Let's Raise Awareness About Those Wristbands That Raise Awareness

“South Park” has done it again. In a recent episode, they took on those awareness-raising wristbands popularized by Livestrong, which they call “scauses.” I’ve never liked these wristbands because they bring a huge aura of commercialism to important causes. So how about this: instead of being passive and buying some silicone rubber bracelet (which are hard to recycle), let’s all try talking or doing something about the causes that matter to us.

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A New Way Of Teaching Is Coming To Our Schools. Maybe We Should Check It Out.

There’s this thing that K-12 schools around the United States are starting to do, and it’s called the Common Core State Standards. Have you heard of it? Is it OK, or not OK?

We’re gonna be honest with you: We don’t really know the answer. But we do know we want to hear from you. Check out this backgrounder and tell us what you think (or don’t really think) below, pretty please?


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This Guy Is Trying To Get You To Like Him, And It’s Kinda Impossible Not To [VIDEO]

An excerpt from a brilliant speech given by Oscar-winning screenwriter Charlie Kaufman (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Adaptation”) set to images. Trust me, it’s more more inspiring than I’m capable of describing.

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A Woman With A Great Mind Asks You To Take A Moment To Appreciate Her Body

Celebrate your body, just by watching this video. Then celebrate with friends, by sharing it.

Lucille Clifton was a writer, an educator, and the Poet Laureate of Maryland. She passed away in 2010.

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If You Want To Know About Me, Ask About Me

This picture is painful to look at, but what’s more painful is how words can hurt. 

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A Beautiful Ode To Earth Guaranteed To Leave You Speechless

Here’s a friendly reminder that we’re all part of something much larger than ourselves. This video gives me the chills every time.

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A School In Switzerland Tried An Experiment. The Results Are Too Adorable.

Cutest. Classroom innovation. Ever.

I wish my second-grade class was like this.

I knew I’d seen that dog somewhere before…

And then it hit me: That dog is doge.

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The 7 Warnings From Gandhi In The Final Hours Of His Life

This is Gandhi’s super-famous Seven Blunders of the World. Gandhi gave the list to his grandson on the day of his assassination. I believe the world would be a better place if everyone took these 7 blunders to heart, so please share them!

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This 9-Year-Old Kid Has More Wisdom In His 'Star Wars' Pajamas Than I Will Obtain In A Lifetime

Shane Koyczan, who just gave an amazing TED talk about bullying that you need to see, once spent some time in the hospital with an amazing nine-year-old kid dying of cancer. This is his amazing story. 

At 1:47, we learn about a really weird girl. At 2:13, he shares a heartbreaking confession. At 2:40, he talks about why he wants to teach the kid to swear. At 3:53, he gets deeper than I want to be. At 4:40, he lays why a nine-year-old kid is more profound than any philosopher. And at 5:45, he just goes ahead and rips my heart out.

If that blew your mind as much as it blew mine, then you might want to Like Shane on Facebook.

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