A Comedian Silences A Room For 9 Minutes. It's Not An Awkward Silence.

Comedians spend years honing their stage persona, but when all-star comic Anthony Griffith tells the story of his life as a comedian and as a father, not even he can keep it together. To be honest, I couldn’t either when I watched this video. It’s so important to remember that the people we idolize aren’t the two-dimensional, easily digestible caricatures that we see of them in the media. I’ve seen some breakdowns before, and this was the first one that felt real.

At 0:56, he receives a phone call that will change his life forever. 
At 2:12, Griffith takes the stage and blacks out. 
At 3:04, he starts to tear up.

At 4:41, he describes the most bleak situation I’ve ever heard.

At 6:26, the doctors drops a serious bomb.

At 7:31, Griffith has his ‘Denzel Washington from Training Day’ moment.

At 8:33, the real truth comes out.

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An Explanation Of A Law That Allows Women To Be Fired For Using Birth Control

Although this is a funny video, the reality of this Arizona law is not funny at all.

You probably want people to know laws like this are happening right now. If so, go ahead and share this because the more we can educate, the more we can change.

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Why Cheaters And Liars Think They're Honest, Wonderful People

Why do so many good people do not so good things? Dan Ariely and his intriguing accent explain. 

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Psst! Can I Tell You A Secret About Smart Girls?

We don’t all wear glasses and we don’t all magically transform into super models when we let our hair down. I know, I know! It’s crazy, right? 

So if it’s not the glasses and the hair, then what makes a smart girl smart? Here, I’ll let Amy Poehler (“Saturday Night Live,” “Parks And Recreation”) and her “Smart Girls at the Party” crew explain what they like to celebrate about smart girls:

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This Is What Happens To Straight Kids When Gay People Get Married?

Oh wait. My bad. This is what happens when dysfunctional people who are irrationally afraid of everything get married to each other. TRIGGER WARNING: This is satire.

Share this if you are excited for the day that little girl goes to college and finds out how the world really works. And yes, I know this is a parody. A very shareable parody if you ask me…

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That Crazy Moment When A Progressive And A Tea Partier Are In Complete Agreement

Mark Meckler (co-founder, Tea Party Patriots) and Joan Blades (co-founder, MoveOn.org) come from opposite ends of the political spectrum and should be mortal enemies if the current level of political discourse in Washington D.C. is anything to go by. Instead, they found a way to calmly share their beliefs and discovered that while “right” and “left” obviously don’t agree on everything, they share a lot more common ground than anyone thought. 

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Share This With Your Friends To Find Out What Kind Of Leaders You All Are

Are you a “thought leader” or a “do leader”? What about your co-workers and friends? The folks at Mindjet and Jess3 made this awesome image so you can find out how you see yourself and how others think of you.

Use these instructions from Mindjet and Jess3:

Tag yourself and your friends with this graphic & share the challenges you face managing these personality types. You can also see how industry leaders deal with similar traits.

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Why You’re Being Smart For Not Liking This Little Girl

Dear compassionate users of the Internets,

There’s a big fat Facebook fib flying around online that you should really know about.  If you ever see a post featuring a little girl with Down syndrome appealing to be Liked, ignore it!  The photograph was stolen from her family’s website by a cyber impersonator and is being posted all over the Internet to entice you to leave your Facebook address. 

What’s inspiring about this story, though, is that millions of people Liked the little girl and wrote some wonderful comments about her, not realizing that they were being duped. Check out one of the many versions of the fake posting below. It’s the Facebook scam that backfired in a great way.

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The Scariest Horror Film Of The Year Is Actually A Documentary

A nation of children worrying about how they’re going to help support their families has got to be a red flag. The American middle class is on the precipice of a pretty brutal reality.

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