeat Dads Who Leave Their Families For Selfish Reasons

Traditionally dads have
been pressured
to pour all of their time into being “good providers” for
their families. Even though this meant that lots of them missed out
on being there for the special moments in their kids’ lives. The great thing about more families splitting breadwinning and parenting duties, is that more
fathers are finding time to hang
with their kids too.

Okay, so stay with me here, because I’m
about to get all “Hallmarky” on you,
but it’s true so …

Sometimes just
being there, consistently, for your kid shows them that you care. It can mean talking openly about “potty” on a busy street or making their favorite breakfast, you know, the one that
nobody else dares to try. From the big moments to the small ones, it’s great to
see more and more dads sharing them all.


While hardcore statistics aren’t mentioned in the video, the idea that some fathers are just inherently absent from their children’s lives is completely bogus. Check out this myth-breaking article which disproves the idea that black men aren’t involved, along with some pretty interesting and legit stats from the CDC to back it up.

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There’s A Learning Curve To Parenthood, And Some Men Are Opting For Tutoring

Sometimes even dads, aka free life coaches, need a little life coaching themselves. The upshot is happier men, happier families, and kids with brighter futures.

Super interesting fact-checky stuff! We found that the statistics often cited about black fathers don’t credit men who do live with their kids or are very involved, even if they’re not married to the mother of their child. In fact, they might be even more involved than other dads. Check out Mic’s “6 Actual Facts Shatter the Biggest Stereotypes of Black Fathers.”

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It's Often A Controversial Issue, But One Stunningly Illustrated Picture Book Handles It With Grace

Teaching children about environmental issues is incredibly important, but it can also be pretty darn difficult. When some folks from Tennessee realized there weren’t any good resources to educate kids about mountaintop-removal coal mining (which threatens the land and communities in the region), they decided to make their own. Here’s a few excerpts from their story.

The story begins by introducing the narrator: Lone Mountain.

Lone Mountain discusses a typical day in its life. Birds chirp, children play in the streams, a father and daughter go hunting together, and a grandmother and grandson gather mushrooms to eat.

Then, the story takes a turn …

But the people who loved and relied upon Lone Mountain are not quick to give in. They gather together to discuss how to save the mountain.

Want to read the rest? Check out the links below for how to get a copy of your very own.

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When He Meets His First Child, I Cheer. When He Gets To His Second, I Almost Lose It.

It takes Andrew 13 minutes to tell you how many kids he has. Kudos to you if you can keep your eyes dry that whole time.

And along the way, he meets a buxom necrophiliac (1:50), a doughnut dad (3:00), the love of his life, and the mother of his future childre — and he learns that even gay men can have shotgun weddings (7:00). Tissue alert starting at 9:30.

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Ever Read A Text Message That Changed Your Life? These Women Get Those Every Day.

Every mom’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to help her family. These ladies, who happen to be from one of the oldest tribes in the world, are no different. Just like us, they rely on the latest tech stuff to get it done. But they’ve flipped it in a super-cool way so they’re not only raking in cash for their little ones but can also enjoy tea time with the girls while doing so. Now that’s what I call a group of snazzy multitasking, millennial mamas.

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How To Take Down A Little Word With A Lot Of Power

Some very nice, patient American
Muslims got tired of hearing how poorly people used the word “jihad” and set up a
campaign to fix that. It started
on buses, and now the true meaning of the word is spreading faster than a rumor
on Twitter! 

“Jihad” in
Arabic means simply to put up a good fight against whatever odds or barriers
you might face in your life.  There
are some haters who don’t like this message, but what’s not to like about being
smart and informed?

One of the original MyJihad ads on a Chicago bus.

The public has now started posting MyJihad messages, like this one, on the campaign website.

When Homer Simpson makes an appearance in a campaign, you know it’s gone mainstream.

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The Random Internet Quote Guaranteed To Give You The Chills

I don’t usually go for the poetic stuff, but damn if this quote doesn’t get me every time.

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