Reports: Scandal-plagued Montana Sen. John Walsh dropping out of race!/jimgeraghty/status/497471473989455874

Montana Democrat Sen. John Walsh is dropping out of the race in the wake of plagiarism allegations:!/DanaBashCNN/status/497473588564611072

Walsh will reportedly keep the Senate seat until his term is up at the end of the year.

What might be next for the Democrats?!/JillStanek/status/497482545366581248

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‘The Eagles are breaking up?’ AP scoop: ‘Sen. Joe Walsh’ to walk away from race

‘Way to get the party wrong, a-holes’: TPM mislabels scandal-plagued Dem John Walsh

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Sen. Ted Cruz edges out Ben Carson in #RLC2014 straw poll!/erikrush/status/473534345761030145

The 2014 Republican Leadership Conference wrapped up this weekend in New Orleans, and Sen. Ted Cruz emerged as the winner of the event’s presidential straw poll, barely edging out Dr. Ben Carson.!/edshow/status/473579669137424386

Rounding out the top five were Sen. Rand Paul, Gov. Mike Huckabee and Gov. Rick Perry. Gov. Chris Christie came in last with only 1.11 percent of the vote.

Carson’s second place finish is especially impressive considering he did not appear at the event; Cruz was a featured speaker who drew a capacity crowd and several standing ovations.

Cruz easily won the 2013 Values Voter Summit straw poll with 42 percent of the vote. Sen. Rand Paul ran away with the CPAC straw poll in March with 31 percent support and topped the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference straw poll with 15 percent of the vote.

Cruz wins straw poll #RLC2014
Carson in second
Paul in third— ELLYMAYE (@Ellysa_Maye) May 31, 2014!/edshow/status/473576548327370752!/pudyvetu/status/473079050630463488


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Dem congressional candidate slams ‘Geedy & power hunger Politicians’!/jt4congress2014/status/510414556024549376

Jesse (J.T.) Smith is the Democrats’ nominee in Alabama’s 3rd congressional district. He lashed out against “raciests” on Monday. Before that, he said congressional Republicans are waaay worse than ISIL. Now he’s speaking out against “geedy,” “power hunger” politicians. No wonder his Twitter feed has become one of Twitchy’s favorites.

We have to ask: Did this guy study spelling and grammar at the University of Cher?

My opponent claim to support Veterans in "public" but voted against H.R.1171 Homeless #veterans Reint. Program Reauthorization in "private".

— JT Smith (@jt4congress2014) September 10, 2014

The roller coaster we endure in this country is bumppier & more irritating than dry shaving on bad skin. We know the CAUSE so, let's fix it!

— JT Smith (@jt4congress2014) September 11, 2014

Congress & Actoin for America? Let's hope so. I believe 450 additional troops w/1100 in #Iraq & Taxpayer $$ are the PARTY LINES #ObamaSpeech

— JT Smith (@jt4congress2014) September 11, 2014

If he fails to win his congressional race, he could always sign up as a Common Core spokesman.


A few minutes after our post went up, he tried to cover his tracks by deleting his “geedy” tweet. Sorry, Jesse, that trick never works.



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Did OFA delete tweets about Romney & Iraq? No. Use this trick to find them!/KevinWGlass/status/337987430806327297

We sure do! Attaaaaack Waaaaaaatch!!/AttackWatch/status/113738429866573824

Before it evolved into @OFATruthTeam, the Obama campaign’s #AttackWatch account was @TruthTeam2012.

On Thursday night, some Twitter users thought the TruthTeam’s pitiful 2012 tweets about Mitt Romney’s position on Iraq had taken a trip down the memory hole. Those tweets weren’t deleted, but because OFA changed the handle from @TruthTeam2012 to @OFATruthTeam in 2013, a search like “from:OFATruthTeam AND Iraq” yields no results.

Want to mine pre-2013 TruthTeam tweets for hidden gems? Use the old TruthTeam handle to try Twitter searches like these:

from:TruthTeam2012 AND Iraq

from:TruthTeam2012 AND al Qaeda

Now we’re getting somewhere. The tweets you find in those searches will show up with the newer Twitter handle, but were tweeted before the handle was changed. We’ll just leave these tweets right here:!/OFATruthTeam/status/265916669447241728!/OFATruthTeam/status/264186346233556993!/OFATruthTeam/status/258389678259073024!/OFATruthTeam/status/260549037860720641

Have at it — see what ridiculous TruthTeam tweets you can find.

Just for fun, here’s an Attaaaaack Waaaaaaatch flashback video from Ezra Dulis:

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Greg Abbott slams Wendy Davis’ sudden support for open carry gun laws!/GregAbbott_TX/status/431918181225992192

Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis recently rattled some supporters by coming out in favor of “open carry” gun laws in Texas. Davis’ opponent, Greg Abbott, reminded Texas voters to be on the lookout for a gun rights poser.!/adamcaporello/status/431918374625370112

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Newt Gingrich, others wonder what happened to State Dept’s missing billions!/newtgingrich/status/452202848319983616

According to a new report from the U.S. Inspector General, the State Department is unable to account for billions of dollars over the past few years.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

The State Department misplaced and lost some $6 billion due to the improper filing of contracts during the past six years, mainly during the tenure of former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, according to a newly released Inspector General report.

The $6 billion in unaccounted funds poses a “significant financial risk and demonstrates a lack of internal control over the Department’s contract actions,” according to the report.

Just to reiterate, that’s $6 billion missing.

In some circles, that could serve as evidence of horrendous mismanagement at best or a signal of corruption at worst. But not for the Democrats, who still have Hillary labeled as the heir apparent to Barack Obama.

Maybe a reporter from a mainstream outlet will just come right out and ask Hillary what happened to the cash. Ok, stop laughing.

Where is the money?!/Alyssafarah/status/452141558964690944!/ProfessorRobo/status/452203074460057600!/MistressOfSham/status/452144791841546241

Hillary Clinton as Head of State Dept.
1. Reset button
2. Benghazi
3. $6 billion in contracts unaccounted for

#Hillary2016—   (@n8sebaka) April 04, 2014!/PaulReverePress/status/452209436044820480!/NoahWehrman/status/452181762739683328!/baseballcrank/status/452129504916291585

Somebody better check the obvious first:!/liars_never_win/status/452213110439292928


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‘Onesies for all’? Amanda Carpenter slams the state of Obama’s economy!/mdrache/status/421638232388800512


The workforce participation rate in December is tied with October for the lowest level since 1978, according to government data.

Ted Cruz adviser Amanda Carpenter paints a dismal picture of Obama’s economy, with a little help from the much-mocked Pajama Boy:!/amandacarpenter/status/421639352981008384!/amandacarpenter/status/421639816900390913!/LHolloway2/status/421639272262037504

Here’s what Carpenter’s boss had to say about the BLS report:!/SenTedCruz/status/421647316525666304

Are we in the zone?!/Cameron_Gray/status/421640576816009216

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Newt Gingrich: Where were the ‘serious concerns’ when Hamas fired at Israel?!/toddstarnes/status/490921433782972418

Obama is suddenly very concerned about the growing number of casualties in the Middle East.!/newtgingrich/status/490948754292232194

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‘Family Guy’ writer’s dare for pro-2nd Amendment ‘heroes’ backfires!/DLoesch/status/523540325617651712

Idiot –> @BrianRScully

— jon gabriel (@exjon) October 18, 2014

@exjon .@BrianRScully's tweet was funnier than any joke on Family Guy.

— Anthony Bialy (@AnthonyBialy) October 18, 2014

Brian Scully, who according to his Twitter bio is a writer for “Family Guy” and a former writer for “The Simpsons,” had a message for those who are pro 2nd Amendment:

Hey, "heroes" who want to own assault rifles; join the Army & get one for free… go to a war and be a REAL hero. Yeah, I didn't think so.

— Brian Scully (@BrianRScully) October 18, 2014

As it turned out, many already have.

Those serving. who have served, and others, schooled Scully:

@BrianRScully I'm a veteran. All civilians have the right to bear arms. If you don't like it, work to revise the Bill of Rights.

— jon gabriel (@exjon) October 18, 2014

Me too Jon! Did realize I gave up my 2nd Amendment right when I left the military with an honorable discharge? @exjon @BrianRScully

— Bill Phillips (@Photogbill222) October 18, 2014

@exjon @BrianRScully he has no idea how many of us DID join.

— xbradtc (@xbradtc) October 18, 2014

@DLoesch Haha, yep. Did that twice.

— Gunny Dave USMC (@dave_usmc) October 18, 2014

@DLoesch I wish people who tell me to go to the army to own a gun notice with my cp i can't

— Brad Essex (@BradEssex) October 18, 2014

@BradEssex good thing about the USA is that you don't have to, Brad! and don't worry, your Marines have your back #2A @DLoesch

— Gunny Dave USMC (@dave_usmc) October 18, 2014

Already did. Care to opine why I can't have 1 now? MT @BrianRScully Hey, "heroes" who want to own assault rifles; join Army & get 1 for free

— The Cracker Emcee (@Fenway_Nation) October 18, 2014

.@DLoesch What an easy thing to say. Big talker. And someone bled and died, to secure his right to not only think it, but say it out loud.

— Valeria, the Younger (@valeria_younger) October 18, 2014

@BrianRScully I'm a vet, did multiple deployments. Yet I dont begrudge others being armed w/ ARs.

— john jones (@thegingerblues) October 18, 2014

.@BrianRScully I See. People can only be armed while fighting to protect your rights such as writing/speaking but not their own rights/lives

— The Right Wing M (@TheRightWingM) October 18, 2014

"Your rights end, where my feelings begin." #EveryProgressive @exjon @BrianRScully

— SEMPER★GUMBY℠ (@sgtj0n) October 18, 2014

@BrianRScully < Afraid of decent people having guns. #2A

— C2 (@corrcomm) October 18, 2014

BTWm @BrianRScully can you please define "assault rifle?"

— kender1 (@kender1) October 18, 2014


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‘A sad day in America’: Sen. Lindsey Graham cruising to reelection!/PostReid/status/476508078896979968

Running against six challengers splitting the opposition vote, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham was expected to easily reach the 50 percent margin needed to avoid a runoff election. But 70 percent?!/thejournalist44/status/476513220161593345!/cwinston75/status/476511050171686912!/skropf47/status/476514386786664448!/TexasLiberty14/status/476512039032983553!/m_mgrant/status/476513013080813568


Criminy! What the hell is going on in South Carolina?

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