Benghazi: A new scoop from Attkisson, a new indictment and a new war

First up there’s this shocker. Hillary Clinton’s name has come up, once again, in the ongoing Benghazi scandal:

Account of Clinton Aide Benghazi Document Sifting Familiar to Career Public Servant via @SharylAttkisson @DailySignal

— Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) October 15, 2014

Here’s the opener from Ms. Attkisson’s latest report:

To Sonya Gilliam, a recent account of improper sorting of Benghazi-related documents  at the State Department brought back vivid memories of her own encounters with high-level government officials who withheld, deleted or destroyed public records.

And one name stood out for its familiarity: Cheryl Mills.

A former deputy assistant secretary of state had told The Daily Signal that Mills was present during an after-hours document operation in a basement room of the State Department in October 2012. Mills was chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

More commentary:

Via @SharylAttkisson, Ray Maxwell isn't the only person who has seen Cheryl Mills sifting documents:

— John Sexton (@verumserum) October 15, 2014

Hillary Clinton's Former Chief of Staff No Stranger to Allegations of Withholding Documents via @SharylAttkisson

— Rob Bluey (@RobertBluey) October 15, 2014

Secondly, there’s this Benghazi update from National Review’s Andrew McCarthy, who is not happy at all with the latest indictment filed against alleged attack ringleader Ahmed Abu Khatallah:

New politicized #Benghazi indictment: spontaneous attack, no mention #al-Qaeda & prior jihadist attacks – my @NRO col

— Andrew C. McCarthy (@AndrewCMcCarthy) October 15, 2014

And finally, not to be outdone by the two feel-good stories above, there are now multiple reports of Libyan and Egyptian forces battling in and around the city of Benghazi targeting Islamist terrorists:

Rockets hit chemicals storage tank of Libyan oil services firm outside Benghazi

— Blogs of War (@BlogsofWar) October 15, 2014

Officials: #Egypt warplanes bombing Libyan militias

— Zaid Benjamin (@zaidbenjamin) October 15, 2014

Libyan lawmaker Tareq al-Jorushi confirmed to the AP that Egyptian warplanes were taking part in the ongoing operation in #Benghazi – AP

— Zaid Benjamin (@zaidbenjamin) October 15, 2014

Secular "Libyan Army" is launching a massive assault on the Islamist garrison city of Benghazi,Islamists there are considered Libya's #ISIS

— Mudar Zahran (@Mudar_Zahran) October 15, 2014

The civil war in Libya is now a regional war. Gird your loins, as Joe Biden did say.


‘Matter of urgency’ ignored? Sharyl Attkisson interprets troubling testimony at Benghazi hearing

Cover-up unraveling? Brit Hume sees ‘big deal’ in Sharyl Attkisson’s Benghazi ‘bombshell’

Sharyl Attkisson nails it on Benghazi: Where was POTUS?




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Charlie Rangel grandstanding about reinstating the draft … again!/cbrangel/status/509810902351482880

Tax cheating corruptocrat Charlie Rangel is banging his “reinstate the draft” drum again.!/cbrangel/status/509816211698630656

So basically Rangel is saying that 1) he and his colleagues don’t really give a damn about soldiers that aren’t part of their immediate family, and 2) nobody in Congress has children or relatives in the military.

How about we only implement Obamacare when the “entire nation” is committed to it?!/drawandstrike/status/509817934886486017!/sprachenZ/status/509820409819459584

If there was any real chance of actually reinstating the draft, Rangel would never support doing so. He pulls this same stunt whenever there’s discussion of America taking significant military action somewhere in the world.

It’s all political theater based on the false notion that the only people in the military are uneducated people with no other opportunities.!/cbrangel/status/509818842579603456

It’s all volunteer and the best military in the world. A draft would only degrade its effectiveness.



‘Corrupt goddam fossil’ Charles Rangel holds off Adrianno Espaillat

‘Huh?’ Did Rep. Charles Rangel just make the VA scandal a ‘class’ issue? Updated

‘Stop being so mean’: Charles Rangel shows why he’s ‘a special kind of grownup’ [pic]

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‘God bless you’: Ken Wahl has nothing but praise for David Cameron!/KenWahl1/status/506106253660004352

A day after President Obama told the assembled press corps and the world, “We don’t have a strategy yet” on dealing with ISIS, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron stepped up, raising his country’s threat level to severe, saying that “This threat cannot be solved simply by dealing with the perceived grievances over Western foreign policy” and adding, “We cannot appease this ideology. We have to confront it at home and abroad.”

Cameron has said he’ll address Parliament Monday regarding the threat level. That sort of talk won the respect of actor Ken Wahl, who saluted Cameron for confronting the threat of ISIS head on.!/caroledelp/status/506106907837628416!/dimebag5150/status/506108540965371904

No need to get testy. He may be golfing today, but the president is sure to get back to those “intensive discussions” tomorrow.!/pfitz7/status/506107638820913152

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Rep. Jared Polis uses Common Core math in critique of Hobby Lobby decision!/jaredpolis/status/483656976946061312

Um, what?!/stumbalinaa/status/483657246191419392!/AngellRossi/status/483657751705694208

Also, nobody really voted “to deny contraception.” Hobby Lobby employees are still able to purchase all forms of legal birth control, including abortifacients, on their own.

Of course, Rep. Polis has deleted his tweet, but Twitchy has saved it for posterity:

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 11.24.19 AM

Here’s his new and improved version:!/jaredpolis/status/483660762691280897

Unfortunately, that is also incorrect. There are six men on the U.S. Supreme Court. One of those men, Stephen Breyer, joined in almost all of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dissent.

Keep on trying, Rep. Polis! We’re sure you’ll get it right eventually.


Polis has now deleted his second erroneous tweet. Here’s his third attempt:!/jaredpolis/status/483686695007555584

He’s sticking with the misleading “voted to deny contraception” formulation and left out Breyer. But, hey, at least he finally used correct numbers. Hooray!

Editor’s note: We made a minor edit to this post for clarity.

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The U.S. spends more on its military than the next ten countries combined

The chart above, adapted from The Wall Street Journal, shows various national military budgets for last year, when the Pentagon and other U.S. security agencies spent about $582 billion. Despite the forced reductions to our military’s budget, that was still an extraordinary amount of money compared to the smaller sums allocated by other countries around the world — more than China, Russia, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, India, Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Brazil spent collectively. (That said, some of these countries are U.S. allies and would be forced to spend more without the protection of the U.S. military.)

Click below for more on a troublesome increase in spending by Asian countries.

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‘You don’t say’: CDC director confesses that ‘borders can be porous’!/michellemalkin/status/522799504001867776

He said it:

CDC's Frieden on possibility of travel ban: "Right now we know who's coming in." But later says "borders are porous." #EbolaHearing

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) October 16, 2014

CDC director Frieden implies that if you impose a travel ban, Ebola-infected people will sneak into the U.S. "Borders can be porous."

— Matt Fuller (@MEPFuller) October 16, 2014

Well, yeah. That’s part of the problem, no?

Borders can be porous-dr. Frieden (oh, really, you don't say..)

— Soulwhisperer (@Manishka78) October 16, 2014

CDC Frieden: "Borders can be porous" No kidding? Somebody call Obama!

— ConservativeMOMom (@mrsmaisy) October 16, 2014

Obama cringes=> RT @michellemalkin "Borders can be porous." – @DrFriedenCDC No sh*t Sherlock. #EbolaHearing

— Nels (@debitking) October 16, 2014

Only thing honest I heard so far is "borders can be porous especially in this part of the world" #ebolahearing #secureOurBorder

— Beanfrompa (@BeanfromPa) October 16, 2014

A follow-up question from Rep. Marsha Blackburn gave Frieden the opportunity to explain what he meant:

Frieden clarifies that he was referring to “porous borders” in Africa after GOP Rep. Blackburn seizes on his comments

— Russell Berman (@russellberman) October 16, 2014

Blackburn asks about Frieden's porous border comment. He says he was referring to the borders of African countries.

— Matt Fuller (@MEPFuller) October 16, 2014

OK, well, if that’s indeed what he was trying to say … how is it supposed to make us feel better, exactly?

Just got awkward when Ms. Blackburn just pointed out watching foreign porous borders was important but not the ones attached to the U.S.!

— Christine Walsh (@BlondeNBling) October 16, 2014

Yes – West African porous borders are a problem, but not our porous borders – HOW STUPID IS THAT? #tcot #ebolausa

— mike1961 (@mikec1961) October 16, 2014

CDC Director said" can't stop air travel because of porous borders in W. Africa " What about our Borders !!!!'

— Paul Casserly (@BostonRaleigh) October 16, 2014

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David Cameron’s terror threat speech found in ‘amazing contrast’ to Obama’s!/RBPundit/status/505358350461452288!/redsteeze/status/505353496770936832

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced today that the UK’s terror threat level was being increased to “severe”:!/David_Cameron/status/505369985913733120!/standardnews/status/505339933998202880!/markknoller/status/505357170410811393

Cameron didn’t mince words in describing the nature of the threats and what must be done to defeat them:!/charlescwcooke/status/505353198962745344!/charliespiering/status/505355078665248769!/YahooNews/status/505352474883293185!/FoxNews/status/505362712671821824

Cameron’s statement was in stark contrast to President Obama’s infamous “no strategy” remarks about ISIS yesterday:!/NumbersMuncher/status/505354968657047552

Obama: It's "unrealistic" to defeat ISIS,and we don't have a strategy anyway.
Cameron: It won't be quick, but we will defeat them.
#Contrast— Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) August 29, 2014!/DavidBugnon/status/505365217703124994!/Colonel_Ted/status/505371538078846978!/DougDigdug/status/505371276513271808!/SLonfox/status/505355335981629440!/LittlePhilz/status/505370869787787264!/lunchcounter/status/505370769917243394!/amacarthur/status/505369355090022400

Meanwhile, the fact that President Obama will attend fundraisers tonight and the wedding of an MSNBC host tomorrow isn’t going unnoticed.!/FredReitman/status/505364189452697600!/ms40nrthend/status/505363348079525888



‘Depraved’: Let’s compare David Cameron’s response to Foley beheading to Obama’s (It’s enraging)

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Media love Obama’s war; What should it be called? This name idea is GENIUS!/RBPundit/status/514418421896073216

@RBPundit LOL, they truly act like fangirls. So repulsive.

— Suze (@suze109) September 23, 2014

Yep. And it’s truly sickening.

On Tuesday, President Obama made a super short statement about the Syria airstrikes and ISIS that pretty much said nothing, aside from self-praise heaped on a coalition of five. Five.

Also, it is going to “take time.”

Pres #Obama: "overall effort will take time…will be challenges ahead, but we're going to do what's necessary to take the fight to [#ISIS]"

— Kyla Campbell (@KylaCampbellDC) September 23, 2014

MORE: Obama said the joint fight against the Islamic State will take time but is vital to security:

— The Associated Press (@AP) September 23, 2014

Obama: “Overall effort will take time"

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) September 23, 2014

But wait …

So, media. Why is it ok for Obama to wage a intergenerational war against Islamists when you all nailed Bush over it?

— RB (@RBPundit) September 23, 2014

Yes, what about that? We’ll wait, lapdogs.

In the meantime, there’s also this:

It's kinda like war but without the fancy name #syriaairstrikes

— Will Kremer (@WillKremer) September 23, 2014

Still not heard a name for this latest war, though officials & military officers are warning it might last years.

— Spencer Ackerman (@attackerman) September 23, 2014

Hmmm. Let’s think a minute.

Hey! How’s this for an idea?

@attackerman Mr Obama says it's the whole world against a strain of extremists who use terrorist tactics. I propose "Global War on Terror."

— Razor (@hale_razor) September 23, 2014



This little boy has the best reaction to Obama’s no-questions ‘presser’ [photo]

If you think you are the only one baffled by Obama’s short statement, you aren’t; Was THIS the reason for it?

He’s popular, guys! This truth-snark perfectly captures just how pitiful Obama’s ‘coalition’ is

Finally! Solid proof that Barack Obama was sent here from heaven? [photo]

This is smart power? You won’t believe how Team Obama described last night’s bombing of Syria

So. What was up with Obama’s glowing ears during Syria speech? Symbolic? [photo]

Here’s how Democrats’ war hypocrisy can be summed up with one brilliant tweet

President Obama to give an update on Syria/ISIS at 10 a.m. Here’s what he should say. . .

Updates on last night’s bombing campaign against ISIS and Khorasan targets in Syria [photos, maps]

AP reporter deletes tweets after cheerleading for Obama, getting facts wrong

US, partner nations launch first air strikes on targets in Syria

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NBC: Illegal immigrant granted law license in California!/bccohan/status/418808031523397632

Alrighty, then:!/NBCNews/status/418807076018991104

You’ve got to wonder: At this point, why would people still opt for the tedious legal path to citizenship?!/RBPundit/status/418808012879302658!/RickSheridan/status/418808768747405313!/ThePantau/status/418809210021756928



From Reuters:

The ruling in favor of Sergio Garcia came after California legislators passed a bill last year that specifically authorized the high court to allow qualified applicants into the state bar, regardless of their immigration status.

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Obama watches World Cup on Air Force One; Travelers at airport grumble!/Taqee/status/482219036806094848

President Obama flew to Minneapolis today, and the flight gave him the opportunity to take in the US/Germany World Cup match:!/md_schmidt/status/482217817442246657

A sign that FLOTUS might not be along on the trip was spotted:!/Bschaubytown/status/482219075662536704

Air Force One is obviously not held to Michelle Obama’s school lunch regs.

At the Minneapolis airport, flights were delayed to accommodate Obama’s plane, as travelers noted:!/Sadie_Buday/status/482224969414217731!/taramhernandez/status/482225012561035266!/quallstar/status/482215745950973953!/illmills11/status/482220812447907841

Delayed travelers should be comforted by the fact that Obama can, with a flick of the remote, also check up on what John Kerry is doing at any given moment:!/Matthops82/status/482220938914590720


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